Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents – 7 Videos That Crush It

Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents – 7 Videos That Crush It

– [Male Speaker] Let me just say, you’re doing a tremendous
job here at (mumbles) with video, and I’d
also like to make videos so I can sell more real estate, I just don’t know what videos to make. – That’s because you’re a
brainless talking emoji. But let me show these guys what to do. (upbeat music) Hey, Trevor here. Hollywood editor turned
full time real estate agent. On this channel I help real estate agents and other entrepreneurs grow their businesses with video. So go ahead and hit that subscribe button, I think it’s right down there, and tap the bell, so you can
make more money using video. When I started out as a realtor, even coming from 18 years in Hollywood, I had no ideas what videos to create. I didn’t know what videos
would convert to business, I didn’t know what videos
would even get watched. But I have been working on
that for several years now, and I’ve figured it out. Here are seven, stick
around because number seven is a secret weapon. The first kinda video you wanna create are videos that answer questions. These are videos that YouTube tells you that you should create because you’ve gone into the search bar on YouTube, and you’ve
typed in key word phrases, and YouTube has shown
you things that people are actually typing
and want to know about. And, secondly, videos that you
know your clients are asking. I once asked my daughter, a millennial, “What videos would a millennial watch about real estate”? And she’s like– – Dad, I love you, but you’re
not getting grand babies until I move to a shack in the Midwest, where I’ll have spare change for diapers. Babies can’t happen in this economy, dad. I mean, unless you have some sage advice for a poor millennial, like myself. – So I made that video, you should probably check out the video, there’s a link for it down
below in the description. A few weeks ago, we closed
on a house for Vincent Kelly, and they saw that video several times. It took two or three years to find them the perfect house, but now– – We just bought a house. – Woo! But, it took us three years to get here. – And many creepy houses that look like criminals live there. – The second type of videos to create are business to business interviews. You wanna talk to owners of businesses in your community, preferably, businesses that have a huge social media following. Why is that? Well, here’s an example. We created this video
for Sub-Zero Ice Cream, and Sub-Zero Ice Cream locally shared it with their sphere, and
even Sub-Zero corporate saw the video, and they shared it with their sphere on Facebook. So you get a ton of exposure if you create videos around businesses in your community that have a social media following. We also made this video for our local crossfit gym, and it’s sitting on the front page of their website, advertising us for free. Another kind of video content you really wanna make, and I don’t see anybody doing
this, are videos that give. Really minimal or no branding, you’re not asking for anything, you’re just giving to an organization, somebody that needs something. A great place to start, any type of organization
involving children or animals, because people are freaks for
their children and animals. I know, I got lots of both. And, of course, if you
have kids in your videos, make sure you’ve got
permission from their parents. Here in my community, the high school has to raise
over $200,000 every year to support their music department. One of the things they do
is a Christmas tree lot. They sell Christmas trees. One day after crossfit, the wife’s like, “Hey, Trevor, let’s go down
to the Christmas Tree lot “and you need to make some videos, “you need to arrange something”. I didn’t have any idea what was going on. So, I went, I shot some stuff. And, boom. Made this video promoting
their Christmas tree sales, nothing about us. I think it got close to
10,000 views on Facebook, and a bunch of views on YouTube. People shared it like crazy, engaged with it like crazy because it wasn’t about
us, it was about them, it was a gift. You need to make videos like that. You should also do collaborations. Now, that is kind of related
to business interviews, but I’m talking more about
social media influencers in your market. And they don’t necessarily
have to be huge influencers. Luckily for me, my sister has a channel called Organize With Tracy, she’s a professional organizer. I made a video with her, that’s what you’re lookin’ at right now. She also shouted me out
on her Instagram stories at one point, and that got me a bunch of followers. When you collaborate with other people that have a following on social media, and you give them some
value, I made a video that gave value to my sister, you get value back and
people will know who you are, and think of you the next time they’re in the market,
for example, for a house. Place of interest videos are massive. There are popular or famous
places in your market. Places that people have
nostalgic feelings for. Make videos around those. I made a video around Leo Carrillo Beach. Movies were filmed there,
I’ve got a history, I went there as a kid,
and went camping there, and I went scuba diving there. I know lots about Leo Carillo Beach, and the video crushed it. It’s one of my most
popular videos on YouTube, I think I have about
3,000 views on YouTube, and a few thousand views on
YouTube is a lot of views. And I still get comments. Literally today, I answered a comment from that video that I
made last year sometime. Somebody asked me a
question about parking, and was it good for kids and families, and I answered their question. You can get engagement forever on videos you post to YouTube. These next two videos are solid gold. Every real estate agent on the planet should make both of these videos. They’re related, but different. The first one is, moving to your city. I made a video called
moving to Simi Valley. People love it. Tons of views on YouTube,
tons of views on Facebook, tons of engagement,
everybody knows who are we because we made that video and talked about why
Simi Valley is awesome. Get out of your office, whip out your iPhone or your camera, stand in front of cool
places in your city, and talk about why your city’s awesome. It’ll crush it. This next video, number
seven, is a secret weapon. Now, I did not come up with this concept. To my knowledge, my Facebook
buddy, Colin JJ Cameron, came up with this concept, that was you that came up with it, right? That’s where I first saw it. He made a video called You
Know You Lived in Hanover If. And I made my own version called– – [Together] You know You
Lived In Simi Valley If… – Go throughout your town, and talk about the quirks of your city. The funny things that residents that have been there forever know about, or even things that newer residents may have learned when
they moved to this city. Every city has its own vibe, its own feel, its own
little funny stories. Tell them. When you make this video, go to those locations, and talk about it, and try to make it funny. People will share it like crazy. I just made this video
less than two weeks ago, as of this recording, and I have close to
18,000 views on Facebook, and a bunch of views on YouTube as well, and massive engagement. Lots of likes, and hahas,
and loves, and comments, people telling me that it made them wanna cry, or wanted me to move back to Simi Valley, or made
them feel nostalgic, it’s great because it
makes people feel things. Our goal, as real estate agents, is to get people to know
us, like us, and trust us. And if you can make them feel something, feel something deep in their gut, they’re gonna remember you. Remember the quote, “People
won’t remember what you say, “but they will remember
how you made them feel”. Oh, by the way, I’ve got a course where I teach real estate agents to create videos to sell more houses. If you’re interested, go ahead and clink the
link down there below, use the code story for a massive discount. I’d love to show you what I’ve learned after 20 years of creating videos. For more sweet video tips, click that link right there, and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out
on future free content right here on the YouTubes. I can’t wait to see the
stories you have to share. – (mumbles), I’m sitting
in my hot car right now, recording video, it’s like 101 degrees outside, and I just wanted to
say, thanks for giving me this opportunity to make videos for you.

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