Victims Still Moving Forward With Lawsuits Against Epstein’s Estate

Victims Still Moving Forward With Lawsuits Against Epstein’s Estate

Jeffrey Epstein’s death might be the end of
his criminal trial, but the civil cases against him are still moving forward against his estate. And Without Epstein, it might be easier for
his victims to finally get some justice. But before that happens, we still have to
understand how Epstein recruited his victims. Joining me to talk about this is Carissa Phelps,
an attorney and advocate, author who’s been a lot working on this issue for a very long
time. Thanks for your work to begin with, Carissa. Let’s start with the obvious. Okay. It’s, I, I’ve done a couple of shows in various
media, and the question always comes down to, it’s almost as if people believe because
Epstein is now dead, that everything stops. Nothing’s further from the truth is it? No, no. Things have just gotten started. And especially for the victims, the people
that are waiting for that day in court where they get to feel empowered and they get to
feel like they’re having their day, it’s all just begun. It’s just begun. Yeah. Well, here’s the point. I mean, you know, okay, so, so 2000, you know,
we go through this scenario, 2000 documents come out, 24 hours later, Epstein’s dead. Everybody comes, you know, all the usual suspects
come out with a conspiracy theory. But let me drill down on that just a second. The most obvious thing, the conspiracy theory
doesn’t really work here because if you think about it, no, anybody could have taken him
out. But it doesn’t change the fact that the same
names are out there. The same information in the 2000 pages is
there. The civil case continues and the criminal
case continues, doesn’t it? Tell us about that. All of it continues. The evidence is there. The only thing we might lose is that he doesn’t
get to take the fifth, which you probably would have done on some of the questioning. So we don’t get to get the implied, you know,
that the implications that come out of that, that, that’s detrimental to him. It’s in, but for the victims really, again,
it’s so victim centered here that they don’t maybe get to have their day where they get
to see him be in maybe as little, maybe as much, just as pain as they put, he, he put
them through. Right. And so for them it’s that day in court where
they get to say, you know, facing people who have hurt them and he hurt them directly and
many other people hurt them directly too. Like we’re finding out. So the days just beginning, like you said,
all the names that have come out because of the conspiracy charges, it’s just starting. Yeah. The people that helped Epstein put together
this trafficking ring that profited off it, that benefited off of it, that got political
clout or power off of it that implied that they got political pow, power or clout off
of it. They are all also equally guilty and they,
the people who they victimized get to have their day in court against them. Okay. Full, full disclosure, you have been working,
you’ve written one of the most important books about human trafficking. You have been working as an advocate in human
trafficking for years. Yes. And you’re involved in the very first national
case that’s been filed up in Ohio. You’re the person we need to talk to that
understands something else about it. As I listened to the reports and I heard all
these reporters pontificate about conspiracy and, you know, how this person is not responsible
and that person’s not responding. The thing they missed was in those documents
is the road map to how the trafficking takes place, how the infrastructure works. Please talk about that. So the fact that, and even just the conversations
that Maxwell had, that Ghislaine Maxwell had with friends, about how she bragged about
going to trailer parks and spas and targeting the young women that she targeted. She targeted the same victims that street
pimps target. She targeted the same ones. The young women that are out there, that even
internationally that they went and targeted, they knew what they were doing, they were
calculated and they got better at it every single time they did it and got away with
it as a team, they did that together. So and… Is that now, now you of course were a victim
of trafficking. Yes. Your book tells that story. It is a moving powerful story. Then, then you go, you, you’ve somehow escaped
that. You get an MBA in a law degree and now you,
you are the biggest problem the traffickers have. If I, if somebody would ask me, who’s the
biggest problem? It is you, because you are on a mission and
you’re attracting lawyers to this mission all over the country. At this point, you probably have more trafficking
cases than anybody in America because you’re out there. Now leads me to this question. What’s your next step? How do you really tell this story in the court
system? What’s your plan? Well, the story is really, it’s from the victim’s
perspective and it’s believing what they’re saying. There’s so much truth like Virginia Roberts
Giuffre, she’s, she’s, she said her truth. There’s evidence to back it up. There’s all this very consistent evidence
to back it up. It’s circumstantial evidence, but very, very
rarely is the actual act of the sexual exploitation and actual acts being videotaped or, or photographed. So all this evidence is being put together. She’s telling the truth. She’s telling the truth to America and we
have to listen. We have to hear that truth. And every single victim that steps up, we,
we owe it to them because we’ve been ignoring for so long their truth to listen, to pay
attention, to hear their facts, to hear their details and to believe them. And that’s what, that’s what the story we
need to tell. And it’s not just for victims here in America. This was an international trafficking ring. It’s almost as if we’re unwilling to say to
these girls that went through absolute hell that, you know, we can’t believe you because
of the very people involved. That’s a typical kind of situation you see
like Richardson. Yeah. There’s nothing for, to distance… I’m part of the survivor tribe. Okay. Right, so I’m, I’m part of this survivor tribe. There are a group of people out there who
are part of the survivor tribe. That’s what we need to believe in. It’s across all political lines and the human
trafficking movement has done really well about staying out of the politics in terms
of picking sides. We’ve done really well as a group of survivors
to say, we don’t believe in the politics of this, we believe in the rights of human beings. The people that are being harmed and hurt,
that need to have their voices. So together as a group of survivors, not just
me alone, we’ve really worked to do that and we want to keep it that way. And, and this is really a global issue, right? It’s not even about our own local tribes or
our own local politics. This is a global concern. We’re talking about Prince Andrew being in
a photograph, right? That was revealed. We’re talking about people that are from other,
from, from other countries that are being implicated in this and modeling agencies that
from, are from overseas that are recruiting young people from overseas to be trafficked
here in the United States. H2, H2A/H2B, I mean, let’s, let’s spend just
a second on that. Okay. You have this infrastructure in America where
we allow guests, you know, under guest visas to come to United States and work. H2B, let’s use that for example, service industry. They recruit in Europe. They have these setups come on by, we’re going
to show you how to be a model, how you can move into modeling. We’re going to show, maybe from the Ukraine. Okay. Girls come in from the Ukraine, they go through
the process, oh, I’m going to be a model. I’m going to be an au pair. I’m going to learn the service industry. They’re going to send me to America. What’s the next thing that happens to them? Well, unfortunately there are people who don’t
have those plans for them. And again, they’re very well, they’re skilled,
they’re trained, they know what they’re doing, they know how they’re offering them and who
they’re offering them to. And whether that’s for domestic servitude
or it’s for sex trafficking, it ends up being something that they are surprised with. They’re in another country, they don’t have
any access to resources. They may be embarrassed and shamed to come
forward. In some instances it’s, it’s a very well structured
way that they’re bringing people over. And there’s, there’s an actual shame that
goes back on the family if the, if the victim speaks up and, and really have, were to say
I’m being harmed. Right? According to American law here on American
soil, I am being harmed. If they speak up and say that they will bring
shame back to their family. So they’re afraid to speak while they’re being
hurt here. The team that you’ve put together is a group
of lawyers, Erik Bauer, great example. He’s gotten great results, tremendous results. So you say, okay, let’s put the group together. Let’s bring the national case in Ohio. I gotta tell you something. This is the first time that I, since I’ve
been following this, even before we were involved in the litigation, it’s the first time where
media is now paying attention. Why? Because there’s money involved. Because the people we’re suing are hotels. The people were suing are truck stops and
truck stop businesses. They’re airlines, they’re all of these people
who looked the other way and allowed this terrible epidemic of trafficking to take place. Is it? Well, you know what I think America is going
to be really shocked to hear is that the investment companies that invest in some of these hotels
are their pension money. So the cops that are out there trying to break
up the trafficking rings at the hotels are actually paying for those hotels to be in
existence and they don’t know. They don’t realize how much power and control
they have in terms of that’s their pension money. That’s where my background was before I, before
I went into back into the law and to doing the human trafficking work with working in
pensions. And so I understand that we have a say in
this. We have a say. We have a say not only in our justice system
and in our courts, but this money that we’re handing over to these big investment firms
and these banks to invest. If they knowingly, they’re seeing that this
is happening. They know this is happening and we’ve got
a case right now with a 15 year old girl where all these other girls are being trafficked
at the same place again and again and again and over and over and over again. This is what it is run for and those, and
that brand is funded by the same pension money that comes out of the police that are fighting
it. I’m glad you’re out there. This is going to be a case that really matters. It’s going to be a long fight. I’m glad you’re involved in the fight. Okay. Thanks for joining me, Carissa. Well me too. I’m glad you’re here too. Yeah. Thank you.

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