Using a Real Estate Agent to Buy a New Home

Using a Real Estate Agent to Buy a New Home

If you don’t want to go it alone in looking
for a home, using a broker can have big benefits. I’m Ilyce Glink with today’s Real Estate
Minute. A good broker should be your eyes and ears,
prescreening homes on the market and picking the ones he or she thinks are a good fit for
you. The right broker will save you some legwork
– weeding out the ones that don’t meet your needs and wants.
You can rely on a good broker to guide you through the process, chauffeuring you around
to showings, helping you understand what’s good and bad about a home and helping you
form an offer. A good broker will also educate you about
the process and your local real estate market so you can make an informed decision.
Overall, the best brokers give you a lot of information that will help you zero in on
the right home for you. I’m Ilyce Glink, for more details and links
visit my website,, where we’re rebuilding America, one house at a time.

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  1. This is great advise and we are mostly consultants with lots of

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