Uruma Farm 🐥 Okinawa

Uruma Farm 🐥 Okinawa

Here he comes! Hey does this shirt make me look fat…yeah Good Morning everybody and welcome to the vlog We are at the Uruma farm in Ishikawa where we are gonna do a bunch of exciting things some friends today This is my first time here I saw it in the newspaper, they said that it’s a great place to take the kids and the family, the views are pretty amazing But, We didn’t come here for the view we came here for the farm. So let’s go farming or… Whatever farms do…. I know what farms do I’m not dumb This area right here is free ,you can just walk and hang out with the goats. There is also a butterfly Exhibit you can see some butterflies and that entrance is through the restaurant which we’re going to see next. But right Now it’s Goat time Thank You very much Upon arriving, you come down the hill you’ll be coming from that direction So that’s a restaurant It’s very good, farm-to-table and they have a lot of great meals that you can have there. However We stopped at Lawson so we will not be eating at that restaurant. What we will be doing is coming over here and no, we’re not gonna eat from the vending machines either we’re gonna ride some animals! Here you can ride ponies, ponies are all right here Well, you’re wearing that awful Jersey Anything could happen for a hundred yen. You can get a cup of carrots and you can feed the horses. All right, so little buddy’s gonna get on the horse now. they take you up and down the farm, 1000 yen not a bad deal He finally got his nerve. Oh, here we go So that’s it That’s gonna do it for me the Uruma farm her, just behind a Ishikawa dome is a fantastic place and a fantastic value 1,000 yen to do a pony ride for about 20 minutes It’s beautiful and you can pet the animals and go see the goats and and it’s been a lot of fun I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon Thanks for watching, remember if you know anybody in the military active duty or spouse give my hug or handshake cuz it isn’t easy and I will see you next haircut and next video Okay, I’ll follow you This way

2 thoughts on “Uruma Farm 🐥 Okinawa

  1. You guys looked like you had lots of fun!
    Great flog!

  2. Awwww, those little ponies! Did Little Buddy enjoy his ride?

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