Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack – Season 10 Episode 5 – Full Episode

Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack – Season 10 Episode 5 – Full Episode

Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries. NARRATOR: He was a
once and future king, truly an American icon. But for 20 years, the
details of his untimely death have been cloaked in mystery. Now a trusted member of
Elvis Presley’s inner circle has sparked a
stunning controversy. Is it possible that the
King of rock and roll took his own life. Is there a Bigfoot in
Florida’s Everglades, or could the photographs,
footprints, and hair samples be an elaborate hoax. She was an eccentric
heiress known for her reclusive lifestyle, her
devotion to her 58 show dogs, and for occasionally
dressing like a man, then she disappeared. What happened to Camilla Lyman? Welcome to the house
on 37th Street. It may look perfectly
normal, but don’t be fooled. The folks who live here
say their modest home is in fact haunted and
not by a single ghost, but by an entire gang
of restless spirits. Join me for these
intriguing stories and more. Perhaps, you may
be the one chosen by fate to solve a mystery. [MUSIC PLAYING] He once reigned supreme as the
world’s greatest entertainer, but on August 16, 1977, Elvis
Presley’s remarkable life came to a shocking end. At first it was said he
died of a heart attack. Later reports suggested
a massive drug overdose. The mystery of
Elvis’s death is so baffling that even
those closest to him can’t agree on the cause. Yet Elvis’ own stepbrother,
a trusted member of the inner circle,
maintains that the King’s death was not accidental. He says that Elvis
committed suicide. DAVID STANLEY: Elvis
Presley woke up on the 16th of
August premeditated, planned, took and killed
himself deliberately. NARRATOR: But why? Why would a man who could
have anything and everything he desired take his own life? What dark secrets could bring
him to such a desperate act? Not surprisingly, most people
refuse to believe that Elvis Presley died by his own hand. However, David Stanley’s
eyewitness account along with the
circumstantial evidence is compelling and
warrants a closer look. Tonight we’ll hear both sides
of this ongoing controversy and learn the bizarre
and intriguing details of Elvis’s final days
from those who knew him best. It had become part of Elvis
Presley’s daily routine, three times a day on a strict
schedule, nearly a dozen different prescription
drugs, including Demerol and Seconal administered
by members of his entourage. According to insiders, this
dangerous cycle of drug use had his beginnings in 1958 when
Elvis was drafted into the army and sent overseas. RED WEST: I went to
Germany with him after I got out of the Marine Corps. NARRATOR: Bodyguard Red West
was a close friend of Elvis Presley’s from
junior high school and was a key figure in
the biographical film Elvis, All the King’s Men. RED WEST: He was on guard
duty on the Russian front, and if you went to sleep
during and got caught asleep, you were in trouble. So this Sergeant said take
these little things here. They’ll keep you up. And wow, man, it started feeling
good, and that’s how it began. NARRATOR: After his
army discharged, Elvis starred in a long
series of inconsequential but highly profitable movies. CHUCK HARTER: Elvis’s
greatest desire was to be a serious
dramatic actor, and this was denied him, because
his management felt that they wouldn’t make as
much money if they put him in a dramatic role. They wanted him to
be in the formula. So this depressed
him a great deal. NARRATOR: Frustrated by the
unsatisfying movie roles and overwhelmed by the
crushing demands of his fans, Elvis retreated
into a shadow world behind the gates of his
Memphis mansion Graceland. CHUCK HARTER: Elvis sort of
put himself into a cocoon. He surrounded himself with
paid friends for the most part called the Memphis Mafia. And Graceland more or less
became a tomb for him or a cave to go hide from life. The windows were sealed. The outside did not enter in. So his day to day
touch with reality had really been removed. DAVID STANLEY: The hardest
thing for Elvis was being Elvis. People say what do you think
the most difficult part of Elvis Presley’s life was? Being Elvis Presley. Looking out a window seeing
10,000 people who think you can walk on water. Walking out on a stage and
seeing 22,000 flashbulbs going off thinking you are a king. NARRATOR: A combination of high
times on tour and isolation at home extracted
an unforeseen tole. Elvis’s affairs,
absences, and drug use led to the end of his celebrated
six year marriage to Priscilla. The divorce punctured
the protective bubble around Elvis’s carefully
maintained image. CHUCK HARTER: When
she did leave him, it wasn’t so much that his
heart was broken that the love of his life is gone. It was more, because
he was Elvis, and Elvis always got his way. This time he didn’t. DAVID STANLEY: He would get
himself in a rage over that. He would get himself so worked
up over it that he’d begin to take the medications to
deal with the depression of the rage. And then suddenly some shows
are starting to be canceled. NARRATOR: By the
mid-1970s, insiders say that Elvis’s
dependency on drugs was so complete that he
required around the clock care and supervision. It was provided by David
Stanley and a group of men known as the Lifers. They catered to the
kings every need. DAVID STANLEY: We
were the ones who were with Elvis all the time. Elvis needs something
to eat Elvis needs to be woken up at a certain time. Elvis needs his medication. NARRATOR: A dangerous
and destructive routine of medication is administered
on a steady schedule to Elvis at his insistence. He received the drugs
in three separate doses that were called attacks. Each attack contained
numerous medications in pill or syringe form. Among them Valium, Nembutal,
Demerol, Quaalude, and Seconal. The first attack was
usually delivered between 2:00 and 3:00 AM. DAVID STANLEY: After
he’d take his attack– attack one, he
would have a couple of cheeseburgers, potatoes. Attack one effect would
get him groggy and sleepy. We would have to watch
Elvis, because sometimes he’d be eating and just fall asleep
with his food in his mouth, oftentimes choking on his
own– on his own food. NARRATOR: After sleeping
for a few hours, Elvis would awaken
for attack two. DAVID STANLEY: That would
last for several hours, and now you’re in
the morning hours. You’re looking at 10 or 11. Then it’d be attack three,
which was the same contents of attack one and two. I mean, and so you’re talking
about the time you got done, let’s just call it 11
sleeping pills per attack. That’s 33. Let’s call it three
shots of Demerol per. That’s nine shots, and some
people would say, well, golly, that’s six months worth. That was a nightly dose. RED WEST: I talked
to him about drugs, and I said you don’t
need this stuff. He said, nah ah, you’re wrong. I do need it. I looked at him. I said, your serious? You really need this stuff. He said, that’s right. I need it. And that’s when I threw
my hand up and said, I’ve done all I can do. And I was gone
shortly thereafter. NARRATOR: David Stanley says
he also tried to intervene to save Elvis from himself. But the King didn’t welcome
these intrusions of reality. No, you don’t got
to have you shots. You don’t tell me anything. I’m telling you right
now you work for me, and I’ve got to have my shot. You pay me to take care of
you, and I can’t do it tonight. Who do you think you are, man?
I’m telling you right now. I want my shot.
– No. No, you can’t. Right now. DAVID STANLEY: Now I knew
Elvis wouldn’t have shot me, but I knew right then we have
got a serious, serious drug problem here. NARRATOR: Elvis depression
deepened in the weeks prior to his death. Despite the millions he’d
made, he was short of money. His manager had booked another
tour, which Elvis was dreading. He was visibly overweight,
in poor health, and then a final
humiliation rock and roll’s greatest sex symbol
was now reportedly impotent. Perhaps, Elvis was most
despondent about a book some former employees, including
Red West were about to publish. The book chronicled their years
in the King’s inner circle. Their revelations
threatened to expose the secret Elvis, the
one his adoring fans knew nothing about. CHUCK HARTER: This would be the
first time that the fans saw him overweight,
not looking good, with the knowledge of
what the book contained. And it was, oh my
god, they’ll know. And he knew the whistle had
been blown on his clean image, and he was terrified. DAVID STANLEY: And you
could just look at him and see the depression. You could see the,
god, I don’t know if it’s worth
going on mentality, kind of, dreading
the tour one day. I don’t want to go on a tour. They were going to think this. They were going to think that. He was just really confused. David, come over
here and pray with me. Come over here and kneel down. DAVID STANLEY: In the last
days, he was really searching. He was digging into it. He was looking for the answer. He was looking for a way out. The last time I saw Elvis,
he said goodbye to me. He was crying. I love you. He hugged me. I’ll never ever see you again. The next time you see
me will be in a higher place in a different plane. NARRATOR: The exact sequence
of events is still a mystery, but this much is known
about Elvis’s last day, it was suspiciously
different in several ways. He ignored his usual
late night feast. He was given his three attack
envelopes, nearly three dozen pills and nine syringes full of
Demerol at their usual times, but he left them untouched. Elvis’s girlfriend Ginger
Alden was the last person to see him alive. According to reports, around
9:30 AM, Elvis got out of bed and went to the
bathroom to read. That’s where Elvis’s body
was found a few hours later. Paramedics were already there by
the time David Stanley arrived. DAVID STANLEY: I looked and
saw Elvis in the fetal position and knew he was gone. First thing I said is
you son of a bitch. I knew right there and then
at that time that Elvis said, I am out of here. David says he found
all three attack envelopes and several Demerol
syringes nearly empty. He believes Elvis took all
three attacks simultaneously. The purpose, to end his life. The official autopsy
found that Elvis died of an irregular
heartbeat due to severe cardiovascular disease. DR. KEVIN MERIGIAN: I don’t
think there’s any evidence that there was a
tremendous amount of drug abuse or anything, misuse. NARRATOR: Dr. Kevin
Merigian is a well-known clinical pharmacologist. He has studied the
official coroner’s toxicology report that was
released to the public. DR. KEVIN MERIGIAN: I know
there’s been a lot of theories, and there’s been a
lot of conjecture. There’s always a
debate that, kind of, adds to the mystique of Elvis. But he didn’t die
of an overdose. He died of some event
probably cardiac in origin. DAVID STANLEY: Good Lord. That’d kill an animal, kill
a cow, that much medication. So when I talk to
you about this, I am not looking for reasons
to back up what I believe. I am telling you what
I know, and the fact is that much medication
will kill you. And Elvis knew that,
especially because he knew the physicians desk
reference, because he was educated on drugs. He knew that that
would take him out. RED WEST: Now, only Elvis
can tell you what he was thinking that last night. David Stanley can’t tell
you what he was thinking. I can’t tell you
what he was thinking. Doctors can look
at all the charts that they want to look at,
but it’s not going to tell you what Elvis was thinking. I know him like a book. I know he was religious,
and I know what he would do and what he wouldn’t do. And he would not kill
himself purposely. NARRATOR: Did Elvis
Presley take his own life? The controversy may
one day be settled. Elvis’s father,
Vernon, reportedly commissioned a private autopsy
after the official report was completed. Exactly what those doctors
found is still unknown. At Vernon’s request,
the results will remain sealed until the year 2027. The Florida Everglades, hot,
humid, mosquito infested swamp land, an exotic setting
for some unusual creatures and some unusual people too. For eight months, David Shealy
has sat all alone in the middle of a swamp looking for
a legendary creature said to roam the Everglades,
Florida’s answer to Bigfoot. David’s quest began in 1973. He was just 10 when he and
his older brother, Jack, trekked through the swamps
near Ochopee, 75 miles west of Miami. It was a muggy day he
would never forget. Look, that’s where I
caught that snake before. That thing was huge. DAVID SHEALY: My brother noticed
something in the distance. And he said to me–
he said what’s that? What is that over there? What is it man? Let me see. Let me see. All right. All right. DAVID SHEALY: And
I couldn’t see it, because the grass was too high. So he had to pick me up where
I could get a better look. And when I looked out
across the prairie, I could see a huge figure
probably eight feet tall, maybe 300 pounds. It was walking on two legs
like a man would walk. Oh, man. That’s like a giant skunk ape. DAVID SHEALY: I knew it
had to be the skunk ape. NARRATOR: Skunk ape, just the
sound of it brings a smile. The idea of a creature
larger than a gorilla with an odor like a skunk
might seem far fetched. But since that
time 25 years ago, David Shealy has spent
his free time searching for this elusive creature. Is a skunk ape the product
of a fertile imagination nourished by the hot steamy
nights of the Everglades, or is it real? Folks, you sure picked a
beautiful day for your trip through the Everglades. NARRATOR: July
19th 1997, started out as an ordinary
day for Everglades tour guide John Vickers. JOHN VICKERS: We’re driving a
bus down to Turner River Road, and I’m pointing out wildlife. There if you look
over to your right, you’ll see a couple
of the alligators taking their afternoon nap. JOHN VICKERS: And all of
a sudden about 200 yards in front of our bus, a creature
hairy, standing upright on its hind legs crossed the road. At this point, one
of the passengers taps me on the shoulder. What was that? Well, I’m not sure. It’s nothing to worry about. I think it’s probably
the old man that lives out in the Everglades. JOHN VICKERS: I don’t
think he bought that. NARRATOR: A total of
five people on the bus claim they saw what John saw. JOHN VICKERS: I don’t
know whether it was a– the real skunk ape or
whether it was a hoax, but it’s something real. NARRATOR: John and his group
are not the only ones to see the odd creature that week. Two days later, local
real estate agent Jan Brock was on her way to work. JAN BROCK: I was driving
probably about 7:30, 7:45 in the morning, and I
noticed something getting ready to cross the road. My first thought was
that it had to be a bear. And this particular
time, I looked and I was like something was not right. The animal just, kind of,
scurried off across the road, and that’s when I realized
it couldn’t have been a bear. I wasn’t sure what I saw and
didn’t really want people to think I was a little nuts, so
I didn’t say anything about it. NARRATOR: Fire chief
Vince Doerr left for work slightly later Jan. He and Jan are neighbors. VINCE DOERR: I seen
something go across the road. It wasn’t dressed in regular
shirt and pants like a man. It was more brown or looked
more like a bear color. But I knew it wasn’t a bear,
because it was walking upright. So I speeded up, got
up into that area. I got out. I yelled out.
– Hey. VINCE DOERR: And it
stopped and turned. And at that time, I
snapped one photograph. NARRATOR: This was the actual
photograph of the creature taken by Vince Doerr. JAN BROCK: I saw the picture
that Vince had taken, and that was the
same thing I saw. VINCE DOERR: Jan seen
it, so that made me feel like I wasn’t seeing things. JAN BROCK: When you hear
people talking about what they saw and then you
actually see it yourself, obviously, you’re going
to believe that there’s something out there. NARRATOR: A year has gone by. It is now September of 1998. David Shealy keeps up
his long eight month vigil hoping to
obtain his own proof of the skunk apes existence. DAVID SHEALY: I was sitting in
my tree stand and I dozed off. And I heard something
splashing in the water, and it sounded like a
person walking towards me. When I looked up there
it was coming right at me at about 100 yards away. I started taking
pictures right away. I took 27 photographs
over a period of about three or four minutes
as it crossed the marsh. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was almost ghostly. And it wasn’t until the next
day when I took the camera to the developer that I
realized that I had actually captured a skunk ape on film. NARRATOR: With his photographs,
David knew he needed some sort of corroboration. He called upon Dade County
archaeologist Bob Carr to study his pictures. BOB CARR: These photographs
were very compelling. The statue, the size, the
motion of this creature did not appear to
be a human being. And the suggestion of the
gate is very primate-like. I think there are enough
details to make one realize that this would have to be
a very, very clever hoax to be perpetrated. NARRATOR: Now Bob
Carr felt he should get some more verification. He brought in Everglades
tracker TL Riggs. T.L. RIGGS: On two
occasions, I found footprints in the soft earth. All the tracks that I saw
at that particular time only the ball of the
foot and the toe showed. There were none that showed
that a heel had been left down. NARRATOR: Riggs made plaster
castings of the footprints. T.L. RIGGS: Looking at just the
front end of the foot, which is all we can do, I would
say that it would have to weigh at least 300 pounds. NARRATOR: TL Riggs
came up with an idea for gathering more evidence. He wanted to collect
hair samples, so he snapped a
number of branches at a height of four to five
feet, far too high a reach for most animals,
that way he could snag some hair should a skunk
ape come in contact with the jagged edges. T.L. RIGGS: By setting a great
number of those along trails, I’ve been able to harvest
several legitimate looking hairs that are unlike
anything I’ve ever seen. NARRATOR: Was the hair
collected by TL Riggs from some unknown
creature or simply from a man in an ape suit? Unsolved Mysteries had
two samples to a lab at Trinity University
in San Antonio, Texas. BOB CARR: In my
mind, the evidence we’ve looked at from Ochopee
indicates there’s definitely a phenomenon that’s real. What we don’t know is
what that phenomenon is. We are closer to the answer
probably than we’ve ever been, but the answer will only come
when the hair is analyzed and DNA is extracted. And then we will know the
molecular and genetic footprint and who and what this
creature might be. NARRATOR: We are still waiting
for the results of the DNA tests, however
electron microscopy has ruled out synthetic
fibers as might be used in an ape costume. So far many mammals have been
eliminated as well, including bears, gorillas,
chimpanzees, skunks, dogs and cats and humans. We’ll update the story when the
DNA results become available. [MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Coming up, one
day a millionaire heiress disappeared. 10 years later, police
discovered her body in a mysterious and a
mysterious double life. Who killed Camilla
Lyman and why? September 24 1997, Hopkinton,
Rhode Island, dog breeder Greg Siner was cleaning out the
kennels on his new estate when he made a shocking discovery. GREG SINER: I was
hosing down the kennel, and I smelled a foul
odor and thought that maybe the septic system
wasn’t working properly. I decided to look inside to
see if it needed to be pumped. And when I did there was a skull
staring straight back up at me. Once I saw the bottom jaw,
I realized it was human and just knew that
this was Camilla. NARRATOR: Millionaire heiress
Camilla Lyman, the estate’s previous owner, 10 years earlier
she had mysteriously vanished. In October 1998, dental
records confirmed the skull was Camilla’s. Police determined
she’d been murdered. A missing persons case has
suddenly become a homicide. Ironically the clues to
Camilla Lyman’s murder might not be found in the
bizarre nature of her death, but in the strange and
mysterious nature of her life. Camilla Lyman grew up rich. Her parents were old
money Boston aristocrats. Camilla shared her father’s
passion for show dogs. Arthur Lyman soon
discovered that his youngest daughter had quite a gift. MARY MARGARET GOODALE:
In the dog world, she was very successful. She was a good handler
and she was a good breeder and she showed her
dogs extremely well. She was very proficient. NARRATOR: Camilla never
dated, never married. Her dogs were her life. A solitary spinster, she
lived with her parents on their 100 acre estate. Arthur Lyman died in 1968. When Camilla’s mother
died five years later, her world seemed to fall apart. 40, alone, her behavior
became more and more bizarre. MARY MARGARET GOODALE:
Probably in middle to late 70s, it began to be apparent
that the Westward Place was not being taken
care of the way it should be. Good babies. My sweeties. NARRATOR: Camilla
became a recluse. She spent more time with her
dogs than she did with people. Camilla’s appearance
began to change as well. She bought animal steroids,
then took them herself. Her voice deepened. She developed facial hair. She began wearing
men’s clothing. To the outside world,
Camilla had been transformed into a middle aged man. MARY MARGARET GOODALE:
And then my sister in California called
me up and said, hey, Camilla’s on the TV dressed
as a man, what do you think? And I said, well, I’d heard
that she did sometimes do that. NARRATOR: In this rare
video shot in 1978, Camilla was dressed as a woman. By 1985, she’d legally
changed her name Cam Lyman and was dressing as a man. MARY MARGARET GOODALE:
It was shocking in a way and very surprising. But because of your respect
for people’s privacy, unless Camilla wished to
explain why she was doing this, we didn’t ask any
questions about it. We just accepted
it the way it was. GREG SINER: I remember
people talking about Camilla, and the changing of her
clothing and her appearance. But you have to remember
you are dog shows. You’re judging dogs, not people. I think Camilla felt
very comfortable amongst her dog friends. NARRATOR: In the early 1980s
now dressing as a man isolated from her family, Cam became
friends with fellow dog lover George O’Neill. CHARLES ALLEN:
George O’Neill became the sole confidant,
adviser, accountant, and representative of Camilla. Cam, we don’t have the
money to do this right now. CHARLES ALLEN: He took
care of paying her bills. He took care of
arranging for her to get to dog shows and many
times getting her to the shows. He was a friend who she
socialized with and had great confidence in
his abilities to help her conduct her affairs. In the car. Let’s go in the car. CHARLES ALLEN: As
George O’Neill took over more and more duties
and chores for Camilla, he became her sole confidant. She associated with no one
other than George O’Neill. Camilla became more
and more eccentric. She would often
carry a briefcase with hundreds of
thousands of dollars and large amounts
of jewelry in it. She would go out to the store
and have $10,000 in her pocket to buy a quart of milk. MARY MARGARET GOODALE: No,
I don’t know what to think. I really don’t know. NARRATOR: December
1987, Camilla’s friends didn’t receive their
usual Christmas card. Camilla hadn’t been
heard from for months. Concerned, the family
contacted the law firm in charge of the Lyman trust. They in turn hired
Charles Allen. CHARLES ALLEN: They
were very concerned, because checks that had been
sent to Camilla had rather than being endorsed
with her signature were being endorsed with
an account number of a bank account in Rhode Island. NARRATOR: Allen
claims that George O’Neill had been depositing
Camilla’s trust fund checks. He was surprised to
discover O’Neil held Camilla’s power of attorney. Even more surprising
to Allen, George O’Neil was Camilla’s sole
beneficiary and stood to inherit her estate. Yeah. Mr. O’neil, my name
is Charles Allen. I’m here to inquire
about Camilla Lyman. I haven’t seen her CHARLES ALLEN: Mr.
O’Neil did not express any concern for her safety. He felt that she
had done this before and that she had just
gone off on a trip. I understand all of that. NARRATOR: Reportedly,
O’Neil claimed he’d last spoken with
Camilla in July in 1987, a full year earlier. In the middle of an
argument, she hung up on him. CHARLES ALLEN: He told me
that on the following day he went to Camilla’s house and
found the telephone ripped out of the wall and found
no sign of Camilla and found her dogs unattended,
unfed, and found the kennel somewhat in disarray. Mr. O’Neill indicated
that he felt that Camilla may have
gone off to Europe to have a sex change operation. NARRATOR: Camilla had been
missing for over a year. No police report had been filed. Nobody in the family
had been notified. Yet, according to Charles
Allen, George O’Neil continued to deposit Camilla’s checks. CHARLES ALLEN: I
found it very hard to believe that a woman
who didn’t like going to the dentist, who didn’t
like going to the doctor would go off to Europe and
have a sex change operation. This woman didn’t
like leaving her home. Here in the main kennel,
we have room for 50 dogs. NARRATOR: George
O’Neil hired full time caretakers for the kennels. Greg Siner says O’Neil
began showing Camilla’s champion Spaniel as his own. Clean them out. GREG SINER: Camilla
was no longer around, but the dog was still out
there being campaigned. And he was now campaigned
under the ownership of George and June O’Neil. NARRATOR: Charles Allen
claims that much of Camilla’s net worth from bank
accounts to family heirlooms had simply disappeared. CHARLES ALLEN: We’re
talking about between $3 and $5 million dollars here. Some of that was in antiques. Some of it was in money. Some of it was in stock. And its whereabouts are
unknown at this time. NARRATOR: And then
there was the question of Camilla’s beloved dogs. MARY MARGARET GOODALE: When
I first heard George O’Neil’s story, I absolutely
never crossed my mind that it was a true story. Because she never ever
would have left her dogs. It was totally out of character. Any chance that
we could maybe go over and get on the property,
maybe take a look around. She’s not there. I’m telling you she’s not there. CHARLES ALLEN: On a
number of occasions, I wanted to search the property. And this search
would have certainly included the septic
system, but George O’Neil would not allow it. NARRATOR: In December 1994,
a probate hearing was held. Camilla “Cam” Lyman was
declared legally dead. Three years later, her body
was found in the septic tank. MARY MARGARET GOODALE: The
fact that we could bury Camilla and physically put an end to
her life in a peaceful way was a wonderful sense
of closure for us. On the other hand, there’s still
more that we need to pursue. We need to bring the
person who committed this unbelievable
crime to justice. A strange life, a
mysterious death, a family searching for answers. [MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Next, he’s no
ordinary investigator, but this is no ordinary case. Join us for his spine tingling
tour of a real haunted house. It seemed like a nice
house on a nice street in a nice neighborhood. Nothing extraordinary
about it at all, or so thought Ed and Mary
Woods of Vancouver, Washington. But that was before the peculiar
noises and the eerie encounters with things that go
bump in the night. At first it was almost
imperceptible, a quiet rattle, a slight chill, the barest
whisper of a presence, until some seven months
after Ed and Mary moved in. MARY WOODS: I’ve heard
the sound of music box. It was very faint. I went into my husband’s
office and looked around. There was no sign of anything
in there, but I kept hearing it. And it wasn’t something
I heard in my mind like you would imagine it. It was an actual
sound in the house. I thought somebody had
opened up a music box, and it was playing. ED WOODS: The first time I had
an experience where I noticed something actually happening
I was sitting in my office with the door closed. NARRATOR: Mary had warned
Ed that there was something very odd about the house. But Ed just assumed his
daughter was playing a prank. ED WOODS: I thought I’d surprise
her by opening the door, and there was nobody there. And I checked and everyone
in the house was asleep. MARY WOODS: I called
University of Washington, because they have a
seismograph station down here in Vancouver
monitoring the fault lines from Mount Saint Helens. They told me at that
time there were no fault lines running through the area. There was no
underground aquifer. There was no weakness
that could account for any type of movement
in the house other than normal settling that
will happen with the house as it gets older. NARRATOR: But if mother nature
wasn’t responsible, then who or what was stirring
up all the trouble. Mary was about to find out. MARY WOODS: I actually
saw the figure of a woman. She was about my height
wearing a scarf around her head and like a long
flannel nightgown. I was not scared of her. I did not get the impression
that she was mean. I was startled. I mean, you have something
come out of the hall and you’re going, OK. But, no, I was not
frightened of her. I was startled by her. NARRATOR: After
several encounters, Mary decided to do
a little research. MARY WOODS: I have been
able to identify her through going through records. She was a former resident
who had died in the home of a prolonged illness. She had died of cancer. The latter part of the– her life towards the end,
because of the heavy radiation and chemotherapy, she
wore scarves because she had lost all her hair. And she practically lived
in flannel nightgowns. I get the feeling
of protectiveness, like, she’s watching
over the kids. Going in, checking on the
kids, making sure they’re OK. I found out later
that her children were in the same bedrooms
that my children are in, and it could be she’s
just looking for hers. NARRATOR: It didn’t take
long for word to get around, the house 37th
Street was haunted. Even the local
newspaper wrote it up. MARY WOODS: About a week
after the article came out, I received a phone call
from the mother of one of my daughter’s friends. She had known the woman who
lived in the house prior to us. She had helped take care
of her before she died. She asked me if I’d ever
see any pictures of her. I said, no, I’ve never
seen any pictures. She said the two of you
could pass as twins. She said that might
be one of the reasons that she’s attached
herself to you is because you’re
about the same age as she was when she passed
away, and the two of you look quite a bit alike. NARRATOR: But the lady in
white was just the beginning. ED WOODS: The first thing
I actually saw was a man standing in the living room. Looked like an old riverboat
gambler with a little ribbon tie and a mustache. You look at him twice,
because you’re not too sure if he’s going to do something. He never moves though. He’s always perfectly still
just looking down the hall, but he seems just very
inimical like you wouldn’t want to cross this guy. NARRATOR: Yet another apparition
seen by both Ed and Larry is far less sinister. They call her pinky. ED WOODS: Pinky is a little
girl 8 to 10 years old. And once in awhile,
you hear her giggle. MARY WOODS: First
time, I thought it was our youngest daughter. We’d been sitting in the
living room watching movies, and I thought it was
my youngest daughter giggling at the movies. So I looked down
and realized she had fallen asleep
in front of the TV and was sound asleep,
so there was no way. NARRATOR: For Ed and
Mary, the extraordinary was becoming commonplace. Consider the spirit
in the shower, never seen but definitely felt. ED WOODS: Ourselves
and many people that have been
guests of ours who’ve taken baths or showers have
found themselves accompanied in the shower by a friendly hug
and general body rub that seems to be quite female in nature. Doesn’t seem to matter if
the person taking a shower is male or female. Just somebody’s who’s been
gone a long time I think and missed some of the things
that the world had to provide. NARRATOR: When Ed’s
son came to visit, he got the welcome
of a lifetime. MARY WOODS: He went,
took a shower, came out, and the first thing out of his
mouth as he looked at his dad and said, OK, what’s
with the shower? Honestly, I thought
they were teasing me. I thought they were just giving
me a line about the ghosts. About a week later, I
went in and took a shower and got a very friendly hug. And I came out and I looked
at my husband and I says, I think you’re ghost
likes either sex. NARRATOR: According
to Ed and Mary, the ghostly activities
in the house often go beyond shadowy
specters and gentle caresses. We’ve been here for
like four or five years. – Ed, hang on a second.
– I mean it’s ridiculous. What? ED WOODS: You’ll hear a
crash in the bathroom. And when you walk
back in, everything will be laying down on the
counters or on the floor. Nothing ever seems to be broken. MARY WOODS: You’ll see things
being moved around, rattled, pictures being moved almost
every day for about three or four months,
and then it’ll die down for a couple of months. I’ve come to accept
it just under the fact that there are things in
this world we can’t explain. NARRATOR: As far as the
Woods’ were concerned, there was little doubt. The house was haunted. They called in an expert
in all things paranormal, a professional ghost
buster if you will, to conduct a thorough
investigation. Perhaps, he could
make some sense out of the house on 37th Street. All right, let’s go ahead
and move down the hallway here. Now, I want to tell
me– both of you tell me just pretty
much where the lady in white, where things happen. NARRATOR: Lloyd Auerbach,
a lecturer and writer has been investigating
paranormal phenomena for nearly two decades. Our cameras were on
hand when he paid his first visit to the house. Auerbach came armed
with an open mind and an instrument
called a magnetometer. LOYD AUERBACH: It was read
next to nothing, literally. The magnetometer
that I use is sold for detecting whether or not you
have electromagnetic pollution. It’s not a ghost detector
by any way, shape, or form. It’s a good indicator that
there’s a physical connection in the environment
to their experience that helps validate that
they’re not completely making it up in their minds. It helps me understand
that they’re not completely making it up in
their minds also, that there is some correlation. NARRATOR: Auerbach painstakingly
made his way through the house. LOYD AUERBACH: OK, and now
we got a reading again. NARRATOR: In several
areas, the magnetometer spiked without explanation, most
notably in the back bathroom. LOYD AUERBACH: It’s fairly high. NARRATOR: The living room. LOYD AUERBACH: I’m getting
some things in the corner. NARRATOR: And the hallway. LOYD AUERBACH: I’m getting
actually a high reading again, a high energy
reading, which just, kind of, suddenly spiked up. This is a very unusual
pattern that we’re seeing here that seems to relate
to the phenomena or at least to a
sensation of it, but doesn’t seem to
relate to anything else. So I can pretty much rule
out the physical environment for causing this. You don’t have like a
generator under the house somewhere do you. MARY WOODS: No. LOYD AUERBACH: Over the years,
I’ve done investigations. I have started
feeling things myself. I wouldn’t call myself
by any means a psychic, but I would say
that I’m becoming more aware of my sensitivities. And I tend to get a sinus
pressure that often makes me feel like I need more
oxygen, which makes me yawn or start feeling tired. And this was happening
to me on a cyclical basis while I’ve been here, and
it was connecting directly to the magnetometer reading. You’re feeling like
somebody’s around right now. Any sense of. MARY WOODS: Once in a while. For myself, there was
an odd correspondence I guess with the
spike in the meters, and I’d get a real cold feeling
or a chill down the back of my neck or the
hair on my arms would raise up like goosebumps. It didn’t happen all the time. But on several of the
occasions, I felt like there was somebody in the room. I don’t know if
I’m just picking up on things that
have been going on, or if there actually
was somebody there. Now, this one I’ve
seen several times, but he’s been at the
end of the hallway. NARRATOR: Was somebody
or something there? Perhaps, a few
agitated spirits trying to bridge the gulf between
the dead and the living. Lloyd Auerbach believes
it is possible, but by no means definite. Ed and Mary Woods, however,
have moved beyond possibility to certainty. The stories we have examined
are still shrouded in mystery, still needing that one
final clue that will unlock the truth. Perhaps someone
watching can shed light on these perplexing cases. Perhaps, that someone is you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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