Tybee Island Beach – Beach Clean Up Volunteers

Tybee Island Beach – Beach Clean Up Volunteers

This week we’re coming live from Tybee
Island beach, we’re going to clean up the beach. Stay tuned. Hey, this is Dawn Sanders and I’m with Georgia Coast Homes. We’re at Tybee Island beach talking about Tybee Clean Beach today. Hey guys, thanks for joining us. We wanted to do something special and show some community involvement. Come help us out on Tybee to keep Tybee clean. Hey y’all today I’m joined by
one of the lead volunteers of Tybee Clean Beach. This is Joe. Hi Joe! – Hi how
are you? – Very good! – To give you an idea last last year we had just over 2,000 volunteers.
– Wow! -This year we’ve already exceeded that.
– Oh that’s wonderful. – We’re real excited and we feel we’re trying to make a
little bit of difference. We post a video every Monday. Please subscribe our
channel if you haven’t already. All things Savannah from Georgia Coast Homes.

3 thoughts on “Tybee Island Beach – Beach Clean Up Volunteers

  1. Ready to help? Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/FightDirtyTybee/

  2. Such a great cause and incredible video.

  3. Thanks to all of you for this community service act!

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