Turnkey Real Estate

Turnkey Real Estate

The five advantages of buying
turnkey rental properties– that’s today’s video. Let’s dive in. Hey, everyone. I’m Clayton Morris, the
founder of Morris Invest. I’m a longtime real
estate investor, and I run a turnkey
rental company. So today’s video I
know a lot about. We’re going to talk about the
five key advantages of buying a turnkey rental property. And it’s not for everyone. You can certainly go out there
and do it yourself, and find properties, renovate
them yourself, work with contractors, work
with a property management team, and get it done yourself. But you need to
know your numbers, and you need to know
what you’re doing. We have a ton of
great resources here on the channel for your do
it yourself-ers out there who want to go out there and
get rental properties yourself. But if you don’t, that’s
what today’s video is all about– the five
key advantages of working with a turnkey rental provider. Number one, that takes a lot
less time and effort honestly to work with a turnkey provider. Almost all of the investors that
we work with are super busy. They’re doctors. They’re lawyers. They’re players in
major league sports, and they don’t have time to go
out and find rental properties, and manage tenants,
and gut rehab a house, and put in new furnaces,
and new water heaters. And not only that, even finding
the properties to begin with. Where do you look? How do you make sure
that you’re getting a high return on investment? You just call up a realtor
and buy a property that’s currently at market value? Of course you don’t. You need to make sure
that you’re actually finding off-market properties,
doing the things that we do. So it takes a lot of time. If you have that time, great. If you love to spend your
weekends doing that, great. But if you don’t, then
time is a huge advantage of working with a
turnkey provider. Number two on the list
is immediate cash flow. We sell our properties two ways. One of which is we have
not done the rehab yet, but it takes us about six
weeks to get that done. The other way is that
it’s already done, and a tenant has moved
into the property, and it’s already cash flowing. So you don’t have
to do any of that. I like to say it’s like
going to Jiffy Lube. Sure, you can change
the oil yourself, right? You can get under the
car, go buy the oil, change out the oil filter–
all of those things– and get your hands dirty. Or you can go to Jiffy Lube,
sit in the waiting room, have a cup of coffee, and 20
minutes later somebody else has done it for you. And you have your car. Your hands are clean. And you just get to drive home,
and you pay a small premium to have that service. So the immediate cash flow where
you don’t have to do anything. And all of a sudden, you’re just
able to collect rent checks– that’s very, very sexy. If you’re looking to create
financial freedom in your life, put it in the hands of people
that know what they’re doing. Number three, a
cheaper entry point. Very often, unless you
know what you’re doing, your first few
rehabs when you’re out there trying
to do it yourself– you’re going to overspend. You’re going to buy
a property that’s going to be way too expensive. You’re going to spend
too much on materials. You’ll probably spend too
much on using a contractor. All of those pieces
along the way– you’re going to probably
pay too much for it. So working with a
turnkey provider is another great way to
keep your costs down. Because for instance,
in all of our property, we use the same materials. I know exactly the paint
that we’re putting in. I know the exact carpet
that we’re doing, paint, light fixtures–
all of those things– the PEX plumbing that we
run through our houses, the furnaces, the
water heaters– all of those components we
know exactly what we’re doing. And we’re able to get great
prices on those things. Are you? If you are, great. If not, then chances
are you’re going to save money by working
with a turnkey provider. Number four, diversification. So maybe you have some
stock market investments. And maybe you have some
other rental properties that you did yourself,
and you are personally managing yourself. Well, wouldn’t it be great
to have the diversification of properties in
your portfolio that may be 1,000 miles
away from where you own your other properties? Since it’s turnkey, you don’t
have to do anything at all. You just collect rent checks. So you don’t need to live
close by the property. If it’s fully managed,
fully done for you with a great property
management team taking care of
things where you just received rent checks,
diversified– it’s fantastic. And finally, retire early. That’s another great benefit
of using a turnkey provider. Because ultimately,
and as we point out, I’ve got a great video here,
underneath this video that you can click on in the description
below about how to calculate your financial freedom. It’s a really powerful video. We walk you through step by
step on how to figure out your financial freedom. But if we’re going
to retire early, we need to know what
our numbers are. And if we have a
turnkey provider they can get us there quickly,
and get us those properties, and get us those rent
checks coming in, and we don’t have to
do it all ourselves, that’ll speed up
that whole process and get you closer
to retirement, get you closer to creating
that passive income that you certainly want. That’s why I started
this company– to create that passive income
so that rent checks come in every month. And I don’t have to
worry about a thing. There you go. Those are five key
advantages of working with a turnkey provider. There are many, many
more, and I would love to share those
comments with you. If you want to leave
some comments here in this video, any
questions you have, I’m happy to answer them in
the comment thread below. And as always, please
subscribe to our channel. We publish multiple
videos every week on the power of
rental real estate and give you some great
tips, strategies, and tactics as well. We’ll see you back here with
our next video everyone. I’m Clayton Morris. Have a good one.

8 thoughts on “Turnkey Real Estate

  1. Your the man Clayton! Ill be investing with you in 2018!

  2. Hello Mr. Morris, Is there any way that you could help me analyze a deal? it would be a turnkey deal but I am just starting as an investor and could use the feedback from someone as knowledgeable as yourself. It is a turnkey deal in VA please let me know how I can contact you Thank you!

  3. Hi Clayton. I am interested in your Turnkey services but I don't live in America. Do you offer your services to foreign investors. I am from Zimbabwe but currently living in Australia. thanks

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your videos. Quite educational. I am from central VA and would love start my investment from my home state. Have you done any investments in VA?

  5. Hi Morris, I have been binge watching your videos, and fear and lack of knowledge is stopping me at this point to get started. Do you guys offer turn keys around 30k? Or multiple families still? I know you said vacancies are higher with them but they seem more attractive to me because of more cash flow potential.

  6. How do I hire your turn key company?

  7. Hello, I am watching you from Nigeria and I intend to invest in the states and I hope I can do that through your turnkey company? As a foreigner I hope is allowed to do business in the states?

  8. Hi Clayton, next to freedom number for me is to retire early.

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