Transitioning Into Retirement Seminar -Melo Real Estate Group –Sat. Jun 22, 10AM-12pm-Register Below

Transitioning Into Retirement Seminar -Melo Real Estate Group –Sat. Jun 22, 10AM-12pm-Register Below

Hi and welcome! I’m Susan Gupta with the
Melo Group Real Estate Team, and I’d like to welcome you to an educational seminar
for seniors. We will be holding this on June 22nd from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00, and
we’ve got some great speakers and lots of little snacks so we want you to come
enjoy and learn a lot. I’d like to welcome Mark. Hi Susan. Welcome! That’s great! Can you
let the audience know what you will be talking about? Absolutely! Thank you for hosting Susan, and I’m really
looking forward to being with you on June 22nd from 10:00 to 12:00 and I’m a
financial advisor and I’m going to be talking about as we age, we have a
networth that we’ve built all our lives and we want to protect it, we want to make sure
we’re safe, we want to make sure that life is simple and yet we’re going to be okay
over the long term. So I’m going to talk about important financial strategies and
solutions for us that you would want to know about and, and answer any questions
you may have. So excited about that day, and thank you again, Susan, for hosting.
Thank you Mark. Now I’d also be like to introduce and
welcome a downsizing specialist. Viraf could you please join us? Hi. Hi Viraf.
Hi! Thanks for having me. Thank you. Hi, I’m Viraf Baliwalla. I’m with Transition Squad. We’re a project manager. We help seniors downsize
and we work with families that are going through a parent transition or settling an estate. And one of the biggest physical problems that, whether it’s a
senior themselves or the family member has, is what do I do with all the stuff
that I’ve collected over the last 30, 40, 50 years? Yeah. Right? So our job here is
to take away the burden of that downsizing process and to just find a
good home for these items through our own online auction, prop, program and as
well to maximize the sale price on behalf of a customer. So that’s what I’m
going to be talking about. Excellent, thank you Viraf! Now I’m a Real, Real Estate Specialist, and we
don’t just sell real estate. From The Melo Group, we go through a process
as you transition, and we manage all the aspects involved with it. So we’re
looking really forward to seeing you at our seminar that we can share our
knowledge and advise you on things that you’d like to learn about. So please sign
up. On this, on the screen there will be a link which is to Eventbrite to sign up
for the program or you, should, you can call us directly and, register, pardon? and register,
and register, exactly. And we look forward to talking to you and it’ll be a great
time. So meet us June 22nd from 10:00 to 12:00. Thank you! Wonderful! Thank you!

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    Seniors Downsizing Seminar – YOU Are Invited To An Educational Seminar On Transitioning To Retirement. REFRESHMENTS Provided.

    DATE: June 22, 2019

    TIME: 10am -12pm.

    LOCATION: Keller Williams Training Room

    ADDRESS: 7145 W Credit Avenue, Building 3, Mississauga L5N 6C6



    Seniors Downsizing Seminar is being hosted by Melo Real Estate Group in Mississauga.

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