Train Your Brain To Make More Money

Train Your Brain To Make More Money

So, you want to train your brain to make
more money my young padawan? I have my work cut out for me today. I’m going to show
you the most ninja hacks and tricks that I know of to help you get way more money
out of this earthly experience just by changing the way that you think. Do you know how often we fail at
something because we never even had a shot? We never had a chance. We had
already talked ourself out of it. We had already convinced herself that what we
were going after wasn’t going to work. We had already been hedging our bets. We
create these excuses. We’re ready to point the theme the finger and call
blame. The reality is most of our failure however is self imposed by our thinking
that makes it so. The reality is this brain, this neocortex is this amazing
God-given gift that gives us the ability to call into creation things that we’ve
never done before. But you got to know how to actually fine-tune this antenna
to exactly what you want. How do you do that? Well, I’ll tell you. If you want to
make more money, you first got to get clear that you’ve got a belief system
about money that stinks. Meaning, if you had an average normal
childhood, it’s going to be filled with beliefs like there’s never enough money,
it’s hard to make money, it takes money to make money. It’s difficult, people with
money are dishonest. In fact, I let a study. And in a book I published called
limitless, I documented the top 250 limiting beliefs on money. And I’m just
gonna pull up a couple of them right here. Money is the root of all evil, I
don’t have enough money, I can’t afford it. I can’t do what I want because of
money. Money cannot buy happiness. Making money is not fun. More money creates more
problems. Money doesn’t matter. There’s not enough money for everyone.
Debt is bad. The economy is down. My environment makes me poor. I don’t
deserve to be wealthy. I’m not worthy of money. People don’t see my value. I don’t
have enough credibility to make more money.
Rich people are greedy selfish and corrupt. It’s bad to be rich. Money
poisons and corrupts people. And I could go on and on and on. Bottom line is
there’s a mindset that majority of people have about money. Now, you might
listen these beliefs and be like, no, no, no those are bad thoughts. I wouldn’t
want to believe some of those. But you have to ask yourself. Did any of those
resonate? Did they ping in you’re like “Uh-huh, check, yep I’ve had that thought
before.” If you have, then you have been tainted, alright? It’s
like you’ve got a virus in the mind. And that financial virus has got to work
itself out. Here’s the weird thing. It’s never going anywhere. You’re going to have
it your entire life unless you effectively know how to replace it. Now,
if you do that, I can by the end of this video give you the coolest ninja hack on
how to download the most powerful financial mindset of millionaires and
billionaires. For that to happen, check this out.
Once I understand my limiting beliefs about money the next thing I need to do
is I need to find my new beliefs about money. Limiting beliefs, new beliefs. So, in
this book, for each one of those statements that I read, there’s generally
3, 4, 5, 6 new belief options. And you get to pick the one that really
resonates with you the most. So, let me just give you an example here. So, if
someone have the belief, I can’t trust money to show up when I need it. Then my
new beliefs would be I trust money to show up for me. I ask and seek for the
money I need. Money always finds me. I trust myself to show up and produce the
result I need. Or let’s just say for a moment your limiting belief was money
changes people. Money amplifies the good I do in the world. Money is a magnifier.
People choose how they show up. Money allows me to show up with more resources
and more opportunities. In other words, you can believe any of these ideas that
you want. You can believe it’s bad, you can believe it’s good. If you believe
it’s bad, you’ll have less of it. If you believe it’s good, you’ll have more of it.
If you believe you’ll do more good with more of it, then you’re going to alter your
perception. So, once you understand the limiting beliefs and once you understand
the new beliefs, then what we got to do is we got to get these to stick and
ultimately boot out these limiting beliefs. How do you do that? I do that
with what I call a financial rant. Okay? If you have a list of the new money
beliefs. And don’t worry, I’ll show you in the end how to get my list of financial
beliefs. Then what I want you to do is you got to pound them into your psyche/
And how you do it is the same way you got the crappy ones in the first place.
There you were at the shoe store, you picked a shiny pair of shoes that you
were excited for. You brought in mom and mom said, “We don’t got money for that.”
Your countenance falls and you feel emotional turmoil.
Because you wanted those shoes. But you can’t have them. And money is the reason
why. And you made a decision. We can’t afford it. So, that was an emotional
experience. That’s why it sticks out. That’s why it sticks. Spot it, got it. You
got a new belief. How can I use the same technology and emotionally walk that
into my soul. You’re going to do that by actually manufacturing emotion. I do this
every day and so should you. I have morning routine. I’ve got a list
of the beliefs that I’m working on and I recite them with power. I recite them
with faith with energy, with certainty that I possess him. Now, first it’s weird
because it’s like I actually don’t possess them they’re weird to me. They’re
all opposite of what I’ve been believing. You got to get over that. You got to turn
it into not seeing is believing but believing is what? Seeing, right? This
truth will set you free. You’ve got to find a way to believe in something for
which you have little or no evidence at all if you want to make this your
brand-new operating system. So financial rant with me. Having my sheet. Maybe I’ve
got my notes on my piece of paper or maybe I’ve typed them out. And I’m
sitting down and all of a sudden, you know what I’m resigning? “I love my life.
money flows easily and effortlessly to me.” And as you’re saying this, I want you
to… I want you to grab on to some of your happiest life memories and actually
attach them and feel them and relive them. So, it could be Christmas morning
all over again or some birthday surprise or just a random thing that happened
that just made your day and it was just an awesome memory. So, I’m going to be
actually focusing on those amazing memories and I’m going to be actually
feeling the emotion until I can actually conjure up that feeling so potent, so
powerful inside of me. Because when I think these words, “I love my life. I’ve
practiced that. I’ve charged myself.” So all of a sudden, if I’m in a dark place, I
remind myself “I love my life.” And boom! It just amps me up, okay. It’s this by choice
that you manufacture these feelings and you practice them. So, you take these
weird ideas that you know are good for you that you don’t believe and you link
them to everything positive and wonderful in your life and you feel it
until you can really bring that emotion in and you’re not done until you feel it.
Now, I know some of you are a little uncomfortable like, “Oh, touchy-feely, Kris.”
I’m like, “Dude, get over.” Emotions are the most important intelligence on this planet.
They’re the power by which you either get off your butt and do something or
not. Motions. If you can tap in your emotions, they will create the motion, the
activity, the behavior and the success that you want in life. And that my friend
is how you reprogram your financial beliefs. So, when you get this book for
free, it’s actually a gift for me to you. Just do me a favor and cover the
shipping on it. But actually, this is coming out your way. And when you get it
what I want you to do is, yes read it. But I want you to skip to the very back
where we have about 20 pages of all of your beliefs here regarding money,
relationships, health and personal power. Everything in life. All 10,000 taught
beliefs factored into those 4 areas. And we’ve got it all laid out all
organized. And all you need to do is highlight all the new beliefs. Go through
this exercise and routine and I’m telling you… I’m telling you that
literally within a week. Your mind will start perceiving opportunities. Because
when you tell yourself you’re a millionaire, that’s the faith to become a
millionaire. When you start telling yourself that the monies are… That the
resources are available, all the sudden you find a deal and guess what? The money
is available to make the deal happen. Now, how that happened? I created permission
in my perception to see the money that was always available that I wasn’t
allowing in because I had a limiting belief that there wasn’t enough or that
it took money to make money or that I had to have the money. None of which is
actually true. This is your opportunity to choose your own adventure. This book
is a free gift from me to you and it will help you reformat your financial
mind to create the resources that you want in life.
Thanks for watching. Hopefully this was useful for you. If it was subscribe. Share
this with someone that needs a little bit of a financial upgrade pop that on
social media. I always appreciate that. And maybe I’ll get a chance to see what
one of my life changing 4-day events. We’ve got one coming up shortly. It likes
brand new event center. And I’m going to tell you right now. This, my events. They are
life-changing. In fact, I guarantee that. I’ve never had anyone balk at that. In
fact, they’ve always come through and had a tremendous experience but the
classified is life-changing. And it might be your opportunity to take a little bit
I’m giving you right here and say, “You know what?
What would 4 days of that be like?” Your life will never be the same again.
Hope to see you there. Get your free book. See you soon.

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