Tradelines/ CPN Vs. EIN The Daily Read w/ Marcus Gentry

Tradelines/ CPN Vs. EIN The Daily Read w/ Marcus Gentry

so when they talk to the kids and sent
him on a way you know punkin and say y’all you know they only bring in the
sweet potato pie she’s a producer oh he’s a producer he’s been working at the
job for 20 years these are the type of people that if somebody dies in your
family like a kid or something only your children you can go to them saying you
don’t have any money to bury we didn’t have no insurance we didn’t have nothing
they can call for 1,200 1,500 to help bury your child then you got the
consumers in life the consumers in life are the people that show up at the
family reunion looking for something smoked looking for something to drink
but havnt brought that to the table the consumers in life are the people who when you
getting dressed to go to a club which theres three of y’all in the house everybody
getting dressed to go to the club there not saying nothing soon as you get down to the
front door the club they got no money they don’t have any money now you’re looking at him like you should have told
us this back at the house because we would have left you there, these are consumers so
soon as you get in the club now they say buy me a drink
you know they live their lives to consume everything they touch ain’t got
a pot to piss in or a window throw it out of but guess what
they got jordans on there feet so you know these are the people these are
the people in this country who are producers and the
consumers. in this in this country consumers usually have messed up credit okay but
like I said everything ties back in to what I first said when I first started
this commentary you know there are 60% of things in this country we cannot help
we have to raise our keys and sentiment to government
if you want to change that 60% of the things that we want to do to change this
country now the 40% comes in we have things that we can do as people in the
minority communities to change our plight in life and we’re gonna talk
about credit today and we’re gonna talk about trade lines now like I said trade
lines have been around for a long time trade lines is real trade lines is legal
trade lines is how you get your credit back right even though they’re in the
400 to 500 to 550 s people been doing this for a long time like I said earlier
on the show the Mexican family people hate Mexicans people hate foreigners all
these people are doing is going out utilizing the things that we as American
citizens have access to from birth we just not educated on because people are
getting money off of us not knowing about these things that we can do but
when the foreigner comes in he has lawyers and Midway people middleman
between the government and them that helps them get green cards and also
educates them and lets them know look you can apply for loans because you’re
former you can apply for trade lines because the two people in this country
that don’t have credit are young adults from the age of maybe 18 or 17 down and
foreigners when the foreigner comes here gets a green card that has his social
security number it has no credit on it so some of you are sitting back saying
well hide in the world these foreigners are coming over here giving these corner
stores they’re not hustling they’re not selling drugs these people are utilizing
tricks and trade and trades crowd things that’s in our government that’s meant
for anybody that wants to get involved in it that’s in this country and trade
lines is one of them that Mexican family I’ve talked about at the beginning of
the show they came here got the green card a legal gotta got you
know social security number and everything they didn’t have any credit
attached to their credit it went out got trade lines every two months they paid
two hundred and fifty dollars and twelve thousand to their credit report two more
months at two hundred fifty more dollars added to a thousand mo by the internet
year these people had enough credit built up on a zero balance credit report
to go out and buy a huge dually truck that they can start their business with
these are tactics that we have access to these are tactics to where again like I
said we can’t do nothing about the 60% of the problem with the wealth gap in
America when it comes to us minorities but we do have things that we can do as
far as you know social issues and credit issues and things that’s going on in our
communities that we can control and credit is one of the subjects I want to
talk about today we’re not going to get it to some of the other things that fall
under 40% things such as marriage things stuff such as starting to stop having so
many kids by so many different people wrap it up wrap it up if you don’t want
to have a baby bad person why you having sex with that person I don’t know if
later I have a sensitive person if now I’m not willing to have kids better
person I mean it makes sense think about it it should make sense so there are
things in our community Falls up under the 40% range that we can’t control in
the minority communities and credit is one of it accredits what we’re going to
talk about today I’m not gonna you know go into other things now tradelines is
all like I don’t want you to go back and say that you know it’s a it’s a loan
it’s uh it’s a credit card no it’s not that the money you pay for tradelines
you can’t get it back it can range anywhere from 180 dollars
to 300 dollars to 800 dollars depending on how much credit you want to add to
your credit report okay now it takes about a month before that credit report
jumps and the reason why I wanted mine to look at my live stream because I know
she’s gonna be mad at me because she told me one day we was in the car she
said nephew uh you know I got my credit built up I had to pay this company in
ninety dollars a month uh and I’m thinking to myself Wow you know she
didn’t have to do that so so because she could easily went down there got a trade
line or two added to her credit report and boosted her credit up to 700 to 800
within a year without even have to pay somebody you know ninety dollars a month
but the reason why these credit fix people don’t tell you about this is
because they’re making money off of trying to fix what you’ve already broken
you understand what I’m saying and the debt the debtors that the people who
collect debt they want you to pay that debt and if everybody knows about trade
lines they would stop paying most of their debt with theta now I’m not
advocating for that you should pay your debt if you old people pay them you
understand I’m saying pay them if you own pay them if you if you know you got
some some payday loans out there somewhere pay them but the thing about
it is is you got people sitting around with a four hundred of five hundred a
low six hundred credit rating and they can’t even get a $500 loan they go on
the place and say man I need 1500 managed to keep my car pay my last condo
or they gonna take my car and they go down here and these people say well
order to your credit report we can’t give you nothing but four hundred
dollars trade Lance tops all of that but you gotta you got to do
it right you can’t abuse it go down and get you twelve thousand word for credit
and it to your credit report wait two months you wait two months go down and
get twelve thousand more and it to your credit report wait a couple of months
let that build up let it build up then after about a year you have an eight
hundred credit school you can go down and get a fifty thousand dollar credit
card because you have a eight hundred credit school you got to do it right you
can’t go out here and try and abuse the system so you know and and it goes back
to what I was saying about consumers and producers you got people who are
consumers they’re sitting around right now listen to what I’m saying and
they’re plotting thinking how I’m gonna do the system I’m jeanna I shouldn’t say
you system that’s that’s a racial slur but they but they they trying to figure
out how to get over that’s what they’re thinking right now how to get how to
anything to get over and they shouldn’t it’s soup just go down there find one of
these companies I’m black come pay for trade lies you pay them 180 bucks 250
bucks guess what you got a trade line let it wait the marinade on your on your
credit for for two months you don’t raise your credit score 40 or 50 points
it’s as simple things we can do now when I get back from this commercial break
I’m gonna tell you about the dark side of our trade lines and and things that’s
going on with that because just like it’s always good there’s always bad
things that’s involved in it too okay so when I get back from our this short
break we’re going to get into that okay and we’re back you know like I was
telling you earlier about our trade lines and credit and the 40% of things
that we can do in the minority community that can change our financial plight in
life there are things out here that we can do in our community to change our
financial plight we don’t do it because some of us aren’t educated on it you
know but you know you go to foreign households and you know you just seen
these people come here move into the neighborhood and within a year you know
they have their own business they’re selling you perms and Hair Weave they’re
selling you our products like liquor they got corner stores everywhere and
people are literally hating these people for taking advantage of things that we
as Americans that were born here in this country have access to we have it
there’s no reason why somebody listen to my voice right now on this broadcast
somebody listen to my voice right now in this broadcast should have a 4 or 5 or
low six hundred credit rating at all there’s no reason why somebody listening
to this broadcast right now shouldn’t be able to go down there and get five ten
thousand dollars in the long you know and and and this is serious because like
I said you know this is this is what I do this is my this is my contribution
back to my community you know and I’m the product my brothers in four brothers
my masonic brothers from nimrod nine we do we do great work in the communities
you know i’m saying we do great work you know we just got the larger the year you
know i’m going to give a shout out to them brothers you know i’m have someone
come in here and talk about things in the community that that we can help and
we can change to help uplift each other but back to trade lines I promise that
on this segment I was going to give you the bad side of it now when you go
in and start googling and looking up trade lines you’re gonna see that that
man I listen to Marcus man on his show and he was for real did trade lines is
real I can fix my credit without even have to go to a credit fixing okay now
you’re gonna see something pop up called CP ends now
CP ends is basically it’s basically another social security numbers and CPS
was introduced into the government in the 70s back when Charles Manson went on
that murderous freedom was killing movie stars and things like that the
government decided that we got to protect our millionaires and
billionaires so so CP n is a is a credit is a credit protection number and what a
CP n does is when you buy a CPM it basically has no credit on it and you
can use a CPM to buy things you can buy credit cards with a CPM do credit card
is still in your name and it’s still attached to you you can buy the house
well I don’t think you can buy a house I’m looking to that but you can buy
certain things with a CPA in that movie stars and stuff like that buy and it
won’t be attached to you to the point where people can look it up say a movie
star buys a mansion and Beverly Hills he buys it with a CPM is his house is
his mansion but he bought it with a CPM and that keeps the paparazzi from
finding out where he lives because for some strange reason paparazzi and
certain individuals can get your social security number and find out where you
live where you be it where you hang out so the government decided to start up
this program where you can get a CPA in and basically utilize that fake it’s not
a fake numbers a real number but you can utilize that extra a social
security number to to get things for you and your family to keep yourself private
okay now the danger with CP NZ is you got
people out here selling fake CP ends okay
CP ends are legal trade lines are legal but you got people out here selling fake
CPS what they’re doing is they’re going and finding somebody that died around
the time you was born usually before they started getting credit they get
these people who passed away social security number and they set it to you
for a hundred bucks so now you’re going around with a CP n
which basically if somebody else’s social security number they died and
you’re living off this number it’s it legal you can go to jail for don’t do it
but you got people like I said consumers and producers you got people in life who
are producers and consumers remember what I said it’s gonna all tie back
together when I talked about consumers and producers it’s gonna all tie back
together you got people sitting around right now plotting how do you forget
over and you don’t have to if somebody walked up to me right now today and said
you know what I work at Walmart but I got a CP n I’m not gonna believe it
now Bill Gates came to me and said that he had a CP n I would believe it because
most most of the time you’re gonna see millionaires and billionaires with CP
ends because CP ends protect their identity it’s legal but they got it the
right way so be careful about CP ins because once
you start adding trade lines to your credit
you’re gonna start googling trade lines and trying to find out how you can boost
your credit score and get better credit rating and get your credit back where
it’s supposed to be so you can go out and buy your car and buy your house
you’re gonna run across websites that’s trying to sell you CP ends I’m not
saying they’re all illegal but you be careful and do your background checks
on these people because some of them are faking some of them are trying to sell
you a dead person social security number don’t do it you can get anywhere from 10
to 15 years because it’s wire fraud it’s bank fraud and sometimes they might even
be able to charge you for bank robbery because what you’re doing is you’re
basically giving loans and getting credit off of a dead person’s social
security number cpa is unlegal but you’ve got to get it the right way and
nine times out of ten if you’re working at Walmart somewhere Bojangles you’re
not going to have a CPA n number cuz you don’t need it you’re not rich enough to
even have it why are you trying to hide so avoid CP n is the best thing you can
do in the community if you got bad credit it’s fixed the credit that you
got don’t try to say you know what forget their credit I got nothing – go
ahead give me a CPA with no credit on and then build on it and put trade lines
on it don’t do it because nine times out of 10 you’re gonna get something bogus
and if you get something bogus you might last a year you might there have been
people who lived off CP ends for ten years and never even knew that the CPM
they bought was a dead person’s social security number and – the feds came
knocking on their door and say hey up until this time you was using this
social security number and then you turn around and start using this CPM which is
not yours so who did you get it from so they’re not gonna take no they’re not
gonna hear all of that they’re gonna lock you up so quit all the scheming
quit all the trying to get over and just fix the credit that you already have if
you got messed up credit get you a trade line pay for it give the people your
social security number they’re gonna add that trade line to your social security
number that you already have that’s legal and it’s going to boost your
credit rating it’s going to give you 40 points
30 points 20 points wait two months value some more boost your credit rating
if you’ve got a business most people don’t understand your business has its
own social security number it’s called an AI n so if you have a business that
has a ein that business has like like my radio show right here right now has an
EIN number it has no credit on it because I just started it so I can go
and boost my credit rating by adding trade lines to my business credit and
within a year I can go back car with my credit rating from my ein oh so so there
are things that we can do in our communities to to help uplift each other
and help uplift ourselves and our family so so basically what you should do is
try to do it the right way don’t try to cut out the middleman and try to do this
try to do no because that goes back to what I was talking about producers and
consumers the consumer is gonna try to take the easy route because they don’t
have patience they want it now they’re gonna go out here and buy a trade line
boost your credit up to 600 points and go out here and get a $1,500 loan
because they couldn’t get a $1,500 loan at first they can only get to 300
they’re gonna boost their credit go out here and get a 1500 on the loan Baumer
box chevy and put some damn rims on it and then what your credit back messed up
again and you ain’t did nothing for your family so half patients go out here by
your credit that trade line put it on your credit report go out here and two
months later by your novel wait a whole year get your get your credit – 800 then
you can go out here and buy your home I don’t care what your working that you
can be working at all Popeyes you can still go out and buy your home 800 our
credit rating and what makes me mad about the whole
our trade line thing is it just goes back to what we do in our community to
help each other this goes back to that your favorite rappers these guys is
making all this money off you these guys are producers they’re
counting on you being a consumer to being a dog about certain things when
you hear person like Lil Wayne talk about how you got a black car you can
have a black car too a black car ain’t number unlimited credit car that’s all
it is you get an 800 credit rating you might not exactly get a black car but
you can get an unlimited credit card they have them they’re not necessarily
the black car but they have unlimited credit cards out here or you can get 40
or 50 thousand dollar credit cards and things like this helps you because say
if your niece died she get hit by a car you don’t straighten out your credit and
went down there and got a thirty thousand dollar credit card but you
don’t hardly ever use it and your sister come to your your brother come to say
man I ain’t got no one to bury my child you can take that debit card get credit
card that you just help build your credit week and got your thirty thousand
dollars and go down there and it takes about three to five thousand to bury
somebody and you got it you say hey man you know she’s my baby too you got it
you know how many y’all prepared for that how many I prepared for a loved one
in your family to come to you and say you know sir system past man we ain’t
got enough money to bury how many of y’all prepared to step up and say you
know what I got it and that’s what I mean when I say do things the right way
and you’re gonna be alright do things the right way and the reason I have to
tell you about CPS because CPS are real it’s not conspiracy theory trade lines
is not conspiracy theory trade lines does not fake all love is real but there
are people out here who are consumers and trying to get over
because they want it now they’re gonna go out here they’re gonna try to sell
you a CP n that’s not legal don’t do it do your background check on
these people because they might be legit and if they’re legit more than likely
they’re gonna say you’re a CP n number for damn near thousand dollars I may be
more but I wouldn’t buy a CPM for 100 bucks
the only people I knew if they have CP ends on media Nader’s I don’t know
nobody working at Walmart with a CPM number so if you got a CP number you
working at Walmart more than likely that numbers fake you just got bamboozled so
so there are things in our community and this show right here is gonna be about
credit you know there are other issues that deal with the 40% of things we can
do to change our plight in life when it comes to the inequality and wealth but
like I said the 60% of the inequality and wealth dealing with minorities we
can only change that in Congress you know the police brutality the the unfair
Voting Rights and things of that nature we can only change that through Congress
and the only way you can change that in Congress is if we start raising our kids
and pushing them instead of pushing them with that football in the hand a man go
down there and go and run for City Council
you know our district needs you go down there and run for mayor of your city or
your town a city need you because you know we’ve been having this concave
manner for 20 years and all the Caucasian neighborhoods got good roads
but all the errors while the black state so so you know like I said there are
things that we can do in life as far as the 40% to to change are applied in life
and that’s what this show the daily read is gonna be about every time I do a show
I’m gonna do my research it ain’t gonna be something that’s gonna be
spirited serious we’re gonna do news we’re gonna do sports we’re gonna do
politics you don’t say we’re gonna do things it’s trending
we’re gonna do all kinds of thing I’m half guest in here and we’re gonna keep
it live for you but it’s gonna be real it ain’t gonna be nothing that you can’t
go and search yourself and find out but I’m gonna let you know what it is you
know this is my contribution back to my community
now we don’t we can jump into E I in numbers and business credit on this last
segment because some of you out there really want to have two separate social
security numbers to build credit on and I’m trying to tell you that the CPN
route is not the route you want to take okay that’s the route for me now if you
go out here win the lottery for 40 billion who go out there and find you a
CPA in and use it to protect yourself and your family from being found out
where you at but if you’re not a millionaire don’t worry about no CPN get
you some trade lines fix the credits that you already got now if you just
have to have a separate line of credit I suggest you start a business
get you a CI n and do it that route now I’m gonna go over that on the next
segment so imma take a quick commercial break are we back now this is the daily read
with your host Marcus gentry and uh like I was telling you before on the last
segment that I was gonna get into a business license and E I in numbers most
of the people out there who have small businesses or business they know I
already know about AI n numbers even people who have charities or you know
social things that they do in the community they know about iyanya knows
but what I don’t think a lot of people know about when it comes to ein numbers
that you can add credit to it your EIN number is basically a social security
number for your business so we’re gonna skip the CPE I’ve already told you that
nine times out of ten if you get a CP n is illegal you can’t get him now this is
because you have people like Sammy the bull okay he was a notorious gangster
notorious murderer he told on his people they sent him out to Utah somewhere out
west and gave him a CPM number that means hit me and can’t find him if he
goes to somewhere and buy something it can’t be traced back to him personally
because he’s not using his social security number and CP ends are legal
okay so I’m not trying to discourage you from getting it but I am trying to
discourage you from getting it illegally and I’m like I said it goes back to what
I was saying about the producers and the consumers you got some people out there
who I’m lazy who don’t want to do it the right way you know I’m saying so avoid
the CP ends and if you just have to have two separate streams of credit get you a
small business so you have your social security number which has your credit
test to it and then you have your business number which is your en that
has that credit attached to it so what you do is you go out here you buy you
some trade lines like me say say for instance meaning to
three of my brothers we get together and we say hey man let’s start us a business
the first year business said we’re gonna start a flower shop we don’t have no
flowers we don’t have no business we’re running
the flower shop out of our a bedroom apartment out of one of the bedrooms in
our apartment we got a computer setup we got a file cabinet we got a desk okay if
your business doesn’t have revenue that first year don’t worry about it because
what you want to do is if you start a business your business has a zero credit
rating because it’s a new business so what you can do is you can go out get
you some trade lines and add it to your personal SSN number and your business
CIA number wait two months go back add some more trade lines to your EIN number
add some more trade lines to your social security number wait a couple of months
by the end of a year you will have built up you will have built up about eight
hundred credit rating on both your C your SSN number and your EIN number now
you don’t wait to you now you can take that business number go to a bank and
tear that bank I wanna loan for fifty thousand dollars
for my business Wow it can happen and you will get it that
flower shop they didn’t have any revenue for that first year because you was
building credit on it now you can take fifty thousand dollars or you can go get
a fifty thousand dollar credit card and you can go down there and buy you some
flowers buy your refrigerator to put in to put into your building you can go
down see this this is why I really don’t I guess man when I see young men and
women who find out the game and they don’t spread the wealth when it comes to
knowledge and the reason I get mad about that is because you see a lot of people
out here starting these are small car dealerships
they go out here and they stalk these lawn care services you know these guys
like man that must be selling dope nine times out of ten he wasn’t selling
no dope what he did was he went down there got a business license for a lawn
care service he didn’t have no trailer he didn’t have no lawn mowers he didn’t
have no weed eaters he just had a business license and he slowly over a
year without telling you because it ain’t on your business but what he did
was he slowly over a year’s time built credit through trade lines on his AI in
number so at the end of that year he had thirty forty thousand own credit
attached to his credit rating for his business so then he went down there and
got a thirty thousand dollar credit card now he has enough money to buy him a
zero-turn lawnmower a trailer and a used truck so he can start his lawn care
service and guess what he do he go out here in the community and he charges you
the consumer cuz he goes on everything is a cycle everything goes back in a
cycle the consumers and the producers so what he did was now he knows he’s a
producer but you were consumer you you and the dog you don’t know nothing about
these are credit lines and trade lines so now he’s charging you $40 or $50 to
cut his grass to cut you know to cook to cut the grass and you saying he’ll sell
man yeah go manhandle trunk me I know no lawn mower he have nothing I ought to
say he ride around here with it with a big old truck with a stick on the side
of us and uh you know if he does major cuts on grass he did it through the
process he did it the right way my thing is you know spread the wealth when it
comes to knowledge and the reason why is because we already are falling behind
economically when it comes to us being minorities in this country and
the more people have knowledge about things that they can do to change their
lives because I know it just dawned on a lot of young men that know me they know
cuz I’ve been sitting on the couches with him
sipping on some Wham I’m sipping on something right now I’m sitting on
something right now but I know these brothers we don’t sit around and play
cars everybody scrounging up a couple of dollars go down there buy my beer
you ain’t got to be broke you know you ain’t got to be doing that but the
knowledge wasn’t there for you some people try to keep that from you because
they know you a consumer and if they’re producers they can easily manipulate the
system the right way they have you paying for their services but me I’m not
gonna holding them back from I’m gonna let you know the real that’s what we do
here you know from the daily read you know we don’t hit you with sports or
politics news I haven’t even gotten to the news for the day I might not even
get to it cuz I’m like my shows only our I know I might not get to them what I’m
gonna start doing I’m start doing the news at the beginning of the show before
I go into my commentary about the things that’s affecting the minority
communities in my area so so we’re not even gonna get to the news today you
know I got some things I want to say about Donald Trump and the south because
he didn’t show up in the bubble he didn’t pop up in the bubble Donald
Trump is not some wild wild card that just popped about the blue this goes all
the way back to the Civil War which is a which is something that’s gonna be saved
later for another show okay cuz right now I want to focus on credit I don’t
wanna I don’t wanna I don’t want to put too much on your mind because sometimes
when you when you turn the light on in people’s eyes they turn away from you
they turn away from me they want to stay in the darkness because the lights hurt
in the eyes so I’m not gonna put too showing you but that’s gonna be for no
matter of fact I might do something about the the Civil War and how it leads
up into what’s going on today with our politics I might do that on the next
show or to show out the next but I want to stick with with credit and I want to
stick with what’s going on with the minority community and how we’re
flagging behind because like I said 60% of it we can’t control unless we start
raising our babies to stop having felonies because it’s a pipeline from
high school straight into the prison system and if you can’t or if you have a
felony you can’t vote which means you can’t put people in politics that you
want in there to help you and if you have a felony you can’t have a gun which
means you can’t defend your family and if you have a felony guess what there
are a lot of things that you can’t do like a job people will deny your job so
that means you can’t take care of your family so what they’re doing is our
government and our state government is having a it’s called it’s called
institutional racism okay and the institutional racism is something we
can’t control unless we send people to Congress entire state government and it
all ties back to the 60% that we can’t control
now the 40% which is what I’m talking about part of it is credit we can
control that okay and there are other social issues in our community that we
can control which was follows up under the 40% of things we can do to change
our financial plight in this country so to finish up I want to talk about dog
the ein numbers if you just have to have if you just have to have two separate
line of credit you want to have a $30,000
credit upon your personal name and you wanna have a 30,000 on a credit upon
your business name if you just have to have two forms of all credit to the
lines of credit get you a small business even if the small business doesn’t make
money for the first year it’s okay notice you’ve got that E is number and
it’s not free people to start a small business there are certain things you
have to have to start a small business like I have my office you gotta have an
office it doesn’t have to be a real office it can be a room into in your
house the room cannot have furniture in it like like bedroom furniture it has to
have a desk it has to have a file cabinet it has to has at least some type
of documentation set up like a computer because when they come out and see your
setup you can have a business running out of your house but you gotta have it
looking like a proper office and it’s gonna cost you about a hundred bucks to
get your business license approved through the government and it’s not
gonna get you nine people unless you just have a bedroom inside of your
office it’s not gonna get denied so you can get approved by the government it’s
going to take you 30s like $35 down there City Hall to get your your your
license to put on your wall so once you get your license through the state I
mean your license through the city to operate the business and once you get
your your business license approved through the government which altogether
you’re looking at one hundred and thirty dollars to start your proper business
think of you a good business name have a good place to start your business once
you have the business name and once you have the place to start your business
open it up even I got two or three businesses right now they’re not making
no money I’m not worried about it I still work I’m not worried about my
business not making no money you know why because at the end of the day a year
from now two years from now both of my businesses are gonna have a seven to
eight hundred dollar seven to eight hundred credit rating
that means regardless of whether I make money not in these businesses I can go
down and get a thirty forty thousand dollar credit card under my business
name and if I want to go out here buy a BMW for my business I can do that it
ain’t gonna be nothing I’m gonna have it under my business it’s gonna be used for
my business which is traveling under my business so I’m trying to give you the
game it’s free I’m giving it to you this is my contribution back to my community
this is what I do this is my community service because I feel this necessary
man to get us out of the financial plight that we’re in in this country
ain’t nobody else doing I’m not for the sitting a rag on down the Trump all day
long cuz I know what he about a lot of some of y’all sleeping sleeping behind
the wheel I know the about the south after the Civil War said he’s digging
rise again and they doing it we’re gonna get it to that door on another program
but right now I’m gonna finish up with the e is get you business license
if you just have to have two streams of credit get your business license and get
your EIN number and bill credit on this slowly bill credit on this slowly every
two months sacrifice Ted $180 sacrificed a two hundred and fifty dollars go down
and give me a call if you don’t have my phone number if you my facebook friend
inbox me say man I wanna come on the trade line guess what I’m gonna do I’m
gonna take your name and your phone number and imma get you in contact with
my guy he’s a easy he’s a trip he works for matter-of-fact McGee I’m gonna get
it I’m gonna give you a company name he works for the trade line supply company
and I’m gonna hook you up these are legitimate people then you can look you
can google them you can look them up you can you can look at their or you can
look at the business rating on Google analytics you can go through all of that
these people are legit they’re legit they’re sanctions through the government
to sell people trade lines so if you want to get your credit score back right
hit me up I got you and put you in contact with the right people everything
we’re gonna see you can see about getting you a 680 a 700 or 800 credit
rating on your credit report that’s my contribution back to you now I’m gonna
end this program I want to thank all of you for tuning in on my Facebook family
and friends this would be my first and last live Facebook show because uh and
if I do post on Facebook it’ll probably be snippets on my show
and the reason why is because I’m trying to get a deal with our heart radio if I
get a deal with our heart radio and I start our streaming live it will be
broadcast and I don’t want to get into any copyright infringement as far as
showing a whole entire show on Facebook so so you know wish me luck this is my
show the daily read with Marcus Gentry we’re gonna give it to you live I’m
gonna have another show that I’m working on it’s called the Masonic journals now
the Masonic journals is gonna be sort of like a newspaper a journal to where
Masons that I know from all over the country that do good work in the craft
that help people that do charity work they can contact me about events and
things that they’re having in their community and I will broadcast it I’ll
have Masons and SISTAR’s and and you know all the people that dish under that
umbrella coming here sometimes and sit and talk about things that they’re doing
in the community we just had a cookout at a church in Nashville I think it was
yesterday and I was I was saying I couldn’t I was trying to get prepped for
this show and I missed and I wanna you know give a shout-out to
my brothers y’all did a good job and that’s why I named rod 9 you know we got
large of the year and I’m proud of us I’m proud of my brothers and you know
we’re gonna keep doing good things in the community and we’re gonna keep doing
you know we’re gonna keep working you know saying is it’s all about that work
we’re gonna keep working at it we’re gonna keep being great you know I’m Sam
and we’re gonna help other brothers be great but brothers and sisters and you
know we can keep giving back and I’m in this program I love y’all peace all right all right Facebook I
appreciate y’all for tuning in to my first show it’s going down it’s going
down yeah I can give you a good website to go
to for trade lies now I’m gonna tell you now I’ll give you the website but if you
go through me I can get you some deals if you go but
up but you know what I’m not even gonna monetize that I’m not even monetize that
I’m from the post one of my sites to get you some good trade lines and uh and if
you if you good if you if you feel comfortable you know with this if you
don’t come back and I and I out I get you on the phone with Cory
my guy I get you on the phone with him right away
matter of fact I tell you what anybody that wants to get involved with getting
their credit back right without having to pay $99 a month and have people
messing with your credit and fixing your credit ah man you ain’t got to do that
now that don’t mean that that debt is gonna ever leave unless you do that so
so they still want you to pay the debt that you already got both trade lines
will help boost your credit rating up even more over what you already owe so
basically it doesn’t counsel it out cuz you still owe it but it boosts is it up
you said I’m saying so say your credit rating is 450 and all you can get is a
$400 loan you pay 215 and 14,000 word for credit to your credit score it’ll
boost it up you know I’m saying to boost it up to a 6 son 600 something credit
rating to where you can go out and get more loans but I’m telling you do it the
right way people on my Facebook family friends do it the right way don’t just
go right out after 2 or 3 months and get you a credit card a 10 thousand dollar
credit card just because your credit them boost it up to 680 to 700 or 800 no
wait a year every two months boost your credit up wait wait two months pay to
pay the money you know is they gonna charge you but it’s worth
it if you want to in in two or three years you’ve got a plan to be in your
own home it’s worth it pay to look two fifty every two months get you a decent
credit rating after about two years about a year get about an eight hundred
credit score and then go out and purchase a home for you and your family
now you still got to pay for the home now this is not gonna pay the house off
you still got to pay your mortgage but at least you know if you know you’ve
been working hard all your life and you keep seeing the same people down the
corner from you man they got a nice house man I know do work at the same
place I work at he got to be hustling that ain’t necessarily true you can do
the same thing and that’s why I get mad at people who talk bad about these
foreigners these foreigners come here and utilize the things that are at our
disposal you understand what I’m saying they utilize the same things that we
have access to so don’t get mad if they just start utilizing it yourself you
know the Mexicans don’t mind going down because they they come here get the
green card they don’t have no credit under their new social security number
because they’re just like babies they just came to this country they just got
a green card so they have no credit so what they do is they slowly add after
two months they they work hard as hell at these construction sites that their
conflict at 250 and 14,000 to their credit rating and being after a year you
see these mixing it that you know just get here ran around and a brand-new 45th
down on the trouble and you like how to him that he dude I’ve been here all my
life I can’t even get a damn number the bucket you understand what I’m saying so
so don’t get mad at them for doing the things that we can do too we just ain’t
taking advantage of it because nobody’s putting it out there and and that’s what
I’m gonna do for my show every time I do a show them and do my research for the
week I’m gonna make sure everything I bring you you can look it up yourself
and and and I’m gonna get to you you know I’m saying so so if
anybody interested in trade lines to boost your credit and get a higher
credit rating give inbox me I’m not gonna let you call me because uh some of
y’all might give me in trouble so you know but my guys called me is cool but
some of y’all women might be interested I’m not gonna deny you but my woman my
below who the hell is that calling you over like nah but just inbox me I got
you know I’m saying I got you inbox me on my facebook and uh give me your name
and your number and then I get you in three-way with my guy that works at one
of these reputable credit trade trade line companies and you know and yes he
just might slap me something for bringing you to him but he’s helping you
you know I’m saying he might slam you say my slam a couple of bucks but guess
what at the end of the day don’t worry about my pockets we’re about getting
your credit right because I’m getting my credit right something get out of here
man I love all y’all man peace out

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