TPC GOLD | How to Hack Your Money Habits in TWO Simple Steps ✌

TPC GOLD |  How to Hack Your Money Habits in TWO Simple Steps ✌

I’m just speaking to the folks here who really are struggling to get started. I would say two things… 7-day float and rearrange your banking. Because if you give yourself… and even if you don’t know what the number is say you think, “I need to spend $450 a week” or you’re at $1k or you’re at $250 whatever it is, just have a reasonable stab, and get into the rhythm of following the principle of the 7-day flow. I get
paid on a Thursday, we strongly recommend it being a Thursday, and I can’t spend again until next week until the money comes in on Thursday. The next thing I’d say is paradigm shift. From when we get paid on a Thursday or Friday, I would reframe the salary or the wages that’s coming in. That’s not when you get paid. You need to in our view, strong view, that’s something that we do ourselves… You got a view that you are getting paid
when you receive your 7-day float. Because the rest isn’t yours. The rest is allocated. The rest has got a job to do somewhere else. That is where you get paid. If you can get the muscle memory around that changed, that alone will be a game-changer because you’ll both got okay. We know that there’s a certain amount that we can spend and we can manage it
over a seven-day period. Then it starts to become manageable. How you can actually make some effective change. And if that’s all you do for the next 7 days, that is fine! Because once you get a bit of a rhythm up on that, you do that two times, you do that three times… The muscle memory will start to form and then you go, “Okay, what’s next?” And then we’d say, “Go back to the start of the book and actually work through it.” And then just simplify
your banking structure enormously. Get it down to one debit card. If you struggle with credit cards, don’t even get a credit card. But one debit card, one credit card, one offset account and then your passive loan accounts. That is it. It doesn’t need to be any more complex than that. Dave Ramsey says it Ben, “Money is simple, Behavior is hard.” So it’s the behavior stuff we’ve
got to undo. So there you go folks, I would suggest that if you identify with “This is too hard. I’m not sure where to start. It seems overwhelming.” Do those two things and that’s it. Don’t worry about the rest. Once you’ve done those two
things, we’ll show you another layer. We’ll show you another layer. And in fact
we’re going to give you the book. We’re going to give you the instruction manual.

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