Townhouse vs Duplex vs Twin Homes || Real Estate Explained #42

Townhouse vs Duplex vs Twin Homes || Real Estate Explained #42

Hey what’s up! It’s J. Lucky Henry. Today I’ll go over three different types of residential properties that to the
outside world might look the same – townhouses, duplexes, and twin homes. What’s the difference?
Find out! This is J. Lucky Henry —
Keller Williams agent in the Greater Boston area. You won’t believe how many people need to get REAL! R-E-A-L: Real estate Explained Amazingly by Lucky in 90 seconds — give or take. Welcome back! This is Jay lucky Henry so we’re still talking about different types of
residential homes in this series and today we’re going to talk about three
types of homes that can look the same right – townhouses, twin homes, and duplexes
so what’s the difference? According to Redfin – townhome is a townhouse townhome it’s
kind of like if a condo and a single-family was spliced together into
one creation they’ll be a townhome bigger than a condo smaller than
single-family more expensive than a condo
less expense it than a single-family may have HOAs like a condo may have a
little bit of a yard like a single-family kind of it right in
between medium why does it look per se like a twin home or duplex because
oftentimes it’s attached to another one so it shares a wall now what
differentiates it from a duplex in a duplex both those units according to
Zillow of course right both of those units are sold as one lot so even though you
can sell it to two different owners the lot itself is one so they must come
together on decisions of how to upkeep and maybe the painting of it they might
let each other paint different but the lot itself belongs to both and then twin
home even though they’re attached they’re both their own entity so either
one is free to do whatever they want without consulting the other one except
play loud music because they are getting up late for that so that’s really the
difference between the three they can all look the same to the outside world
and all follow different rules on how they’re sold bought
maintained and what they cost so tomorrow we’ll be back with another
video about different types of residential properties stay tuned for more everyday get ready This is J. Lucky Henry and
I’m here to keep it REAL with you. Whether you’re looking to
buy, sell, or invest in real estate — call or text: 978 – 712 – 0244 and make sure you subscribe to my channel for more.

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