Tour of my home network.

Tour of my home network.

I have received several requests for a tour
of my home network so here you go. I have dedicated an entire closet to be the heart
of my home network. I actually screwed a piece of plywood to the wall so that I could freely
mount any network hardware that I needed. My main connection to the internet is this
standard old cable modem, provided by Charter Cable. I actually have 2 terabytes of file
storage. The way I have this configured is with 4 hard drives, each one being 1 terabyte.
However, only two of the hard drives are used for file sharing. The other two are backup
drives and each night a script is run to automatically clone the data from the main hard drives.
These drives are all daisy chained through a single firewire connection on this old Mac
Mini G4, which works as my file server and web server, amongst other things. I also do
my voice narration recording in here. That is why I have the big microphone connected.
All of these ethernet cables go up into the attic where they’re distributed around the
house to wall jacks, like this one. I labeled each jack with a number that corresponds to
a particular port on a particular switch. That way if I ever need to troubleshoot a
connection, I know where the other end goes. I’m a strong believer in ethernet. While I
do have two wireless access points in my house, one at each end, I do not use these for anything
except mobile devices. So I have quite a few things connected to my ethernet switches.
I’ll show you some of it. I have a color laser printer. I do not believe in inkjet printers.
I think they are a big waste of money since the ink costs more than the printer. I also
have a black and white laser, copier, and scanner on the network. This is my main office,
or computer room. This is how things look day to day, I didn’t clean anything up for
you. This is my main computer, which is a Mac Mini. This is where I edit all of my videos.
Here is a workbench I use for everything from repairing computers to shooting videos of
things. These two Mac Mini setups are for my two kids. I even have a computer in my
garage. I have a cheap monitor on the wall and this old Mac Mini G4. I use it mostly
for displaying PDF images or searching the web while I’m working on projects in the garage.
This is my wife’s desk, and yes it stays that messy most of the time. This is my living
room TV. Besides the Nintendo Wii, you’ll also little black Western Digital box. This
thing is wired into my network and allows me to watch Netflix, Hulu, or files stored
on my local main file server. I have one of these on every TV in the house. This is essentially
our only source of television content. We have no cable or satellite. Well, I hope you
enjoyed the tour. I would just like to point out that a lot of people think I have this
extravogent, expensive computer network. And really, I don’t. Most of the equipment I’ve
bought used off of eBay for nearly nothing. So I don’t have a lot of money invested in
my network. But what I do have a lot invested is time. Particularly when it comes to running
all of the ethernet cables. I’ve typically done it over a period of years on an as-needed
basis. I started off with one switch, then two, and now three. And it more or less works
like this. We re-arrange a room and we’re like “Oh well, now we need an ethernet jack
over here” so I run a new jack. And just over a period of several years I’ve ended up with
nearly 48 network jacks in the house, so I have a live ethernet jack on every wall. I’m
really, really a proponent of ethernet. I mean, I know everybody loves wireless because
it’s so convenient. And nearly every device I have in the house is capable of wireless
but I just don’t like it because it’s not fast enough, its not reliable enough, it’s
too complicated. You’ve got to deal with SSID’s, encryption, interference problems, and range
issues and you know, so I just do not use wireless unless it’s a mobile device like
an iPad, or laptop, or iPhone, or iPod, or something like that. Everything else, I just
much prefer to plug the wire in. It works, and it always works, and it keeps on working,
and I don’t have to worry about any of the complicated mess of wireless. So that’s just
the way I do things. Anyway, leave some comments. Tell me what you think. Till next time!

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  1. you should have a patch panel

  2. R the switches gigabits?

  3. Cabling is done terribly and you don't mount equipment like that to a non fire rated plywood.

  4. Very good!

  5. and all i have is a shitty isp provided router

  6. Youtube: okay, I guess 2019 will be the year of random recommendations.

  7. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the tour of your home network. It was professional and awesome. Your cables were neatly arranged, you placed a wall jack in your rooms and you have two file sharing drives with redundancy. That is fantastic. I liked everything except those mac mini computers and monitors. I do not like apple but I understand that you do. While watching your video I was wondering why you chose Ethernet but you answered that as well before the video finished.

    Personally, I set up my home network using wireless. I have 3 routers, one of them is a repeater in my other room connected to TV which is also connected to my old dell studio 540s desktop cpu. We decided to cut the cable recently so my mom uses that TV + computer to watch TV channels online. And in my room, my laptop is connected to my projector using wecast 5g dongle using miracast.
    I am still trying to figure out the best way to use the HDs for file sharing. For now, I connected my external HDs with media to one of my routers.
    It's not perfect but does the job for me. Thank you so much for the video. Cheers!

  8. What's the update in you nw setup in 2019?

  9. поставь себе нормальный шкаф и юнитовые девайсы

  10. My parents house had Ethernet run while building it. Kind of wish that was still a thing, because yeah, wireless is still only great for mobile…

  11. I still laugh my ass off whenever I see this video…. the most ocd setup ever.

  12. Oh, I have same speakers like your wife, LS11 is best 😀

  13. WFAA?!?. I always suspected your were in the DFW area.

  14. Id love to see how your home network has evolved in the last 6 years. Just had this video in my recommendations, even though its 6 years old. Still, very cool.

  15. Well hello 2019! Who is with me! XD

  16. Very nice. Well-ordered house, well-ordered mind.

  17. All of the sudden everyone is a seasoned network administrator in the comments. LOL

  18. @2:39 RIP ears

  19. Mac mini < Mac Mini G4
    Mac Stand < Mac Stand

  20. Nice Setup ?

  21. Ok, now I know what my neighbor drills every weekend (holes for wall jacks).

  22. komu się ten film wyświetlił w polecanych w 2k19 ?

  23. While I'm sure WiFi in 2013 wasn't as reliable as it has been in the past few years, I don't think it was that bad back then. I do like this setup as it's clean and has a clear purpose and is kept neat (cable management). Nicely done, and I will keep checking for a 2019 revisit of this to see what's changed.

  24. These WDs with LCD screens are adorable.

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  27. I want to be your child

  28. You are so practical and yes ethernet is much better. Your channels are great! I do have a question about your musical skills on the keyboard how did you acquire them?

  29. This man urgently needs to see a doctor.

  30. 1:40 that things sitting in the other room for me

  31. excelente explicación te felicito por tu red yo también soy como tu y me gusta mucho trabajar con ethernet

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  33. Okay, but as a non mac user I lost interest. Did like the 3 Netgear 16 port switches.

  34. Как насчет технологии бесшовного wi-fi на Mikrotik .. CAPsMAN.Используется несколько роутеров Микротик по всему дому с одной беспроводной сетью. Нахер 48 розеток??

    Like seamless wi-fi technology on Mikrotik .. CAPsMAN.Several Microtik routers are used throughout the house with one wireless network. Fuck 48 outlets??

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  36. Please post an update :3

  37. we really really could use an updated version of this video! you are amazing.

  38. Que pedazo de nerdsura papá! o.0 He visto cosas frikis, pero este tipo es el emperador de todos xD lol!

  39. Since you have done a tour of your network, do you think you could do a tour of how you organize all of your stuff? That would be super cool and useful! Thanks.

  40. Well your network is definitely more hardcore than mine is.

  41. Какое криворукое создание эту срань городило?

  42. Part of my Air Force career involved me climbing above drop ceilings and running twisted-pair for the base network! I was very proud of our efforts as we would run the cables in the wall with fishtape and just like your installation were very professional!! Cheers!

  43. What about a 2019 update? We're still curious 🙂

  44. Please tell me, do you like cats?
    You just don’t know how to cook them …

    Yes, the wired network is a little more reliable. But this is your own housing, and not someone else's office! Horror! You can’t be so much a fan. Everything is good in moderation… A properly organized wireless network will work like a clock and will give 400-800 Mbps anywhere in the house, and therefore no rearrangement will be an occasion to increase the number of outlets that will not be used later.

  45. I prefer wired over wireless. If my note 4 will take an Ethernet cable I would use over wireless.

  46. ебать у него наверно яйца светятся

  47. Very nice man!

  48. ХУЙНЯ

  49. Видео о том, как чувак для ремонта пары компов и записи видео захерачил кучу денег на ненужное железо. Зачем делать бэкапы когда винты можно было в REID поднять. Зачем столько разеток если есть WIFI, если есть возможностья взломать WIFI твои разетки тебя не спасут, так как вся сеть будет под угрозой. Короче назиовите видео "Когда мне нехрен делать"

  50. Old school.. Home WIFI solve the problem, it's 2019 dude!

  51. apple – sux

  52. You have ethernet worth tousands but uses only old PC-s 😀

  53. НА-ХУ-Я!!!!

  54. Dude, your home looks like a garage.

    Make a renovation.

  55. What are you think about PoE. And raspberry pi adblock dns.

  56. I have a.16 port switch for the PC room where the NAS and main servers are. The rest is wireless. I don’t see how anyone in 2019 would ever need 48 ports in even a large house.

  57. I had to circle my entire house from outside with the wire, so it could enter my window, since my mother wouldn't accept it inside the house and in Brazil we have cement walls, so it's a lot of trouble to make it go inside. A connected wire gives peace of mind.

  58. Суть понятна, и я согласен с его мнением касательно проводной и беспроводной сетей. Что касается кучи оборудования, на которую ряд комментаторов обратило внимание, в том числе и касательно его проводного подключения к внутренней сети, то мы не знаем, кем он и его жена работают. Возможно, им действительно требуется вся эта гора оборудования. А если это требуется для работы, то тут и обсуждать нечего – только кабель, если есть возможность.

  59. 2:38 aaawh

  60. хааа… как без палевно салфеточки у компа стоят ))) не хватает еще крема какого нить )))) настоящий IT с крепким рукопожатием, если Вы понимаете о чем я )))

  61. нельзя было эти коммутаторы в стену утопить ? если уж делать по красоте и для себя то хрен ли всё это говно снаружи весит ?
    тупо сделать углубление в стене и закрыть пластиком, всё просто же.

  62. Cutting ties with cable before it was cool!

  63. In 2019…i love wireless devices and hate erhernet…😅

  64. Нахуя только все это в доме

  65. I agree. I prefer to use Ethernet as much as possible on my home network. Don't have near as many jacks as you however!

  66. Meanwhile im use WiFi

  67. What do you work as? All of this tech must have cost a fortune.

  68. I agree with you. Ethernet rulez.!!

  69. y pensar que no he podido abrir los puertos de un pinche router

  70. First of, it's not a professional setup and never the best practice. Secondly, your setup might be easy to maintain, but it's taking quite the amount of space on your wall and it's super ugly. Third, why use so many switches instead of just 1 ? TIPS to improve: ever heard of wall mount bracket 1u or 2u or 6u? or more? saves space and looks better and start using patch panels cause when you run out of cable length u gonna get in trouble unless you don't have problem replacing the entire cable structure of your home to just add/fix one cables length.

  71. Not using Linux on servers. Disgusting

  72. çok abartılmış bir ağ ..

  73. "If I was you, I would now start reviewing lockable racks… It's like that." 🗨😏💠🗒📌🗄🔏

  74. I wonder why do you need so many Eth ports. At first look it seems like you really have a smart home. Though just a few of these ports are up. Isn't that too perfect for a home network? As well… What about your electic power network at home? Is that also so structured. It's a good reason to combine these networks and wall outlets together and control it from a central closet.

  75. Coool
    Would you make a tutorial on honesto make our house Network with backup and file Sharon drives? That souls be cool.

  76. Is this video from mid 90s?


  78. jakiś ethernetowy onanista :):):)

  79. 2:18 EARAPE WARNING!!!!!

  80. Wonderful!

  81. хуясе как интерено он ебанулся

  82. Updated vidéo ?

  83. Ethernet is great since you can also find adapters of anything to Ethernet therefore virtually creating an infinite hub of anything to evething in your house.
    And we need and update.

  84. I'm agree about wifi fully. And You're home LAN is excellent!

  85. would love to see how this has all changed almost 7 years later

  86. Nuce setup!!!!

  87. I'm currently playing with the idea of running SFP cables for a home lan over Ethernet.

    Only due to the fact that with gigabit ethernet becoming more common, bottlenecks will become an issue.
    I'm the same whereas I choose ethernet over wireless at the moment as connection to the home server/NAS or pihone requires speed over convenience, but I haven't found much in the way of connecting SFP lines directly to a 2018 MacBook Pro (Or I haven't been looking hard enough!).

    My colleagues and friends keep telling me 40 gigabit is overkill, heck, they say 1 gigabit is over kill.

    If there is a bottleneck, it's never overkill!

  88. 오늘도 어김없이 유튜브 알고리즘이 나를 여기로 인도했다

  89. so it is time to make an updated video, and also say what speed of internet do you have in it

  90. even now this setup would run fine in a modern home

  91. Wireless is terrible Ethernet is a must !!


  93. Пиздец он заморочился

  94. I would like to see if you updated your setup. Though I do not have your setup I would easily have agreed about wireless networking in 2103 but now I went wireless with everything and have no problems. Similar thing with bluetooth devices. I didn't dare use them till around a year ago since they always seemed to disconnect at random and were a pain in the neck. I bought a bluetooth headphone with a jack just in case and I have never needed to use the jack. Rambling aside – do you find wireless networking with it now?

  95. i also use ethernet (LAN) for all my computers, servers and IP Telephones. Only the iPad and the iPhone are connected over Wireless (WLAN). LAN is stable, its fast and i have no faults.

  96. Here in Finland, all new standard houses have the pre-built fiber network running 100 Mbps sockets in every room (actually 2 sockets per room). And you can add switches (like in my workin' room). And the control box where ya can share the net between sockets. No need for wi-fi.

  97. Just saw this for the first time. So have you changed your mind after 7 years, lol?
    I have been using DSL for almost 20 years and my internet provider (who goes through AT&T) has now forced me to update to fiber. I have always liked Ethernet as well—my main computer has been connected from the telephone jack to a DSL modem to a router and then to Ethernet. My house is not wired for CAT5 and I cannot easily do it because I have no attic or basement (in California). When the AT&T guy showed up to install fiber, he told if I wanted my desktop to use Ethernet he'd have to run the wire outside the house along the wall and then put a hole in the wall from outside to inside. UGH! No way. The only alternative was to go full wireless. So that's what I did. I got a wireless adapter for my desktop. The AT&T guy said the wireless/router box they installed (which they own) is gigabit, so speed is not a problem.

    I would have rather stayed on DSL because it was cheaper and I don't care about the speed so much. But I don't think providers want to service anything but fiber going forward. Anyway, so far so good.
    I also have a small wireless laser printer which makes it easy to get out and use only when I need it. I learned the hard way that laser printers suck.

  98. Late 2019-2020 Update Please? A lot of people are asking. We would love to see what you’ve changed in the past 6-7+ Years

    Edit: I’ve been trying to get some ethernet switches in my house for a few months now and I just haven’t had the time or the money. I’m going to try to buy it soon so my dad and I can distribute Ethernet jacks through the attic in the spring like David did. I think it’s really neat how David did it and it inspired me to do that same thing. Thank you for making this video. It’s the most popular video when you search “Tour of my Home Network”. Anyways, I hope there can be an update in 2020. I highly doubt that there is going to be one but I hope there is one soon.

  99. Never pegged you for a Mac user. Interesting.

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