TOUGHEST TOYOTA SUV — 2020 Lexus LX 570 vs. 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser: Comparison

TOUGHEST TOYOTA SUV — 2020 Lexus LX 570 vs. 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser: Comparison

What’s going on YouTube? So the Toyota Land cruiser is known around the world is one of the ultimate go anywhere SUVs But as many of you know, there is also a Lexus version which shares the same ultra capable foundation Both also cost very close to $100,000 here in the US. So the question remains which rugged and luxurious Toyota SUV is the best choice Let’s go ahead and find out! Now we’ll go ahead and preface from the very beginning that since these two are related to each other there are more similarities than differences The first thing on the agenda is pricing and equipment While variations in prices don’t really matter as much to people shopping in the near six-figure range. It is still important to recognize that The land cruiser comes in only one variation in the u.s So its price is going to be eighty six thousand six hundred and eighty two dollars after destination The LX starts out more expensive and all the ones that we’ve ever seen come with the luxury package and a few other options Its price out the door is ninety eight thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight dollars therefore in order to be fair We will do a half point per thousand dollars of difference or six points to the landcruiser Nevertheless, as far as styling is concerned they are on totally different planets The landcruiser has its traditional conservative style while the LX is extremely bold in its approach especially with the huge spindle grille The same goes for the headlights which are both LED but styled with two different philosophies And the only scorable difference is that the Land Cruiser has incandescent turn signals instead of LEDs in the front and rear As far as the side and back though, this is where you can start to tell that they are related They have the same body lines but differences in the details The only other style related items to mention are the wheels which are much larger on the LX 21 inches versus 18 s But beyond looks capabilities are very important to these trucks Both ground clearance is measure in at eight point nine inches, but there are two things to keep in mind The LX is large grille does impede on the approach angles compared to the Toyotas by about 10 degrees But the LX has an adjustable air suspension Which allows it to go up and down significantly for everyday use That being said only the landcruiser has a skid plate I do want to point out that the landcruiser only comes in one fully loaded trim in the u.s So that means it comes with all the same stuff as the LX in regards to the mirrors and safety systems Both have pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection Lane departure alert with steering assist adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring and auto high beam headlights Next up we have the warranties which are completely different from each other the lexus has longer terms for both basic and power train warranties, but Lexus only does one year of complimentary maintenance compared to two with the Toyota Finally in regards to max towing the landcruiser can handle 1,100 pounds more weight But that pretty much sums up the exterior So now let’s see which cabin has the most luxurious experience before we take them out on the road So walking up to the vehicles both are obviously going to have smart entry systems and the ability to remote start via the respective applications and Then once inside the interiors, they are pretty different in designs. Just like the exterior on The Toyota we have the terracotta brown interior finished in high-end semi-aniline leather The Lexus also uses the same semi-aniline leather finished in this case in a beautiful red called Cabernet As Far as the seats themselves the LX includes extra thigh extension in addition to the heating ventilation and three-person memory seating Now obviously they cost similar amounts of money and are related so both cabins are quite nice However, the LX definitely has a number of nicer touches It has more leather aluminum and wood throughout which make it feel like the more special place As far as the gauges they are nearly identical but the LX does have an additional head-up display Of course it does pretty much go without saying that both have power adjusting heated steering wheels with leather and wood Storage likewise is basically identical between the two including the cool boxes and the wireless phone charger When I shift into reverse both have 360 degree camera systems with active trajectory and They’re next to the shutters are a ton of different buttons all regarding the off-road systems Now this stuff is mostly the same between the two models. However, the lexus does have an electronic parking brake and Now that brings us to the audio let’s go ahead Both are great but to my ears the LX has the edge The next thing to look at up the dashboard are the climate controls Now even though they look vastly different both are for zone automatic However, Lexus fits all the controls into physical buttons, which is something Toyota didn’t manage to do Now digging into the displays themselves both have pros and cons Obviously the Lexus is twelve point three inch display is significantly larger than the Land Cruisers eight inch one But keep in mind there is no touchscreen ability in the LX Neither of them have Android auto or apple carplay at this point Ended finally ending the front part of the cabin both have regular sized moon roofs Now checking out the rear seats you will see a number of similarities but also some differences in the features First off space is pretty much identical as expected and then both of them have heated seats and two zones of climate the few differences though are the sun shades and better seats that have both power adjustment and ventilation and the Lexus and As far as the third rows again both are the same as far as measurements but in this case also the features Moving around back both have the weird two-part tailgate design And once they open up after a considerable amount of time, they have the same amounts of cargo capacity The one important thing to note though is that the land cruiser doesn’t have a power third-row which makes folding the seats more of a pain All righty, so that’s it for the interiors now, let’s go ahead and take them out for a spin So as you’d expect driving these two siblings does bring about similar though not identical responses First of all, since they have the same powertrains acceleration feels the same in both All right, so I’ll first taking off here in the 2020 Lexus lx570 Definitely we have plenty of power. This is Mechanically related to the land cruiser that we just drove About a month ago. I don’t ya bout a month ago. So Of course in the same way that that Operated we do have just this big burly v8 onboard All right, so first taking off in the 2019 Land Cruiser This is this is a really big SUV It does feel big. It definitely feels big but the power does feel adequate for something of this size I’m 380 horsepower and a lot of vehicles would actually make it quite fast This is not fast for sure, but like I said, it does feel adequate But I do really like the sound of it giving an old-school v8, you know It has a very raspy sound to it and a lot of people really like that, especially in these big SUVs Both also have eight-speed automatics and full-time four-wheel drive systems and as far as handling is concerned these trucks both have a large heavy feel and the way they stare and In the way that their body responds to movements The only important difference in the way they perform on the road is that the landcruiser has Significantly more nosedive when braking since the LX is adaptive suspension is able to compensate better Now the shocks are you know Off-road soft so you’re gonna feel that when you brake. Yeah and accelerate there is considerable Nosedive as well as tail dive but of course that is the trade-off you make for the Capability you have such crazy articulation when you’re off-road at all the different wheels and You know you’ll get used to it I Drive a sedan so that’s why I’m definitely noticing it versus the Land Cruiser It is important to remember that this comes with an air suspension so While I probably will still say the words old school many times during this test drive It’s not the same level of old school as the Land Cruiser It does feel different One of those things is the ride is smoother and the way that it kind of handles things It I can definitely tell that so far. It’s been a lot less Bouncy. Oh, yeah You know, so it’s a little bit more button-down It behaves more like a traditional like large luxury 3-row You know like an Escalade if you got in an Escalade and they got in the Land Cruiser you’d be like what is going on But you know this kind of behaves pretty much like those other cars and it is worth noting that with the air suspension You know that road we were just on is so so rough and we’ve been on it in like a hundred different cars So we definitely know that it’s a rough road and it almost makes you forget about how rough it is Just this car being that smooth and comfortable And finally fuel economy is equally bad Well guys that’s what we are going to finish up this comparison video as you can probably tell these two body-on-frame SUVs have a lot in common, but the a like simply offers more in terms of features At the end of the day what it is really going to boil down to is your personal tastes? Anyways, thanks for joining us on this unique and interesting car confections comparison and be sure to subscribe for more comparisons As well as our signature for review videos Take care!

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