Top Realtor Arlington VA | Real Estate Agent Tips | Arlington VA Real Estate Agent

Top Realtor Arlington VA | Real Estate Agent Tips | Arlington VA Real Estate Agent

Hello everyone Matt Leighton here and I wanted
to take a few minutes to talk about real estate agents and what qualities make a good real
estate agent. I was talking with a buddy of mine the other night and real estate came
up, people love taking about real estate, which is great seems like it always comes
up in conversation. And we were talking about what makes a good
real estate agent. What qualities of a real estate agent make buyers and sellers want
to work with a certain agent. There’s a lot of agents that I admire in Arlington maybe
because I think they put out innovative marketing, or have a cool website, or do a lot of business
or whatever. But if I step out of my real estate agent shoes and into the client shoes,
what qualities do I want in an agent? And that’s what we’ll talk about in this
video. The qualities that make a good real estate agent. So if you are deciding on how
to choose a real estate agent or if you are a newer agent and want to pick up a few tips
this video is for you. I’m going to get into 5 traits that I think
all real estate agents should have. But first I want to talk about something I am seeing
all too often. There’s a lot of agents I see around town that are marketing qualities
that should be inherent, that should be a given. Like if you read up on an agent and
that agent says you can Trust them. Or they pride themselves on picking up their phone
and returning emails quickly. And I don’t think that these need to be said because that’s
what your supposed to do! Like for example, I’ve never been to jail..yet. Do I go around
telling people, oh hey by the way, last week, still haven’t gone to jail…No, it’s
just a given. It’s what your supposed to do. So in talking with my friend and getting some
feedback from past clients, I’ve come up with 5 attributes that as a client, you should
be looking for in a real estate agent. Proactive — Your agent needs to be proactive.
Does your agent just set up an automated search and then wait for your email when a property
hits your radar? Or maybe once a week on a Friday email you open houses for you to go
and see? These strategies could work, but they are only a piece of the puzzle. Does
your agent send direct mail to owners of neighborhoods you are interested in? Does your agent go
and introduce themselves to the manager at a certain condo building? The question is
what else is your agent doing besides waiting for the MLS to refresh with new properties…
and I hope they have a good answer for that. Reliable — This one is huge. Your agent
must be reliable. When they tell you they will do something, you shouldn’t have to
follow up with them or double check that it actually gets done. It should be assumed that
it will completed. Just like in life, in real estate your word is all you have. When your
agent says they will write the contract, or take you out on Sunday at 1pm, or follow up
with feedback the same day, you better believe it. And if your agent doesn’t follow through,
you’ve got a problem. Adaptability — Your agent needs to be able
to read the market and read you as a client in order to best serve you. Whether it’s
communication, changes in the market, that you like taking pictures in every house you
go to, whatever it is, your agent needs to be able to adapt and adjust in a swift manner.
Your agent needs to be able to read the situation and adjust their tactics and mannerisms accordingly.
Passionate — You are making a huge financial and life-altering decision in purchasing real
estate, it will sure be an exciting time for you. But what about your agent? Are they excited?
Motivated? And pumped to show you houses, talk about different neighborhoods and narrow
down the best options for you? You should be able to feed off their energy when you
are around your agent. They should take you to that next level of excitement. Finding
a house can be extremely stressful but when your agent is always passionate, full of energy
and ready to tackle the next obstacle, it will make things a whole lot better.
Resilient — And finally the fifth attribute to look for in a real estate agent is resiliency.
In the Arlington market and in DC it is extremely competitive. You may not get the first house
you put a bid on, or the second, or
the third…but the key is to always stay level-headed. If you just say screw it and
over-bid to get a house just to get the process over with, you will leave with a bad taste
in your mouth. Your agent should temper your expectations as well as control his or hers.
Because if you lose a bid and then start to see new houses and notice that your agent
is not as engaged as they were right before you submitted your original offer, your agent
may be showing signs of fatigue. Nobody wants to see that and it’s certainly not a good
quality to have. So there you have it, some tips on what to
look for in a real estate agent. Alright guys and gals I want to hear from you. What do
you look for in a real estate agent? Would love to hear your thoughts, comments, opinions…go
ahead and drop me a line in the Comments section below. As always thanks for watching until next time,
create a productive day. Take care.

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  1. Great points! Proactive, passionate and resilient are my must-haves in an agent.

  2. This was the first video I have seen of your and will watch more. I really like what you're doing here…raising the bar! New subscriber here. On this video I agree completely with 4 out of the 5. But passion isn't all is cracked up to be. I posted a super short video on the subject last month.I'd love to hear your thoughts. Make it a great day!

  3. Thanks for this useful information. Great video! Always looking forward to learning more from your channel.

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