Top 5 Tips when Selling Commercial Real Estate (#3 is Most Overlooked)

Top 5 Tips when Selling Commercial Real Estate (#3 is Most Overlooked)

Hi I’m Ron Koenigsberg, President of
American Investment Properties.Thanks for checking in to watch the february
edition of our monthly video series today we will be sharing our top 5 tips
when selling commercial real estate first it is important to work with an
exclusive commercial real estate broker who not only has expertise in your local
market but who is also willing to Co-broke your property with other firms.
By having an exclusive broker open to Co-broking you will greatly expand
your potential buyer reach enabling you to secure the best price for your
property. Next, be sure to gather all of your relevant documents for example rent
rolls, copies of leases, mortgage information, previous environmental
reports etc. The more prepared you are the better prepared the broker will be
in selling your property smoothly and in a timely manner. Another thing to
consider when selling Long Island commercial real estate is to inspect and
clean up your property. Keep in mind the curb appeal goes a long way you want
your property to be attractive to prospective buyers by inspecting your
property you will have the opportunity to repair and correct any problems that
could potentially cause issues down the road. Check your loan documents for any prepayment penalties or assumption
options being knowledgeable in this regard can help prevent any last-minute
issues that could cost you both time and money.
Lastly, but most importantly, be patient understand that selling a commercial
property does take time and corners should not be cut when things are done
properly you have a much better chance at finding the perfect investor
and securing the best price thanks for taking the time to check in with us be
sure to stop by again in March for more professional information on Long
Island’s commercial real estate market as always if you have any questions
about the Long Island commercial real estate market please contact me ron
coningsburgh at american investment properties thank you

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