Top 10 Scary Homes You Should Never Move Into

Top 10 Scary Homes You Should Never Move Into

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. I usually write my intros before writing the
content of the videos but with this one i decided to do the intro at the very end. And i dont even know how to describe the atrocities
that have taken place in the houses we’re about to talk about. Each case is unique its interesting, its brutal
and vicious and you may wanna sit down for this. These are the Top 10 Scary Homes You Should
Never Move Into. Starting us off with number 10 is The Villisca
Axe Murder House. Do I even need to tell the story of this one? After hearing the name im sure none of you
would even want to move in. either way located in Villisca in southwestern
Iowa, the house was home to the Moore family which included the parents Josiah (jo-sigh-ah)
and Sarah and their 4 children. On the 10th of June 1912 one of the children
invited 2 friends to spend the night at the Moore house after a childrens day at the church. They all got home at around 10pm and that
was that. The next day at 7am the Moores neighbour Mary
got worried because she didnt see any of the Moores do their morning chores. She knocked on the door and no one answered. Josiahs brother also tried opening the door
after getting a call from Mary but to no avail. Thankfully he had a spare key and went inside. When he opened the guest bedroom door he found
the bodies of the two guests lying on their beds. He called the police immediately and after
investigation it was found the entire family and the two friends were bludgeoned to death
with an axe. Apparently the killer or killers had been
waiting in the attic and as soon as everyone fell asleep, they struck. Josiah was axed the most, his face was so
disfigured even his eyes were missing. The blade was only used on him and the blunt
part was used on the rest of the family. The culprit or culprits were never found and
after that point the home is considered one of the most haunted ones in America. People even pay 400 plus dollars to stay there
for a single night, but these guests report hearing childrens voices and seeing objects
fly across the rooms. A paranormal investigator stayed there in
2014 and then stabbed himself after spending the night. Need i say more? Coming in at number 9 is Lemp Mansion. Located in St. Louis Missouri this mansion
has seen its fair bit of tragedy, probably enough tragedy for a lifetime. The mansion has 33 rooms altogether and was
built by William Lemp sometime in the 1860s. William and his wife had 4 sons and after
their youngest Frederick died, William ended up committing suicide in 1904 shortly after. So death count right now is 2. A few years later Williams wife died of cancer
in the house. Death count 3. By 1922 William Jr ended up shooting himself
in the same room his dad committed suicide in. death count 4. If that honestly isnt horrible enough, in
1949 Williams third son Charles shot his dog in the basement of the house and then went
up to his bedroom and killed himself. Death count 6. The house ended up being sold the same year
and turned into a boarding house when obviously the hauntings began. That many people cant die in a house for there
to be no hauntings. Safe to say youll find me in no rush whatsoever
to move into the Lemp Mansion. At number 8 we have The Previous Tenant. This story was shared by an anonymous person
so sadly i cant give em credit but the show must go on. This woman had just moved into her first apartment
with her boyfriend and then she heard the doorknob moving like someone was unlocking
it. She didnt think anything of it since she just
assumed her boyfriend was home but then she looked at the time. It was 830. He was meant to come home at 1030 so something
wasnt right. She looked out the window, she couldnt see
her car or anything and thats when she started to panic. Someone kept trying to open the door but it
just wasnt working. A few minutes later they stuck some metal
between the door trying to pry it open and that failed too. The girl was freaking out at that point like
anyone would and she called 911 and hid in her bathroom with a knife. Good call honestly always arm yourself. The person tried to pry the door open for
at least 30 minutes before giving up and when police got there they found an old man roaming
the area with a crowbar and a knife. Apparently he was the old tenant and he wanted
all his stuff back that the new couple had apparently stole. They didnt steal anything, he was just very
delusional. If i was her in the bathroom i would literally
be sending my last text messages to all my loved ones imagine just being at home hearing
someone trying to come in and kill you and take your stuff. Filling our number 7 slot is The Bell Witch
Farm. Now this is more legend than it is confirmed
but i feel like there are way too many intricate details in the story for it to be mere folklore
but lemme know what you guys think. Located in Robertson County Tennessee. John Bell Sr lived on his farm with his family
and this story focuses on friendly neighbourly war gone very wrong. Johns neighbours Kate Batts believed he had
cheated her out quite a bit of land. And clearly she was determined to be salty
about it forever because while on her deathbed she promised to haunt John forever. Soon after the Bell family became the targets
of some of the worst haunting of all time. They would hear chains drag across their floor,
their servant would be followed by a massive black dog looking apparition when he went
to visit his wife, John saw a massive creature who he shot but who then disappeared into
thin air. The family would hear the sound of gnawing
on their beds, the growls of invisible dogs fighting. John even started being physically haunted,
his mouth started to become paralysed at random times. The children were then attacked when their
sheets were pulled from their beds and they were literally flipped out of their beds while
asleep. Kates ghost would scratch the children, she
hated Johns youngest daughter Betsy the most, she would slap her, stick pins into her like
it was a proper vengeance act. And all that for a bit of land, like Kate
you are dead please move on. Now at number 6 is The Joshua Ward House. Located in Essex County the house belonged
to Sheriff George ‘The Strangler’ Corwin back in the day, and he may not ring a bell
but he was the high sheriff of the county during the Salem Witch Trials. He was known throughout the county to strangle
the accused by tying necks and heels which means he would force the persons body into
hoops, and he would rope their neck to their feet until blood came gushing out of their
mouth and nose. Everyone hated this man, he even stoned an
80 year old farmer to death who refused to stand trial for witchcraft. 4 years after that George had a heart attack
and died. His family were so scared a riot crowd would
dismember his body that they interned his body in their houses cellar. The house is now a bed and breakfast called
The Merchant and is apparently one of the most haunted houses in New England. And im not even surprised this dude pissed
off so many people and killed them in such gruesome ways. If i was one of his victims id make sure no
one enjoyed being in that house ever again. And since id be dead id have forever to spend
doing that. Coming in at number 5 is The Lizzie Borden
House. Located in Fall River Massachusetts, the house
was home to the Borden family in the late 1800s. Lizzies father Andrew and her stepmother Abby
were found axed to death in the house and Lizzie scandalously became the main suspect. Also this is the second axe murder on the
list taking place in the 1800s like why was axe such a weapon of choice back in the day? Its a brutal weapon like people who use axes
really enjoy seeing the bloodshed i feel. Either way, Lizzie had a long brutal trial
but she was acquitted of both murders, and then later refused to live in her family home. Lizzie and her sister Emma moved to another
house they named Maplecroft and she lived there until she died. These days the house operates as a bed and
breakfast and funnily enough the most requested room to lodge in is the room where Abbys body
was found. Apparently guests have heard a maid screaming
for help late at night and the cackling of Lizzie. Her axed parents’ ghosts are also known
to wander around the property. At number 4 is The House of Death. I didnt even make up that title thats actually
what the house is called. Located in Greenwich Village, New York this
house was constructed way back in the 1850s and a record 22 people have died in the house. And yes that means the house is also haunted
by 22 ghosts, which is honestly 23 more ghosts than id like. Mark Twain lived in the house at the beginning
of the 1900s and his ghost has said to be seen on the first floor near the staircase. The family home was turned into a 10unit apartment
building and the first couple that moved in there felt a monstrous moving shadow looming
over them at all times. The actress Jan Bartell who felt this shadow
wrote a memoir about her experiences at the house, how she felt hands brushing her neck
and this rotting odour that was always present. Shed have visions of seeing people and when
the couple called a medium the person felt many dead things under the floorboards. A dead girl or cat perhaps and after hearing
that the couple left soon after. Former attorney Joel Steinberg moved into
the place a few years later and beat his partners 6 year old daughter into a coma after which
she died. Residents have seen the ghosts of that little
girl, another lady in white and black, a grey cat, and many many more. Safe to say unless these 22 ghosts are paying
rent, i’m not sharing a house with them. Thank you next. Filling our number 3 slot is the Los Feliz
(loss feeless) Mansion. Why do so many bad things happen at mansions? Like do rich people just attract murder im
confused. Anyway the mansion is located on a hilltop
in LA and boy oh boy does it have a brutal past. During the 1950s the mansion was owned by
Dr. Harold Perelson, his wife and their 3 children. On the night of December 6th 1959, something
came over Harold that people are still able to explain 50 years later. He went downstairs and beat his wife to death
with a hammer, he then moved onto one of his daughters and severely beat her too but thankfully
not to death. After these random actrs of violence Harold
decided to commit suicide by drinking a mix of acid, water and tranquilizer pills. After the horrific incident the mansion was
bought a year later as a storage site but no one lived there for 50 years. Neighbours remember seeing the couple who
bought the house move boxes into the mansion but they never stayed the night. The couples son Rudy inherited the house and
although he has no plans to sell it, he still never wants to live there. No one has been invited into the home after
the murders but trespassers and adrenaline junkies do come there they have picnics in
the decaying garden, theyve tried to break in even. They wanna see it because the Perelsons furniture
is all still in there, if you look through the window you can see the 50s style tv, a
christmas tree with gifts underneath it its the exact same as it was that fateful night
except covered in dust and death. People speculate Harold did it cus of financial
troubles while others say theyve found documents of him having been secretly hospitalised in
his past. Whatever the case, his children survived the
ordeal and havent been in the media since. Now at number 2 is The Kreischer (cry-sher)
Mansion. Now the mansion is located on Staten Island
in New York and was built by German immigrant Balthaser Kreisher back in 1885. The house is a 2.5 storey beauty, it has a
bunch of verandas, decorative railings, tall chimneys, its just cute. Anyway, the man had 2 sons Edward and Charlesand
in 1894 Edward shot himself in his right temple dying instantly. His ghost has been seen all over the property
for decades but it just gets worse. The family business burned down during the
Great Depression and they lost everything. By 1998 the property was bought in order to
be restored. It was sold again and in 2005 a horrible mob
killing took place inside the home. The caretaker of the home was found out to
be a hitman for the Bonnano crime family one of the major family’s in the American mafia
at the time. The person killed was a rival mob associate
named Robert McKelvey. Apparently Robert had a big mouth and owed
one of the associates Gino Galestro a lot of money. He was lured to the Kreisher mansion and kudos
to him he put up quite a fight against the 5 people he was up against. One being Gino who was also a mafia soldier. The 5 failed to strangle him to death so they
stabbed him, then dragged his body to the pond and drowned him. They then dismembered his body with a hacksaw
and incinerated all of it in the mansions furnace. The owners of the mansion had no clue this
had happened they were in the middle of developing the house into an assisted living enter for
old people and had recently replaced the furnace. And finally at number 1 is The Menendez Murder
Home. Other than the murder of Sharon Tate and Nicole
Brown Simpson this was orbbaly one of the biggest hollywood murder cases ever. Not that i know who Jose and Kitty Menendez
were since they were before my time but im sure a lot of you do. Jose was a self made Cuban millionaire and
the executive vice president at an independent film company. The couple and their sons Erik and Lyle were
renting a house in Beverly Hills while renovations were being done on their actual home. The 2 story house has 9000 square feet of
living space and takes up just about half an acre of land. It has a private tennis court, pools, a 2
story guesthouse and Elton John even rented it at one point. On the night of August 20th 1989 2 suspects
entered the home with a shotgun and shot Jose and Kitty to death. The culprits? None other than their two sons Erik and Lyle.
its said Jose was very very demanding of his sons making them meet impossible standards
and Kitty was suffering from an array of things, depression, drug addiction and alcoholism. The brothers were sentence to life in prison
for the murders and their trial was highly publicised on TV. the brothers had had run ins with the law
before but since their dad basically shat money it was never a problem. Described as a sociopathic, Lyle has a horrible
temper and a mean streak and he was apparently the mastermind behind it all. Erik on the other hand was sensitive and quiet
and hes actually the one who confessed to his therapist about the murder. During the 6 months after the murders the
brothers spent 1 million dollars of their parents money partying away. Eventually Eriks therapist told his girlfriend
about the murders who then told the police. During their trials the brothers said their
parents abused them but there was little to no evidence about that. I know that was a lot more detail than necessary
but i just found the case so interesting, like what would possess you to shoot your
own parents when they could give you everything you ever wanted. And thats it for todays video guys! Usually ive heard of most of the houses on
these lists like the amityville house for example but i was like no these are all gonna
be ones ive never heard of and honestly i was pleasantly surprised at how interesting
they were and pleasantly horrified at what took place at each one. Lemme know what you thought in the comments
below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you in the next one. Byee.

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