Top 10 Questions investors can ask real estate agents – Tip #003

Top 10 Questions investors can ask real estate agents – Tip #003

Hey guys! Erik Cabral from the Mindado Investment Group with a quick Tuesday Tip for you. So when I hit up real estate groups and meetings
and even on the forums I’m often asked, “What are the type of questions I should be asking real estate agents?” These are usually newer investors getting
into the game and they’re trying to build their Power Team up. So one of the major players on the team is
a real estate agent. I tell them to pick up the phone and to start
calling different real estate firms and asking these questions. I put together a Top 10 list of the questions
that I like to ask. There are definitely more questions, probably 20-30
questions you can ask but these are the main ones I like to ask and I wanted to share a few of them with you. Number one “Do you work with real estate investors? If so, how many have you worked with?” I also like to ask them, “would you mind or
do any of those investors mind if I call them?” You’re doing two things, you’re building your
network by calling and talking to other investors and learning from them but you’re also getting
an idea of how good this agent is and if they’re someone you can potentially work with. Another one I like to ask is, “What’s your
opinion of the current real estate market?” You definitely want to have your own opinion
on this before you ask this question. Whether it’s in an up or down cycle. You can have a nice dialogue with the agent when you ask this question and see if you guys are aligned. “Do you invest yourself?” I think this is a big one because if they
do invest themselves that means they know the lingo. You don’t have to explain certain things to
them. You don’t have to tell them what a “wholesale”
is or “ROI.” Most likely, if they invest they know the
lingo, they know “cashflow” and they understand where you’re coming from and will help you identify deals. The last one I’m going to leave you with is
another favorite of mine, “Do you know any good real estate attorneys, title agents,
closing agents?” What your doing with this question is building
your power team. So the real estate agent is one of the MVPs
on your team and they can help you start building up your roster and bench. When you’re starting out, you’re going to
have all these guys at the ready. So once you have that deal, you put the players
in place and throw them all onto the field. These are my quick Top 10. I only read off a few but hopfully you appreciate
it and if you do and you want this list, hit me up! Write a message or comment below
and I will definitely send it to you once you send me your email. Also, if like my channel please LIKE this
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Investment Group. Thanks guys.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Questions investors can ask real estate agents – Tip #003

  1. Hit me up guys if you'd like a copy of the list!

  2. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I also like to ask what THEY need in THEIR business – it gives you a chance to help them, and also shows where they are heading and what challenges they are facing.

  3. Very informative! Asking an agent if they invest in real estate is one of my favorite questions to ask too. Great job!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Great content, very informative and helpful!

  5. Hi Erik awesome video. Can I get the rest of those top 10 questions? Looking forward to my first phone call!

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