Top 10 Neighbors From HELL

Top 10 Neighbors From HELL

10 Neighbors From Hell 10. Alan Markovitz 59-year-old strip club owner Alan Markovitz
was going through a separation with his wife, Lea Tuohy. Tuohy had been cheating on him, and after
their separation she moved in with the man she had been having the affair with. Markovitz was of course upset, but rather
than taking it like a mature adult by picking up the pieces of his broken heart and moving
on with his life he lashed out like an angry teenager with way too much money. Markovitz moved next door to his ex and her
new boyfriend. He spent $7000 to build a 12-foot bronze statue
in the shape of a middle finger and stuck it in his backyard directly facing his ex’s
house. He claims he’s over his ex and the middle
finger is directed at her new boyfriend. Sure, buddy. Sure. 9. Lynne Taylor and Christopher Levasseur One of the more unusual cases of neighbor
harassment comes from Warwick, Rhode Island, where Craig Fontaine and Kathleen Melker lived
beside Lynne Taylor and Christopher Levasseur. Problems arose in August and September 2011,
when Fontaine and Melker claimed their neighbors fired BB pellets at their car and kayak. Taylor and Levasseur also tried to kill the
other couple’s cat by locking it in the trunk of their car on a hot day. A restraining order was put in place against
them, because attempted pet murder is, to use the legal term, “cuckoo crazy.” The strangest claim was that Taylor and Levasseur
trained their cockatoo to insult Fontaine and Melker. The bird would swear at them loudly throughout
the day, but when Fontaine and Melker called the police to complain, the police said Taylor
and Levasseur were not violating the restraining order because the bird was the one making
the comments, not the couple. 8. Felice and Ralph Scala Canadians are famous for being nice, polite
and neighborly. But there are exceptions to every rule, as
demonstrated by father Felice and son Ralph Scala. The Scalas lived in the Junction neighborhood
in Toronto, Ontario. The Junction is a small community where a
lot of houses are crammed together. While most people find this quaint, the neighbors
of the Scalas thought it was hell. Take 87 year old widow Carmela Canino, who
had been living in the neighborhood since 1958. Felice Scala was having problems with some
criminal charges, so he asked Canino for a character reference and she chose not to give
him one. Scala was so offended that she wouldn’t
defend his character he had her windows smashed, had broken tire spokes placed in her lawn
and threw dead animals on her property. When she was cleaning up the mess he’d stand
outside and laugh. 7. Lori Christensen In 1998, Greg and Kim Hoffman moved into a
home in White Bear, Minnesota. Three years later, Lori Christensen and her
daughter moved in next door. At first, things were good between the neighbors. That was until about 2009, when Christensen’s
daughter poured nail polish on one of the Hoffman children. Kim Hoffman went over to talk to Christensen
about the incident. Christensen didn’t like the accusation and
told Hoffman that she should take care of her own children. While this should have been just a simple
spat between neighbors, it was actually the start of a campaign of terror against the
Hoffman family that would last for five years. Christensen constantly harassed the Hoffmans,
often mocking Kim because she was struggling with alcoholism. The Hoffmans got a restraining order, which
Christensen violated. In 2012, she was given five years of probation,
50 hours of community service and fined $50. 6. Mitchell Igelko There are two different stories about how
the feud between Mitchell Igelko and his neighbors began. According to his neighbors, it started when
they fired Igelko’s company from doing maintenance on their lawns. Igelko’s wife claims it stems from a time
when his beloved dog was discovered badly beaten and bleeding. Regardless of the origins, Igelko started
terrorizing his neighbors in his Southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood. Some of the highlights include murder threats,
egging houses and poisoning the neighbor’s lawn so bad that the soil had to be replaced. He also dropped nails on driveways and the
road in front of houses and smashed car windows. The neighbors installed video surveillance,
which caught Igelko in the act. He was arrested and originally given five
years of probation. 5. The O’Briens Lea Hall is an area in the city of Birmingham,
England. It was the home of the O’Brien family, who
were well known for trying to control the neighborhood through harassment and violence. Police were called to their home at least
40 times for serious incidents. What’s really disturbing is that this went
on for 10 years. Things finally came to a head in 2012 when
the O’Briens and a few other people were brawling in the streets and police responded. An officer had part of his nose bitten off
by a dog, and while it was thankfully re-attached it was the end of the line for the O’Briens,
who were evicted from their home. 4. Jeanne Wilding Bottomley is a small hamlet between Leeds
and Manchester and is made up primarily of four expensive estates for people commuting
to the two major cities. It was a peaceful, idyllic little spot until
57 year old retired businesswoman Jeanne Wilding moved there in 2002. One neighbor said that there was a problem
with Wilding almost every day for 16 months. Between July 2004 and November 2005 there
was an astounding 259 incidents that the court heard about, including throwing broken glass
and nails onto driveways, pouring oil onto their lawns, throwing dead animals onto their
properties and vandalizing cars. 15 people and organizations brought charges
against Wilding and she was given an anti-social behavior order (ASBO) citation. 3. Michael Carroll Your neighbors are usually in a similar socioeconomic
situation to you, but then there’s the case of Michael Carroll. In 2002, Michael Carroll was a 19-year-old
garbage man living in Norfolk, England. Then he won £9.7 million ($15.4 million USD)
in the National Lottery. So started the nightmare of people in Swaffham,
Norfolk, where Carroll bought a mansion called the Grange. He started years of partying, during which
he apparently spent over £1 million ($1.6 million USD) on prostitutes and drugs. He also turned his yard into a demolition
derby that went on for 24 hours a day. It covered the neighborhood in dust and at
any time, day or night, there could be a car crash that led to visits from ambulances and
fire trucks. His behavior was so bad that the police set
up a hotline for his neighbors to call if Carroll was getting out of hand. By 2010, Carroll had lost all his money and
was forced to sell the Grange. 2. Barry Ardolf Children like to explore their surroundings,
and Matt and Bethany Kostolnik’s four year old son was no different. Shortly after moving into their home in the
Minnesota suburb of Blaine, the boy wandered into 46 year old Barry Ardolf’s backyard. Ardolf, a computer technician and father of
two, scooped up the boy and brought him back to his parents, where he kissed the young
boy on the lips upon dropping him off. Naturally, this weirded out the Kostolniks,
so they called the police. Ardolf was quite upset that the police would
pay a visit over something like that, so he decided fair payback was ruining Matt Kostolnik’s
life. Ardolf downloaded a hacking program and hijacked
the Kostolniks’ Wi-Fi. Ardolf then posted pictures of child pornography
and emailed Matt’s co-workers and bosses at his law firm with those pictures. He also started sending threatening emails
to various politicians, including Vice President Joe Biden. This led to the secret service visiting Kostolnik. This continued for two years. Matt’s law firm hired an investigator and
they discovered that Ardolf had been messing with the Kostolniks’ network. The FBI was notified and Ardolf was arrested
and given an 18 year prison sentence. 1. Ken McElroy Everyone in Skidmore, Missouri knew who Ken
McElroy was. He was charged 21 different times, but each
time he managed to avoid prosecution. It helped that he would threaten or bully
witnesses until the charges were dropped. Things finally reached a boiling point in
1980 when one of McElroy’s 10 children was accused of stealing from the town’s grocery
store. McElroy showed up with a shotgun and got into
an argument with the 70 year old owner. McElroy shot the elderly grocer, who thankfully
survived. McElroy was arrested and this time he was
actually convicted of assault, but was released on bail until sentencing. While on bail McElroy continued his bullish
ways, carrying a rifle and threatening the life of the grocer he shot. The town was so upset and terrified of McElroy
that that on July 10, 1981, they held a town meeting about what to do with him. While everyone was at the meeting, McElroy
went to the town bar. The concerned citizens heard he was at the
bar and ventured over to it. McElroy was leaving the bar with his 15 year
old wife Trena, and while sitting in his truck he was shot twice by two different guns. No one called an ambulance and the 47 year
old town bully died from his wounds. There were dozens of witnesses and the killing
took place in broad daylight, but only Trena claimed to identify a shooter. So no one was ever been charged with the murder
and almost everyone in the town seems to be satisfied with that.

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