Tiny House Tour of our model the Passage tiny home for sale tiny house ideas minimalist design

Tiny House Tour of our model the Passage tiny home for sale tiny house ideas minimalist design

hi this is Bob with Titan tiny homes and
today I want to take you on a tour of our model the passage this unit is very
unique in the fact it has a beautiful two-tone siding a metal roof and this 32
square foot deck but this cedar deck is only a taste of what the interior looks
like so let’s go inside so one of the first things you’ll notice as you enter
the unit is this natural wood paneling we’ve installed it adds for a very wide
open and airy feel and not to mention within this 160 square foot floorplan
we’ve been able to incorporate a very large living area that even accommodates
for a full sized sofa now as you move through the living room you’ll come
through a breakfast bar which is really a table fit for two but this space also
can act as a desk or a prep station for the kitchen now one of the other key
elements that we really focused on when designing the passage was we wanted to
create a very large loft space and I’d like to take you up there right now
so now that we’re up in the loft I just want to take you through a few things
you have a lot of room in front of the bed this is a 10 foot loft so you have
plenty of room to build a shelving unit here for all your clothes also this
right now is a queen-size bed if you needed something bigger we could go to a
king size but you could see I’m 6 foot 2 and there’s plenty of room up in here
it’s very comfortable also we have our AC unit in there as well it’s a really
nice sized loft so I want to leave the loft right now now before we go into the
kitchen I do want to point out one of the key features of this home and that’s
our electric radiant heated floors this home is equipped with full coverage
heated floors on the first floor that not only will keep the floor warm but
also has the power to keep the entire unit hot now as we move into the kitchen
you’ll notice we installed not a very big fridge but it’s a 4 cubic inch
refrigerator has a lot of room for cooling your beverages but also has a
nice small little freezer as well one of the things that we always focus on our
units is a kitchen sink that’s got some room to it and this this one is no
exception it has a lot of depth and you can
get a lot done in the sink this this kitchen was designed with a hot plate in
mind so you could have a single hot plate or a double we just put a very
simple unit in here just so you can get an idea but part of this unit is you can
have the choice to pick whatever kind that you’d like we also installed a
convection oven so you still have that capability to cook some things baked and
so forth we also made sure that we put a lot of cabinetry space in along with a
nice countertop now as we move into the bathroom you’ll notice that we installed
a very large pedestal sink and as you look to the right you’ll notice that we
also incorporated a very large three-foot shower it gives a lot of room
for such a small space and as you look to the left you’ll notice that we
installed a regular house toilet well I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of the
passage be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe to our youtube channel also
follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and if you know somebody that would find
value in this video please share it with them once again I’m Bob with titin tiny
homes and this has been a tour of the passage have a great day

12 thoughts on “Tiny House Tour of our model the Passage tiny home for sale tiny house ideas minimalist design

  1. Price?

  2. So do you have to be super man to get up in the loft? You can tell no woman help design this tiny house. Hate the two tone siding. When you set in the loft how about sitting on the mattress then sit up. You won't have near the head space. To have so much wood makes the house look like it is closing in, I don't know where you thought it was airy. What about that ridiculous refrigerator, Can you get a smaller one I don't think you have space for the one you put in the kitchen. Then the aluminum siding in the shower unless the bottom is sealed talk about mildew. And it is cheap looking. I think you guys missed the mark on this one.

  3. How do you get up to the loft?

  4. The outside looks Great, Inside needs some style changes. 1- a little bit wider for those who only want to move this once or twice. 2- enclose that area of the deck but have it fold out on the sides for additional deck area. 3-put this on a gooseneck trailer. 4- increase the size of the fridge and the area of the kitchen and bathroom. 5 – put a bed in the goose neck area. 6- put in skylights. 7- have the option to put in a tiny wood stove. 8 – put in an air exchanger. 9 – mention the options like off grid capabilities to be added. All of these items with greatly increase the size and price but from a quality builder like yourself, it should last a lifetime. 10 – Keep on building great looking tiny efficient homes. P.S. Thanks for posting.

  5. claustrophobic!

  6. A Tiny House builder that's paying attention and offering simpler options that can be built upon. Great job guys!

    I love the work you do! This is a really great "Starter Tiny" that could be lived in as is (psst, just add the window in the loft!), or for DIYers like me that can jump in and add simple things on their own, like the ladder, or a Tansu storage stair, main level built in sofa bed. They can do their own personalizing and save money.

    I hope to see some of your work at some Tiny House Festivals in the northeast in the future. ✌️

  7. How the hell do you get to the The queen bed

  8. Good video, I like the narrator but that loft looks dangerous to me. No windows, no egress and it's gonna get hot up there pretty fast.

  9. Are you guys selling the house

  10. So, ummmm do you blink to get into the loft? Or do you like think "I'm in the loft", then it magically happens?

  11. Where are the Windows in the Loft? This does not seams to meet Titan standard!

  12. Enjoying your videos and have looked through your website, but haven't seen any prices listed.

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