Tiny Apartment #5 | BEST Interior Decorating | Small Spaces IDI

Tiny Apartment #5 | BEST Interior Decorating | Small Spaces IDI

Hello and welcome! In this video you will see the most beautiful tiny apartments. Bright, beautiful bedroom and orange bedding. Tiny bathrooms. Loft style apartment design. Bright, tiny kitchen. Studio apartment, kitchen, dining room and tiny bedroom. Glass partition. Loft bedroom. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to my channel RunmanReCords Design!

19 thoughts on “Tiny Apartment #5 | BEST Interior Decorating | Small Spaces IDI

  1. Tiny Apartments, it's always a challange to design a small apartment. you have to be very creative and talented to succeed. thanks so much for your ideas. wonderful

  2. 2:07…need to show contractor that.

  3. only photos 馃檨

  4. It's amazing how creative you can be in a tiny space – loving it!

  5. so niceeee for NYC apartments

  6. awesome 馃憤

  7. lovely its great idea

  8. Awesome

  9. base on the title. "tiny"… oh well . from where i grew up and lived that is not tiny… in my country, if that is tiny, so ours would be teeny weeny tiny hahaha

  10. good job

  11. Nice

  12. Beautiful

  13. So amazing and beautiful…. I like it馃樆馃樆

  14. I really want such interior 馃槝馃槏馃槝馃槏馃槝馃槏

  15. How is this tiny

  16. 馃憤 So beautiful and creative ideas. It's like Art to succeed in designing so much in such a small place. there is so much love and warmth in those small apartments.Thank so much for your inspiring shows. love Efrat. Israel.

  17. i wish i have one of that apartment

  18. Simplesmente lindos

  19. How can I get the full video of the house with the red sofa?

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