This German Castle Has Been One Family’s Home for 850 Years

This German Castle Has Been One Family’s Home for 850 Years

– [Narrator] Although there
are many castles in Germany, there’s none quite like Eltz Castle. It has been privately owned
by the Eltz family since 1157. The Eltz Castle was originally constructed in the 11th century. However, additions and restorations have been made over the years. Unlike most castles, Eltz
Castle isn’t easy to spot. It sits off the main road, high on a rock within a low valley and is surrounded by a lush forest. Many visitors are drawn
to the hiking trails surrounding the castle grounds. Thirty-four generations of the Eltz family have lived among the castle’s 120 rooms. And since today, no one in the
family lives there full time, the ancestral home is open to the public. Every year over 300,000 visitors come to see the castle
and its armory, treasury and original furnishings that
are over eight centuries old. Throughout Europe’s tumultuous history, this enchanting castle was
never invaded or destroyed. Its rich history has earned it a spot on the 500 Deutsche Mark note, making it a special sight for those who get to experience it in person.

100 thoughts on “This German Castle Has Been One Family’s Home for 850 Years

  1. The only thing I got was brick walls.

  2. Nazis: its free real estate

  3. At school, I have a friend who’s family owns a castle in Germany.

  4. It all looks nice but I can just imagine how creepy it is at night walking in there alone

  5. I feel really really poor right now

  6. Yeah nice, but how's the wifi?

  7. If I was there I would get so much Mario 64 vibes from it

  8. Speechless.

  9. I ‘m praying to God that in my next after life I will be born to the Eltz family. It’s my birth right to be born in that family .

  10. How have they been alive for 850 years this is fake

  11. 500 Deutschmark note ? I thought they use the Euro in Germany 🇩🇪?

  12. Vampires

  13. Wow can you imagine living there . You could creat your own little town. Put a movie theater a mall a Starbucks in there

  14. Probably doesn't have Wi-Fi.

  15. You’re doing something right if you can keep wealth going that long.

  16. I bet it's haunted.

  17. Bruh they hiding some dark shit in there .

  18. Resident Evil?

  19. Damn here my furniture barely last 3 yrs and theirs last for 850 yrs 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. Its the castle from chidi chidi bang bang

  21. NGL thought this was a daytime mod for Der Eisendrache

  22. Castle Wolfenstein

  23. They literally got a crib on the hills. Sheesh I need to step up my game!

  24. Wonder what it will be like under the new german caliphate

  25. Oh… so noone actually lives there.

    Lied to again.

  26. There is a literal sugar factory in my family my mom says and that diabetes

  27. So it’s not a home now

  28. Dont worry the globalists will get their hands on it.

  29. So lovely

  30. Oh how I love that style

  31. Where "eltz" could you see this?

  32. Second generation: "I was born in the castle, and I'll die in this castle!"
    Every generation after: AYE!!!

  33. I got good genes from my ancestors. 🙂

  34. Away from prying eyes. It survived WW2 bombings.

  35. The heating bill should be interesting to see.

  36. Thought someone lives there

  37. Epic to survive the destructive nature of invading tyrants. Transcending their own ignorance they must have seen the ultimate beauty. Lovely

  38. ….and I got male pattern baldness from my ancestors .

  39. I'm just wondering was it stolen like everything else in history
    . We never hear that the true story

  40. What is their net worth

  41. Pimp My Castle

  42. damn wtf were my ancestors doing..

  43. Let me get this straight, 300 k visitors per year. So, let’s say they charge each person few bucks to visit, like 5 euros, that is 1.5 million euros per year in family pockets

  44. How’d one family survive for over 850 years

  45. I would not let people in there

  46. I'd like to see how they perform some of the maintenance on that building. How do they get up there to paint?

  47. It survived all the wars? Or was it just rebuilt or fixed from damages from time to time

  48. Insane, absolutely legendary.

  49. Fucking marvelous.. beautiful country side …makes me just want to sip a cup of coffee right off one of those balconies

  50. Any single females in that castle ? 😂

  51. You know damn well they do some freaky shit up there

  52. So who is this one family?

  53. Germans bashing America while using the internet and YouTube, that’s funny

  54. Pissed at my ancestors

  55. So That hella big castle outlasted both world wars and didnt even get scrachted.

  56. I though yall said 180 years……

  57. Count drakelu was heya

  58. I bet it’s haunted

  59. Damn I’m disappointed. I thought we were about to get to see generations of one family living in the castle.

  60. I hope they changed the lead pipes and got rid of the asbestos

  61. That's amazing money doesn't normally stay in a family that long.

  62. Fun fact: that castle has shitty wifi

  63. I couldn’t imagine living in that wow

  64. Imagine how many routers they need

  65. Horror Movie would be there

  66. Imagine being the roofing guy re shingling that roof

  67. Imagine living in a castle

  68. This is some Game Of Thrones type shit

  69. That explains it–no way the socialists let you keep something like this unless it's a tourist attraction.

  70. Wow I really am WT

  71. This family lives there longer than the discovery of America… And Americans think they have "history"😂

  72. Such a bullshit title 😂

  73. I'm pretty sure they are pretty comfortable with the ghosts living there. I mean come on its family

  74. The expectation a refugee has when the smuggler tells him "you get a house for free in germany".

  75. Nobody lives there another bullshit title

  76. Is it full of refugees yet?

  77. Yeah, thats not creepy as fuuuk at all…

  78. This is the perfect example of “inherited wealth”

  79. I love history.

  80. Legend has it this is where the “real” Colonel Klink was born…

  81. I am part of the Munro clan and our clan owned a castle called Foulis castle. But sadly, I don’t think any of us live their anymore.

  82. If it wasn’t built on the word of God it was built in vain. It profits nothing

    It will not stand.

  83. That is an amazing looking place

  84. I would love live there 😍😍👌😍

  85. Their ancestor was probably Dracula

  86. Dag I can't air bnb this jawn? 🤔😁 Just kididng

  87. That many people curious why their own ancestors ate dirt and lived in a hut.
    That's a lot of tourists going to the scene of their families repression.

  88. 850 years of satanic ritual abuse rings.

  89. The title is extremely misleading! Extremely disappointed!

  90. Owned by a branch of the same family. Get it right now.

  91. Is this haunted? And see you all bext year. Around same time, ok? Have a good day.

  92. Damn that’s a long ass time!! If that was 11th century. My house would have to be here til bout the 110th century. Lol 👍🏼

  93. is it possible to visit it in the winter?

  94. We were there last year, spectacular indeed, absolutely amazing. Germany is gorgeous politics and culture problems aside, so much history.

  95. Nothing but bills they gonna leave us 😂

  96. I’ve heard the WiFi there blows, but there’s a Starbucks up the street though.

  97. The same house for 852 years

  98. This reminded me of the hotel in hotel Transylvania

  99. …there will not be one stone left upon another…

  100. God bless them.

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