Things Not To Say To People That Live On A Council Estate

Things Not To Say To People That Live On A Council Estate

“But ain’t council estates
full of immigrants?” “Oh, I could never go to that area.”
“That’s SO edgy.” “Ah, must be hard coming
from a broken home.” Chav. Chav stands for…
Oh, yeah, council house and violent. Council house and violent, yeah.
I feel like it’s such a dirty word. It sounds like a good rap song,
anyway. I think I look like a chav. Back in the day when I was younger,
I wore a few tracksuits. I am a chav because of how I speak. I’d feel a way
if someone called me a chav because I know what
the stereotype of a chav is. There’s loads of people
that are chavtastic. It’s seen as like
a lower class kind of thing. When you say chav you think
Burberry… Have your hair on the side
in a flower bobble. ..benefits… You wear one of them
tracksuit bottoms, and they’re velour tracksuits.
..uneducated… Or a Burberry bag. Uggs going like that.
Were they Uggs, though? We both know you bought those
from Shoe Zone, don’t even try and lie to me. I was called that when I was like
six or seven. I says, “Mum,”
this was when I was at school, “did someone just call me a chav?” And she says, “There’s no such thing
as black chavs.” It’s just demoralising,
dehumanising. It’s one of those words
that’s associated to white people. Like Vicky Pollard. If you was to take Kidulthood –
what are they, chavs, thugs? Or like a roadman,
stuff like that. 100%. Hood rats. What if I take the
programme People Just Do Nothing? They’re classed as what? Chavs. Exactly. Why? “But you have an iPhone
so you can afford to pay rent.” For one, I’m an Android kind of guy.
I don’t even pay my phone bill. I think that’s bullshit.
“Oh, you must have stolen it.” How am I going to steal? I know a lot of people
who pay monthly for their TV, so they have it in a room
but they don’t actually own it. It’s like one of those things
where your mum doesn’t want you to look like you come from here you
come from. If it breaks, the stress. When really it’s like I’m working. Did you wake up at five o’clock
in the morning to go to work? Yeah, to get that money, to graft.
No, you didn’t. The comparison between, like,
a monthly bill of £35 and buying a house.
I’ll have my nice phone. I’ll snap you with my iPhone 7,
snap, snap, snap. Scrounger!
THEY LAUGH What do you mean, scrounger? They might put on, like,
TV programmes that show council estates and people
just in their houses doing nothing. They’re sitting at home with
their feet up, watching Jeremy Kyle. If only you knew the amount of
hard work that I put in. The people I see leave early in
the morning, their car’s not there. And people can have three jobs,
two jobs. And they come back late at night,
and they’re putting in every hour. Most of the criminals who mess up,
you know, the tax system
are the ones at the top. Yeah,
there are people that are like that, but that’s, like, the minority. Yeah, small minority, very small.
Exactly. “Why do you always wear
a tracksuit?” THEY LAUGH Cos it bangs.
Like, if someone’s wearing a hoodie, don’t mean he’s a violent criminal. Or if someone’s wearing a tracksuit,
they’re scary, blah-blah-blah. If you go to Stratford right now,
put up your hood, someone’s going to come and ask you to take off your
hood cos it looks threatening. What do you want me
to go out in, a polo neck? I wear it for comfort,
I might go for a jog, I might go for a run,
I might go to the gym. Me and my friends, we got stop
and searched by police for wearing suspiciously
warm clothing in the summer. Like, what excuse is that? I was wearing a jacket. “Ew, I never go to that area.” They will think that, oh, it’s full
of, like, gangs and it’s violent. I’m not going to lie,
I come from a dirty area. I think people actually expect it
to be like The Purge. They’re really surprised when they
find out where you’re from. Full of prostitution,
and that’s what it’s known for. Who do you expect to see? Do you want Mr T to come out
with his chains? I invited one particular friend
to my house just for bantz and she was like, “Oh, I don’t
really want to get stabbed today.” Doesn’t matter what your area is,
once you’re in your home, that’s your little safe place. That same day, I went home
on my own, road was closed off, someone was stabbed. She didn’t want to come
because she looked at it on Google Maps and stuff,
heard about that place. But there’s
so much beauty behind it. And when she did come round,
as soon as she came into my flat, she looked round
and she was like, “Wow.” Community, arts,
there’s so many young people and old people there, so you get
a lot of family ties in that area. When I say Peckham, I think home. That statement is so edgy. I definitely think middle class
people feel as if living in a council estate is cool. That’s really edgy, that’s urban,
that’s dangerous there. You should say that when you go
home, just, “That’s so edgy.” That’s so edgy! Look at that.
Look at that empty syringe. So edgy. Also, there’s a lot of, like,
middle class people that are, like, doing a lot of, you know, photo
exhibitions on council estates. They’re seeing shit on the wall
like, “Ted was here 2015.” They look at it as it’s really cool
to film here and it’s like, it looks the part
and you do music videos there. Maybe the council come in and have
a look, “Oh.” “That’s so edgy.” “This is a bit edgy. Oh.”
“I’ll take a note of that.” It does make us look as if, like,
we’re sort of dogs in a cage. Some posh people moved in and in
the car park in the middle of the estate in the summer, I remember
they had a table, they had wine. In terms of it being
seen as something like, “Oh, it’s so cool,”
it wasn’t always cool. Anyway, as soon as the people
round the corner, who were just chilling on the block,
started making noise and being loud, they packed the stuff up so quick
and they ran upstairs. It’s not like it’s a cool place to
be… But it’s portrayed as cool. It isn’t a scary place to be,
it’s our place to be.

100 thoughts on “Things Not To Say To People That Live On A Council Estate

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  3. As a Canadian, more specifically, Torontonian, I have no idea what that is, what is a council estate? I am assuming it’s subsidized housing, which is what we call it here, but it in no way implies poverty, actually we have several different groups, another one being a co-op, where the residence help take care of the building/grounds, and have more of a say on running the building. We also have housing for the extremely Low income, a.k.a. people on welfare, or people trying to get off the street. Your regardless of where somebody lives it doesn’t give anybody the right to pass judgement on them, and it really makes me angry that people would do something like that, what does it matter? The only thing that matters is what type of person someone is, I could care less where they live or how much money they have, if you’re an idiot you’re an idiot, rich or poor, you’re still an idiot!

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  54. I am turning 20 years old by the way. If anyone here is from England and you are around my age, 3-4 years older/younger, you must have heard of a Youtuber called Ryan Franklin who has over 100 K subscribers. He has made a video called "Roasting The Haters" where he talks about people from council houses calling him out on YouTube. I am a middle class boy too, but I must say that it is a really harsh thing to say, but unfortunately, its society, it is inevitable that there is class division. However, I am aware that its harder for a working class person to get higher education, but in some countries the class division is worse!

  55. ATTENTION DICKHEADS – For everyone saying that a council house is where the government just give you a house bc your homeless are talking absolute bullcrap, surprisingly most of us have jobs & pay rent, don’t just assume just because we come from a council estate we all live off benefits or don’t pay tax etc

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  69. In glasgow we don't really have the word chav, we have the word 'ned'. It stands for Non Education Delinquent – but honestly, you get branded this as soon as people know that you're from a council house/scheme. Its shit

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  71. I live in a coop housing complex where half of the tenants are allowed to have financial support for the rent but since it is coop housing we are responsible for the place; we run the place as a collectivity. Something a guy I was inviting to my place said when he saw how the communal spaces like the staircases were tidy and clean was: «Oh, it's really nice and clean, I didn't expect that!» Like we were a bunch of slubs because some of us have social benefits to help pay the rent.

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  83. I'm from Italy and I live on a council estate.
    My neighborhood is quite dangerous, prostitution and drug dealers at every hour of the day.
    I remember, when I was younger, being so embarrassed when someone asked from what part of the town I was from.
    Growing up I realized that living there has been one of the best things that ever happened to me.
    It has teached me the importance of education, of hard work, of sacrifices and, last but not least, to be proud of myself and of my skills in spite of my economic conditions.

    Much love from Italy❤️

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    Council houses are not free.People in council houses have to pay rent but if they are on a very low income or have no income they can apply for help with rent .

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