The Voice for Real Estate 28: Photo Scraping

The Voice for Real Estate 28: Photo Scraping

[music] walkable communities are everything for
the next generation of buyers. contract signings cool down in June. are your
listing photos being stolen? NAR wants to make sure they’re not. these
stories and more on The Voice for Real Estate. hi I’m Stephen Gasque with the
National Association of REALTORS® there’s little doubt who will be driving
the housing market in the years to come it’s the Millennial generation those
born between the mid 1980’s and the early 2000’s they’re more
than 75 million strong bigger than even the Baby Boom generation and a new
survey by NAR and Portland State University reveals exactly what
Millennials want walkable communities in fact their survey found there’s a
twelve-point spread between Millennials who prefer to walk to their destination
and those who prefer to drive compare that to Baby Boomers for whom
there’s almost no spread at all that means Millennials would rather have a
house with a smaller yard and even a house that’s connected to other houses
if it means they can walk to where they want to go NAR’s Hugh Morris has
more ‘>>’Morris: the housing stock we’ve been building for the last fifty sixty years has been
primarily a suburban drive only model and here we have the Millennials and
according to our research fully half of the population showing some desire to
live in walkable communities ‘>>’Gasque: walkable communities are just one of many aspects
of smart growth NAR has built an entire library of resources on smart
growth because as this latest study shows more and more buyers want to live
in Smart Growth Communities [music] contract signings have been going up for
much of the year and right now they’re more than 8% higher than they
were at this time last year but they dipped 1.8% in June even so look
for strong home sales for the rest of the year NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun explains why ‘>>’Yun: the monthly drop I’m not too concerned because we
have had a five straight monthly increase and now it declines of five
step or one step back one should expect some bounce and noisy level in any
statistical measurement but the broad trend on the pending home sales contract
signing is that there are more people coming into the market this year
compared to last year the strengthening into housing market still appears to be
in place ‘>>’Gasque: we’ll find out it actual closed sales see a similar slowdown in NAR’s
next monthly Existing Home Sales Report which comes out on August 20th [music] Realtors use a lot of time money and creativity producing listing photographs
but sometimes those photos are stolen in a process called web scraping in which
the photos are copied and then used without permission on other websites
real estate brokers and MLSs do everything in their power to protect
those listing photos but those who try to profit off the hard work of others
are often one step ahead that’s why NAR has sent the US Copyright Office a
detailed list of steps it would like to see them take to make it harder for
people to scrape listing photos off the internet among the steps NAR
recommends Simplify the process for registering copyrights Simplify the
process for groups to register photo copyrights and Let people who don’t have
exclusive copyright seek remedies for copyright infringement NAR’s Melanie
Wyne has more ‘>>’Wyne: and in particular in the real estate industry many copyrights are
actually owned by groups of people could be owned by the photographer by
the realtor by the broker or by the MLS and so our comment to the Copyright
Office was trying to propose ways to make copyright enforcement easier in the
situation where you have group ownership of copyrights ‘>>’Gasque: protecting photos and
protecting listing data is one example of how NAR your state and local
associations and your brokers are working hard to protect your businesses
we’ll be following this issue in the weeks and months ahead and we’ll let you
know about any developments in the fight to protect your listing materials [music] and
that’s our show for the week of August 10th you can get more on everything we
talked about today at the The Voice for Real Estate page on thank you for joining us and we hope
you’ll join us again when we bring you the latest news on The Voice for Real Estate. brought to you by the National Association of REALTORS® your advocate
for housing and property rights in Washington across America and in your
neighborhood this is The Voice for Real Estate [music]

2 thoughts on “The Voice for Real Estate 28: Photo Scraping

  1. No No No. As the agent, the photos are mine, There is no group ownership.NAR should not promote any group ownership mentality. In the absence of any written agreement the photos are wholly owned by whomever took them. The compilation of those photos may be owned by the MLS or brokerage. NAR should be supporting the interest of the majority of their membership. Individual agents not brokers or MLS organizations.

  2. I've done numerous "DMCA Take Downs" where I found my clients photos and intellectual material stolen but I got the offending website removed from the Google and / or Yahoo index. It's easy and it works. What is the thief going to do with a real estate pic if Google and Yahoo remove their website from the index?

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