The TOP 7 Wholesaling Real Estate TOOLS of 2019

The TOP 7 Wholesaling Real Estate TOOLS of 2019

(bright music) – Hey, whats up guys? It’s Max Maxwell and we
are halfway through 2019. And in this video, I’m gonna
show you the top seven tools that helped me with my business
as far as productivity, automation and scalability. So for my number one tool so
far for 2019 is Deal Machine. It’s so easy for you to drive for dollars and capture every single
house, distressed house, that you see while you or somebody from your team is actually driving. Another feature that they
haven’t rolled out yet, but that’s coming very, very
soon is detail analytic graphs. If you’re like me and you
have more than one driver, you want to know what driver
is actually performing the best so you can reward them
or cut loose any driver that’s not doing the best job. So you’re gonna detailed analytics on what each driver provides, and how valuable they are to your company. Another cool feature that
they have not announced or released yet is the ability to upload Google images from the computer. Now these are for houses
that you have not been able to actually drive by and take pictures or maybe sometimes you
drive by house, you pin it, but the picture gets lost or you forget or you don’t have time or it
might be 45 people behind you actually in line while you’re driving. We all know how that happens. But this new feature allows you to upload a Google image of the house if you don’t actually get to
drive by the house itself. Another feature that
they have not released, but they’re gonna be releasing
it very soon is the ability to upload bulk upload properties
you already marketing to. Say for example, these are
lists that you are co-calling, if you want to upload the same
lists inside of Deal Machine, it then gives you the ability to actually upload all these
marketing leads that you have and then throw in a Google
image on top of that. All right, so let me show
you some of the functions that I really love with Deal Machine. All right, so as you’re
looking at my screen here, I just landed in Portland, Maine, and let’s just say I’m driving around, and one of the cool features
is when you’re driving around, they have this button to the top right. Looks like a paper plane. It will follow you around. But let’s just say you’re driving
and you click on a button. You’re driving, you’re sitting
in front of a property, and it looks distressed, right. So you click on that address. And let’s see here. I’m gonna click on that address
and we have 74 Birchvale. Cool. So it pops up at the bottom
and you click this plus sign down at the bottom right
that’s glowing right at you and it’s going to look up
the property information on the tax record. So it says owner occupied. It tells you who the owner
is and so on and so forth, but if you click into it, you can actually start
seeing more information. Right now we’re not
going to start mailers, but I’m going to show you that. I wanna show you all about
templates and stuff like that, but you can go into the sales information. So you click on that down arrow. This guy bought this property
May 30th, 2002 for 155,000. So it tells you property information. Four bedroom, two bath. A lot of stuff you need
right there in front of you. And with that you go inside. Before you get the product,
you create a bunch of templates and you use whatever templates you want for whatever you’re mailing to. So, you know, you might
have a different postcard for absentees, occupied
owners, whatever you are, as creative as your mind gets. And you simply, you can choose the options as to how often this mails, right. So this is good for me. It’s 21 days. It’s gonna send up to six times. And I’m going to use what template. And then once I do that. I actually before I get to that point, this plus sign over here
with the camera, I click it, and since I’m not actually in
Portland, I’m at my computer, I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna
take a photo of a property. And I go click. I use that and it now
uploads that to the postcard. And then I can simply click start mailers and once I do that, I will
have actual mail going out to that person every 21 days,
six times, up to six times. So that’s pretty cool. Another feature that
that I love on there is if you have a bigger team, they
have the enterprise version that allows you to track drivers. Now what drivers do is they
click a start driving button and it starts to track their route, and what that looks like
on a map once they’re done. So let’s say once they’re done driving, they click stop driving
and it will give them a brief synopsis of what it does. It tells ’em okay so you
completed on this drive. You didn’t add any properties
and you drove zero miles. Obviously, I’m sitting here at a desk, so it didn’t do any of those and you just want to delete that. But for me, I’m gonna
show you something here. In my thing, I’m going
to keep my drive on. Let me show you something here where I’m actually located at. Actually just go to my city, right. So If you go to Winston Salem, you can zoom out to kind of see where my drivers have already drove. And this. Anything in the greens mean
they drove that recently. And as it gets older, it goes
from green, yellow, orange, and then all the way to
red or something like that. So you can see pretty much everywhere the drivers have driven
and that’s a cool feature. So you can track your drivers. And I talked about that. And some of the new features where if you’re not sitting in
front of the property, you can upload the new
Google image that they have and then also you can upload
bulk upload properties that you’re also working on elsewhere. So that’s why starting off number one at the top seven tools
for 2019 is Deal Machine. My number two tool for 2019 is REIRail. Yes, I do own part of this company and we’ve helped develop with
my partners, Justin and Vince, and this thing is amazing. For you guys that work a nine to five and you need to be able to
work while you’re at work, this thing does it for you. It allows you to drop voicemails to any lead lists that you have and only talk to the people
that want to talk to you. Now It’s way more than just
that because inside of REIRail, you’re able to actually do
what we call deep tracing. Now how this feature works is if you send out an RVM
and a person calls back, but milliseconds before
the phone actually rings, you see all the information
and the property that this lead has. So you get to see what
school they went to. You get to see their current jobs or any jobs that they had
posted anywhere in social media. But not only that, when
you pick up the phone, you get to say, hey Mister Seller, yes, I’m calling about that
house on 123 Main Street. And the reason why you know that is because all that information popped up right before you answer the phone. So it’s like the smartest
RVM technology to date and has so many bells and whistles that most people can’t replicate and we built it because we needed to have it inside of our company. All right guys, so on my list
for number two is REIRail. And what I want to show you kind of, here is the main screen of what
you see when somebody calls and I kind of want to
walk you through that. We all send RVMs. When we do back in the day,
we had no idea who’s calling and we solved that with this. So what I kind of want to
show you is it in real life. So I’m gonna go here and make a phone call to a campaign that I
created just so you can see how it actually works in real life. So I’m calling a number
and it pops up like this moments before the call actually comes in and when I go to the call, before I answer the call
I click this button, I get to see that this
guy David is calling and he’s calling about this property. So when I pick up the phone, the conversation is about this property. So I say hey David, yup. Yeah, I’m actually calling
about this house right here. And it creates a better conversation, and not only that, while
you’re actually here, you can have conversations with him, you can type in your notes
right here at the bottom and do much more stuff. Set call reminders. Everything you need right there, even though the guy lives here,
and if they have an actual, if it comes up with a deep
trace hit on the person, you get to see this right
here with the person and that is I’ll let that
cycle through one more time, but you get to see everything
about that person right here. And I think that is a top above the best. It’s not your grandpa’s RVM. It is the thing and I can tell
that this person is calling from my Alabama absent out of state list and I know exactly what
campaign he’s calling from and everything like that. So that’s why I love REIRail. So that’s why REIRail is number two on the top seven tools
for 2019 on my list. Number three on my top
seven tools is Carrot and you’re probably
thinking what a vegetable? No, I’m talking about Carrot the company that makes all the
websites for the investors. Now the reason why I love this and I’ve been a Carrot customer
for almost three years now is that in a split second,
in less than 10 minutes, you can have an up and running website that faces your sellers
or faces your buyers, or just a credibility website
for your entire company. Now let’s break down
why I love this so much. Yes, I love my sellers website
that all my sellers get to go see immediately
and fill out a web form that leads into my CRM
where I can call them about a property they’re inquiring about, but what I really,
really love about Carrot is their buyers website. Their buyer website allows me
to host all of my properties that I acquired through
wholesaling on there and shoot them directly
out to my buyers list with all the information
about the property including pictures, comps,
and everything you need to be able to present
a package to a buyer. Now the reason why I like this so much is because it reduces
the amount of phone calls that I get from buyers
inquiring about properties that we are wholesaling. So Carrot has to be
number three on my list because the ease of use for this product and how fast, out of the box,
in less than 10 to 20 minutes, you can have a website
and instant credibility for your real estate investing
and wholesaling business. All right guys, so what
I really love is Carrot and I’m gonna show you some
of the overlooked features that I love on Carrot and
one is the buyers site. Now on the buyers site
what it allows you to do is to post your properties
and get instant credibility when it comes to building a buyers list. You can build this website
in literally 10 minutes or less with Carrot and
then you can shoot these out to any of your buyers whatever domain that you purchased for them to do it. Now they won’t be able
to access any properties unless they actually fill
out these forms here. And once they fill it
out, they can gain access to any properties you have listed. So this does it. It keeps it private. It’s not open to the open market, only to buyers that
you allowed to come in. But another thing that I like is that when you list the property, this is kind of what it looks like. So this is a property that
we’ve sold here recently. We hosted here recently
in Nashville market, but this is what it looks like. So when you send that out to your buyers or text message and email blast, you actually send out the link to this and they get to see this exactly. Look through pictures. It makes you professional. Instant credibility. All that stuff, details. You can even do clickable
links for comparables or whatever you want. But this is one of the top
features that I love in Carrot that a lot of people overlook and you can instantly
start getting cash buyers if you use all the tools that they have. Another thing that they
don’t really talk about is you need to set local
authority in your market. In order to do that,
video is where it’s at. They have a new post feature where you can post a three
to five minute video. It automatically reads the words, takes it and creates an article for you and with that you rank
higher organically in SEO. So I think this is like
I just love this type of video here and that feature. I love Carrot altogether. I’ve been a customer for a long time. I use it every day in my business and that’s why I’m telling
you it’s in my top seven. All right, so my number four tool for 2019 in my top seven list is Max Property Data, which is really just PropStream, but I’ve been working so close with Sean and I’ve been introduced
to PropStream this year, but we’ve been able to work with Sean and Burton on creating some things that specifically just work for you guys. So we put together some tools that are not regularly in
PropStream, added it to it, and then some new
features that are gonna be coming out very soon. Now let me go over what
PropStream is and how we use it. PropStream is a collection
of property data all across the country including access to MLS’ across the country, instant valuation of your property, and being able to see if
a property has any liens and even the mortgage
balance left on a property. Now why this is important
because I have a staff and when we get a call about a property, it’s easy for me to pop it in PropStream or Max Property Data and simply find out what the estimated ARV is,
who the correct owner is. All that without having to
go to the county website that it’s actually within. So this helps us evaluate
the property ARV, look up any comps that
have sold around it, and one of my favorite tools in it is actually finding cash buyers. So not only do you find cash buyers, but you can actually go in there and start pulling list of
things like pre-foreclosures, properties that have liens on it. Any type of thing, distressed sellers. It’s all inside of one
software for only $97 a month. So, me and my team use
this every single day. My VA’s uses every single day. It allows us to have a conversation with the seller about a property. You know, everything pretty
much right there on our desktop or on our laptop right in
front of us as we speak, but in this video after this,
I’m gonna show you exactly how we use it to find cash buyers. All right guys, next on my list is Max Property Data AKA PropStream. So once you go there, you
get a seven day free trial, and you can try out
exactly what I’m saying and it comes with so much. It is the richest place you can get data in any one place altogether. And that’s for finding your cash buyers. That is for getting ARV’s
and property seeing comps. It’s such a very useful tool. Okay, so once you’re
logged into PropStream with your seven day free trial, make sure you go to To get that, you get some extra stuff rather than just going
directly through PropStream that we created for them. So let’s just put in Orlando, Florida. I’m gonna show you one of the features I really love with
PropStream and I’m gonna try to walk you through this pretty quickly. This is how you can find cash buyers in any market pretty much. So once you go into the city level like I am now, Orlando, Florida, I’m going to click the cash buyers tab. And what I’m gonna do
is I’m actually going to create a filter here on cash buyers. I’m gonna walk you through this. So, with this option owner
occupied, I’m going to put no, and this is cash buyer so
we’re gonna click that. Property characteristics. We’re just gonna make sure
it’s a single family home. That’s what we’re focusing on right now. MLS status. I want active and I want the listing date to be somewhere in the
last three months, right. So one, two, three. So let’s just say around May to now. And rental. I’m gonna click no. On the market. Yes, okay. And below market price. I’m gonna click any. So I’m gonna put days on market. Let’s see here. Click on ownership status to make sure we got everything just in here. We don’t care if it’s owner or corporate. So in the MLS status, we’re
gonna put days on market. We don’t care about that. And then we’re gonna click apply. So basically what you’re seeing here is I’m telling it to go
find all the properties that’s been listed in last
three months that were bought for cash that is currently
listed on the MLS and once I apply these filters, we should be able to see some properties and what it came up with here
says 193 of those properties. So what it should click,
when we click on this, it should show us something. Let’s see. So, property detail. It’s owned by a company named
East West Commodities, right. So they bought this for cash
for $86,000 on six 28, 2019 at an arm’s length transaction for 86 and it tells you the buyer
down here at the bottom. So there goes the buyer. Now I’m gonna click on the MLS details. The current price is 107 and
they listed it right away. So it looks like they
bought it and listed it and it’s currently on the market. So we know this person
potentially could be a flipper. So we want to gather the information. I can simply add this to any list that I want you can create, okay. Let’s go like to the next next thing here. This is the property. So here goes Open Door. Open Door owns this property. They bought it for 290 cash in June. It is currently listed at 305 on July 10th and is currently active. Been on the market for 23 days. Obviously we know Open Door buys property. Let’s see if we could
find another example. Open Door again. Open Door is very active in Orlando. Open Door again. You guys need to let
me come down to Orlando and put a working on the
market there of Open Doors. Open Door has literally the
last six or seven properties. Been all Open Door. So let’s look at this one. This is Deeray Holdings. He currently owns a property. Cash sale at 83,000 back in May 31st. Says the buyer’s down there. The MLS details is listed at
129 and he listed July 5th. So cash sale at 83. MLS details is currently listed at 129. It’s currently active
28 days on the market. Now that’s what I really
love about this one, but let’s just say we had a
property we were looking at. Let’s go back to that same exact. Say we get a call. I’m gonna pull up that
same property in Portland. So once I pull up the
property in Portland, I get to see a map here and
I’m going to click on details. It tells me information here, but I want to click on some details. Tells me the owner’s name. Tells me the estimated value. How many comps that it
finds all in this area. The transaction history,
when the person bought it, and everything, any mortgages,
and estimated equity. It’s saying that there’s
about $111,000 equity in this property, but if you click, it’s worth about 288 in value
and there’s an opportunity as a mortgage balance roughly of 177,000. Having this in front of
you when you’re going in front of properties is pretty cool. Now you can look at comparables. All the comparables and
let’s just say you want to narrow near the sale
date from August 2nd. Not going to do a full year. Let’s just say anything that sold since March 1st to August 2nd. This is a four bedroom, one bath. So I’m doing minimum of four
bedrooms max, maybe five, and let’s just do four. We’re gonna do three to four bedrooms and we’re going to do
minimum one to two bathrooms. Found me three comps here at
recently sold in April 275. March 340, but let’s look
at this property here. Our subject property is 1632, but let’s just look at the report. This is what I love doing. So now that I have the comps and I selected the ones
that I think look good. I now have a comp that
says the subject property, the low, the high, and the average and it shows the subject
property and it lists it. We like putting this into the link if you want of your Carrot buyer site so that you can show the buyers here go some comps we pulled. You can pull your own obviously. But this is all in one product
and it’s only $97 a month. That’s why I love PropStream. It’s right there in front of you. Make sure you go to to get your seven day free trial and a bunch of free extra stuff that is not on a regular PropStream and you are rocking and
rolling with PropStream. So that’s why I love PropStream as one of my top seven tools. So that’s why Max Property
Data is number four on my top seven tools for 2019. All right, number five
of my top seven tools for 2019 is InvestorFuse. Now I have been working closely with the guys over there at InvestorFuse and also been a customer
for almost three years. What I love about InvestorFuse is that originally they
started out on top of Podio. Well, with Podio being buggy sometimes and even shut down for days at times, they decided to go out and
build their entire own platform so that they no longer needed
to be built on top of Podio. So with that they built
something that was easy to use for everyday investors
like you and myself. One of the top features
that I love in InvestorFuse is the automated follow up. Let’s just say a deal comes in and does not turn exactly
to a deal right away. Well, they have automatic sequences that you can set up
yourself or use the ones that they have built in to reach out to customers via email, text, or even remind you to call
them at whatever you need, but the automated follow up
sequences is great in here and they truly have a system where you can not leave any lead behind because every single player on your team gets to pick a role and
the ball gets passed to that person as it moves along. So you can truly see in the dashboard what tasks have not been completed. You can also see what properties you have under contract and how many. You can also see how many deals
you’ve closed for the month, the week, and so on and so forth. So I really love InvestorFuse
because it’s easy and whatever marketing source I use, such as a Carrot website
to bring in web leads, or such as bringing in REIRail stuff over, it easily imports these
leads as they happen, so you have it all in one
place for you and your team and it’s probably one of the best CRMs out there that we use. It’s simple and effective
and that’s why we chose to put InvestorFuse as number five for the top seven tools for 2019. All right guys, number six on
my top seven tools for 2019 is the Lead Gen Pros. We always talk about cold calling and some of us have the ability to do it and some of us just don’t. So the guys over at Lead
Gen Pros created a system where you can hire a VA
for a set amount a month and receive X amount of leads that they’re gonna bring into you. Now the reason why I like this is because a lot of people complain about I don’t like to cold call. I don’t know how to cold call. Well, they have already
trained VAs to do cold calls for you all day long
for 30, 40 hours a week and then they drop these leads
into your CRM or email box, whatever you use every
single day or as they happen and it’s so simple. You pay them. They go out, make phone
calls and drop the hot leads inside of your CRM or your email for you to go out and convert. That’s why I like Lead Gen
Pros as number six out of seven for the top tools for 2019. All right, last but not least, my number seven favorite
tool for 2019 is REISkip. And I always say this. Data is king and REISkip, which
is a company that I do own, but we use triangle data. Now it’s something that
we invented with Justin because he is a data scientist. We get the best data. We clean it and it’s submitted
all right before you. So we’re relaunching actually REISkip and you’ll probably as
this video comes out, you probably see the new launch REISkip, but here’s what’s cool. You get your any list. Any bulk list you upload, you get it back in less than 10 minutes and it’s all done with some cool algorithms
that Justin built and we reached out to three data sources, not just one like most people. Three data sources, triangulate it, and bring you back the
most accurate information so that you can make not wasting time and dialing dead or wrong numbers, but actually contacting the people you actually want to reach. So that’s why REISkip is number seven on my top seven tools for 2019. All right everyone, there you have it. Those are the top seven tools for 2019 that I use in my business. Now here’s the reality. You actually don’t need any of these tools to actually do this business,
but if you have the budget, and you’re looking to
speed up your production, automation, or even scale your business, these tools help me
and they will help you. But don’t use these as a
crutch for not starting. Go out and get your business
started driving for dollars. I don’t care if you got
to take screenshots, but you really don’t
need these to get started or to run your business at all. If you’re watching the video so far and got something out of
it, please do me a favor. Please go subscribe to my channel, like this video, and turn on the alert so you never miss a video anytime I post. I’m probably gonna be
popping up in a city near you and I don’t want you to miss it. I’ll see you guys soon. I appreciate every one of you. (bright music)

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