THE THING IN THE APARTMENT | “Night Visions” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

THE THING IN THE APARTMENT | “Night Visions” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(phone buzzing) – Oh. Hello. – [Lindsay] Sam? – Mm hmm. – [Lindsay] Sam, you gotta
help me, there’s something in my apartment. – What? – [Lindsay] In my apartment,
there’s something in there. – What’s in there? – [Lindsay] Some thing, it
just walked into my room. – What, like, like an animal? – [Lindsay] No, I don’t know. – Lindsay, calm down, where are you? – I, I don’t know. – You don’t know? – I just kept running, I
don’t know how far, I was so scared. – Okay, just don’t move,
just help me figure out where you are, I’m gonna come get you. (phone ringing) (phone ringing in distance) (phone picks up, breathing on other end) – Lindsay, it’s me. I can see you. It’s alright, you can come out. (breathing) Jesus Lindsay. (sobbing) it’s okay, hey it’s alright. What happened? Something scared you. – Oh my god, it was awful. – Why didn’t you call the police? – I, I didn’t know if it
would be in there if I even, I only saw it for a second. – Saw what? (sigh) Just start from the beginning. – Phew, okay. I was lying in my bed. I was watching something
on my phone, waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in. – [Voice On Phone] How long? Before Chris and Abbey’s wedding? (banging in other room) (floor creaking) – Ahhhh!!! Ahhhh!!! I just threw the door open and ran. I felt like it was right behind
me but I didn’t look back. I just kept running. And, then I called you. – What kind of sleeping pill? – It’s prescription, some
generic thing, I- I just started taking it yesterday, but
this started before that. – What did? – This feeling, like
someone’s looking at me. At night. This is why I couldn’t
sleep in the first place. I feel like, it’s just been in there. – Phew. Okay. Still want to go take a look. – No I don’t want to go back there. – Lindsay, if it’s an animal
it probably just ran out. Anyway, do you really want to leave your door open all night? Let’s just drive up the driveway, and we’ll see if we see anything. I don’t see anything. (opens glove box) – [Lindsay] What’s that? – [Sam] Pepper spray. Just in case. – No Sam, please don’t go up there. – Lindsay, you said it
yourself, you don’t even know what you saw, maybe it’s nothing. – Can we please just
come back in the morning? I don’t want to be here. – I’m just going to go take
a look, if I see anything I will come right back, I promise. We can go to my place,
call the police, whatever. Okay? – Sam? I’d know if it was the pills. – Stay in the car. (clicks flashlight off) huh! Oh fuck, phew. – Oh my god, Sam! – [Lindsay] Sammmmm!!! Sam! Sam? (chewing and sucking sounds) (sobbing) – Sam. – Growl. (sobbing) (car stalling) ahh god! (bucket falling) (whispers)

100 thoughts on “THE THING IN THE APARTMENT | “Night Visions” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

  1. i watch about 1-2 horror movies a week and this was better than 95% of the stuff ive watched so far this year. gj!

  2. Damn

  3. Please check it out in the morning. Do not check it in the middle of the night like wtf. Also the light's in the house needs serious fixing.

  4. Řeknu ti to rovnou, je to kunda 💚

  5. That jump scare at the end got me

  6. I need more of the Thing! Please make a 3rd then 4th, 5th, please PLEASE!

  7. Yep
    If I seen that I would legit 💩 myself right there
    I would be dead

  8. सच में बहुत डरावनी थी

  9. How did it appear next to her in the car

  10. Sooo koool

  11. Why did she say SAM after she saw the monster eating her friend i woulda just left immediately

  12. Idea: Call the police and let THEM walk through! smh

  13. This is why if you live alone you get a pet and a gun

  14. Yeah fuck that I don't fuck with demon things.

  15. Burn the place down that's my solution

  16. If anyone ever cries to me about seeing a demon I ain't gonna go in there unless I have a ak 47 to light the demon up.

  17. Oh shit its a skin walker ate the bitch

  18. Crypt tv is the best.
    Love from india.

  19. So I screamed like a bitch😱😂🍿🍺🎬❤️

  20. rather watch all u guys short horror films then a full other horror movie ( would love all u guys movies full length but don't need to be ) so amazing how short they all are and I get my fill of great horror in minutes compared to a 2 hour horror movie thanx love u guys, I know y'all need to make some of yall shorts into full movies bc they are just to good, THANX CRYPT T.V. UR THE BEST!!!

  21. hope to see u guys win some awards as well bc y'all so deserve it!!!

  22. พร้า

  23. Bakchodi hai yaar

  24. Very good

  25. She turns on the lamp before trying the light switches right next to her?
    Makes perfect sense

  26. Y did she use a flashlight ins ur head of turning on the actual light also I would have shot the door and ran

  27. 😣😣

  28. Girl: Looks in mirror and scares herself, resulting in a cheep jump-scare
    Me: Honks airhorn at video Get fucked!

  29. haha – so great seeing the monster kill off dimwitted bitches before they can breed.

  30. I totally agree with everyone who likes these horror shorts more than theater movies, this is good stuff. And I am finding lots of it all over YouTube. Keep up the good work to all of the people making these mini movies.

  31. Everyone I am goin full screen. Wish me luck

  32. X


  34. So fat first comment made me watch it.. let me see

  35. Pq elas tem q ficar sozinha neste apartamento, eu iria correr de la e ninca mais voltar

  36. I love the part when she got scared of her own reflection

  37. So scary 😧😧😫

  38. don't they have a light switch?

  39. How did he transport intop the car? Check out my film Elevator. I wrote, direected, filmed, and acted in it. Vote Hilary

  40. Why don't they open the lights so they'll. Know and see. But I'm a bit scardd too haha

  41. Short and sweet. nice. the other girl was way to doubtful, not turning on lights immediatley etc a little more nuance in your next script and your golden👍

  42. wow

  43. Ouuu queria ler os comentários e não conssego porq não sei inglês nem o meu português direito kkkkk.


  45. She got out and should have left. Going back inside was a very bad idea. Which is typical in horror movies, characters also makes stupid mistakes.

  46. Why that girl so busybody want to go up and have a look!

  47. It's very horror 😵😵😵😵😵

  48. I haven't jumped out of my skin like that in a long time. This was awesome!!!

  49. Coming back in the morning or Day and even calling the police:Great Idea

    Going in directly after with a Pepperspray :Bad Idea

  50. So you think when you see the creature you'll be back …..ok

  51. Now this was a good one a real monster, it killed them both, there was suspense great job

  52. Really enjoyed the flick, great effects of the bad guy eating. Only problem was the gene pool is better without two totally stupid women of reproductive age.

  53. Y u always gotta Investigate people In horror movies and when you do going by yourself

  54. Not very good acting

  55. Eng ing eng… There it is..

  56. génial trop fort super boulot

  57. Dc dracu nu aprinzi fa lumina proasta dracu intra cu lanterna

  58. Its 4am here. I watched it halfway and decided to pause after that thing show up in front of her. I was shocked! Hell naw! And then, I read the comments. Now i am convinced. As a coward, I cannot watch it now, need to wait for the sun to rise. I should wait. its only a few hours left….. 🥺

  59. Saam Saam how can you call your dear friend?

  60. Go go go go shorty its your birthday

  61. Wow! This was really scary. Very well done!

  62. If my friend tell me there are someting wrong in my room,and then whyle the hell i m goin in there fore,i m not a police…lol

  63. Why she is gone inside,it s not raysist but white people all ways curious.

    They never survive.

  64. Way too short.. it ended before I started enjoying it

  65. The forever "car won"t start scene" which drives me nuts! For goodness sake just get a Toyota!

  66. omg😱😱

  67. Посмотрела на ночь….вот и как теперь в туалет идти?)))Придется на малого горшок))))

  68. Que susto

  69. I must say, the camera work & the (actual) acting, alone, made this film fantastic. The unique plot, though, & the "monster" (or whatnot), were executed impeccably! I look forward to more of your films!

  70. omg that was the best bro I was terrified and my 👂 buds we're all the way up

  71. 🤣😂 You gotta love blonde's.

  72. Alguém Brasil ?

  73. 😵😵😵😵😬😬😬😬😱😱😱😱👍👍👍👍👍👍

  74. This is weird 🤨

  75. I do normally watch as many video as I can and that’s the best of all. Captivating. Scaring. A simple story. With great acting. With a tip top editing.

  76. Sam was over smart 😏 she was trying to show herself fearless

  77. Ohh shit 😥I get heart attack of this😂

  78. It was like a movie it's the best. it is a movies clips or a short film

  79. Most horrific short film I ever seen

  80. Did you stop the movie and watch your room 😕😈

  81. I look in the mirror in daylight and I get that flinch

  82. ショートホラームービーはとても興味深いんだけど、日本語の字幕で観たい!

  83. very tense is great

  84. Just sleep with the lights on instead

  85. Sam is an idiot

  86. These short horror movies awesome. .however there are " some" where common sense doesn't prevail .

    * Run to Safety ,,not wait for Danger
    * Safety in Numbers -"Don't investigate on Your Own.
    *.Scream Shout Disturb the Neighbourhood -"just don't face it on your own.

  87. porque nunca encienden la luz de la casa?

  88. Stupid, even when you follow all 3 rules you decide to break the unspoken rule, never go back…(Long frustrated sigh) white people

  89. Я её узнал, она "одичалая", сериал игра престолов.

  90. Friend was more of a bitch than a friend …she was oh brother …

  91. And ya let me just go up there by myself bc I dont believe u …

  92. Great film of terror
    l Love CHANNEL of horror

  93. da muito medooooooo!

  94. Dumb ass friend

  95. Sok pgn jd pahlawan akhrnya brakhr tragis

  96. Titl for serbien

  97. Свет по ходу включить , ума не ма

  98. مفيش جزء تاني

  99. Вечно у них проблемы со светом

  100. وين العرب

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