The Ten Commandments of a Real Estate Top Producer – In The Know

The Ten Commandments of a Real Estate Top Producer – In The Know

– On today’s episode of In The Know we’re gonna be sharing the story of how this young wife and mother of two went from six deals a year to top producer and top 3% in her market
in just three short years. (heavy, intense rock and roll music) So today I’m sitting here
with one of my personal favorite agents, Zandra Ulloa And I’m here today to talk with her about her journey over
the last couple years ’cause she has a really
exciting and inspiring story of how she was a young wife
and mother with two kids and how she went from six deals a year to being a top producer and
rank top 3% in her market. We’re also enjoying a
couple adult beverages. Compliments of Belching Beaver in Vista. We’re trying out the
Deftones Phantom Bride IPA. And it’s delicious. – And the queen of the
castle is enjoying Tintero, Sori Gramella, Moscato.
– Oh nice. Sounds wonderful.
– Yes. – And refreshing.
– It is. – Why don’t you tell me
a little bit about just how you started out in the business and what kind of led
you in that direction. – Well in 2006 it really
came down to a point where I went to buy my own home. I had a friend that had
the real estate license and I thought, “Okay well
my friend has her license, “she can help me out.” Went through the entire
transaction absolutely clueless as to what I just did. I knew that I, you know,
signed some papers, I had new keys to my
home but I didn’t really understand the process
from beginning to end. And again, still my
friend, but I knew that it could have been better. – So it sounds to me like
you saw an opportunity. Due to lack of service
of lack of education or lack of whatever you want to call it, and that inspired you to get
into the real estate business? – You know what really inspired me is looking for my home I know a lot of us have to understand we do find our own home and yes, as real estate
agents we help find a home. But we as the consumer know
exactly what we’re looking for. So in all the research and looking at all the beautiful architecture,
the different homes, learning about what I
can do with the lot size, that intrigued me. I’ve always really loved architecture. But the behind the scenes
really is what intrigued me to move forward with my real
estate possibilities. And yes, seeing the check was
also the number one reason why at that time I thought I could do it. – Let’s talk about your progress. Right you got in you’re
completely green you’re brand new and what happens? – So I did join a head
associate, amazing, amazing man and he had a wonderful
assistant who helped train me, teach me the foundation of real estate, but it still wasn’t a challenge to me. So I did start with a head associate, did my time there and realized okay, “The only person that can
make this happen is me.” And so I decided to come to a Big Block. – So after that first year
you did your six deals, what were you thinking
and how did you think you were gonna get yourself
to like the next level? And then what was that next level? – Actually I am someone that always thinks, “Okay why do I
have to recreate the wheels? “What can I learn, what can I implement “that will help me be better naturally?” What it came down to is realizing that I had to have structure. I had to have a routine
and I had to be consistent. – Consistency, okay. And so, learning the game
there’s lots of different trainings out there. So how did you kind of navigate your way into finding what worked for you? – You know, not to rub on anybody’s back or anything like that, I
know that Sam Khorramian, our owner of Big Block,
really helped me catapult the substance, the foundation
of understanding how marketing material and understanding how SEO and marketing all together worked. And realizing ultimately
that the next opportunity comes through the internet. Also just taking little bits and pieces of every type of training
program that’s out there. Why, because not one
training program entirely is good for everybody. We all have different personalities, we have different goals. You just have to really understand, what can you set in your
routine that will help you stay consistent? – Perfect. And Sam you can go ahead and put the check in the mail to Zandra,
she accepts cash or check for the testimonial. – Cash preferred.
(both laugh) – When you told me about
your 10 commandments I was very intrigued and I
wanted to have you on the show so we could talk about Z’s 10
commandments of real estate and how they’ve kind of helped you take your business from almost square one to being top 3% in the whole market. Number one, time blocking. – Everything that you’re going to hear I literally implement every single day, maybe not to 100%, but
I do every single thing on these 10 commandments. The number one thing is understanding what your day looks like. If you don’t know what your day looks like it’s that saying of fail
to plan, plan to fail. If you end up getting caught
up in a great opportunity, let’s say you were supposed to prospect from this hour to this
hour, but instead you got a sign call to go show the home. Well whatever time frame
that you weren’t able to get to, you’re not able to
remove off your time blocking. You’re only able to
move it to another time. Never remove. Why because naturally you’re gonna say, “Oh I’ll just get to it later.” You’re never gonna get to it. – And try to do your
hardest stuff first, right? Because the bigger elephant you can get off of your to do list, the
lighter it starts to get and the more momentum you can go towards getting things done. In terms of time blocking, like what on a daily, weekly basis,
what are the things that you’re time blocking? – Ultimately you have your
prospecting, you know, you have your cold calling,
the things that you really don’t like to do. You have the marketing
material information that you’re following through. Really you’re dialing
the people around the just listed, coming soons,
sell just went pending. Why, because you have
an evidence of success. Why not piggyback on things
that you already have? And if you don’t have any listings now or you don’t have any just sold, use mine, use Big Blocks, they’re a brokerage. – Right, that’s a great point. There’s always things that
you can do within your office to leverage, to get yourself opportunities to get in front of more people. Open houses are great, as well. You know you can always find someone that’s got a hot property in your office and work out something with them to where you can show it for
them and everybody wins. – And can I add towards open house? I know you guys here a lot
about open houses don’t work. It’s showing up and I
know this leads into our second commandment, it’s showing up. When you go in an open house if you have zero guests,
make your phone calls, role play by yourself. Call your significant other, role play. Pretend that you have
someone in front of you. It’s an opportunity to be productive. – Mm-hm, and get better. – And get better, ultimately
it’s literally showing up. – So what would you do at an open house if nobody’s there? – So I would either bring
in my notes, my blank notes. I’m writing hand written
notes, I would say 10 a day, it’s 50 a week. Handwritten notes to
people that you either know might be looking to buy, sell or invest, people that you have met
at networking events, that’s why it’s important
to collect cards. In this industry it is who you know and the more people can
put a name to a face, they’ll be excited to work with you ’cause they know who they’re referring to. – So you’re writing 50
handwritten notes a week? – It’s 10 a day, yes.
– 10 a day. – And what are you saying in those notes and who are sending them to? – So like I said, let’s say
we go to a networking event, our young people’s network, some type of networking event
ultimately a meet up group. And you’re meeting these new agents. You’re writing hand
written notes to agents, thanks for your time, thanks for to speaking to me, thank you
for giving me some guidance about this, this or that. It’s taking the opportunity to do what everybody else is not doing. Why because you might not
have an opportunity now to work with that
individual, but in two years, even one year or one month,
when you send an offer over you don’t think they’re
going to remember your name? You’re the only agent that
thanked them for their time, for their insight, you’re
gonna be remembered. – What about to non-agents? What’s the message to them? It’s not asking for business
– Not at all. – Asking for referrals.
– Not at all. – What is it, what’s the approach and how do you take it from there? – My approach with
individuals that are not referral based business is, how can I help your business grow? So it really is, how
can I make you better? Or how can we continue to
be better in our industry? It was great connecting with you, I’d love to maybe just
take an hour of your time to role play, how can I
get better at what I do? And how can I help you
get better at what you do? – So time blocking number
one, number two show up. – Yes. – Tell me more about showing up. Obviously there’s an open
– Show up. – house example, show up ready to play. – You have to separate yourself
from work and from home. I used to work from home
and I used to always constantly say, “Oh there’s dishes, “oh there’s laundry, who’s at the door?” – Yeah. – It’s constant distraction. – What’s in the fridge?
– Right? – It comes down to showing up. There’s not one individual
in this office or ever that can say that I don’t
show up to my office. If I’m not showing up to
my office every single day it’s because I’m out literally back to back in appointments. And those days are
pretty awesome, but those are exhausting days. I’d rather come in, see
my peers, encourage them. And there’s days I don’t want to come in, but I come in. There’s days that I don’t want to show up, but I know in the back of
my mind that coming to work will at least make me feel better. I might have not gotten
all of my to do things on my time blocking schedule done, But I know that I came
ready, prepared and willing to literally conquer the day. – Do you have like a
get in the zone routine? Do you have something that you like to do to get yourself mentally ready to go and take an appointment? – For buyers, presentation
and a seller’s presentation I’m well prepared. I literally have my presentation
booklets ready to go so the minute I have a
last minute appointment or the minute I need
to get in and get out, everything’s ready to go. Again, failure to plan
is planning to fail. So yes, I have a routine. Thankfully my regular
presentations are ready to go. But prepping yourself as far as constantly reminding yourself that not one seller, not one buyer is the same. And just because they’re your friend, you should still be
interviewing for the position. You should take it seriously,
you should be professional. You shouldn’t automatically
assume that you have the job. Everybody who gives me the opportunity to possible help represent
them in buying or selling, I don’t automatically say,
“I got this it’s slam dunk.” I still want to show them my best and my spirit of excellence at all times. – And those are actually
the people on that point to go above and beyond for, right? The people you know the best are generally gonna be
your best referral source. So if you can go out there and give them an experience that’s
unforgettable, that’s remarkable, that makes them want to
talk about how good you are, then you’re gonna get
referrals for days, right? – That’s for sure. – Number three is do what you hate. – Whatever you hate doing, do it the most. Who loves cold calling? No one, who likes to be the sales person on the other line, “Would you
like to buy or sell today?” No one likes to do that. But I encourage you guys
to think outside the box. Pretend that you’re the
one getting the phone call. And you hate that sales call. Even as agents when we get people who want to sell us constantly we’re like, “Okay, what, yes, no.” I actually give them the
benefit of the doubt. I don’t automatically hang up I want to see what they have to say. Why, what can I take
away from their script and implement into mine? – I know you’re the type of person that doesn’t like rejection. – Not at all. (laughs) – So how do you deal with that and how do you push
through it so that you can do what you hate and
do what you have to do? – You know again I learned from the best, I learned from Sam of
getting over the objection of trying to understand what
is the reason behind the no? What is the why? So my job is to find out
why are you telling me no before you even have heard
what I have to offer? Before you even have heard what I can do to be a life long resource for you. What is the why? So my job is to repeat and acknowledge and try your best to
ask the right questions to get through to get
to the yes or the no, the real yes or no. Not because they just
don’t want your call, the real yes or no. – So by doing the question based approach and the finding out the why, you’re able to break through
the rejection because? – Because I’m telling them,
“Look I know you didn’t “expect my phone call. “I know that you didn’t expect to have “a random individual call
you, but I’m really wanting “to know, I’m just curious. “Is the reason that you don’t
want to buy or sell today “is because you really
don’t want to buy or sell? “Or is it because you don’t know me? “Will you give me the opportunity, “10, 15 minutes of your time, to show you “what I have to offer you? “No obligation, just opportunity.” And you’ll hear me say that
that’s our mission here at Zandra’s Realty is
– Love that you should – no obligation
– write that one down. just an opportunity. No, because that’s my team saying. And I own that. (laughs) – You can borrow it just
change it up a little bit. – Yes, that’s how we do
everything around here is there’s no obligation, there’s just an opportunity to be informed. – Well done.
– Yeah. – And that’s a great way to come in early, the no risk approach.
– Yeah. – Try to get them off the market so that they at least, when they are ready to move forward you’re the one
that they’re thinking about and you want to lay
– And that’s the key getting – the groundwork.
– Them off the market. – Cool, number four
you have keep swimming. – Keep drinking, sorry. – Oh yeah, how is that, by the way? – Very good. – Cheers.
– Cheers, thank you. Keep swimming. We are in the industry
of sales, it is not fun. There’s days that we don’t want to come in and do what we have to do. But if you want to
continue to make excuses as to why you’re not being successful or meeting your goals, then it’s because you’re giving up too soon. You’re expecting fast results and it’s not going to happen. You have to give the time,
but you most importantly have to constantly tell
yourself that it’s worth it, that you can do it. You have to be your biggest
cheerleader, you really do. Keep swimming. – Keep swimming. So what advice would you
have to the people out there that right now feel like they’re barely keeping it up, barely
got their head above water? What’s your message to them to tell them to keep swimming? – You have to ask yourself
to be real, realistic. Is this what you passionately love to do? Professionally and personally. If it’s not, then don’t keep
yourself in this industry that’s gonna constantly make
you feel like a failure. Not everybody is good in this business. So find what you’re good at and love it. That way if you have
days that you feel like you’re failing, you’re still successful because you put your best foot forward. – It doesn’t help out there
that all the TV shows, the reality TV shows and all that make the business look so easy. – Quick and easy.
– No one fails, right? They’re all closing huge deals and flipping crazy houses. When you’re out there in the trenches it can be pretty tough and it is a grind. And so keep swimming. – Keep on swimming. – Next on the list is
get rid of distractions. What do you consider the distractions? – Okay so kind of going back a little bit if you have an opportunity to just get out of the house a few hours, maybe two hours, four hours, six hours,
eight hours, doesn’t matter. Get yourself to one of
our offices if you can or get yourself to a library wherever you don’t have distractions. This not only means
physically removing yourself away from distractions this also means getting your lovely
device, also known as your cell phone and laptop out of the way. If you’re not meeting the
goals on your time blocking or meeting the goals that
you know that it takes to get things done, you need to literally, physically remove it out of your hands, out of your face. There’s awesome applications
like Freedom App that if you have the Freedom
app it will allow you to between this time and this time, not allow you to open up the applications like Facebook and Instagram, social media. – Makes sense. One thing I just started
to was something similar to Freedom App, but I turned
off all the notifications on my cell phone, so I don’t
get Facebook notifications, I don’t get Instagram
notifications, Snapchat, all the things that are
always buzzing on your phone, so now it’s just email and text messages. And that’s been like a huge time saver and focus enhancer. So we just finished up
getting rid of distractions. The next point and the six commandment of Z’s 10 real estate commandments is surround yourself with people that are more successful than you. – This was the hardest one for me. I typically am intimidated
by people who are successful, those people that I feel,
“We’re gonna hire you “because you have the
multi-million dollar listing “that you worked for them.” And I’m the type of individual that wants to feel I work with you. We have a goal we want
to achieve that goal. And it’s intimidating. But I realize that if I surround myself with like minded
individuals who have goals that reach the sun, literally, then I’m only going to better myself. I should be the brokest
one in every single group anytime that I’m trying
to make myself better. – Totally agree. Definitely a big fan of networking up, it will always expand your connections, open up new opportunities. How do you go about doing that, though? How do you get yourself from some person that just hangs out with maybe the same 10 people that
they’ve hung out with for the last 15 years since high school, to hanging out with people
that think on a bigger level, do business on a bigger level, all that? – Honestly it’s just trying
to think outside of the box and making yourself get
out of the comfort zone. And what that means to me is wherever I’m at, it doesn’t
matter if it’s an elevator, it doesn’t matter if it’s a hospital or out at a networking event. I’m constantly introducing myself. I’m constantly letting
people know that I’m in the real estate business and I’m not here to sell anything to you, but I really am looking for resources to help myself personally
and professionally grow. So it’s really just stepping
out of the comfort zone. How do you do that? You have to show up, you have to go to the networking events,
you have go to events, whether that means
volunteer events or galas that you typically don’t go to. You have to surround yourself, you have to let people
know a, who you are, You have to make yourself
heard, and b that, you want to also be a
potential resource to them. Going back into, how can I
help your business succeed? I physically shake when I
surround myself by people that I feel intimidate
me for whatever reason, I don’t even know why. I physically shake. You can hear the trembling in my voice, but I get right through it, I do. And every time I want to
literally run and hide after I’m done, but I do it. I try my best to get myself out there and let people know okay,
“I’m Zandra, how are you?” – Once you can just do
it and break through that then you’re gonna notice yourself taking a lot of action on bigger things that previously were uncomfortable and keep expanding your comfort zone. Number seven is a vision board. – The vision board, why? Everyone talks about the
infamous vision board. You need to visually see
where you wanna go to. What dreams you want to turn into reality. So if you are constantly
surrounding yourself with the negative thoughts of, “Oh
this contract didn’t close “and this buyer has
canceled and this seller “decided not to sell.” You have your vision board
constantly in front of you to remind you that it’s worth it. Focus on where you want to go and visually keep it in front of you. We’re actually in
Zandra’s office right now. I just noticed one of her team members has their vision board already up here.
– All of my team members have their vision board.
– Then every other desk has a vision board up. Another easy way to
actually do it ’cause I’m a big believer in vision
boards, as well, is just to keep yourself
motivated and excited. And then once you take, once
you achieve those things to be able to cross them off the list is like one of the most
satisfying things ever. But to make it easier on yourself, everyone’s got a computer
screen in front of them most of the day and I
change my screen saver to just be pictures of the things that I want to be thinking about
and the goals that I have. And just the things that I want to do. And so that way every time
I come back to my desk it’s cycling pictures of all the things that get me excited. Number eight, learn your elevator pitch. So let me test you real quick. What’s your elevator pitch? – Sure. So let’s say you go
quickly into an elevator and you see it’s an attorney,
they’re on the phone, and they’re talking and
they get off the phone and you have 20 seconds to
do your elevator speech. Hi, my name’s Zandra Ulloa
I’m a real estate agent here in San Diego. A perfect client for me
is someone who’s looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate. If you happen to know anybody looking, I’d love to give you my card, I would love to be a
resource for you, as well. – Great. Quick, succinct, to the point. So what advice would you have to anybody else trying to come up with their elevator pitch? Maybe how long should
it be, does and don’ts? – You have to be as firm as possible. When you don’t sound confident
in what you are selling or what you’re informing
of someone of what you do they’re not gonna take you seriously. So I would say just make
it short and simple. You can hear I can speak very fast, like very, very, very fast. So I’m constantly reminding
myself to try to slow down. And again not everybody
knows how to handle the inflection that
you may or may not have and the speed of what you’re saying, but ultimately you want to make sure that you get your point across. So I would say literally
no more than 20 seconds. How long does it take from
an elevator to go from one floor to the next? That’s the opportunity you have. Even the ones that come
into our main office here at Big Block, I
mean that’s exactly how I was able to get the State Farm rep as my preferred vendor. I introduced myself and
since then he’s been sending me business over. – Perfect. And he’s in the office right next to ours which is actually interesting ’cause I bet you’re the only person that’s actually taking the time to go over there and ask for business.
– Yes. – Even though there’s a lot of agents that come in and out of
here on a daily basis. And therefore you’re the
one getting the business and everyone else isn’t. Just come ready with your elevator pitch and don’t be afraid to get out there and just ask for the business because the more you do it, the more
business you’re gonna get. It’s a very simple numbers game. All right, cool. So after elevator pitch we
have scripts and role play. – HoW much better can you be in a position where you get on the
phone and the night before you practice a objection and then you make the
phone call and you get the exact objection the next day. You just practiced it. So practice makes perfect, obviously. But most importantly putting it to, from paper to verbally
saying it is one thing, okay? And try to find your rhythm. Try to find the way you
feel best comfortable. Cold calling itself is not a comfort zone that I naturally wanted
to be in at all times. So what do I do? I want to make sure that I
feel as confident as possible to be able to handle any
objection that’s thrown my way and by doing role paying and scripting is going to make me better at what I do and what I hate to do. – Kobe Bryant says that the reason that he was so successful is that he used to show up and before
and after every practice he used to just shoot
hundreds of free throws, over and over again all by himself. Just over and over again. Because that way when game time came he was able to do it and
it was automatic for him. It’s the same thing with the
scripting and the role play when you write down the three objections or five objections that you get the most, but just write down those answers. And then every day just practice them a couple times, read them
with people and practice them and you’ll get better. And that way when they
come up in real life they’re just gonna come out automatically and you’re gonna be like, “Whoa. – Naturally.
– “I just said that.” – Yup.
– Right at the perfect time and it actually worked. – Drink up. (glass thunks) – The last and final of Zandra’s 10 real estate commandments is, always wear your name badge. – Always. – Why do you say always
wear your name badge? – No one knows what you’re
doing unless you either a, say it, or b, show it. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot that my name tag was on, whether it was at a gas station or the grocery clerk saw it. When they see it kind of
sticking through your hair or they see it on your shoulder, they will look at it and glance at it. When the minute they see
it just introduce yourself. I’m a Realtor, if you ever
need any real estate needs I’d be happy to help you out. Here’s my card. – I love that question. – So really, it’s wear your name badge and always have your cards ready to go. – So question, does it
have to be bedazzled like that one is?
– Always. – Or can you have just
– Always. – a regular name badge. – Blinged out is the only option live. No, just wear your name
tags and give your best. – And so when you say wear
name badge all the time are you literally talking
about all the time? Like you said at the gas station. You’re going to the gas station
with your name badge on. – So it even comes down
to is as your swiping your card at the gas station, walk. You have no idea who
you’re gonna meet up with, who you’re going to see. They’re gonna see that opportunity, right? Now unless someone around your circle already knows that you are
the real estate goddess, you are the real estate king, then you don’t have to wear it. But until you are a household
name or until people know you before you know them, then please always wear your name tag. – Oh I like that. They know you before you know them. So very cool Zandra, always a pleasure. Really appreciate you taking the time to share your insights with us. So go out there, make it
happen, close some deals. And now your in the know. – Cheers. (intense electric guitar rock music)

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