The Rise of At-Home Rape Kits: Helpful or Harmful for Survivors of Assault?

The Rise of At-Home Rape Kits: Helpful or Harmful for Survivors of Assault?

100 thoughts on “The Rise of At-Home Rape Kits: Helpful or Harmful for Survivors of Assault?

  1. Some things i dont understand or are concerns of mine:
    1. Im supposed to buy a kit, just IN CASE this happens, and let it sit in my closet collecting dust
    2. Evidence will likely be thrown out in court
    3. I can see vengeful women/men having sex with someone and then turn around and accuse them of rape, using this kit as a means.
    We live in a world where people accuse others of rape when it didnt happen. Now you're giving people a kit that requires no photographic evidence to prove an assault. Part of the investigation at a hospital includes looking for proof of rape, besides just semen collection. There are so many ways this can be used to hurt someone instead of helping a victim

  2. Rape statistics are impossible to know. If a woman tells me she has been raped I always assume she's only doing so to get sympathy and try to manipulate me. It doesn't matter if she's lying or not.

  3. I feel like are in an age of people trying to do things on their own when there should be a professional at hand. I don't think they should be allowed unless they are absolutely going to be 100 given a proper chain of command and used in court. It would offer a false sense of security and leave people with no actual evidence for their case. I see that they where trying to create something where there was a need, but the fact is that there is a need for SAFS not kits and their efforts should be placed there instead. The branding having the Me Too tied to it feels like an abuse of the movement to me.

  4. As someone who has gone through the traditional/hospital route of an exam I can tell you to always contact RAINN prior to going to the hospital. They arranged for the specialty nurse/examiners to meet me there. Also they don't always take pictures any more as it's very invasive. They mark or draw on diagrams. As stated they want to be as non invasive as possible due to the nature of this crime. I chose to report and proceed with legal action, ultimately the case was dismissed and dropped leaving me with severe mental and physical damage/distress with no justice or vindication.

  5. Because that's what we need… an easy way to create fake rape allegations and "bolster" it with "SEE, I DID THE KIT!".
    A campaign to put them in colleges? Why not just tell female students "Hey, that guy who broke your heart? We'll make it easy for you to ruin his life."?
    These are a HORRIBLE idea PRECISELY for all the legal reasons.

  6. Clickbait got me good, I thought I could finally rape people easier

  7. The "me too" marketing is shameful.

  8. I definitely believe they were made with the right intention, but if experienced people are saying it's a bad thing I believe them. I probably would have tested myself if I could do it without involving others, after the situation of assault I survived. But if that wouldn't be admissable in court it wouldn't be much use anyways right?

  9. This is just a bad idea no matter how well intentioned it seems to be.

  10. I really dont like how this video glossed over how totally invasive and humiliating that kind of exam can be. Imagine having a stranger examine your genitals literally right after you were sexually assaulted, remember you have to go straight to the hospital after it happens.
    This video also does not make it clear what the difference between a 'rape kit' and an 'at-home rape kit'. The evidence collected by the doctors that she talks about is what is commonly referred to as a 'rape kit'. These are the rape kits that there is a HUGE backlog of.

  11. As a victim of rape that took 3 months to finally report it, I understand why they came up with the idea, BUT, as someone who studied Forensics, I feel like this can leave a false since of security making the victim feel that they can possibly use it to catch their rapist and get justice when that just may not be true. Also, this can give people a way to falsely accuse someone, and completely destroy their life!

  12. There should be a bigger focus on creating welcoming environments for victim reporting, not at home kits that you can't guarantee are sterile

  13. If there were rape kits allowed, I don't think it should be sold. I dont want to BUY a rape kit when I could get evidence gathered with no cost at the hospital.

  14. Regardless of how they intend to be profitable the fact that they intend to be profitable at all, whether it's free to the end-user or not, is kind of disgusting and that the person being assaulted or raped is not paying doesn't really give any comfort to the fact that they're hijacking the name of a movement to shill an unnecessary, and potentially harmful product, if the evidence were to be ruled inadmissible and they didnt visit a doctor because they had faith in the kit and lie they were sold or given.

  15. I think this is taking advantage of vulnerable people. They are selling snake oil. A rape kit that will likely never be admissible in court and that the victim has to pay for. Maybe I am cynical but I think the person found a way to profit off of women's fears and a powerful non capitalistic movement. I think what the nurse said was so important. The value of a real rape kit goes far beyond the criminal implications, the health care that people can receive is so critical. I'm worry that vulnerable and afraid people will spend money that they can't afford on this believing it to be the equivalent when it is not.

  16. These can't be admissible in court. They have to be performed at a hospital to be admissible.

  17. Ideally, there should be a S.A.F.E. at every emergency room. Inconvenience/the inability to get the right tests and treatment should be eliminated as much as possible

  18. Call it anything…anything but a metoo kit. It a hot button term-largely b/c sexism-so it's best, imho, not to give a judge, D.A., jury or anyone in the adjudication process ANY reason to apply inherent (even if unconcious) biases into a serious issue with potentially deep consequence, whether admissable or not. I would market it differently, nominating a clear but more clinical and uncharged name. There are too many people around the world, of all genders that would reject all discussion of merit for the product simply because of the name on the label. The brand name on a box should not inspire predetermined outcome.

  19. really interesting topic today. im worried about the legal issue of whether or not these are admissible in court but also… could these be used to accuse people of sexual assault after CONSENSUAL sex.

  20. People talking about legal reasons and such why this is bad. And here am I thinking how fucking paranoid do you have to be of getting raped that you would get such a thing. I get it's a scary thing, but their are sensible measures to take then ones that kinda say you're a bit nutty in the head. But maybe this is just me, since i honestly think people are getting seemingly more paranoid and distrusting now adays. Like many people are trying to find something they can call an enemy or seek out something for them to fear.

  21. Lots of problems with these kits, but the primary issue is that chain of custody exists for a reason and evidence collected for legal purposes MUST BE accompanied by the custody log (at least, that was the case when I worked in specimen collection and processing — and I collected plenty of specimens for legal purposes). Another issue is that those who are not trained can contaminate samples and cause other collections issues that render the evidence void for legal purposes.
    I also have some concerns about these kits being used after consensual intercourse which could cause some serious legal problems. Think about this: if the Brian Banks case happened today and he'd had consensual intercourse with Wanetta Gibson, Ms. Gibson could have used one of these kits to bolster her false claims. Or parents who catch their kids having consensual intercourse and then use these to fabricate claims out of anger. There's also the potential to use these kits for "cancel culture" type shaming rather than actually pressing legal charges. Rape is bad and it is wrong, but "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law" dictates that people's lives aren't destroyed by mere allegations.
    Evidence collection performed by trained professionals is free and will not (generally) result in the evidence being rejected from courtroom proceedings. I don't want to go so far as to say they should be banned, because if people want to waste their money on something that does absolutely no good (and may actually do real harm), that's their right. But these companies and these kits are not helpful or useful for anything other than giving victims false assurance that they can choose to go to police at a later date with this "evidence" when the "evidence" is almost guaranteed to be thrown out by any sensible judge.

  22. As a father of 2 girls I will be teaching them to speak out there’s something kind of crazy here that I didn’t hear you talk about. So with these at home rape kits would it be possible for someone to use one after every sexual interaction they have and simply sit on them so that in the event that they change their mind later or get angry with their partner they could then claim rape and use the at home kit as evidence? I’m actually just curious about this cause if it’s possible then that’s a massive loophole that though most people wouldn’t use the few that do would completely break the trust of the actual victims hence while I’ll be teaching my girls to report immediately period!

  23. 100% a safe should be at every hospital period

  24. 💙

  25. I just don't see how this self-gathered evidence would be admissible in court. The stated example of a female inmate is a special circumstance for a variety of legal reasons and those reasons wouldn't apply to a non-inmate. It's really hard, but I think that you just have to go to a hospital if there's any possibility you'll report the assault.

  26. If I was a survivor I would much rather get all of the help I can get for free instead of paying for a kit at home that there’s no guarantee of it being held up in court. Why not take everything you can get for free including health and injury service. (Not trying time offend anyone because I know even attempted rape is traumatic because my mom was almost raped and that was decades ago)

  27. This angers me so much as a survivor. I understand the reasoning for wanting to make this but it is completely pointless, it will just end up getting thrown out in court

  28. Instead of making these they should put their money into funding for rape kits to be tested in a more timely manner and to train more Safes

  29. This seems like a well intentioned product that to me misses the mark legally and scientifically. I don't see states allowing this as evidence, and any defence attorney probably will get this thrown out. Also I doubt most survivors would be in a good enough head space to self administer these kitsch in away to protect evidence, so if they want this to hold up legally they probably would need someone else to do this. I mean sweat, a cough, a sneeze, dropping the swab probably makes this unusable in court. To me this makes the survivor feel like they are being proactive for their own headspace and nothing else. Also for the prison rape case mentioned, I am guessing the only reason it was allowed was for fear any prison employee/contractor in medical services, it may have been feared there may be a conflict of interest since they are coworkers of the accused. Like how if there is a crime involving a cop, usually another agency (county state, or federal) investigates to try to avoid conflict of interest.

  30. We need to focus more on making sure every single hospital in America has trained professionals to help victims. We also need to work on our attitudes toward rape survivors. FFS people still think men can't be raped 😡 I worry these at home kits would have a much higher rate of being thrown out than evidence collected by a professional.

  31. I believe the original idea was one of assisting people and then someone figured they could also make a buck. When then got called on how crappy that was they're back peddling.

  32. to sum; We don't have anywhere near enough specialists and access to resources, let alone public knowledge, so capitalism has swooped in to interfere in a way that can get cases completely thrown out or messed up to the point that they auto-lose and can't get a repeal.

    where is the failure?

    Didn't know about the law Washington passed, I am a very proud Washingtonian right now.

  33. These shouldn’t be legal.

  34. Train women to use guns

  35. The motive of those selling these kits is dishonest, much like the legal example they gave of a woman self gathering evidence in prison is dishonest. It's not an apples for apples comparison to self gathering evidence in a free environment.
    In a prison where the guards have a duty of care over the inmates, it is instantly an abuse of power to have sexual relations; Therefore the presence of semen is automatically highly questionable.

  36. Yeah it doesn't sound like a good idea, sounds begging to be abused. Could you imagine staring down the wrong end of a rape conviction based on some crazy ex gf's rape kit? Craziness.

    People think about court in a very simplistic manner because they watch a lot of TV, but in reality court is VERY specific about evidence, chain of custody, etc., and none of that can be established with a DIY kit. Could you imagine collecting a knife from a murder with a mail-order bag for some friend of the family to take care of? That's insanity. It could never hold up in court, nor should it. People read their biased news sources and say "that person is guilty, throw them in jail", but in reality in the US it's "innocent until proven guilty", so if you want to convict somebody, shit needs to be done RIGHT the first time. This stuff won't hold up in court, nor should it. Get raped, PLEASE go to the hospital! It's best for your own physical and mental wellbeing, and it's best if you'd later like to pursue the rapist in a court of law.

    Also, yes, of course the company is taking advantage of the meetoo movement, but that's what capitalism is, I can't really fault them for proper marketing, even if it's slimy.

  37. To answer "your" question directly; no, companies are making profit off of unfound and illegal properties and that is wrong. At the same time, it gives some random people the "power" to abuse the system. Say Jane/John Doe goes out and has sex. She/He wakes up and looks next to his/her and is now less than satisfied. She/He can now claim rape, and have "sexual evidence" to prove it. As someone who has dealt with sexual abuse, I still can't condone this. It is inadmissible as evidence as far as I'm concerned.

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  39. I understand why you would want to use these kits. But I worry for those who would use them later as evidence. It seems like the example of the woman in jail who was able to collect her own evidence was admissible because there was almost zero possibility that she could have otherwise obtained the sample due to the fact that she was locked up. Considering that, they really should be free. I just hope it’s very apparent to survivors (like big bold print in the kit) that the evidence they gather may not help them later. The product should also advise that they go get checked. This should be a last resort. I don’t know. Its a very delicate situation.

    There’s also no excuse for untested kits.

  40. The conviction of the Correction Officer isn't really a good example because an inmate, by law, cannot give consent to an officer. Just the fact that the inmate had the guards semen should be a slam dunk conviction

  41. Obviously a sexual assault exam is very uncomfortable, I never had one done but wish I did so my abuser didn’t get away with it but you need to get examined for another reason and that is to be checked for STI’s something I have done.

  42. This is a double edged sword for it "might" help people who have had this happen out but at the same time we have those who "might" use this product as a means to lure and blackmail people with it.

  43. If the metoo chick never went to the cops or hospital you don't know if she is a rape victim. please act like journalist and label things correctly.

  44. I am a photographer, a medical doctor and I used to work as a sexual assault advocate. I helped develop the photography protocols for my former organization's Forensic medical exam. That process taught me a lot. There is so much about the process of the forensic exam that you need specialized training for. The average medical doctor doesn't know how this process works. They literally don't teach that in medical or residency for that matter. The average photographer does not know what the federal guidelines are regarding what pictures to take, how many shots, how many angles, best practices for image storage and processing etc. There's so much that goes into this process that it would actually do them a disservice in my opinion

  45. I can happly say they were made with the right intention, but like many have pointed out, a person at home taking evidence of a crime is automaticly biased
    Lets say a person wanted to frame someone for raping them, this kit gives them a way to do so, if it was admissible in court the amount of false rape claims would shoot through the roof
    So while i think the idea is a good one, i have to refuse em, its an unhealthy way of looking at the situation and will only delegitimize a real rape victim

  46. I think it’s a good idea in theory, especially since gettin hell from hospitals isn’t easy once you’re over 18

  47. I don't think these kits should exist. While I think the owners of these companies have good intentions, there is a rising trend of "I can do it myself, better than a professional" which is really dangerous. Professionals are professionals for a reason. What needs to happen is more education, like what RR is doing with these videos. People need to know that its okay to go to a hospital to get medical attention because you NEED medical attention, this is a medical issue – both physically and mentally.

    I never reported my rape – hell, not many people even know it even happened to me. I live in Asia where 100% I will be blamed for what had happened to me, even though I know now that it wasn't my fault – I was taken advantage of in a moment of drunkenness and vulnerability, I was not in a state of mind to be able to give consent. I didn't know and STILL don't know if going to a medical center here would provide the services I needed, all because there is near-zero education about it here.

  48. I might not understand in the process of the at home kits, but I also worry that it could potentially create a victim out of the “aggressor”. For example, in a hospital they conduct an exam that evaluates the violence of the assault. But with an at home kit, could a person have consensual sex, use a kit, and essentially frame someone for rape? Just another angle as to why I worry about the execution.

  49. Idk I feel like it was made with some good intentions but it has to many holes to actually do the good it was meant

  50. How about we find a way to collect evidence that doesn't traumatize victims? Going to the hospital to have a stranger poke and prod and take pictures of you isn't really helping, it's more harmful to the victim. This whole thing just made me so angry because everyone only cares about the"evidence" but not about the actual person this happened to. And how come all nurses and doctors don't already get training on how to deal with sexual assault survivors? Wouldn't that make more sense to just include another class during the four years of training they already get?

  51. this thing feels like something a raped victim can just throw at someone they don't like and falsely accuse them of rape, as if false rape accusations aren't bad enough already

  52. For the instance where the woman in jail collected the evidence herself, you can't apply that to someone out in the real world. Jail is a controlled environment where there are only 2 potential ways for that evidence to exist; Either the guard raped her or the guard had consensual sex with her. Do guards have consensual sex with inmates? Nope. But in the real world there is any number of ways in which you could collect evidence of a "rape" with no rape having occurred. To use a specific circumstance and try to apply it to all circumstances is utterly absurd.

  53. it’s addressing a very real problem, but that problem should be addressed by making the current system better, not by encouraging people to abandon it for a company’s profit

  54. People don't follow toothpaste directions. And we're suppose to expect a rape victim who's presumably traumatized to do her own dna collection? This is absolutely ridiculous. GO TO THE DOCTOR. Get a kit and a morning after pill!

  55. When the comment section makes more sense than corporate leaders

  56. Why didn't you hit the point of someone using the "rape kit" in order to frame an ex lover out of spite?

  57. Chain of custody is far too important in court, These kits could be too easily tampered with or faked and used by vengeful people. I hate to think of a rape survivor being too afraid to go to the hospital, but having the kit done by a professional is much better for them in every way. They get treatment and support and don't have to face it alone. I think these kits are just unethical and are taking advantage of women/rape survivors.

  58. I'm 40 seconds into the video and, ignoring all the other questionable stuff I'm sure is going to come up in the video, who the fuck thought "metoo" was a good name for an at home rape kit.

  59. I don't see at-home kits improving the rate of report for sexual assaults or really helping the root of the problems. We need to provide better education for young children, train law enforcement to react more appropriately to survivors, improve health care, stop closing local hospitals in rural areas, and increase access to mental health providers.

  60. I can't see how these kits could be useful. there's a difference between saving some stuff at home, and being too afraid to go to the doctor, and having a kit on hand. Like I just don't understand the logic of these companies. The clear short term solution is getting more people able to do the testing, and working on the backlog of kits. Mid term goals would be campaigns to encourage survivors of any gender to feel safe and come forward for exams on a local level. Long term is making sure that we are rasing our children to understand consent and to take responsibility for their bad behavior. No more of this 'boys will be boys' or 'men can't help themselves' or 'you wouldn't have had an erection if you didn't want it'. We have to change the way we talk about sex. At home kits do not figure into the solution.

  61. gotta zoom in so that people dont focus on the crazy left hand

  62. "At home rape kits" contain way too much possibility for abuse!

  63. Oh no, free medical care, STDs shots, and plan B, when going to a "safe."

  64. Great Reporting!!!!

  65. Yeah a big part of going and getting a sane exam is getting the cocktail which is a big set of drugs that protects against contracting a large number of STDs and this stupid at home exam will just lead to more negative health outcomes

  66. I dont think these companies, at least the one lead by the former fbi women, have bad intentions, but in this case that isnt good enough. This could be easily exploited for profit, is only adding to the fear-mongering around how common sexual assault is, which actually hurts survivors, and will get in the way of justice in court. Instead, these companies should be working with hospitals to open free clinics for the professionals needed to do this, and training more of of them. put down the stupid kit, and pick up the tools that will actually help.

  67. As a prosecutor, private rape kits is a TERRIBLE idea. I can’t imagine having medical evidence for a rape (which is already incredibly rare) and not getting to use it because it’s inadmissible.

  68. Wow, that was a lot more complicated than I was expecting.

  69. Nothing about these kits seem like a good idea. The motive is nice but the execution will never work.

  70. Only 23% of cases are even reported. It’s always a sad reminder that the VAST majority of rapists walk free with the ability to hurt more lives unchecked. So many victims don’t feel like the can or should come forward because the system often re-traumatizes them. :(((

  71. "Safe" training Should be mandatory by law!

    "Safe" training should be Mandatorily required at all schools for all Nursing degrees and MD degrees at no Extra cost to the Nursing/MD student! Making Safe-training a defacto requierment for Degree and License!

  72. OK here’s a thought someone should invent bracelets high-quality looking bracelets that have speakers and pressure sensors to tell whenever woman and being held down or anything to that effect then they will admit very loud alarm maybe even spray out die

  73. And the potential for these kits to be abused, is too high.

  74. She sounds like she's about to cry at multiple parts of the video. Is she ok?

  75. Even if the company intentions were pure, the kits were easy to use, and the evidence was completely admissible 100% of the time, it still doesn't address how easy it would be to abuse this kind of kit.

  76. I think we have to keep in mind that these exams need to be done very soon after the assault. I'm not sure I would even trust a trained medical examiner to be able to do a thorough exam on themselves after being through such a highly traumatic event.

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  78. So…. I can kind of see the effectiveness of this? It could be used in court to prove sexual activity between 2 parties. When combined with other information, like if the victim was a minor or if the perpetrator held a position of power over the victim than the kit could be used as evidence for assault along with other pieces of evidence.

    However, if it's a case of date rape or acquaintance rape I don't really see this kit as being effective in the least- probably more harmful as it might prevent victims from reporting through proper channels.

  79. Make money from the vulnerable since greed has no boundaries…!
    Damn the extent of madness reported here is absurd.
    Humanity has gone to shit

  80. A major issue that I haven't seen mentioned yet is how law enforcement and prosecutors will react to this. There is already a serious problem of investigators and prosecutors not believing the victim even when there is properly documented evidence.
    If a victim walks in with an at-home kit you just know the first thing they are going to hear is "Soooo, you just HAPPENED to have a rape kit lying around?". And even if by some miracle it does get to trial the defense attorneys will ABSOLUTELY use that as a way to discredit the victim. Or they might say "If you were worried enough about being raped then why didn't you take more precautions/ stay home/ wear less revealing clothing/ [insert every victim blaming excuse ever made]?"
    This is so very far from the stated intention that I almost want to say it should be illegal to sell. I cannot imagine a scenario where someone could reasonably expect to get justice on the strength of this kind of evidence gathering.

  81. The programs we have are great but obviously heavily flawed when we have numbers like 17- 23 % I do see cons to this but I don't see the cons to adding it as an option. no one was talking numbers of profit or cost to make or anything here including the thousands of rape kits that have sat untested because of our current system. Nothing is perfect but having options helps increase reporting I am for it .

  82. As is, I don't think this is a useable alternative to professional hospital rape kits. It's in a legal grey area (at best), hospitals have a lot more to offer in terms of post-trauma services and expertise, and the ethics of these companies is somewhat questionable. If in the future these issues are resolved to a reasonable extent, I would be happy that they are on the market. No matter what going to the hospital will be the best course of action, but for the people who would refuse, I think doing something like this at home is better than doing nothing. That being said, the most pressing issue on this matter to put resources towards improving is the hospital's resources for dealing with rape victims. Every hospital needs to have nurses specialized in this field, and way more resources for helping victims seek counseling and legal advice.

  83. Maria, the content is great as always but your vocal fry has been bugging me since forever… It seems to be just an issue with scripted content. I'm not an expert but maybe you could use editing to your advantage and speak slower and breathe more? xoxo

  84. Feel like the intent is pure but the execution is rather poor; any solution that encourages sexual assault victims to report their assault needs to be free of charge and easily accesible. My mind goes to a hot line or an app, something anyone can look up right away to find confort, answers and encouragement. I don't believe that a kit at home is necessarily a bad idea but it needs to be fundamentally different, instead of influencing you into destoying your own evidence it can influence you into going to a doctor, a sort of reality-check on the moment of intense stress.

  85. I can imagine these kits being useful in certain cases. Say, pedophilia cases where any adult seminal fluid at all is damning.

    Not quite sure about consent violations between adults/spouses etc. All a defense lawyer would need to do is raise doubts about an alleged victims credibility and the case falls apart. Also, wouldn’t a prosecutor be less likely to file charges if they felt these at home kits wont be admissible?

  86. Idk about anyone else, (I’ve been assaulted multiple times because I’m an idiot) but if I had just gotten sexually assaulted and I had to open a box that said #metoo on it I probably would break down crying. It’s just not a good name.

  87. Thats a smart move i will have to look into it and mybe produce something like this but much cheaper in china… if their is market and their is money to be made from sluts i am in…..

  88. I would prefer to see the companies making these kits look instead to support the recruitment and training of the nurses, support the analysis and most importantly support the victim. This is a flawed concept that I believe puts at risk successfully convictions.

  89. This seems like a failed idea. Wont hold up in court. Spiteful people can use it in the wrong way. Evidence can easily be tampered/contaminated. Even though its hard and you may not be "ready" to be checked, you were not ready to be raped either. Suck it up and go to the hospital. Its part of the healing process and forces you to look at the situation. If METOO actually cared they would be urging people to see doctors.

  90. Even bad evidence is still evidence. And if anything if they did the home rape kit they may be more comfortable having that kid evaluated by a professional and to see if they did it right. Additionally the science doesn't stop just because it was written down in instructions. Truth be told I don't trust that Boomer performing an evaluation given how she articulated herself.

  91. I think the rape kits are a good idea but I think they also should be weighted as potential bad evidence just as anything should be given levels of doubt and verified in some way such as checking the competency of the certified individual Gathering the evidence.
    Just as it was very briefly mentioned and vaguely and there's video the evidence that's being collected can provide a reliable pattern of a serial rapist. Because framing a boyfriend cheating on you looks a whole lot different when that same DNA is found on multiple women that just can't be explained other than this guy is raping them.

  92. It would help the public to be informed of these quote-unquote Health consequences. I'm very interested but I'd like to hear it in a common concise way and not go and Google and just see a bunch of images of women that have been beat up and put myself in a worse mood than I already am. All the while I hope to be more informed in the future about what sort of Health consequences are we talkin about other than internal bleeding. I've encountered it enough times that win this level of vague siding on the air of caution is presented it usually means it's pointless and overweighted on tubing it's better safe than sorry. And I'll say again I really do believe that having an at-home rape kit can get a person more comfortable with doing a trip to the hospital

  93. I think rape kits are a bad idea you need mental health care, you not know who to properly collect evidence and it might not even hold up in court…not to mention the marketing around at least me too’s product is weird. I think not SAFEs in hospitals is a must and is scary that not hospitals don’t have it

  94. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!
    STEER FAR CLEAR of any young lady who "prepares" to be raped.
    Young Men: To protect yourself, you've got to ask some uncomfortable questions before you are safe to boogie. And you may receive lies as answers… Emasculating, isn't it?

  95. What a horrible fucking idea…!!! Chain of evidence is broken, so WAY to easy to claim the evidence was doctored, and the rapist gets away scot free because there's no way to guarantee the evidence was collected properly and timely! This is moronic, although I understand the mentality behind it, and should be stopped immediately!

  96. Maria, ur such a beautiful and interesting person. Thank u for being a part of the DeFranco crew. (Sorry, I know my comment has nothing to do with the video content)

  97. Could this kit be an easy way to falsely accuse someone? What happens if a woman or man lores someone to have consensual sex with them, then uses the kit to falsely accuse that person of rape? At least if a victim goes to the hospital, a nurse or doctor can see the trauma that the accused has inflicted. They can document bruising, cuts and tares.

  98. I would love for hospitals to take two samples of everything and one of the kits can go home with the person. That way if they want to pursue the case civilly, because waiting for the backlog for justice is insane with the current rules, they can have their lawyer test it for them. They can use tamper-evident seels just like the regular kits have. The police have also "lost" rape kits before and I just don't trust the system as it stands.
    Also, while waiting in the ER to be seen for a medical issue I watched a woman wandering around the paper gowns because they had taken her clothes and she was waiting to be taken back to be seen. She had been raped and was crying alone. She did at some point talk to the person next to her and that was how I found out what her issue was. She had gone to the police and they had taken her clothes and dumped her in the ER waiting room. She was waiting when I got there and it took her over 4 hours to be pulled back. She was getting very angry and I don't blame her. It would be wonderful if there was somewhere else women could go to get help. Not just the ER.

  99. If you are scared in Texas, you can request an advocate.

  100. Horrible idea. As traumatic as it is, survivors need to get examined by professionals especially for chain of custody and to make sure there’s no internal bleeding or sick that is normal folks might miss. Doing it yourself is going to miss important steps may miss evidence entirely. We’re not experts in this so we need to stick to seeing experts on it especially if someone changes their mind later and wants to charge their attacker

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