The Real Reason Why I Chose Real Estate

The Real Reason Why I Chose Real Estate

Thanks for joining us here in Brighton
Mexico today. I’m Kris Krohn with Limitless wealth TV and today, I’ve got
the boss joining us. – Hi, I’m Kalenn. – My wife and today we got a special message for you today
about the real reasons for doing real estate. Hey, friends. So a little bit of a special
treat here today. I’ve got my incredible wife, Kalenn, with me. – Hey, guys. – and I know
that we don’t really see her from time to time on these videos but she’s
obviously the super super special person in my life, we’re actually celebrating
how many years of marriage? 16. 16 years of marriage and we’re out here in Mexico,
we’ve just been out here hanging out with some friends.
I thought we’d shoot a few videos but yesterday, enjoyed just a really magical
Valentine’s Day and what we want to do is shoot a little video for you today
and really talk about the real reason for real estate. You know, everyone has a
different motive for why they do real estate and I thought today we’ve just
talked a little bit about ours and you know for me, real estate just comes down
to the fact that as a man in this world and and having a family and four amazing
children, I’ve got some responsibilities and I want to find the best way to meet
those responsibilities and a lot of people might say well “Kris, you’re going to
meet those responsibilities by having a secure job.” And you know there’s a lot of
people out there in the world today that and it’s the way that we’re really
trained, right? It’s like go to college, get a degree, have a job and you know, I
found that actually having a job was getting in the way of my
responsibilities. Just personally here meaning, I wanted more flexibility of
when I was going to spend time with my family, I wanted more flexibility to
travel the way that I wanted to travel, I wanted flexibility to put my family
and I in a home that was a little bigger than that first tiny little thing that
we bought, right? And I wanted to meet those responsibilities and I wanted to
do it well. We’re young still but when we were even younger then, I didn’t
want to have to take 20 years to save up money for a modest house, I
didn’t want to have to ultimately, I really didn’t want to wait, I wanted to
figure out how I can create that sooner and so we ended up delaying a lot of
gratification for what we wanted to go into real estate and then within a few
short years, real estate blessed us with incredible abundance so we’re going to talk
about responsibilities today, we’re going to talk about dreams and just want to kind
of ask you, Kalenn, what was it like just at the start of our journey knowing that I
have this opinion that it would be a more responsible route to not have a
9 to 5 job and to want to get out of that
through real estate, what was it like for you choosing into that, was is supportive or hard for you in the beginning to make
that happen?- Well the year we bought our first house,
I think that was 2003. I was 21 and we’d only been married a little while
and I was absolutely terrified. I’m so scared. I was scared what my parents
would think. – I’ve taken responsibility to terrify my wife. – Aren’t you
supposed to buy your first house when you’re like 30, 28? So yeah, I was totally
scared because I knew nothing about real estate and I just saw you know, big
numbers as far as you know when I heard about mortgages and things like that and
you know that very first house, we bought it.
You know, we had what little savings we had that managed to buy it
and then you know, it was a teeny little mortgage, it was like $500
a month? – That’s after that we financed, it was originally $800.- Yeah went down to
five and then you know, that was about what a crappy apartment was and
then you know, we rented out the basement and all of a sudden like we didn’t have
a mortgage and I was like, okay, that’s cool. – So you had to wait till you saw it
so you were terrified until you saw some evidence or proof that alright,
this thing’s working out. – Exactly, exactly and then I’m like, can we do that again? Remember when I said that? Well that was like that was like a cool moment okay because Kalenn was
totally just following this crazy guy that she had married like man,
hope this thing is going to work out but after it did, I remember when I was
contemplating getting the next house and it was about a year later and I remember
what like the real reason why I actually found a house later that day it was so
amazing was because you said “Can we do it again?” and I don’t know if I
remember why you said that but you were actually working on using all the
money that we were saving, I’m paying done at credit cards and we
were having a financial meeting and basically we were going into debt and
then just even with this first house, we started climbing out of consumer debt
with our credit cards and I remember that we were how
that financial meeting and it was after you looked at how, you were just writing
another check and almost eliminating the credit card debt that you’re like it,
just clicked for you, this house helped us get ahead and wonder what to do and
then she said that comment “Can we do it again?” I’m like, oh my gosh, I am ready to
go like I now have the support of my wife, not the faith of my wife. – I saw that
with each house you had the potential of getting ahead several hundred dollars
every month through rental income and then I was still really learning about
what equity was and you know, I wasn’t counting on equity all at once because
you know, usually you have to wait to either refinance or sell the house to
really get a bunch of it back but even just having that few extra hundred
dollars a month really really chipped away at some of our bills to where so
much less how to go out. – Without sounding, I hope this doesn’t sound right as to
label or stereotype men and women but it’s interesting thing that often,
women are more attached for that show me the real money coming in and
often like for me, I was like, you care about the three hundred dollars a month
on this house, I care about the forty thousand dollars of equity that when we
sell this thing, we’re going to get a big pile of money but that’s not real,
that’s tomorrow, right? That’s something that you can maybe leverage for some
future better. – It could be 3, 4 or 5 years down the road but I wonted to know, you know can we get
something every month? You know cause grocery, rents and things like
that. – So what was it like for you when we had gotten to the point where, well we
then we started investing with your father and then we started buying a lot
more homes, did that make you nervous at all? – Once we got the boat rolling, I was
just like honey, you have at it like just go, this apparently is play for you and
yeah and you’re having fun and I’m seeing you, I’m seeing good stuff going
on so you know, it took me a little while but eventually I realized that this was
your passion, this is something you were good at yeah and and now you know, how
many years, we’re talking fifteen years later practically. I love that you are
sharing all your knowledge with everybody. I wish someone had
been there at the very beginning to give us what you’re giving you guys.
I really really wish like that would have been so much easier because you know, we
had definitely had help along the way and we had mentors along the way but
what you’re sharing with these people makes it so much easier to get started. – YouTube friends, we do love you. So Kalenn, I want to ask you another one these questions. As you take
a look at you know the day that actually quit my job. Were you nervous? – I was okay.
– Why? – Because you didn’t need it anymore. You were ready. You were ready, we had enough income coming
in from real estate every month that seeing you just at that job you know,
working to get your real estate deals happening on your breaks and at lunch
time and you know, you were stressed, you were stressed that you had to kind
of choose between actually doing the job and then doing what you really wanted to
do yeah so it was just like a freedom, it was like a release when you just finally
like, I’m done and I’m like just go do it. Go do it. He asked me to throw him
a party so I did. – I did. I said, throw me a retirement party so it was a celebration day. It was,
it was a really cool thing and it took me four and a half years to be able to
retire and now we’ve got people that we’re helping produce income through
wealth a lot faster obviously than we did it. That’s actually one of the
coolest things today is helping people financially get where they want to go
way faster than we even did, that actually brings tremendous joy because
you know, that’s one part of it is that hey, we have obligations to meet and real
estate did that for us and now we’re helping you do that, we’re helping people
do that and on an accelerated fashion but I want to talk about dreams too. How
do you see you know, how many countries have we been able to travel to in the
world do you think now? – Oh well, I know why you’re asking that, the other day I counted them, it was 28 and you
know I’ve got a goal in my life to travel to at least a hundred countries
because I just I want to see the world, I want to experience it, I want to meet the
people from everywhere.. – It’s interesting that
when a dream, when you haven’t started seeing any of it come true, it’s called
a dream but once it starts happening, you start calling it a goal and so this
dream, this goal of visiting 100 places is I think for us is, we’d love to travel,
what do you read up my travel it’s as traveling is like such a, there’s
something so edifying and connected about it and it’s just a different way
to learn about the world and think about what your drill what your dreams are,
think about the things that you want to create and you know for us, it’s created
ultimately you could call it financial freedom or financial independence or you
know the ability to meet all of our obligations and responsibilities with an
abundance but on the flip side, we really actually see our dreams come true. One of
my big dreams that really motivates me right now is philanthropy, there’s a lot
of giving back even if you’ve been to our website, a lot of the courses that I
think people used to pay three thousand dollars for you can get for a whole lot
less and we’ve spent subsidizing that and even when people say, okay, Kris, I
want to join your investors community but you know, I’ll even pay out off my pocket
to pay my paid trainers to work with you and train you to really help as many
people as possible and so you know real estate is often this capitalistic thing
where it’s like, oh it’s this money thing, it’s all for me but you know
the reality is is that when you do real estate investing, it’s for a whole lot
more people and it also has the ability to produce an abundance of wealth beyond
your own needs so that you can do some giving back. We’ve been in part this last
year-and-a-half of some amazing projects that we’ve been able to help people on
the other side of the world and help people in our backyard and real estate’s
made that possible. – Yeah, that’s my favorite part of real estate is once
you’ve got your own family’s needs covered, you can do so much more, you can
do so much more with your life, you can actually work on what your dreams are
you know, beyond just taking care of your family and making sure your kids can pay
for piano lessons you know. For me, it’s you know last year we got to take all of
our children to Kenya and we got to do all of these projects for these people
out there and my kids that are really young got to see it. – They got to play at
the orphanage when we’re building the orphanage. – They played with the orphans, they made
those connections with people on the other side, they helped to dig
this water purification project and haul rocks and play with the kids at the
same time and it was priceless to see that happen,
absolutely priceless and wherever we go and wherever we take people, because we
take people on these group outings all around the world, we always put in a
service project wherever we go and that connection with the people that live
there is what stays in my heart more than nice hotels or more than nice
beaches, it’s meeting the people around the world and being able to be a part of
of uplifting them and making their lives better because in turn it
makes our lives better. – Yeah, and you’re part of the amazing people that
we love and I think today we wanted to shoot this video just to let you know
that hey we spent a lot of time getting really technical, right. We can jump into
the technicalities all these videos about the how to’s and do it yourself
and how you make this happen and the reality is don’t forget why you’re doing
it and when you have a why that moves you, when you have a why inside that
really pushes you then you’re going to make real estate happen. You know,
unfortunately, there’s a lot of people that have the dream of real estate
investing but they don’t pay the necessary price to actually make it come
real, they allow themselves to get bogged down by their job or the lack of money.
Listen, we didn’t start with money, we didn’t start with credit, we didn’t have
the tools and resources, we needed a fork money out even when we didn’t have it to
try to find a way and we think that we’ve made that a lot easier on people
these days by putting all these resources together now and so I think
today’s videos just remember that hey, if you think contemplating real
estate as a career, if you’ve contemplated as an alternative career, if
you’ve looked at it as a way to meet your obligations and responsibilities,
take care of family and love and life, if you’ve thought about it as a way to meet
your dreams, I can tell you that real estate has done things for us that no
career from any college degree will ever provide. For people that get their
satisfaction that way, that’s perfect. For those of you that want to live life
bigger or more full or at least be able to create more you know, for me, it’s get
more to give more and it’s what God is giving and it’s like this
getting kick is like my favorite part of my life right now which is like let’s
help as many people as we possibly can, that’s why you’ve probably been to the
website and seen that hey, if you want to come out and get life with me for three
days or four days at one of my live events then I’ll even give you my partner
profits course, $3,000 course for free, you don’t have to pay for it
and it’s just finding different ways to connect and to meet and to help as many
people as possible. So Kalenn, you have any final advice for anyone that’s
contemplating real estate as a real full-time career? – I think you’ll only get
great benefits from it because you know a lot of it works for you and then you
can actually work on what really drives you. – And what about the risk? Because
there’s risk in investing. What happens you know, we’ve had projects when real
estate says oh wow, do this unexpected remodel on this house like.. – Of course
there’s risk and there’s ways to mitigate that risk, there’s ways to
minimize it and you know put different securities in place so that
you can plan for those when you plan for those unexpected things and you know, you can work through them and you could handle them but what’s the risk of
just having a JOB and working for a boss the rest of your life at a minimum
wage or a very you know, just moderate rate wage, are you are you going to
get where you want to go at the end of your life?- I would also say for
those of you that are in good paying jobs and you’re doing quite well and
your degree is serving you faithfully and in life is financially moving in a
good direction but you still might be wondering wow, you know even on this
great path or even an accelerated path, will it still be everything that you
need and want will it allow you to do all the giving that you really want and
real estate is really just a beautiful way to augment that and to get where you
want to go faster so whether it’s your dedicated path like, it’s been for us to
just race to the finish line and far beyond or whether it’s actually I like
the pace of my life I love my path, I like what I’m doing
but I need to be even wiser with the way that I’m building my wealth that I can
have a real estate building in the background, there’s options here for
all of that when you come and play with us. – Yeah one day I realized that there
really was no way to have just a typical salary and be able to do what you really
want to do with your life and be able to retire for 20-30 years without investing in
something and this is a beautiful way to invest in something real, tangible that
keeps its worth or grows it, usually, always appreciating in value and having
a way to do it that minimizes the risk as best you can with planning for
unexpected things. I think it’s really the best way. – Yeah,
Kalenn, thanks for being on today. I think ultimately this whole real estate
journey has been about investing in us. Real estate might be what we do but – He’s
a good guy. – Who it’s allowed us to become and
the opportunity that it’s afforded us you know causes me to look back and
just think, wow, either we got really lucky or we were fortunate at a very
young age to figure something out but there’s no reason why everyone can’t
have that as well so if it resonates with you, come and play with us. Thanks
for being on her video today. Thank you so much for joining us and watching this
video today. You can click the link and see you know, some more options of how we
can play together but I think ultimately I would wrap it up by simply saying that
if you do invest in real estate, there’s risk, there is risk that you’re going to
have some unexpected expenses and sometimes those expenses are going to be
bigger than you want them to be. – And if you don’t do real estate, you might not
achieve your dreams so I think you should do it. – So come and play, come one
way or the other, find the way that you’re going to jump in there and make real estate
happen today.

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