The Real Estate Road Map

The Real Estate Road Map

The real-estate roadmap… roadmap…roadmap… Today we’re talking about the real estate roadmap. Listen, this is like it’s
a very simple but very important basic conversation to help you
understand how real estate moves and how you can multiply it with time and how
small things can become life changing things. Nate you got to call it, ready set go! What’s wrong dude? How come you cannot do that?
Stephen cannot beat me in the apple sauce contest. I almost had apple sauce out the
nose and ha ha ha as funny as that would have been. It wouldn’t been comfortable
and today we’re not talking about applesauce. Today I spent the last 48
minutes, for real estate road map. Okay it’s pretty. Will you just admire my font like no one
knows how to hand write any more of these days, because everyone’s always typing.
This is this is k-k font if you go into the font, Kris Krohn font. Alright so
we’re here to talk about the real estate road map. And what is true is that
everyone is going to have a different map. Okay it’s going to look a little bit
different for everybody. But what I wanted to talk about today are some of
the principles or some of the things that you need to be aware of as you are
creating your real estate road map. So exactly where you want to go. What the
turns? What are the different steps that you need to take in order to begin crushing
it today in real estate. And this looks beautiful and I’m I will try to…. no no no…
I’ll try to write you plenty of real estate. Okay all right, here in this area right
down here. So what I want to talk about is where
you put your money. Most of us are putting our money in our 401ks, we’re
putting money in our IRAs, we’re putting money in maybe some of you are dabbling
and stocks a little bit or or maybe mutual funds, which are a lot of stocks
put together for you, maybe you’re putting your money in insurance or the
mattress or maybe you’re just putting your money under the mattress. But what
you really need to do is get your money to work better for you. So I want to talk
about this first of all and obviously we’re talking about real estate. So if
you were to buy a home, what do you need first off to be able to purchase this
home? Yeah. I’m usually need a little bit of credit, maybe some money. Okay so you
need some credit, I want to put that here with C you also need some money here
with the little money symbols. Alright save me some credit and you
need some money. Now by the way does this credit have to be your own? Nope. Does
this money have to be your own? Heck no. No, so neither of these have to be your
own, but you do need them in order to do real estate so you have to figure that
out. But let’s say you had some money as a matter of fact, let’s just say for a
moment that you were able to save up, create, a little bit of a nest egg of
money. I’m going to call that $35,000. Okay, so let’s say you have $35,000 so maybe
in a 401k or an IRA, maybe equity in a primary residence but somewhere and by
the way you wouldn’t think, “oh I got 35 grand.” Because we’re not trained to think
that money in these places is our money, because it’s not paying you, it’s not
really benefiting you. It’s just there. Yeah, so if you have $35,000 or access to
$35,000. Again, remember it doesn’t have to be your own credit and it doesn’t
have to be your own money. But if you have that $35,000, what do you do with that $35,000 so it’s going to make you the most money? How do you put that
to work for you? So again this is that real estate road map. Well, I will tell you
there are systems out there that can help you take that $35,000 and plug it
into a property. Now, before you go out and just buy any property, Kris, do I
want to go into the million dollar home market? No. Sorry keep going. Do I want to go…
What if I wanted to though go in buy like a five hundred thousand… Okay so
what kind of home do I want to purchase? So Stephen and I, we believe very much
that real estate can be a very very dangerous place unless you have the
right philosophy and the right strategy. So for us, we’re going to give you some
guidelines that we’re going to keep you safe. Buy homes underneath the median.
Right now under two hundred two hundred twenty thousand dollars, is what’s going to
keep you the safest. What that means median point is, that’s where you
have the highest number of people the greatest population that want that house.
So by the way, $220,000 is a sweet spot. You might not live in an area that has a
$220,000 home and that’s okay, because we can show you how to go to those markets
and keep it safe and real. Yeah, so you’re buying homes below the median. You’re doing
a good job keeping me with my arm. Alright thank you. So below the median, a
lot of these areas that means you are buying homes that are in the hundred to
two hundred thousand dollar range .Right. So on average about $150,000. So let’s
say this $35,000 was able to buy you a home that was worth 150 thousand dollars.
Okay, $150,000. Those homes if bought in the right markets, should be able to give
you a cash flow. In other words, you’re putting money in and it should give you
money out. Now what kind of cash flows can we see and help other individuals
see, in the best markets in the nation right now? In the best markets, if you’re
in cash flow markets, you can see 250-300 -$400 a month of cash flow and that’s a
ton compared to the small type of house that you’re actually buying so I’m going to
say 300 to 500. Just somewhere in that range and that’s per month of
cash flow. Now I want to define this real quick because there’s a lot of
people that don’t really understand what cash flow is. Well because we’re putting
money or form 401k on, a 401k don’t pay me. Alright. Put money, my IRA – my IRA
don’t pay me. I try to pay down my house. My house don’t pay me. So most of us
don’t have access to investments that are income producing. Correct. So cash
flow is the money that you receive after all of the expenses are paid. So in other
words, the cash flow on this property this three to five hundred dollars a
month, is going to come to you after you pay the mortgage, after you pay the taxes,
after you pay the insurance. So it’s above and beyond. Above and beyond. All of
that even after you pay your property management company. Alight, so this is
huge. So all of a sudden three to five hundred dollars a month, is going to work
for you. That three hundred, five hundred dollars a month, you’re going to start to
save up. Now if you don’t have to live on that I’m I’m hoping, that you don’t. I’m
hoping this investment it’s just going to work for you, right? Yeah. So if you’re
allowed to if you can you, you take that money and eventually grow it and grow it
and keep on growing this right? Until you can put it into and an other home. This
is kind of cool because let’s say that you have two homes, now you’ve got three
to five hundred dollars a month on each property, but the value on each home is
what also over time. It’s going up over time. If you buy the house with a
fortuitous advantage on equity. That is going ahead and adding to you. Then.
you’re getting the tax benefits. You’re likely on real estate like this going to
actually build up tax credits versus actually owing money because all of that
three to five hundred dollars a month, it’s like, “oh come on Chris, Stephen we
got to pay taxes on that right? Find me five hundred dollars a month that’s six
grand a year per property. I should pay taxes on that. After you take out the
depreciation and I also after you write off the interest and any other business
expenses, most you are not paying any taxes on this money. So we’re talking
about a lot of your portfolio growing tax-free. That is a lot of money. For many
of us, that’s like putting 35% more money in our pocket. And not only that, I
want to go and step further, you can access this money tax-free through 1031
exchange or a cash out refinance that defers the taxes. So now you’re
compounding your money amount. By the way, you got thirty five grand sitting in
this property on top of the next property, now if this property is making
you twenty percent a year. You’re not compounding forty percent a
year on the same money, that’s wild. This is huge. This is the really kind
of basic version of a real estate roadmap. Well, we just wanted to help you
understand. If you’re if you’re getting started, if you’re going in what do you
want to do and what do you want to be looking for. Well there are some very
specific things that you can do and if you’ll follow those turns and and you
know keep on that map, you will see greater financial success in real estate
than almost anything that’s out there. So friends, thank you so much for
watching a road map. It’s really simple. It’s taking underutilized assets even
hidden assets meaning 401ks, IRAs , money you never would have thought you could
put into real estate. And it’s putting it in a new machin.e This machine uses
leverage which amplifies your ROI. This machine is cash flow producing. This
machine also is appreciating, growing. This machine also has tax benefits. You
take those four different profit centers and what ends up
happening over time is they compound here and they come back and two homes
become four homes and four homes become ten homes at ten homes becomes a hundred
homes and before long your real estate has grown into a legacy, an empire that
you get to continue doing goodwill and work on whether you’re alive or not.
Friends, make sure you are on your real estate road map. if you’re like, well Kris
I’m in the learning phase.” Listen accelerate that so that you can get into
the owner phase. Click on my website, learn the different options and let’s
start playing in real estate right now.

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