The Real Estate Agent – Ad – Convo

The Real Estate Agent – Ad – Convo

Max! This is Greg! I’m looking at Kahobe Property. Nice house, right? Yes. It really is… Listen, I’ve got clients here with me who are interested in buying. Ok. What’s the price. What’s the number? Well, they’re not impressed with the landscaping and the kitchen is outdated. The cabinets need renovating– Get to the point. What’s the number? Well. With renovation expenses in mind, I think it’s a nice number … 560? 560… Hey interpreter… do you hear anything in the background? Oh yes. Seem that there are two people talking in the background… Ok. Hold on. Hello. I am going ahead connect the call. This is Max. Hey Max! What’s the offer? I am on the phone with real estate agent with his two clients. They are ready to buy the house. But their offer is low. It’s 560. 560? But we want 600. I completely agree with you. But I have a feeling that I can raise to 575. And that price is way above comp, the one we have been discussed before. So that price definitely looks good. Well, we need to sell the home as soon as possible. Um, yeah. We’ll accept that offer. Yeah? Come on. 560 is too low. My client is not in any hurry to sell. I can do this all the way. So, when you have a better offer, you call me. Ok? I need to go. Wait, wait. Give me a second. Seem that he is running and out of breathing. They’s willing to go up to 575…

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  1. GREAT vlog and editing!!!

  2. I really am imprassed! Great hard work!

  3. Champ Ad!!

  4. AWESOME and Meaningful as ALWAYS!!!

  5. WHOA! Greater AD. . Keep ON still different issue in ad.

  6. Love your creative ads!

  7. Fantastic!!! LOVE IT.

  8. What an amazing video!! Congrats Convo!! Keep them coming!

  9. 2 of you done a good job as terps keep it up!

  10. Great advertisement!

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