The Private Residential Tenancy

The Private Residential Tenancy

If you’re a landlord in Scotland, you
need to be aware of a significant change that’s been made to the law. From December the 1st 2017 all new tenancies in Scotland will last until a tenant
wishes to leave the property, or a landlord uses one of
18 grounds for eviction. For tenants this means improved security,
stability and predictability, whilst landlords lenders and investors
will benefit from new safeguards. Any disputes over tenancies will be heard by the housing and property chamber of the first tier tribunal for Scotland. If you already rent a property out, the change won’t affect you until the current tenancy agreement comes to an end and don’t forget anyone renting out a
property in Scotland needs to be registered with the council. Failing to
do this is a criminal offence. To help landlords and tenants, the government has produced a model tenancy agreement which will include standardised tenancy terms. Visit the Scottish Government website
to download the model agreement and find out more about the private residential tenancy. For further help and support

2 thoughts on “The Private Residential Tenancy

  1. So what is the safeguards for Landlords? Seems like we are fed to the dogs…. Cannot remove them unless court action is involved. Nowhere to go if the tenant does not pay the rent. The tenant is supported for free all the way along the line – the landlord has to pay through the nose. I know we can go to court but that means nothing except you get a bit of paper in your hand saying soandso owes you x amount. No chance of enforcement. Wonderful to be part of a democracy which places its straitjacket on one side only of the bargain.

  2. How does this benefit new landlords? I'm looking to buy to let, finance after 6 months and buy to sell etc and if I can't get a tenant out after a certain period so I can update and sell If I choose that particular property, I'm struggling to see the logic in signing up to this in Scotland? I wouldn't kit a house out the same as a rental as I would as a home for someone. What's going on ?

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