The premier marketing agency for Real Estate Agents: Radio and Television Experts

The premier marketing agency for Real Estate Agents:  Radio and Television Experts

– Hi, I’m Matt Wagner,
the founder and president of Radio and Television Experts. And I have a few important
questions for you. #1. Do you want to be
the most recognized agent in your market so that when people think about selling their home,
they already know you, like you and trust you? #2. Would you like to create a business that can run without you, one
that can actually allow you to spend quality time with your family and things that are important to you? #3. What if you could create a business that was actually sellable,
that with the right pieces in place, you could sell
it for over seven figures? Over the last decade, my
amazing team and I have worked hard to build the top
brands in the US and Canada by using unique marketing systems that are unduplicatable and
have helped people build teams out to such a degree
that they’ve been able to go on vacations, spend
time with their children, be able to do things that
are very important to them and some have even been able
to sell their businesses for seven figures or better. – We’re going on our sixth year with RATE. We’ve grown from $625,000 a year in GCI to this year we’re closing
on $9 million in GCI. – Partnering with RATE
really helped me build a team and a culture that is unbelievable. It’s allowed me to take a
step back, remove myself from the business, not go out
on every single appointment and spend time with my daughter. – Pre RATE I had one
buyer’s agent and one admin and we probably did 25
to 30 million in sales. Today we have 10 buyer’s
agents, four listing partners, four ISAs, 10 admin and we’re on pace to do just shy of 200 million in sales. – We have grown now very
rapidly from 15 million and this year we’re
doing over $200 million. – This will be our best year on record. We’re gonna be about
110 million in volume, a little over 380
transactions and zero percent of that with REO, short
sales or foreclosures, all traditional business. And it’s not only helped
me make the big life that I want to have and meet
my goals, but I’ve been able to help other team
members meet their goals and live big lives and
I’m just so grateful that I took that call from
Matt Wagner six years ago. – So what specifically does
Radio and Television Experts do for you? We don’t use a cookie cutter approach. Our approach has won the
respect and partnership of some of the most powerful people. – I think the ultimate, if
you sort of say the pyramid of what you can use on the
radio, the ultimate pyramid are the big personalities who
are by the way, influencers, the new word for ’em. And what they are is they’re your friend. They’re your companion. Of course that’s word of mouth. And if you’ve got a
connection with those people, it’s very powerful. – When you invest in advertising,
you literally have seconds to grab someone’s attention,
make them stop, look and listen. Otherwise if not done right, they move on and you have just lost tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. – I had wanted to be part of
advertising with WHO radio from the time that I first joined RATE. But it was tremendously
expensive and difficult to get endorsements with Van and Bonnie, the personalities that we were targeting. I give full credit to RATE
because of their relationship that they have with iHeart. The manager for our local
station was like, we’re gonna do what we won’t do for
other local endorsements because we’re not looking at just this. We’re looking at all that
RATE brings to the table. – I had no idea how complex
it was with buying radio and buying TV. And that’s where the
experience and reference points of RATE comes in. – Why in the world would
you try to do it on your own ’cause we know as real
estate agents, all the stuff happening behind the
scenes to get deals done that our client has no idea about. And I’m 100% certain it’s
the same way with RATE. – I grew up in Chicago
and that was the heartland of great radio talent. So I learned at a very young age the power that a personality can
have impacting a listener. – It’s not just impactful, it’s brilliant. I mean celebrity endorsement
is what makes the difference because it’s not your
regular standard advertising that everybody else uses. It makes you different. It sets you up quite a few levels. – When they see me on
TV, when they’ve heard me on radio, it creates a lift. – Glenn Beck endorsed me. Everything I say, they think is gold. It’s wonderful. – Whether it’s radio,
television, movie theaters, digital advertising, we spend
considerable time researching who’s the best personality in your market. What’s the best station? What’s the right message
that we should use? And we take all of that in
consideration and base it on literally thousands of commercials that we’ve written and
produced to make sure that we have the exact right
message for your market so that you can maximize
your investment dollars besides aligning ourselves
with a television superstar in the category of real estate. – I got to ask Matt the hard questions. Take a look at the agents he worked with and I could see they all
ranked among the top agents in their markets. These were agents that I would have hired at the Corcoran Group and
I only hired the best. – We’ve also consulted
with the smartest minds of TV management around the
country so we can figure out the proven strategies that work the best to scale someone from medium frequency to high frequency and see what’s
the most effective approach to make the most money. – Having the exclusive
endorsements, like Barbara Corcoran, is extremely valuable. It’s something that’s completely
unique and exclusive to us. – When you have a third-party endorsement from somebody as highly
respected as Barbara Corcoran, I’m telling you, your phone is gonna ring. – It’s instant credibility. So when you say hey we
endorse or they have seen the Barbara ad or they’ve
heard us with Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity, it’s instant credibility. – Barbara Corcoran for
us has been a great step. That endorsement, that
recommendation has gone a long way for us but we also leverage it
across every possible market, not just TV, not just our radio. We put it everywhere. – By having Barbara’s
endorsement, our whole marketing program is enhanced
significantly, when someone sees our signs, any of our online tools, they hear our name it’s just magnified. And so it’s an intangible but
it has a significant return on your investment. – By taking that call six
years ago, Matt has not only changed my life and everyone in my team, but has helped me achieve
my goals that I would not be where I am today without Matt Wagner. – RATE has helped us break into markets that we never thought we
would be able to break into. And not only break into
those markets but thrive. – I can honestly say, and
I say it all the time, Matt Wagner changed my life. That one phone call, I thank god every day that I answered the phone. I picked it up and then I pursued it. – What if you could convert
even five to 10 to 20% more than you’re doing right now. That could mean tens even
hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket. Our digital marketing division consults with Google, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, all the leading companies
in digital media space to make sure that we
cannot only reach people where they are on radio
or TV, movie theaters but most importantly on the phone. – I was super excited when RATE announced that they were launching RATE Digital. I knew that retargeting in
online, online billboards and online presence was
really, really important. But I didn’t know how to do it. I also didn’t know a company
that had it figured out for real estate. – Our digital marketing
manager, Chris Tamm was not only a client of ours, but built
the number one team in Denver. He was also a partner on
one of the leading website companies in the real estate space. Over the years Chris has
spent millions of dollars experimenting in all the
right areas to market on the internet. So this will save you time,
energy and most importantly, a lot of money experimenting
to see what works and what doesn’t work. – As consumer behavior
has changed and evolved and more people are
spending more time online, or even if they see
us, they’re googling us to look us up, having RATE
Digital has been a huge boost. It’s allowed us really to
connect it all together. – What we know about radio today
is that it is the one thing that sort of ties digital
together with TV together with direct mail, together
with in-person meetings, that it all sounds like
the same, ’cause it’s the conversation that pulls it together. We do talk about TV commercials. We do talk about a search for something. We do talk about the experience we had. And if you can blend that
together, you get something very special. – The scene of the real estate
world is changing every day. Are you adapting to change
or are you scared of change? At Radio and Television
Experts, we embrace change. We’re constantly looking
at the cutting edge of what’s coming, how can
we maximize opportunities that exist right now. Because people aren’t taking advantage of certain opportunities. We not only study them, we maximize them and we revolutionize them. We’ve often been imitated but
we’ve never been duplicated. And the fact that we have
helped more agents net over a million dollars in trackable
gross commission income than any company in the world. – If you want to get to a certain level, you have to join the right group. They’re going to get you over that hump and that’s exactly what they did for us. – If you’re thinking of joining
RATE, I would say do it. Jump in, jump in with both
feet and it’ll be a ride of a lifetime. I mean to think we were doing 30 million and now we’re on pace
to do over 200 million in five years, I mean that’s
pretty astonishing growth and that is truly a testament
to the power of RATE. – We would love to help
you become a member of our family. If you qualify and if
your market is available, we would love to have a further interview to see if we’re the right fit for you and we would love to see you
experience the game-changing effect that so many
agents that are the top of their industry, the top of their market and the top of the world have experienced.

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