The Portofino | Master Suite | 101 Residential

Okay, so master suite. I mean straight up, wow. What’s going on here? Okay. Oh, look at that. Right, so this whole wall is just glazing. So you get that massive
light coming through. Opens up the whole bedroom and we have louvres. So controlled ventilation. And looking back this way, already, what an awesome entry into the en suite. I can see the polished
tile theme coming through. I mean, look what’s going on here. Pretty cool, aye? And cavity slider. Optimising space, let’s
do a cavity slider. Very nice. Look at this guys. Do you like that? I can’t get over the finish of that. This is all very new. Okay, so before we go into the en suite, we’ve got the walk-in robe, this side. So let’s have a look. Really, really good shape. It’s a good full measure size. Cabinetry all the way
around to the perimeter. Look at this. Wow. Look at that. His and hers shoe racks. Behind a mirrored door. Very nice. Love the LED inlay. So that’ll give you that ambient light. I mean all black, it’s
very, very dramatic. Okay, so into the en suite. Look at this full height tiling. I love the exposed concrete tiling. My eye’s drawn over to here. Double shower. Look at that full width there. Good measure niche. Down to that seamless
floor into the shower. So there’s no glass. Nothing to clean. Very modern. And I walk around here
and they’ve put a slider. Look at that. So light and ventilation. And what they’ve done here, very clever, beautiful little private courtyard. I mean where are we? We could be in Bali. How cool’s that? And look at the bath, freestanding bath. Have you ever seen a bath like that? Just matching the whole
theme in this en suite. Very clever designing. Look at the tap wear here. How cool’s that? It’s just absolutely stunning. I mean, the whole brief was here, I think was it’s time to show off. And by geez, they’re doing that. Full measure his and her vanity bench top. Look at this, slab ends here. Cabinetry, look at the drawers. And I’ll stand back here and there’s something else going on here. What’ve we got? I’m guessing cabinetry behind the mirrors. Let’s go. Yep. Come on. His and hers cabinetry. I mean he’s got all his
shaving, aftershave. Makeup, perfume on this side. So there’s just no fights. And then off to our left here, the toilet. Again, continuing with
the full height tiling. Just stunning. It’s really exciting stuff. And we’ve got in here, the timber shutters for
the window dressing. Very cool.

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