The Man Who Owns The Moon? | Ear Biscuits

The Man Who Owns The Moon? | Ear Biscuits

– I’m gonna talk to you guys about people who have gamed the system. (funky upbeat music) This is about a man named Dennis Hope who claims to be the richest
man in the solar system. He’s also known as The Moon Man. (Rhett snort-laughs)
– The Moon Man? – You guys are gonna love this. I had to check to check so many
times, is this really real? (Rhett laughs)
So many times, I couldn’t believe it.
– You went to Snopes? – I went to Snopes, I
went everywhere, man. – The richest man in the universe? – The richest man in the solar system. – The solar system is still pretty big. – It is big, and here’s why. Okay, as far as he’s concerned, Dennis Hope, he owns most of it. – Hmm, okay.
– And they explain why. In the early 1980s, Dennis was
unemployed for about a year and he thought he’d be
a good property owner and he’d make a good
living in real estate. – Mm hmm.
– So he looked out his window and he saw what looked like a
pretty big piece of property that nobody owned, which was the moon. – The moon!
(all laughing) – Yes, so–
– You know what? Hmm, lotta real estate up
there, lotta opportunity. – He remembered, he had taken
a political science course in college, back in his college days. – That’s all it takes. You take one, you think
you know everything. – He remembered that, remember
I mentioned to you guys the United Nations Outer Space Treaty? – Mm hmm.
– Yes. – So this is a 1967 treaty that said no country could own the moon, but it said nothing about individuals. – Ooh, loophole!
– So he thought, “There’s my loophole!” So he jumped in that
loophole, he wrote a letter to the United Nations
saying the moon was his. He didn’t even ask for permission. – He declared it.
– He declared the moon his and he asked them, the government– – To send him a plaque.
– Pretty much. He said “You need to provide
me with a legal reason “why an individual could not
claim ownership of the moon,” and he never heard back.
– Hmmm. – That was all he needed.
– Yeah. I’m with him on this.
– Here’s a quote. “I sent the United Nations
a declaration of ownership “detailing my intent to
subdivide and sell the moon “and have never heard back.” – He’s gonna make subdivisions up there. – He is going to, he did, man. – Cul-de-sac.
– The Lunar Estates. – (laughs) Yes, you’re
actually not far off. There’s a loophole in the treaty, it does not apply to individuals, so he started a business
called The Lunar Embassy. (laughter) I have to show you this website, man. – The Lunar Embassy?
– He is the CEO. He’s the CEO, which is not
Chief Executive Officer, it’s Celestial Executive Officer. – Yeah, of course it is. – [Kevin] The President of
the Galactic Government, AKA The Head Cheese, of The Lunar Embassy. There’s a website for this, man! – Dang, boy!
– So he’s still active? – He’s still active! This is gonna blow your mind. Here’s what it says when
you go to the website. – It’s a pretty good website, too. – [Kevin] “Welcome to the computer center “of the Lunar Embassy, the
leaders in extraterrestrial “real estate and the
only company in the world “to be recognized to possess
a legal basis for selling “and registering
extraterrestrial properties!” – Well, who is he recognized by? Recognized himself.
– Well, hold on. Let’s break this down.
– Yes, please. – First of all, the first
three words, welcome to what? – “The computer center
of the Lunar Embassy.” – Okay, the computer center?
– Yes. – He doesn’t understand how websites work. – That’s a website.
– Yes, yes! – How’s he s’posed to know
anything about real estate if he doesn’t know what a website is? – Well, maybe that’s what
they call it on the moon. You don’t know–
– The computer center. – The computer center
could, website could’ve, maybe it won out, but
maybe computer center was the next best thing?
– Welcome to– – Think of something better than website that’s not computer center.
– Yeah. (laughing) I can’t, man.
– Inter, internet– – Internet spot?
– Spot, yeah. – Yeah.
– Computer center, man! – It gets better, guys. “If you are looking for an
extraterrestrial property, “you have come to the right place! “This really is the cheapest
real estate in the universe! “And if you think this
must be a really good joke, “please know that it is not.”
– It’s a really bad joke. – [Kevin] “For more info, go to “the ‘What’s it all about?’ section.” – He sells it by the acre? What does he do? – He sells it, there’s
a Buy section on this. Right here, Buy Now, he has moon property, Mars property, Venus property. He’s got Mercury property, he’s got– – So he moved on to every planet in the solar system.
– Yes. – Now, does he say he owns all of it and he’s subdividing it, or is he, does he give a little for the scientists? – He does, actually.
– Good for him. – Yeah, he does give a little. – Yeah, room for the computer centers. – Yeah, he has spaces
set aside just for them. – Scientist centers?
– Yes. – And then, okay.
– Set aside just for those guys.
– What’s the price? – Okay, so today’s price
is $24.99 for an acre. – Holy Crap!
– That sounds cheap! – This is like gettin’ in on–
– The ground floor! – The frickin’ Old West, man!
– Serious. – Like, this is like goin’ inta Texas, like 200 years ago and buyin’ 10,000 acres and then being a baron. We could be barons right now.
– Yes. – It’s pretty barren.
(laughter) – Has, I wonder if anyone has given this guy money?
– Yeah. I mean, what’s this guy’s revenue? – I’m about to blow your
guys’ minds here in a second. – You know what, listen, okay. This dude has created an
opportunity for stupid people to give him money, that is
what they call business, man! (laughter)
– Yes! – You know, that’s just
another way to say business. (Rhett laughing)
– Yes. To date, and this is, I
think this article I read is a little bit old, so it’s
probably more than this, he’s sold more than 600
million acres of land. – (laughs) No!
– Yes! – No, no, no, no, no, no.
– Yes. – 600 million acres?
– 600 million acres of land. On the moon.
– But you know who’s buyin it? That guy with the ATM card.
– Yeah, that’s– – This just seems, this can’t be real. – It is, you know who else his, I’m gonna tell you three of his customers are former Presidents
of the United States. George HW Bush, Jimmy
Carter, and Ronald Reagan. – No, okay.
– What? No.
– This can’t, no. This, I’d, no.
– How, how? – [Kevin] It’s real, man. – Kevin, how do you know this is real? – I have looked up deep into this guy and everything I’m finding of him is real. They made a, I think they
made a documentary on this guy or other people that
were related to the moon, and he talks about it, you
can see it all on his website. There’s a Add, you can go to his website, buy an acre, and add it to a cart. You can add an acre of Moon
to a cart on his website! – But how do we know that the– – Just ’cause there’s a cart?
– So when you went to Snopes– – Yeah?
– What did they say? – Snopes comes up with another couple that was trying to do the same thing. Similar, but they, but
their story wasn’t true. This guy’s story, everything, okay, this, you Google this guy, and it comes up on like, lemme see–
– Is he the one that said it was 600,000, 600 million acres? Because that means that this guy’s one of the richest people in the world. – He’s got like, made over
$9 million doing this. – Now that sounds somewhat reasonable. – Yeah. – But not really, but okay.
– So, he– – That he’s made $9 million?
– Yeah, you’re right. Now the 600 million doesn’t make sense. Acres, that would be, unless it was back to what you said about
giving chunks of it away. – I mean, he may have given
people a different deal. – Yeah, which is what I think it was. But when you look him up,
he comes up on all kinds of articles, US News, Vice did
an article, New York Times, like he’s on every mainstream– – Articles say the 9 million figure? – Yeah, that, I think it was
maybe Vice I read that from. $9 million, this guy’s made.
– What? – It’s crazy, man, so–
– Where does he live? – I’m not sure.
– Which planet? – (laughs) He’s got space on
the moon, that’s for sure. So, he once said that he sold
a country-size plot of land, 2.6 million acres, for $250,000. And he said that the
largest property for sale is a continent-size piece of property, 5 million acres, which costs $13 million. He hasn’t sold that yet,
or any of those yet. – But who, okay, so, if
you’ve got $250,000 to spend, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily smart, but it means that you’re
not real dumb, right? So– – It’s one of those things that, like, in the future, when we’re
colonizing other planets, well, let’s go past that. Once planets are colonized, if you then, like, I went there to visit and
you introduced me to someone and you said “This is”
what’s the guy’s name? – His name is Dennis Hope.
– “Dennis Hope! “He’s the guy who owns most of this,” or, no, “He’s the guy who owns a big plot “on a lot of different places.” It’s not all of it, but
I could see how this guy would be able to finagle his way in to whenever that does happen in the future, somehow because of these
exercises now, it does pay off. But I’m very suspicious that
anything’s paid off right now. – He’ll be, he’ll be dead, probably. – No no no, there’s all
the cryogenic technology and, um, you know —
– Because that’s real as well. – Here’s the Vice article. So, they asked him “How much
land have you sold for?” He said “Well, this is the
only job I’ve had since 1995, “which is when I started
do this full-time. “We’ve sold 611 million
acres of land on the moon, “325 million acres on Mars, and a combined “125 million acres on Venus and
Mercury,” and he also said– – You can’t live on Venus and Mercury. – I know.
– You can’t live any of these places.
– No, you can’t. – But, I mean, Mars and the moon are slightly better candidates.
– Right. – He thinks he’s gonna prove you wrong. He’s banking on people, literally, who think they’re gonna prove you wrong. – But logistically, the way
that it will work, right? So, countries will claim, and what is the status
of the moon right now in terms of, I mean,
I know that, you know, we put an American flag up there. – Well, the UN thing applies to that. Everyone agreed in the United Nations that countries can’t own it.
– Yes, and there was a representative.
– So the world owns it? – Yeah, a representative
from International Institute of Space Law at the
United Nations, they said the United Nations never responded because the treaty applies to both
countries and it’s citizens and they basically said what he’s doing is just selling them pieces of paper. – Yeah, definitely.
– Well, of course. Yeah, and they didn’t
want to give him credence with a response, I mean,
like “No you won’t!” – This is like those
sovereign citizen people. – Right.
– “Oh no you won’t!” – There’s a lot of ’em,
you know about this? – Yeah.
– They’re like “The law “doesn’t apply to me because
I’m a sovereign citizen.” Watch, Google “sovereign
citizens owned by police” or, you will be entertained because if you are in that particular country and you’re violating the
law, you will still suffer the consequences of violating the law, regardless of what your perspective is. Which is what’s gonna happen to this guy. – What do you mean “owned by police”? Like–
– Like people doing something, being pulled over, and
saying, the cop asks them for their license and
registration, and they say “I don’t have to give that to you. “I’m not subject to the
laws of this country. “I’m a sovereign citizen,”
and then basically the cops are like–
– The cop now owns him. – “You’re subject to the
effect of this taser,” you know?
– Okay. – So–
– But– – I just misunderstood
what you meant by owned by the police.
– Pwned, I shoulda used pwned. – Yeah.
– But it’s 2017, so I didn’t. – I thought you were saying that you want me to find out
about sovereign lands that policemen own.
– Yeah. (Kevin laughs) – That’s also gonna be very
interesting for me later. – But, I mean, how, I
don’t, haven’t thought about this at all, I just know that, like, you know, Elon Musk is well on his way to having something on Mars, right? I mean, which, I don’t even
know how I feel about it, but I think eventually,
like 1,000 years from now, whatever, it’s inevitable,
right, that there’ll be some sort of presence on–
– It seems inevitable and I will bet you a lot of Bitcoin that that guy will be one of ’em. Somehow, he’ll be on there.
– No. No, you know how–
– He’ll get in on it. – You know how he’ll be honored? They will like, somebody
who, maybe somebody who listened to this Ear Biscuit who becomes some sort of scientist and then writes in down somewhere. That’s the only way somebody’s
gonna find out about it now. – Yeah. (laughs) Somebody’s gonna, as an homage– – Gonna name a county?
– As an homage to this guy– – A moon county?
– Is gonna name something after him, but that is his best hope. – Right.
– That is his best hope. Best possible scenario for this guy. – I think his best hope was that he’s made a lot of money now.
– Like get rich, get rich now. – Yeah.
– Which is– – Yeah.
– It’s like he tapped into the greatest gag gift of all time. (funky upbeat music) – [Rhett] To hear this Ear
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