The Latest On The Hayden Panettiere Scandal

The Latest On The Hayden Panettiere Scandal

Nashville star Hayden Panettiere began dating
real estate agent Brian Hickerson in the summer of 2018. The relationship reportedly started after
Hickerson, quote, “saved” her from swarming paparazzi. Almost immediately, the pair started making
headlines for all the wrong reasons. Now, the newest reports say that Panettiere
plans to relocate across the country just to get away from him. The problems seemed to start for Panettiere
and Hickerson back in November of 2018. According to a report in Us Weekly from that
month, police in Greenville, South Carolina, responded to a domestic assault call at the
home of Hickerson’s father. One of the responding officers claimed to
have witnessed Hickerson chasing his father through the kitchen of the residence. His father reportedly appeared to have blood
on his face when officers arrived. Before entering the residence, officers were
greeted at the door by Hayden Panettiere herself, whom officers described as being in a frantic
state. The official police report stated that both
Panettiere and Hickerson admitted that they’d been drinking that night; according to one
of the responding officers, “[They] were adamant that they were fine and
did not need our assistance.” All of this happened just months after the
pair were first linked. Ten days after that incident, friends and
family of the former Heroes star allegedly aired their concerns. According to Us Weekly, one unnamed source
said those close to Panettiere believed that the relationship was, quote, “not a healthy
situation.” That same month, however, Hickerson told Access
the exact opposite: “Just to be clear, Hayden’s friends and family
are not worried about her at all. Hayden is happy and healthy and so is our
relationship. That is all I will comment on so please respect
my privacy.” Unfortunately, it seems as though the fears
allegedly suffered by Panettiere’s friends and family weren’t unfounded after all. On May 3, 2019, TMZ reported that Hickerson
was arrested for domestic violence in Hollywood after an argument between the pair took a
physical turn. He was charged for felony domestic violence
and released on $50,000 bond. According to Radar Online, Hickerson allegedly
struck her three separate times in the face over the course of two days. Panettiere’s alleged injuries included a bloody
nose, multiple bruises all over her body, and a bite wound. A source told People at the time: “Hayden knows Brian has a bad temper and can
be controlling, but there is an extreme attraction to it. […] Those close to Hayden are more worried
than ever about this and his temper. But Hayden is taken with him. She thinks he is what she needs in her life
now.” Repeated calls from family and friends urging
to Panettiere break it off with Hickerson have allegedly fallen on deaf ears. A source told People that her inner circle
really wants her to leave Hickerson, and are baffled why she hasn’t been able to end this
relationship. The source said: “Her friends and family have been worried
about her for quite a while, and things seem to have gotten worse. She needs to do some soul-searching […] It’s
a sad situation.” Panettiere’s personal life will apparently
continue to get dragged into the spotlight, because in July 2019, Brian Hickerson hired
high-profile lawyer Shawn Holley to represent him, Radar Online reported. The famous lawyer has represented the likes
of O.J. Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian over the years, so we can expect that this
case will be tabloid fodder as it continues to unfold. “It’s very difficult for me to leave my house
without being followed or harassed.” Luckily, according to a source speaking to
Radar Online in August, 2019, Panettiere is removing herself from Hickerson with plans
to relocate across the country to New York City. The source explained: “After all the drama and public attention
in L.A., she wants to leave all the bad memories behind. […] Hayden loves New York. She is comfortable there, and grew up around
there.” The move may also turn out to have an extra
silver lining for Panettiere. As Radar Online noted, a New York address
would make it easier for the star to visit her daughter Kaya, who lives in Europe with
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  2. Hopefully Hayden is ok. No one deserves domestic abuse.

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  4. Have mercy, y’all. I’ll never understand the need to put your hands on someone else out of anger or spite.

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  16. I honestly had no idea any of this happened. I hope Hayden manages to get out of this situation!

  17. Why would you report that she's moving to NY to get away from an abusive controlling ex? Ex's can fly too. He'll just go to her. Reporting like this is dangerous and BESIDES I might as well read the story on Radar Online since that's the only source you kept citing.

  18. These two needs to break up because thier relationship is toxic


    On the other hand… is it easier to see her daughter in EUROPE by living in New York?! Lmao….I don't see the connection.
    And WHY doesn't SHE have her daughter??!!

  20. Poor Vlad she left him for this douche…

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  26. "Hayden knows Brian has a bad temper and can be controlling but there's an extreme attraction to it." sis…. no….. this is how women end up dead.

  27. Greenville Sc has one of the highest domestic violence rates in the USA. I feel bad for her.

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  31. Abusers isolate their victims.
    All predators do. Hope she can make a clean break.

  32. See, it doesn’t matter how much money u have, u can still be an ABUSER😬🥵
    I had my fair share and u cannot tell just by looking at them. Mine happened to be Big Guys so it was ruff

  33. I want to know who all these "anonymous sources" are.
    Is it you?

  34. I am honestly hoping that Ms. Panettiere gets the help she needs and deserves. I have to wonder why the daughter is not with her mother, though. Yes, it is stereotypical for the mother to have legal custody of the children following a break-up, but it is certainly not unheard of for the father to have custody. I am just curious as to WHY that is…

  35. Nicki S…..The story is why doesn't she have her child?????

  36. she's under the D influence .. no doubt

  37. theres pathetic dumbasses that stay together just because of gossip and nosey fukkrs and cause their embarrassed either by choice of one or both the unhappiness and infidelity continues it gets worse even leading to much much 🗡🔫🚬🔪

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  47. I was wondering why such a talented, obviously smart (per career choices), beautiful woman would end up in that kind of relationship. Then I heard the last bit. She doesn't have her child with her. Kind of hard not to beat yourself up (or let someone else do it) when a big part of your life is missing. I pray that she gets away from him and seeks help and love elsewhere and may she get close enough to be around her daughter.

  48. Hickerson better watch himself cos Vladimir Kilitschko will hit him so hard his head will fly off his shoulders!! 🥊💀

  49. I want to know why she’s not with her child? Why is her child halfway across the world in another country? As a mother I couldn’t live with that.

  50. I love you, Beth Cooper!

  51. Empathetic people are frequently drawn to sociopaths. It's a sad fatal attraction that says a lot about the condition of humanity

  52. Nicki Swift, great video! Enjoy your Wednesday! 💯🙏🙌

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  60. A bite wound ? This doesn't sound like domestic abuse, more like some kinky stuff they're into

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  62. All the comments here asking why the daughter is not with Hayden… Judge Judy said fathers aren't second class parents, and I stand by that ruling.

  63. Wow. If you are attracted, and "drawn" to men that beat your ass – YOU have a serious problem!! SMH.
    I'll never understand why some women see this as an act of "love".
    She even lost custody of her daughter because of her issues with drugs, and because she chose this violent asshole over her own daughter!! Thats another thing I'll never understand. As a mom, HOW do you choose a man that beats your ass, over your own daughter! SMH!
    A man (boy actually) only ever laid a hand on me ONCE. I was 18, he punched me in my jaw, I hit him right back with my curling iron because I was holding it at the time fixing my hair, I broke his collar bone. I then left the house, and NEVER looked back. A man will NEVER lay a hand on me!
    Y'all girls need to RUN at the very first sign of violent behavior.

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    I remember watching her on Guiding Lights. All this just is sad.

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    If you stay they start to think they own you and it gets more dangerous to leave.

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