The ‘Full House’ When Cigarettes Were Cool And Steph Was A Loser

The ‘Full House’ When Cigarettes Were Cool And Steph Was A Loser

(light music) – [Narrator] Steph is having
a junior high clothes crisis. It’s so bad she’s consulting
that tie for fashion advice. Two weeks into 6th grade,
Steph has zero friends. But I’m sure this outfit
will turn things around. – Just be cool, and most importantly, don’t let them smell your fear. – [Narrator] Don’t shit your pants. Always great advice. Stephanie struggles to dry her hands, forgetting she’s wearing
a king size bed sheet. She remedies the situation
by dragging toilet paper across the nasty floor. A cool 7th grader named Mickey
bathroom befriends here. Steph offers a wet handshake. Run, Mickey! It’ll only get worse. Joey and Jesse have a teen advice segment on their radio show. Who the fuck cares? Steph brings home a real live
friend, and Danny is elated! Until–
– Can I get you anything? – How ’bout a note to get
me out of gym tomorrow? I’m kidding. (laughing) I write my own notes. – [Narrator] Dad alarms going off. – She showed me how to get free donuts from the teacher’s lounge. – [Narrator] Dad alarms intensifying. Can she stay for dinner? Sure. – Thanks, but it’s my turn to
make dinner for me and Janet. – Your sister?
– My mother. – [Narrator] Dad alarms Code Red. – Isn’t she cool, Danny? – [Narrator] Dad alarms
through the goddamn roof. He says, Mickey seems
dangerous, a synonym for cool. Steph gets aggro-defensive
about this person she met three seconds ago, and yells, Danny doesn’t know her, something they both have in common. Mickey’s helping Steph
with some 19-year-old, single mother makeup, when
Kelly, Gia, and Lisa stroll in. Steph says some dorky, awkward,
loser shit nobody likes. Classic Steph. They start talking about how they want to bang the math teacher. – Check out the bod on
that new math teacher. – [Narrator] And offer Steph a smoke. Oh, snap! How will she react? Bah, cigarettes, bah! She politely declines with some dorky, awkward loser shit nobody likes. Classic Steph. Mickey vouches for Steph,
so Gia says, hang with her, but Mickey’s more addicting
to smooth menthol flavor than Stephanie at this
particular juncture. Steph stomps in and
hits friend rock bottom with these dumb tots playing a card game they’re making up as they go along. Hey, where’s Mickey? Danny wanted to drug test her
hair when she wasn’t looking. What’s with all the questions, Dad? Steph is outta here. Okay, now she’s at friend rock bottom. She asks the twins if
this makes her look cool. It doesn’t. Nothing does. Aunt Becky returns, and Steph wafts away her imaginary smoke. She’s a moron, and Becks tries to help by telling Steph about her childhood, but only makes her feel worse, because she’s always been hot, therefore, life has always been awesome. The teen advice show
gets a call from Olga. It’s Steph doing a bad impression of a foreign exchange
student being peer pressured. – What you call, cigarettes? – [Narrator] They take turns
telling her smoking sucks and is gross, and welcome to America. Great radio show. Danny recognized Olga’s voice. He’s proud Steph bravely
chose not being cool, something she was previously
doing involuntarily. – Why does she have to smoke? – [Narrator] It makes you
look cool and it’s something to do with your hands. Next question. Steph doesn’t know what to
do next time she sees Mickey. Avoid eye contact? Invite her to the Netflix spinoff
for an episode about meth? – You just hang in there, ’cause believe it or not, it gets easier. – [Narrator] A lie for anyone
who has ever hung in there. Mickey and the gals find
Steph in the crapper. Gia talks smack, Step talks it back. – You want a smoke? Oh, that’s right. You quit. – Yeah, I guess I’m just
a big fan of breathing. (Mickey laughing) – [Narrator] Mickey must’ve
blazed one before homeroom, because that was not funny. Gia dips, but Mickey’s staying
behind with her friend. And we do see Mickey again,
because she gave up smoking and replaced it with talking
about banging the math teacher. – Did you see what Mr. Lucas was wearing? – [Narrator] So what did we learn today? Anyone your dorky dad doesn’t
like is 100% confirmed cool, and cigarettes are gross
and bad, but also cool, plus something to do with your hands. Kind of a fair trade. And you don’t need to
smoke to have friends. But if you need friends who don’t smoke, you’ll wind up hanging with Stephanies. See you next time on “A
Very Special Episode.”

100 thoughts on “The ‘Full House’ When Cigarettes Were Cool And Steph Was A Loser

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  16. That is not even surprising,one girl in my school is 7th grade and she even have a boyfriend from highschool when she was 5th grade and EVEN had a sex with someone idk. The boys in 8th were smoking weed too.

  17. It's shows like Full house that made me wanna smoke to begin with.

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    Lol family guy episode with stewie smoking Eldorado cigarettes

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  21. tbf smoking is pretty cool

  22. It that one girl Jennifer Gardner?

  23. I tried smoking for the first time at a 9th grade kegger. I was transferring in to a new school, and was nervous about making new friends. Not 30 minutes later, I started making out with the hottest girl in school, including copious amounts of hands massaging the sexual organs. I let the boys smell my fingers, and my status rose from ignored new kid to god in acid-washed jeans in 0.04 seconds. Thank you, smoking!!!

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    Because she killed suicide.

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  77. How is it bad that she goes home to cook for her mom? I think that shows responsibility.

  78. This perception of smokers as cool is so strange to me, I'm not surprised if it's like that in Europe, and I know it used to be like that in the U.S. But all the smokers in my HS class were considered the losers. They were the poorer students, and also the ones failing all their classes and who didn't go to college.

  79. I discovered your videos a few days ago, and I'm totally in love. Very true, very funny. I miss a few words sometimes, because you speak really fast, but it's okay. Thanks ! A brand new subscriber. A french one, for the matter. 😉

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  89. When i was in JUNIOR HIGH school, in the mid 70's, a lot of us kids talked shit about sex, but were as pure as the driven snow! Most of us weren't smoking yet either! 😂

  90. Very funny narration

  91. When I went into secondary (high) school, I was all prepared to get peer pressured into doing drugs and shit. I wasnt offered weed until about yr 10 and I smoked that shit down with NO coercion. All that happened was I had a chill afternoon with my friends giggling at clouds and shit and when my mum clocked that I was high all she said was "I hope you didnt do too much and didnt come home by yourself". My brain didnt melt, i didnt immediately escalate to crack, I dont even smoke weed except at the odd party. I didnt start screaming "IM SO EXCITED! IM SO EXCITED! IM SO…SCAAAAARRREEED!!! 😭😭😭" (still the cringest shit ive ever heard.)

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    Now I get to enjoy a life earned after school and work… She has a few kids, all different dads, and she lets parents and boys pay for things. No thanks. I like my freedom and not shooting out babies like they are slot machine jackpots.

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