The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava

Carl… Carl! Dude what the hell man Be careful be careful! (Yells) What the hell is this Man The floor is lava Really? Let’s go! Alright, Just pass me my phone? Where is it? On the dresser! Calm Down Bret! Oh what up son. Oh my god. Bret! I can’t climb that Alright Guys, help me out i can’t Get across. there is no time. Come on Brett. You’re Leaving me? If you came to Zumba more often you wouldn’t be such dead weight Dead weight? I literally saved your life! You’d be sleeping in lava if It wasn’t for me! Dude I’d rather be sleeping in lava than spending time with you. Move out? Why don’t you just move out? Move out?! – Woah!
– This is my place, you move out! Come on back here! *Squabbling* Guys. Guys! Listen I get it… We’re all scared Okay, and the only way we’re gonna get through this Is as friends together What do you say? Hip-Hip. Hooray… Come on guys… Hip-Hip. Hooray. Roommates through and through! – That’s right Guys!
– Roommates! Hip hip *sounds of failure* *Screams of the death* Bret! Carl! Carl! We need to get to the attic! – Let me hand yeah?
– I got you bro. Thank you son… You got it man… All right okay. your next. give your hand. okay i’m gonna swing up. i got you I’m not gonna make it! I got you! Carl I’m Sorry! I’m sorry for being a bad roommate. Lets do this later. You’re amazing Man an incredible roommate even if you never clean The bathroom oh? Anyways It’s Been Nice Knowing you. I hope you find a better roommate. Its three in the morning and i have to be up a seven! SEVEN! Just Like Living with a Bunch of Kids Good night Brett. Good night Casey. Night Casey NO!

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  1. For those who didn't watch our "This Channel Still Exists?" video, I'll reiterate – we will continue to do shorts – just don't expect them consistently, and expect other stuff like our podcast and mini docs as well!

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  6. Oh what up son

  7. Best movie ever XD

  8. meh.. i think its fake !

  9. R.I.P bret 😢

  10. “Thank you, son.” 😥

    Never forget.

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  16. The floor is Mission 13

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  18. That is. Fake but lava is real put this vid 100000

  19. Why the shit are most the comments here Russian?

  20. Lol now that's drama

  21. Its not real! It was EDITED IDIOTS

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  24. It made my heart beat 💓 (lol) 😂😂😂 well it was fake but every time I watch it I say this is the last time I'm gonna watch this

  25. Why dont u use both hands

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  31. 1:11 When is floor lava so where is police driving (Because you hear sirens)

  32. I just found out, this video published on my birthday

  33. I love this video that my favorite one The Floor is Lava

  34. The end is dumb

  35. Its like the cold war in here all over again

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  39. brett is the best, he takes advantage of the house having a lava coating on the floor and just roasts marshmallows

  40. Good ending

  41. This comment section is just a goldmine of r/youngpeopleyoutube.

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  50. I like how you can see the alarm clock in the beginning teleporting minutes and even hours at a time, showing just how long this all took.

  51. why the dislikes?

  52. godammit, Casey.

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  58. I like to think the choking part was real and they still went on with the game knowing he might die

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  62. Animation

  63. Just in case this happens im gonna re arrange all of my furnitures

  64. I was scared xD

  65. guy: can you hand me my phone
    few secs later

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  68. When you find diamonds in Minecraft


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  82. Wait a minute if it was real every thing would be gone…

  83. That’s is what kids enjoy these days…


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  97. And where is is He friends cut her arms and he die in larvar and HORRIBLE lol

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  99. 房子是木頭做的 那為什麼房子裡為什麼都有岩漿 阿伯斯權房子的燒

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