The Facebook Ad ANY Realtor Can Copy! (Facebook Lead Ads 2019)

The Facebook Ad ANY Realtor Can Copy! (Facebook Lead Ads 2019)

Today I want to show you how to set up a facebook lead form specifically for Realtors now the cool thing about this is I’m going to show you guys how to get this all set up in just a couple Of clicks. So if you have zero experience with Facebook Ads, you’re not really technically savvy I’m gonna show you how to simplify this whole process and with that said over the last couple of years we’ve worked with over 5100 real estate professionals. So we’ve got a pretty good idea of really what works what doesn’t work And so we can just simplify the whole process for you and everything I’m going to show you today is up to date with the 2019 of Facebook advertising Algorithms so you don’t have to worry about any of the changes they made recently because it’s all up to date with everything They’ve got going on now one last thing I want to say just before we jump in and actually set this all up is that facebook lead forms are? extremely powerful because when you go through and set up a facebook lead format you just go and hit click on the ad and it pops up a little form and when you ask for their name phone and Email address Facebook will actually Auto populate that contact information on that lead form for you And so you don’t have to worry about like someone clicking off to your landing page and putting in a bunch of bogus information so the quality of the contact information goes up dramatically and That’s why it’s so powerful to go through and use these lead forms for your lead generation in your real estate business All right So enough of that let’s jump on the computer and I want to show you guys exactly How to get this all set up in just a few clicks, okay? So here we are on the arsenal mkg software which we have simplified it so much for all real estate professionals as opposed to going through and setting this up inside of the Facebook Ads manager and if you don’t have an account I’ll add a link to a free 7-day trial just below this video But all you gonna do is come over here and click on this ads tab, okay This is just gonna walk you through the step by step process. You can say Hey, make sure you create one or more Facebook pages to use your Facebook Ads Make sure you accept the Terms of Service If you haven’t you can just click right here Go through make sure you accept the Terms of Service because obviously that’s very important with Facebook and their data breach and all that stuff But once we’ve done that, we just hit I have completed the steps and then we connect with Facebook now This is gonna pull in all of your Facebook ads data So your pixel you’re tracking everything would just one simple click? Okay? So now when you want to go through and create a new Facebook ad to create your new lead form All you do is come over here. Click on create your first ad and then we walk you through a step by step process So we asked hey do you have a listing to market or does someone else in your office have one that you can use because These campaigns work, you know pretty much the best out of any other real estate campaign out there when it comes to lead generation So you just go through an answer as simple? Yes or no? So if we say yes right here, it’s gonna have us walk through and answer some questions about that Listing so we’re gonna say this is listing one, two, three main street right here and then we’re gonna choose the Facebook page that we actually want the Facebook ad to run from so I’m gonna come down here and I’ve got a lot of Facebook pages you probably don’t have as many as me but I’m just gonna choose my Facebook page and then I’m gonna put in my Website and then let’s say I am in Salt Lake City Okay, so who’s gonna type that in and it’s gonna actually pull up so you just choose where their city is and the listing address This is just a demo. So we’ll just say 1 2 3 Main Street It is six hundred and fifty thousand dollars and the cool thing about this is we’re just filling in all this Information once and this is gonna pre create your Facebook ad and all the automated email and text marketing Follow-ups for all of the leads that are coming in so you enter this information once and then it will pre-fill Like the listing price the number of beds baths everything inside the ad the emails the text the lead forms Everything so you don’t even have to do it just this one time. So now we’re gonna come in. Let’s say this is five beds Four baths and a few sentence describe the cool features of the home. So we maybe say, you know Vaulted ceilings and obviously you want to probably like make us a little bit more flowery, but we’ll save Alton ceilings stainless steel appliances Etc. Right and right here all we do is we upload an image of the home So we just come in here and we can choose an image from our desktop And so I’ve got this image right here and we’ll just hit open So it pulls down this image so we just went through we just filled out a few basic pieces of information from this and then we hit next and From here. It’s going to go through and say this it’s gonna talk with Facebook and then look at this it has pre-built our Facebook ad right here for us so you can see right here If you want to edit any part of the Facebook Ads Facebook post you can easily do that over here this says new listing in the Salt Lake City area five beds four baths click here five bedroom home in Salt Lake City, then then it’s got the basic information Right here. You see the vaulted ceilings stainless steel appliances everything and then even looked out here It’s got the headline and the description beautiful home in Salt Lake City five bed four bath home in Salt Lake City Okay, and then up here you just choose like who the audience is and We’ve done a lot of the targeting for you guys on the back end just to simplify things so you’ll have to wonder who you’re gonna be targeting who you should be excluding including all that and So all you got to do is choose the age range which I typically We have it at 27 to 65 by default because that’s what I found works the best and then right here on your daily budget You just choose whatever budget makes sense for you and your business So I’ve got $10 a day which is typically what we recommend just starting out at and then once again if you want to go through and add and edit anything right here, you can say plus an awesome pool something like that and then once you’re done guys This is like so you wouldn’t filled out everything on that one page You choose your budget you go make tweaks if you need to but everything’s pretty much done here for you You hit finish and then this goes up Communicates with Facebook and it basically just gets the whole Facebook lead format Completely set up for you. So once that finishes saving it’s gonna take you to this page right here And so you can see this ad is pending review right here. It’ll show you the lead count And then what is awesome is we’ve already tied the and text marketing Follow-up to this leave form now If you guys are familiar with facebook lead forms, once you get them set up inside of the Facebook Ads manager All of the leads that that lead form collects just go into a CSV file that you actually have to go into the ads manager click on that file download the file and then Manually import all of your data and all of your leads into your CRM or whatever you’re using Or you’ve got to go through and do all this technological setup setting up all these different integrations But we have simplified it so much for you So what happens is all these leads? Coming in through this Facebook lead form. Once this is actually active when it’s finished pending review with Facebook All the leads will come in right here into your leads portal with the arsenal’ CRM You’ll get notified on the mark arsenal mobile app Anytime a new lead comes in where you can log phone calls add notes that leave some text emails all within the mobile app And then look at this if we click on this follow up We already have this entire follow up already pre-built pre done for you so you can see right here. You got the first name it’s gonna Automatically Emails everything for the first 30 days to automatically follow up with all those leads So there’s no additional manual import or export into your CRM Downloading those leads inside the ads manager or setting up any of the zapier integrations or anything like that with your CRM or anything else Everything is just automatically done for you, which is super helpful And if you guys wanted to come in here to this this follow-up section You can easily go and add let’s say you want to add a new text message So you can say hey after 60 days you want to go through and send like let’s say just demo right here Demo message and then we hit publish and then you see right here It just drops down here into this automated drip follow-up sequence and all these text wants the lead response Will go back to the arsenal’ app so you can be two-way texting right there within the mobile app And then once again all these different follow-ups you can easily go through Customize them but it’s going to Auto populate with the leads First name your phone number your information so you really don’t have to do too much from here Everything is set and ready to go now for those you guys who are like Facebook ads nerds like me and you want to go through and maybe change you can see this is even active right now So this is already activated It’s running now if we come over here to the actual Facebook Ads manager, you can see this campaign That was just created right here. So that is this lead form campaign right here You can see the listing and you can easily go through and change the name and if you hit preview it shows you what the actual ad looks like right here that we just got set up and then over here if we click on this we can easily come in here to the ad set and if we want to go through and tweak any of the audience that anything like That you can easily do that from right here Within Facebook ads manager after it’s already pre-done freed up free set up for you guys So anyway guys if you guys found this video helpful as far as setting up your own Facebook lead forms if you are a realtor Real estate professional or helping realtors go through and generate leads for their business. Go ahead and give this video a thumbs up also I will add a Link to a free 7-day trial to this arsalan kg software and guys just, you know free 7-day trial So all you got to do is jump in for the first seven days You can go through test this out and see How it works where you start getting those leads before you even have to go through and pay any monthly subscription with this So anyway, if you guys found this video helpful, give it a thumbs up Also if you guys are brand new here Make sure you subscribe to the channel because I launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So with that said guys and thanks so much for watching Go check this out and get your lead form setup and I will see you in the next video

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