The Everything Bubble: Stocks, Real Estate & Bond Implosion – Mike Maloney

The Everything Bubble: Stocks, Real Estate & Bond Implosion – Mike Maloney

hi I’m Mike Maloney and I want to thank you for being here the reason that I’m making this video is I believe that there is something very big and very dangerous coming at us very fast right now and I want as many people to be prepared as possible this is the first time in history that there has been in everything bubble this you know back in the year 2000 it was stocks in the year 2008 it was stocks and real estate this time it is stocks real estate and bonds and they’re all in some of the biggest bubbles of all time and when this bursts it’s going to be devastating for most people but it doesn’t have to be devastating for you so this is how to survive the next four years it has nothing to do with either political party this is just finance this is just economics if you haven’t seen one of my videos before on Mike Maloney I wrote the best-selling book on investing in precious metals I used to tour the world with Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad Fame speaking to audiences everywhere about the economy and how it affects them I also have a video series called the hidden secrets of money where we tour the world and follow the history of money and show the economics that was going on at the time and how governments keep on making the same stupid mistakes over and over again and how it affects your life today back in 2005 there were certain indicators that I was watching that were telling me that there was going to be a stock market crash and a real estate crash and I started warning people so that they had time to get prepared I was warning them all through 2005 6 & 7 well those same indicators and some new indicators that I’ve been watching are flashing red again telling me that it’s time to get prepared for the next big event and the way that they’re flashing it seems that there’s going to be less time this time it’s not 3 years to get prepared it’s going to be happening pretty soon and this like I said this is the first time that there’s an everything bubble we are going to be covering the stock market bubble the real-estate bubble the credit slash debt bubble which is the bond bubble we’re going to be covering technological risks and geopolitical risks but most importantly how to get prepared so let’s get into the evidence right now and take a look at it let’s start the everything bubble with the stock market portion of the bubble I’m going to present a few charts here but they’re fairly easy to understand so stick with me this is data compiled by dr. Robert Shiller of Yale University and he’s gone all the way back to the 1880s and compiled what’s called the price earnings ratio he’s recreated the S&P 500 by putting together the 500 largest companies in the United States at the time going all the way back into the 1880s and the price of a stock versus how much the company is earning is a very good measure of whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued and if it’s priced down at four or five or six times earnings or ten times earnings it’s a bargain if it’s priced above 15 it’s too expensive if it’s priced above 20 it’s in a bubble and what you see here is that right now we’re at a p/e ratio the price is 29 point one nine times the earnings of the company per share and the only times that it’s ever been in a bubble this big was a few weeks in at the end of 1929 before the stock market crash and a couple of years 1999 2000 when the Nasdaq crashed and so this is saying it’s it’s in a hyper bubble it’s even far higher right now than it was in 2007 when the stock market crashed and that was the global financial crisis so it’s in a bigger bubble than it was back in the 2007 peak this is margin debt and one of the things that’s important about margin debt is when people buy stocks by borrowing currency to pay for this stock they can get what’s called margin call this is the value of the collateral the stock drops too low the brokerage house will make that investor or trader cough up a bunch of currency and pay the to bring their equity up to a level where they’re still comfortable letting them have the loan and so margin debt goes along with complacency when people are complacent and they’re not pricing risks risk into the market they tend to gamble and go further out onto a limb so right now margin debt is up at an all-time high so here’s the S&P 500 and this is how much margin debt how much traders have borrowed versus credit balances in their accounts where they’re sitting on cash and right now it’s at an all-time high another way of looking at that is margin debt as a percentage of the economy but this is the volatility index this measures whether investors are nervous or complacent and when they’re not complacent they’re not pricing in all of the risks of some sort of event in the market and what you see here is that the volatility index in 2007 dropped down to very low levels of just 10 and today it’s at the same level that it was at back in 2000 the peak in 2007 when investors thought that nothing could go wrong that everything would keep on going up forever so complacency is at a maximum pricing in risk into the markets that’s at a minimum and we are leveraged out to where this is the margin debt as a percentage of our economy and this is at an all-time high and that’s dangerous what it says is that if there’s a crash this crash is going to be very fast because there’s going to be a lot of margin calls margin calls force investors and traders to sell positions so that they can come up with cash so they’ve got a liquid a whole bunch of their portfolio to come up with cash to give to the brokerage house and that causes the crash to happen a lot faster so it’s it’s one of the indicators and it’s also a signal of a crash feed being very violent one of the authors that I like reading is John Hussman of hustling funds and he’s a great fundamental analyst he isn’t a technical analyst trying to look at patterns in the stock market what he’s looking for is the fundamental health of the economy in the stock market and he wrote an article recently called exhaustion gaps and the fear of missing out and basically what is driving the market right now is the fear of missing out somebody sees their neighbor making cash and they want to jump on that train also and and a gap in the market is something you need to know about before I show you his chart he didn’t explain what a gap was in his article but when a stock is going up and trading during the day and there’s a range to that trading and then the next day it opened it gaps up and opens up at a higher level than it was the previous day and it doesn’t come back down and visit that same trading range it leaves a gap in the chart like that gap in this gap and this gap and this gap now those gaps are a certain signal that something is going on and the one interesting thing about gaps is there was a study recently where they studied the Dow Jones Industrial Average which is 30 stocks and each of those 30 stocks was studied separately and the people that were conducting the study found that over 91% of the time the market will come back down to fill those gaps it will cover that area there’s some gaps right now the market will probably get a 91 to 92 percent chance that it’s going to come down and fill those gaps now John Hussman found that when gaps of greater than 1/2 of 1% occur within 2% of the all-time high and this chart is with all within 2 percent of the all-time high of the S&P 500 that that that is a signal that there’s an exhaustion of the market that a lot of the currency that’s available the potential suckers if you will getting into a market at the top the number of those the amount of currency that can come into the market is becoming exhausted and he developed an indicator where he to if it’s within 2% of the peak of the market the all-time high and these gaps occur of greater than 1/2 of a percent that’s an indicator that we’re near a market top now the ESPY only goes back to 1950 so he also included the Dow Jones Industrial Average ah’s which go back all the way back before the crash of 1929 and he added some even greater filters the stock market has to be in a condition where more than 50% of the advisors are bullish and where the Shiller p/e ratio that you saw earlier is above 18 and like I said we’re above 29 right now and when he did that you can see that this indicator flashes at certain times and it was just weeks before the 1929 stock market crash and then weeks before the pull backs in the 60s and this pull back in the 70s where it flashed right at the top that was a 50% market retracement so you had 50% losses that you could have avoided if we had access to this data back then right at the peak of the 1987 stock market bubble and then crash it told people it this indicator would have told people to get out of the markets before that crash it Flast a few months before the peak in nineteen 99 2000 when the Nasdaq crashed it flashed right at the very peak of 2007 and it’s flashing again that it hasn’t just been one indication that the stock market is topping it has flashed five times now in just the past few months so this is eerily similar to the last time around we’re at the peak of a bubble everybody thinks that this can go on forever in market internals are deteriorating these stocks of stock market is way overvalued and we’re way overdue for a recession just like the last time around the answer is gold and silver the last time around if you had switched from stocks to gold and silver even if you were a year early and stocks continued running up another 10% when they crashed the stock market crashed sixty two point eight percent but gold rose significantly and there was a pullback when the stock market was crashing because of margin call any trader that had both gold and other stocks on his platform had if he was out on margin for the other stocks he had to liquidate his gold also to pay the brokerage house and gold ended up gaining 40% where he would have lost sixty two point eight percent in the stock market and the one thing you know Warren Buffett his number one rule is don’t lose money the number two rule is don’t forget rule number one and the reason he says that is because if you lose 50% you have to make gains of 100 percent just to get back to even and that is it’s hard to make gains of a hundred percent it’s not a real easy thing to do so losses are very hard to recover from you want to try and prevent them at all costs and now is a time to try and prevent them the next bubble in our everything bubble is the real estate bubble now in 2008 and 9 real estate crash in the United States and Great Britain but in Canada Australia New Zealand and China the real estate bubble just took a breath and kept on running this is an article from the cleans it’s a Canadian publication and they’re saying that the Canadian housing bubble looks disturbingly familiar and this is another article that says home capital they’re the biggest mortgage lender in Canada their stock plunged after the mortgage lender seeks a two billion dollar credit line and that credit line is basically a bailout from the Bank of Canada Canada’s central bank so the bailouts are already this is a credit line that they’re going to be guaranteed but what’s going to happen is the crash will start and this will turn into a bailout because it’s going to be much bigger than just this two billion dollars what is happening is there’s a run on home capital right now 600 million dollars worth of deposits have been withdrawn recently making them unstable and their books are not that sound so here’s some of the Canadian real estate evidence this is the price of homes compared to the income of the buyer so this is the affordability index and you can see the peak in 2007 for the united states and then the crash and in canada it just took a little breath and then kept on running and the peak is way above where we were in the United States and Great Britain back in 2007 so this is going to be something bad this is the home index of home prices so the last one with the affordability and Canadians are being crushed right now they really can’t afford their homes if they’re buying new ones but the prices the home prices you can see that we crashed and then are rebounding back into a bubble and they’re in a hyper bubble so what I see here is that this crash could start in places like Canada Australia New Zealand or somewhere else around the world China and it will start to sweep over the world we’re overdue for a recession like I said and there will be a devastating crash here and it’ll go into real estate and the stock markets because our real estate is also in a bubble in the United States this is Robert Shiller again from Yale University his data and he’s got home prices here going back into the 1880s and they’re indexed so if everything was a fair value compared to the rest of the economy this would be a straight line but when home prices go above or below the rest of the economy home prices were a bargain here during the roaring 20s and the Great Depression and then they went into little bubbles in the 70s and 80s a hyper bubble in 2007 and that popped and it only it didn’t even bounce down to fair value it and then it went back into a bubble and what I want you to see here is that where we’re at today there’s only been in a bubble this big or slightly larger for just 2005 6 & 7 just a few years and all of this data going all the way back to the 1880s so this suggests that when the next recession comes we are going to see stocks and real estate crash now this gives me such a sense of deja vu it is eerily similar to the last time around if you replace the name home capital with either northern rock in Great Britain or countrywide in the United States those entities got into trouble their depositors started withdrawing funds the mortgage-backed securities came back to bite them in the butt and they needed bailouts and it caused this cascading effect of the global financial crisis of 2008 and here we have home capital in the same story is starting again now if you I’m going to give you that copy of my book at the end of this video on page 103 if you read about that I ended you know with the Sterns collapse and i said that there’s going to be a bunch of big bailouts and there’s going to be huge currency creation and boy did that came come true I got the chance to write that in April of 2008 the book came out in August in September the bailouts began and before the end of the year Ben Bernanke had doubled the amount of paper dollars that he exists base currency and then with qe2 they added another hundred percent in qe3 another hundred percent and we ended up with about four point two trillion dollars with the base currency we’re just a few years before it had been zero point eight trillion and this is the reason that you need to protect yourself and the answer for this was also precious metals this is a chart from 2007 again but it goes all the way to today and the stock market crashed and then it had to rebound from that crash and it’s up but gold if you had but switched to gold back then you’d be up almost double whatever your gains were in the for the S&P 500 so the next bubble that we’re going to talk about in the everything bubble is the bond bubble which is the credit slash debt bubble and what you see here is this is the 30-year Treasury bond and this is a perfect bull market from 1981 until today that minimum and eighty-one until today and you know there’s nothing that I can say that’s bad about this chart it is a perfect bull market the only thing I can say that’s bad about it is this has been going on for 36 years so no bull market can go forever toward the end of a bull market some things are whatever it is that’s in that bull market that’s been rising for all those years is now becoming overvalued compared to the rest of the economy and it’s in a bubble and all bubbles pop eventually another thing I want to say about this this is the bond price going up that is the inverse of bond yields so the interest rate goes down as this price goes up so if you take two you get a really long perspective on the cycle of bonds that they go up and they go down we’re going to go to some of dr. robbert Schiller’s data again from Yale University and this data goes back into the 1880s and here we have a cycle right here and if you look at the trough where the cycle hits its lowest interest rate and then interest rates start reversing and start going up and then back down into a trough again what you discover is that this cycle is even the number of years on either side of that peak is almost exactly the same so if we go to the cycle that we’re in today of rising interest rates all through the 60s and 70s to 1982 and then falling interest rates what we discover is if we measure the same amount of time going out into the future from that peak as we had from when the cycle reversed back in the 40s we discover that this would put us in a some sort of bond crisis in the year 2019 2020 2021 and the thing about bonds is that that goes along with a shift in the world monetary system when I was writing my book I discovered that every 30 to 40 years the world had had a new monetary system we had the classical gold standard up until World War 1 the Gold Exchange standard between the wars the Bretton Woods system from 1944 to 1971 and then the global dollar standard from 1914 71 until today and the thing about this is the worst designed out of all these systems is the global dollar standard it was just like the default it was what was left after the Bretton Woods system but it’s developing stress cracks and beginning to fall apart very quickly and people aren’t paying attention to this enough that history is about to repeat this is going to start to crumble there will be an emergency meeting of the g20 finance ministers or something like that and there will be a new world monetary system and when that happens it’s basically a new world monetary system is going to equal a currency crisis this time because these were baby steps off of gold to from full gold backing behind the dollar to nothing and this time we’re going to be going from nothing to something and instead of it just being something that the big banks in the international corporations feel it’s going to be something that everybody feels and so what is this crash going to look like I think it’s a two-stage crash it’s going to be you know I’ve talked about the roller-coaster crash now for years and you know it’s like being pulled up a roller coaster on a chain and then you go over the top in 2007 we went over the top and we went into a crash and then we got pulled up on a chain but this chain was a bubble that we were pushed into through zero interest rates and massive currency creation that worked the economy and all that energy is going to be released in a stock market and real estate crash but during that crash investors have been taught that the safe haven to run to is us bonds and so at first I think we’re going to get a pop in bonds that they’ll go up again interest rates will fall even further but then just like a pile up in the fog the crash happens and then a truck comes out of the fall you know everybody gets out of their cars everything’s alright and then this big semi truck comes out of the fog and piles into everybody I think it’s going to be this two stage crash with stocks and real estate everybody’s going to be saying everything’s alright the government’s going to be telling it’s time to get back into the stock market and then the crash resumes however this time the baby boomers are out of time I’m a middle baby boomer I’m 61 and if I lost half of my wealth again or more I’m basically out of time and I would probably choose to not go back into the stock markets or real estate where I had lost in on been punished if you were in the stock market in 2000 you got punished if you were in it in 2007 you got punished again so twice you’ve been through a brutal crash in 2008 you were through a brutal crash in 2007 so what would happen and you need to watch episodes 6 & 7 of hidden secrets of money to understand this baby bloom demographic the roller coaster crash and how it’s going to affect you because this is the endgame for the roller coaster crash and when the baby boomers don’t come back in and start investing in stocks and bonds and the economy again and they just start saving up cash it’s devastating for something called velocity of currency and you need to watch episode 6 and 7 to understand that I don’t have we don’t have time to go through that right here so the answer and how to get prepared for this situation of this rollercoaster crash and the potential of a new world monetary system is a little bit more complex than the answers last time it’s not just gold and silver you want to have an alternative monetary system already ready to go and those actually exist today they’re called crypto currencies it started with Bitcoin there have been another several others that have been introduced and I own a few of them I don’t own a lot of cryptocurrency but I think it’s something that’s necessary to be prepared because if the monetary system failed you would be able to do transactions right away with other people and you can do them over long distances you can do them over the internet just like you pay with a credit card today and so you know when I used to tour with Robert Kiyosaki he would always talk about in a real crisis you want the 5 G’s you want ground grub gasps guns and gold and to that I’ve got to add a couple of other letters these don’t start with G that you want s and you want C you want silver and you want crypto currencies that’s the answer to protecting yourself from a shift in world monetary systems so that wraps up part 1 of this presentation of the everything bubble we’ve covered the stock market real estate bonds which is the credit / debt bubble and we’ve covered the roller-coaster crash and how it might play out the next thing that we’re going to get into is geopolitical risk all of the risks that exist today magnify the potential crash that is coming now I’m old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and I cannot remember another time in my lifetime except the Cuban Missile Crisis when the world has been like right at the brink where the risks were so high so the geopolitical risk right now is very very high but there’s another risk that adds to it it makes it even more dangerous and that’s the technological risk we live in a world today of all of these single points of failure things like the internet that if the internet goes down society stops and if you haven’t seen the movie zero days I highly recommend that you watch this it’s available on Netflix and Apple TV and Amazon and so on and this is about the Stuxnet virus which was allegedly created by the US government to attack Iran’s nuclear program and the thing is that this was a decade ago viruses to date this spread into every computer on earth but it had a very specific set of rules that it had to identify for it to target its victim and today the viruses that exist and that have been created could give anybody that their creators anywhere on the planet control over almost anything that exists on planet suddenly the water could stop coming out of the tap the electricity goes off the monetary system goes down so we live in a world now that is much more dangerous and to show you what this would look like here’s an example this is Norse Viking their example of attacks that are on being directed toward servers right now and these are just hacking attacks this isn’t viruses but this is what the next war is going to look like before it actually becomes a physical war and so the answer to all of this is basically the 5 G’s and silver if the internet goes down crypto currencies are not going to have they’re going to be worthless for as long as the internet is down however crypto currencies the block chains are very robust and as soon as the internet came back up they would be available but you can’t rely solely on crypto currencies some gold and some silver for small transactions and making sure that you’ve got things like emergency food and some gasoline and so on is important so you know I’ve said many times that the answer is gold and silver and I said some crypto currencies but gold and silver are actually some of the most undervalued assets in the world if you look at the last time that they were in a bubble 1980 gold hit 850 and it’s up in the 1200 dollar range right now silver hit 50 bucks and it’s selling for 16 bucks right now what other asset have you ever seen that is selling at a discount to its 1980 price there isn’t really anything out there so gold and silver I started picking up gold back in 2002 and I started picking up silver in 2003 and so that was way back here with gold and everybody is wishing that they were buying back then there was this big run-up and we’re still way ahead this starts in the year 2 mm so this is gold’s performance against the sp500 for this century but the thing is we’ve been in this brutal bear market now for five years and what I am seeing is a very good sign and that is something that’s called capitulation it’s something I’ve been waiting for and looking for and I believe it’s here and the third phase of the gold bull market is going to begin sometime soon what this capitulation looked like well what you want to do when you buy something is buy it when nobody else wants it you want to buy it when it is the most unloved and ignored asset possible and then you write it up and then other people start jumping on board and then you want to get off of that wagon before it goes over the cliff right now stocks have been going up and everybody’s on that wagon I believe it’s about to go over a cliff when it goes over a cliff gold and silver take off like a rocket so that’s where I want to be but the proof that gold and silver are very unloved and ignored right now and that the opportunity is coming up is in the US Mint sales of gold and silver this is the dollar value of gold and silver Eagle sales from the US Mint and what has happened here in just the past months the blue bars are gold and the silver bars in between are silver and what has happened over the past couple of years is that we’ve now gone to annualize this is all annualized data so if sales continue like they have been for the first four months of 2017 that’s the amount of gold and silver eagles that the US Mint is going to sell which means that nobody wants it right now is unloved it’s ignored and that is the time that our signal that it’s time to buy but here’s the thing they’re not unloved and ignored by everybody right now Russia and China are some of the biggest buyers of gold on the planet and when you add India into the mix there are months where they’re buying exceeds all global production on the planet and that means that the excess that they’re buying has to be coming from somewhere and it’s coming from the West we’re selling and they’re buying they see the writing on the wall they see what’s coming they see the potential of a new world monetary system and they’re getting ready you should to to that we are also below the cost of production for many of the mines and that is a situation that can not last because when that happens production decreases so production is going down just at the time when we’re going to have a crisis where everybody wants to rush into it and the only thing that can resolve that is price so as you can see by all of the evidence that has been presented this crisis could be pretty darn bad and you do need to protect yourself we can’t control what is going to happen on this planet but we can control what’s going to happen to our own personal finances and the protection that you can arrange can also give you the opportunity to come out of this crisis better off than when you went into it and so here is how I would like to help if you’re going to investigate this further you need to get educated on it and I would like to give you a copy of my book for free it is one of the best ways to learn about this subject it contains everything that you need to know about investing in gold and silver such as how to avoid the pitfalls and not get scammed how to develop a plan and execute it what types of metals to buy is storage best for you or is taking delivery best for you how to put gold and silver in your IRA and so all you have to do is give us your email address and you can download a free copy instantly and you can also select if you wish to have a physical copy of the book mailed to you for just the shipping and handling charges the book is free so until next time thank you very much for watching this video please make sure that you subscribe to this channel and share this video with everybody that you care about we’ll see you in the next video thank you

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  38. And please everyone. There is a HUGE difference between Bitcoin and Crypto Currency. Is Bitcoin a bubble? Probably… It's fkn 15k for 1 token of it. But there are about 300+ currencies.
    There is no Crypto Currency bubble.

  39. I think we may see silver in the $70 – $100 range by end of year. & in the $650 – $750 range by 2020.

    In 1980 the DOW / Slv ratio was 18.3.
    We’ll see the DOW crash to 10k – 15k range and history will repeat itself, a 15 DOW/slv ratio would make silver $666 – $1,000

    Bitcoin will crash in 2018 but doesn’t necessarily mean the party is over. Will bounce back heading into 2020; the alt coins will do great in 2018!

    RE will take similar route as the 80s & 90s; increases, some dips, slow steady increases… no NINJA loans means we won’t see the crazy bubble of 2007.

    Exciting 2 years ahead!

  40. I think he's right, but pretty early on the call. But better to be early than late on these trades!

  41. Cryptos are a bubble….

  42. If you don't know what Gold and Silver to buy like me. How do I know which Stocks to buy in Gold and Silver ?????  Thanks

  43. So if you wanted to buy some silver and gold stocks. How do you know which ones to buy when there is a ton of different ones ???  Cryptos are the same. To many choices. If you not smart like me. What do we do ???  🙂

  44. Let the crash happen, let you margins collapse, and let the people know in advance.

  45. I think a thorough video on how to move in and out of precious metals would be well received from the prepper community. It's one thing to buy and hold as a hedging strategy… But what do you do when you need to start transacting with your precious metals?

  46. Define "bubble"!

  47. DRYS… that is something that is "undervalued" but is garbage.

  48. This is all bullshit! You only want your videos to be watched, so you can cash in ! Gold clearly underperformed the US Stock market the last 8 years!

  49. what happens when a computer virus destroys your crypto crap!

  50. FYI, for the "Doom & Gloom"ers in the forum… If you hold CryptoCurrency and the USD crashes, Stock markets crash, real estate crashes…. Your BTC/ETH/LTC/ETC…. is worth a LOT more of those dollars. Same with any other currency/commodity with demand.

    Bottom line is, don't keep all your wealth in USD. CryptoCurrency is not the enemy, people just need to know WHY it's profitable, because it's not magic and it won't always be a practical get rich quick scheme.

  51. No only you made a ton of money but you have also made quite a contribution towards humanity. I believe many more will benefit from your educating people on the current status of Global economy. Thank you a lot for that. God Bless.

  52. I have a three T's plan for the crisis: toilet paper, titties and tequila.

  53. Aaaahm i think im stating the obvious: Mike you forgot to mention USD-Cash 20 Dollar notes as the most important thing to stash for a crysis. Cant buy anything with gold,silver and crypto in most shops… you will need Cash! At least 3months worth of expenses and also food and water for two weeks to avoid the first panic shopping when suddenly all shelves are empty.

  54. there is nothing more confusing than someone who pumps silver AND bitcoin. however, i don't believe in fundamentals either. at the end of the day, people will take money from any source that gives. it has nothing to do with fundamentals. maloney has to pump silver because his reputation rides on it.

  55. But how does someone borrow currency to pay for a stock? Anyone please tell me!

  56. It didn't happened yet Mike, Do you believe it will happens in the next 2-3 years?

  57. Zero Days movie was great

  58. NO NO NO
    i live in india and i know that it the financil crisis perpation that for which people in inda iare buying gold
    it's just our tradition of loving gold for which we buy gold

  59. Almost 1 year later and we're still waiting for these markets to crash and for Gold and Silver to pop! How long can this scenario be stretched out before the bubble(s) start to burst?

  60. Thanks for the warnings!

  61. Yea no mike, Crypto"currencies" are not an alternative monetary system, they are a pyramid scheme that are even more poorly designed then the current one

  62. #Ubuntumovement

  63. Mike, I have learned a tremendous amount from you, so thank you for that. The shorter hair is good since now you no longer look like a tv preacher. Way to go.

  64. 5% gold 25% silver 5% bitcoin %10 ethereum 10% cash 45% investments.

  65. Hi Mike. Is there any chance we could get pictures of all these custom graphs you show all the time?

  66. VERY GOOD VIDEO! I admire and trust your analysis Mike….

  67. This video is 🔥. I immediately shared with as many people as I could think of

  68. 1 later and we just had a correction. Buy no crash yet. But things are sketchy

  69. In which crypto currencies would you recommend investing?


    Mi e mail is [email protected] and Im from Chile

  71. At 20:39 "… market is almost exactly the same…" What?

  72. ''important to get educated, get prepared''…meaning ''buy gold and silver which will profit me''…dude this guys even has his hiair made of gold, a little bit of an interest conflict here

  73. Internet will be shut down in crisis.

  74. Thank you Mike for sharing something that a lot of us wouldn't share with anyone but their nearest and dearest

  75. The light at the end of the tunnel is attached to a train.

  76. Thanks Mike ! Well done it has been very helpful your video. Please I have register to your Chanel but just in case I write my e-mail so you please can sent the ling to get your e-book; [email protected]
    Now is the time for it.
    Thanks again

  77. Playing the Fed's advocate it can be said that Deficit to GDP ratio can still be doubled from 100% to 200% without much noise. Japan did it and they are still working and eating like always did.

  78. Thank you Mr. Maloney,
    You were the first person to make me aware of the Federal Reserve ~1 year ago after I had severely broken my leg. I heard you use the word immoral when describing their practices. I found I had more time on my hands than I was accustomed to and decided to learn more. I immediately found myself going down a very long rabbit hole.

  79. Hi Mike, Here in Ireland I have to pay 23% vat. Do you think it worth the investment?

  80. Now the MSM is using your term: . I have noticed other YT community members saying it now and then, but your videos were the first place I heard it. Way to spot this glaring bubble and call it right before everyone else!

  81. Its always right around the corner.
    After 2008, gold increased to $1800, and that was it.
    Is all economic activity going to stop. How will be pay for gas, or the mortgage or the electric bill. In general will the economy stop?

  82. Hi Mike, instead of buying physical gold n silver, what do you think of the GLD and SLV ETF??

  83. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us, I know that it demands a consistent work to clarify all of this to people, I really loved how you use animation and technology stuff to make your presentations and message simple and easy to understand

  84. I've been seeing some of these pointers myself here in Australia. For example the housing market has been falling for a while now, the Australian government keep saying " It all ok ", the wages are not rising ( in real terms, falling ), the government keeps saying that the unemployment rate is low which will drive up wages, the wages don't rise.
    People don't buy extras when they don't know how they are going to eat. If the corporations don't understand that their customers are their worker, the people they pay, Where will the big profits come from, the companies go bankrupt and want a bail out. Just because they have minimised their taxes doesn't matter does it?
    The government and "top economics " keep looking at the figures including the top 10%ers. I suggest removing the top and bottom 10% and see if those numbers come out the same, I don't think so, they will be a minimum of 10% lower. Include the bottom 10% again an the figures will not really move.
    No nation can exist on only the top 10% buying things while the rest starve, the top people will think it is ok right up to the time they are in the bottom 50% ( the rest have died off ).

    Ok, end of my rant.

  85. Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world who's practically the face of Wall Street and what's his pearl of wisdom to peasants like us?

    – "Don't lose money" XD

  86. Dear Mike Maloney,

    Everything is a bubble…
    Don't you think, that Gold is a bubble too?
    As I can see, from the charts gold haven't actually got a big recession.
    Although could you please include the resources, where do you get all those information) Would really appreciate it.

    Great thanks for your work!

  87. Thank you Mike, excellent work, I've tanked up on a nice quantity of silver and gold and am recommending my closer friends do the same. I've bought the ticket, now waiting for the ride 🙂 Cheers

  88. Real estate in canada china australia are now craching

  89. No one ever shows commodities. Look at those charts when silver and gold spike. Food will always out perform everything.

  90. Watching this for the first time today in early 19, Crypto market has crashed hard. Has your view on Crypto changed.. Thanks

  91. Thanks Mike

  92. How many years are guys like you telling us the same thing ? You talking about a meteorite that might impact one day ? Get prepared for the impact ! It´s comming, we just don´t know when ! Please insert another disk into your harddrive ! It´s getting boring !

  93. Well done

  94. Mike Maloney which crypto currencies do you own and why?

  95. With regards to buying gold.. The large majority of Americans live from pay check to pay check. Don't have 1000 dollars in the bank for emergencies. Then how can they develop a portfolio in gold?

  96. Been selling all my silver. My New York dealer says it's going to 7. I'll buy some more at 8 if it gets there. Other than that 99 percent of my wealth is in rental homes bringing in thousands in rent every month.

  97. I'm watching this in 2019, 2 years later. It is definitely coming now

  98. Kiyosaki is a con artist

  99. buy bitcoin

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