The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings – Part 4 | #TomFerryShow

The Best Strategies to Get More Real Estate Listings – Part 4 | #TomFerryShow

– Hey, we’re wrapping up
our number four segment of 16 of the best listing
attractions strategies from the Success Summit, check it out. (upbeat music) Hey, welcome to the Tom Ferry show, circling back around on the last of the 16 listing attractions strategies of the 33 that we shared at
this year’s Success Summit. My hope, of course, is as I’m inundating
you with methodologies, with proven marketing
strategies, with tactics that you could implement
instantaneously into your business, that you get the point,
you gotta list to last. That all these techniques
aren’t worth anything unless you go out and execute on them, and when you do, you’re gonna become one of the more dominate listing
agents in your marketplace, and that, my friends, is
gonna make me feel fantastic. So, if you’re not gonna do it for you, do it for me, would you, please, come on. All right, here we go, the next of the 16. I wrote down agent to agent referrals. You know, we launched at the Summit this remarkable product called The Hub. It’s this platform that
our coaching members use to manage and grow their business. One of the phenomenons that we discovered in
December of last year, in some early surveys of our top clients making over 500 thousand
dollars a year, check it out, the number four listing
attraction strategy they had was agent to agent referrals. Yes, they’re getting listings, it’s the number four source
from agent to agent referrals. Now, you might be sitting there saying, Tom, maybe I’m not one
of your coaching members, maybe I’m somewhere around the world and I haven’t figured this one out yet. That’s exactly what I want
to share with you today. I wrote down a whole
bunch of things for you, the first thing is if you’re in the U.S. you can go to,
and you can actually Google around inside
there and check it out. They’ll actually let you know in your city where are people moving to
and from, visually on a map, and also giving you some
data points around it. So what if, for an example, you discovered like my client Patrick McLaughlin from Douglas Elliman out in the Hamptons, he found out that, of course,
the vast majority of people that were moving to and from the Hamptons, guess what, they were coming
Greenwich, Connecticut, and New York City, and all kinds of little suburbs outside of Manhattan. Well, naturally, this led him
to say first and foremost, “Who do I already know as
agents in those areas?” Right, that’s the first step for you. After I figure out where
people are coming to and from, who do I already have inside my database? What if you created a list
inside and it’s actually called agent to agent referral opportunities, and you start to fill that
bucket with agents that you need, you guys ready through
the Tom Ferry ecosystem, through your company and your
companies affiliate partners, your relationships, as an example, if you’re a part of a big conglomerate all those other companies
you’re connected to. Obviously, when you’re going to events, you’re now getting cards,
you’re meeting with agents, you’re being a little more intentional, not just like, hey what’s going on? And let’s have a drink at the bar and brainstorm a little bit, but instead like, hey where you from? I’m looking for people
that are from Minnesota, that are actually from St. Paul, because they seem to
migrating the most to my area, as an example and you’re adding those people into your database. Plus, I wrote down, if you
really want to do it right people like Melissa Maynard,
big shout out to Melissa, who did a TomX talk for us in 2017, on the power of agent-agent relationships, which you can go to my
YouTube page and you could watch verbatim what she does. She said, “Once I knew
where people were moving to and moving from in
my area, I would then go to conferences and events in those cities, in those towns, I would
be very strategic to go network with great agents
there to build up that list.” No different from your
database, your past clients, your sphere, old expires,
a geographic farm, having an agent to agent
base that you’re marketing and connecting with for
those referral opportunities is a smart move today. So I wrote down a couple
things for you really quick, if you do this list, my advice is not just to build the list and then send them all your generic stuff that hey I took another listing and handed them
another sale, but instead what could I deliver that would
be valuable to that agent? Right, what could I deliver
that would help these people keep me top of mind and
actually help their business? So, Chris Heller, big
shout out to Chris former CEO of Keller Williams,
long time friend of mine and now CEO of Mello Homes, Chris and I were chatting
about this idea and he said, “Tom, what I
did is every time I went to one of your conferences,
I’d list my top ten takeaways and then I’d send that out to the list with like the script,
the marketing strategy, the data points, the cool
degrees of separation that we could do to make
our businesses better.” He’s like, “I would do
that for every conference I went to and I’d send it them, then I’d send them information on what’s going on with the
home prices in my area, so they could talk
intelligently with their potential buyers and
sellers in their marketplace about what was going on in
San Diego as an example.” So sharing trends,
sharing what’s going on to help them improve their business. Marketing tactics,
scripts, ideas, et cetera, for agents from you as
an agent with some love, but then I also wrote down, what if once a month or once a quarter dependent upon how
aggressive you get with this that you actually published
an email to all those people saying that I
want to give a big shout out to Manily, Ginger,
and to you know all the people in your world
that sent you a referral, right, you do that little shout out and it goes out to them. That’s a great idea ’cause recognition, top of
mind and once again you become the agent in that marketplace that people should refer to. You know who I just got that from? Ryan Sorront, right, he
just did that recently and I sent him a little
note and said, Ryan that was a great idea, ’cause
he got a ton of referrals from agents and it was
recognizing him for it and I think it was for all of 2017. So, that’s the very
first point, bigger idea, right, gonna have you do
some research, whose already inside your
database kinda figure out who are those players in the market. It’s not about having you know 500 agents, it’s about having the right 15 or 20 or 30 that you could really
create a connection with, that you can deliver each other value and do referrals back and forth that my friends is an excellent next pillar to your business. All right, let’s go to the next one. I love this one, this
got a lot of buzz at the Summit and I think it
was because so many of us today are recognizing
not only the addressable market that I am about
to discuss, but also the need for the right agent
you to really go in and take the time and deliver and serve at the highest level to help these people make a good decision,
here’s the strategy, ready? Working with seniors
specifically the point that I shared at the Summit
was you should be doing events, you should be
doing small seminars for seniors, maybe you call
it Big to Small House, Downsizing Strategies. Big to Small House Downsizing Strategies and remember back at you’re gonna see sample ads, and things that I would
recommend on Facebook, yes, ’cause there all there
and you can target them very easily and at low cost on Facebook. So, here’s some stats that you want to consider you ready? From the age 61 to 70,
61 to 70, that represents today 21% of all sellers
in the US, people that are 61 years old to 70 years old, it’s 21% of all sellers in the US, 32 million of the 126 million homes in the US are owned today by baby boomers, I don’t know it’s 24 ish percent, it’s a significant number of properties. Now you might ask, why do I bring that up? NAR published something
recently where they said, 55% of sellers use the same agent to buy and sell, but as age increases the percentage drops dramatically. Now that probably means
the agents out of the business or they may
have moved on or rest in peace, who knows, but
what it does tell you is there is a tremendous
opportunity if you have the empathy, if you have
the patients to sit down with somebody I think
of like my in-laws whose in their 90s, right, if
they are thinking about selling their house, you’re
probably not gonna walk and go, “Hey, let me talk about
getting your home sold.”. Right, like first of all the both have hearing aids and
they’re gonna be like “Huh?”. Right, you’re gonna have
to lean in, slow down, and treat them like you
would treat your own grandparents or your parents. Now that either really
resinates for you in your heart or it doesn’t,
I’m fine with it either way, I just know that
this is a huge opportunity for you to really go and
make a difference and an impact and do it in
a way that isn’t maybe the most traditional method of prospecting marketing generation, so here’s what I recommend, you ready? You get a list of all the
seniors in your marketplace, the company Remine,
they may not be in your area yet, but check it out this actually over, it’s
kind of the LMS 2.0 is how would describe it maybe even 3.0 ’cause it’s that slick. You could actually go
in and say give me every person that’s owns a home
for more than 20 years that has no mortgage, 30
years, 40 years that has no mortgage and in whatever
geography you want to look at, boop, it shows
you all the houses, all the addresses and then you can print and mail to them, it’s really cool, otherwise you’re gotta sit down and go to your tax records or go to your title rep
and say I need a list of people with no mortgage,
I need a list of people who have owned their home
for 30 or 40 years and you wanna then get that
list put it inside and actually market to them by sending them an invitation to come do a
40 minute seminar where you’re gonna serve wine
and cheese or whatever you choose, right, make
it enticing, make it you know worthwhile for them
and if you get 5, 6, or 8, or 10, or 15 of them,
when they show up what do you do, you educate
them on what are the things that they have to do,
what are the four mistakes that people make when
they’ve been living in their home for 20 years and now
it’s time to sell, right? These things will just
roll off your tongue, these are the things
that if your mom or your aunt called you and said,
“I am thinking about selling my house, what do I need to do?” You’d be like look, the
first thing is you gotta kind of get all the personal
stuff out, you gotta organize your house make
it look like a brand new home, all those same
things you would give as an expert in your opinion
and your advice, you would deliver in a 30
or 40 minute seminar. Maybe you bring in a
CPA, maybe you bring in a tax strategist, maybe
you bring in someone that talks about wills and
trusts to educate and inform them, this isn’t an call
an expired and get an appointment and bang
get a listing, this is nurture, educate, take
the time, answer their questions, follow up
with personal phone calls and a hand written note and you’re gonna get a bunch of listings. I think you get the gist,
go back to ’cause all of the details,
the Facebook ads, and everything else I
recommending it’s all there, the bottom line is this
is just another way for you to become a piece
of the fabric of your community, helping a
segment of the market that continues to grow and in my opinion is dramatically underserved. Let’s go to the next one, number three. Online seller leads a.k.a
sellers in disguise. So when I talked about
this at the Summit and you know like I am huge advocate
of arbitrage, online leads generation, Zillow,
Trulia, right on down the line, Boom Town,
Commissions Ink, Conversion, all of it, Google Paperclip,
Facebook, I love it all because it just
covers the gamut of top of the funnel, the middle of the funnel and right now ready to go. The thing that shocks me
though is that so many agents miss the opportunity
so let me give you the stats, let me give
you the stats, you buy 10 Zillow leads as an example, here’s what we know, 33% of them today are
first time home buyers, they have nothing to sell, right? Their credit is 11, they’re trying to figure it out, what
do I need to do, right? 2% of them are gonna be investors on average
based on the data and 65% of them have a home to
sell potentially before they buy the next one, so what is the most important question as
an online lead is coming in, once I engage them,
“Hey you guys are interested in 1234 Banana Street,
love to show it to you, “Why don’t we schedule an appointment?” “By the way, do you
guys have to sell a home before you buy the next one?” “Do you guys have to sell a home before you buy the next one?” “Do you have a plan B in
case it doesn’t work out like help me understand.” That number, 65% of the
online leads you’re buying need to sale a house in
order to buy the first one. Now, you might say, Tom
wait a minute my average sale price is on the super
low end, well if you’re only focusing on the
super low end price range you’re probably only
focusing on or attracting first time buyers and investors. I am talking about
national numbers, right, across the world. 65% need to sale a house
before they buy the next one, are you paying
attention to that? Now speaking of, I got
some more stats I want to share with you, my
friends are angelology have been giving me
these reports where they basically expose us to
the 100 of thousands of inbound and outbound lee
generation their handling for agents, like that’s
what they do, they become a virtual ISA network of
people calling and confirming and booking appointments on your behalf. Listen to these numbers,
right, 37% of all the online leads come in
overnight between 8 O’Clock p.m. and 8 a.m., 37%. I think about Gary Gold, whose a long time client, big shout out to Gary if he’s watching, hard
enough this guys amazing Gary works at Hilton
Highland, very successful broker, you know 30 years
in the business early adopter on a lot of
technology, huge advocate for Zillow, he says to me one
time, “Tom I am laying there in bed, and all of
sudden my phone goes ding, and you know it’s 12
O’clock in the morning, you know my wife’s asleep,
what is it, I just happen to be awake ’cause
realtors don’t sleep and he looks over and it’s a
Zillow lead.” And what does he do he calls, and guess
who answered the phone? Russell Peters, you know
Russell Peters the comedian? One of the funniest guys
on the planet, Russell’s in London, right, and
he’s looking at houses on Zillow and bing wants to see the property. “Hey, this is Gary how can I help you?” “You were just looking at property at Banana Street in Beverly Hills?” Right, he ends up selling that guy a multi-million dollar
property, now Zillow, myself,, everybody
else says the same thing, we don’t want you talking
to leads at midnight, right, but it’s also
acknowledging and recognizing that’s one of the things
that are happening. Let me give you a for
more stats, you ready? Your all thinking now I
need to answer the phone at midnight, they are not
all like Russell Peters. All right, 51% of all
leads came in after 5 p.m. 51% of all leads came in
after 5 p.m. before 8 a.m. 26% of all leads came in
between midnight and 8 a.m. Right, highest lead flow hours were between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. The highest lead flow hours
were between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. Of course, we all know all the studies say when do you want to
do your optimal hours of power 9 to 11, 4 to 6, but
the most interesting part was Thursdays and Sundays
were the busiest online lead days now as you think
about this I am giving this not just because
I want you to get more listings but I want
you to make sure you’re aligning your schedule and
your behaviors and your assets to make sure that
if you’re in the online leads generation game,
you’re paying attention to leads flow optimization,
hope those stats helped. We should link up the
reports guides that I am talking about here from
Angelology, lets just make that something on All right, the last one,
kind of you know, old school, older mature
school, with senior events, and now of course talking
about online leads, let me run one that I think
is totally underserved and the agents that are
doing it will tell you the test is absolutely
worthwhile, you ready for this? Running radio ads, now
some of you are gonna be like Woo Ferry you’re
talking instant strategy, poling, talking direct
mail, now you’re talking radio, hey I am the guy
that says there’s no wrong way to attract a client. Know yourself, know
your market, look where everybody else isn’t
going, go there, do the opposite, right, it just makes sense. Radio, here’s what I
wrote down, depending upon your market could be $200
to $1000 a week again depending upon your city,
if you’re in New York City probably more like
a $1000, if you’re in Omaha, Nebraska maybe
it’s $200, right, so my advice is you credit 15
to 30 second commercial for maybe a handsome
guy like this, get over here man, this is Triston, go ahead and play his radio commercial, go. (upbeat music) – [Triston] Selling your home in 2018? Looking for the highest sales price and fast and efficient service? Contact Tom Ferry from Banana Real Estate at 949-212-5000. That’s Tom Ferry at 949-212-5000 with over 60 5-star
reviews, sale your home with Tom Ferry at 949-212-5000. (upbeat music) – [Tom] Now if you don’t
have the smooth jazz chops that this guy has
my advice is maybe you find someone, maybe it’s
in your voice, maybe you hire someone professional
to do it, but the bottom line is radio is
an opportunity and if nobody else is doing
it and you’re already a rockstar and you’re doing all these that we’re discussing, then stepping up your game and doing something nobody else
doing is another way for you to attract even more listings. All right so Triston, thank you so much, By the way, one of our kickass
videographers, so that’s it. That wraps up our 16 of
33 of many of our best listing attraction strategies for you. You can see that my energy is a little bit different from the last
couple of shows, I’m super focused right now,
I’m making sure that you implement, so what I
want to see here in the comments on
and on my YouTube is what is the action you’re going to take? What are the one or two
things you’re going to do between now and the end
of the year to make sure that you’re getting the
right number of listings to have your business be by design. Thanks so much for watching, can’t wait to see your comments. See you next week. Hey, I’m Tom Ferry and I wanna
say welcome to real estate. Now there’s a pretty good chance no one’s told you that there’s an
87% failure rate every five years in this business
and there’s only two factors, agents don’t have the tools and they don’t take the right action. I’m gonna invite you
to click the link below and get access to the tools so you can win in this business.

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