The Best Credit Card for Beginners (2019)

The Best Credit Card for Beginners (2019)

hey what’s going on guys this is Daniel
one half of the Kwak Brothers we have a bit of a treat today i got one of my
best friends here mr. Melvin Johnson founder of Maaj group and in this video
we’re gonna be talking about the best credit card for beginners in 2019 hey guys my
name is Melvin Johnson again today I’m going to share with you what I believe
to be the best kept secret in the credit card industry this credit card company
has just really done something phenomenal and also under Google
underwent some some changes as of late within this past six months however it
has not affected their performance as a car issuer but before I move on a lot of
you guys know this company particularly you may have seen them on Amazon do or
checkout or ebay During the checkout and various other websites doing checkout
and only know them by way of their the credit that they offer in their business
and if you haven’t caught on yet – what company just that I’m talking about I’m
talking about PayPal PayPal offers a phenomenal credit card they offer – by
the way they offer PayPal MasterCard and a PayPal masters extra which is a one
two three percent Interest cashback on any purchase that you spend I think this
is phenomenal recently PayPal credit was bought out by
well the the service surfer PayPal was committed a bank and they were just
bought out by secretiy Bank within the last six months so they underwent some
changes and if you don’t know it you have a PayPal credit lookout because
they will start reporting to the bureau’s if you are like me and you love
being you love that introductory period that they have but then they’re also
that special promotional financing that they offer that if you spent over a
hundred dollars then you would not have to make a payment until six months if
that balance was paid in full you wouldn’t even have interest on it well
they’ve changed some things a little bit because now they require that you have
at least a minimal payment on that balance there’s no interest you’re just
paying on the minimum principal but then also they’re going to start
I would say here in September reporting to the bureau’s now you called they may
say hey we don’t know when this change will go in effect or maybe it’ll go in
effect in a couple of months but nevertheless it’s changing so if you
have a paypal credit and not a paypal extras MasterCard or a PayPal MasterCard
make sure you get that balance down as low as you possibly can get it so that
you can have the best chance at maximizing your credit your credit
options when you go and apply for the car now back to the paypal mastercard
though paypal mastercard is awesome not only does it offer a 1-2-3 percent
introductory sort of no no that’s not even one one two three percent
introductory that’s actually one two three percent cash back on all purchases
they offer at minimum we’ve been successfully able to secure most of our
clients at least fifteen months at 0% interest on these credit cards so that’s
phenomenal so if you like me and you like to use these cards you don’t like
to pay interest you can rest assured knowing that you have this for at least
fifteen months okay that’s phenomenal I don’t know many card
issuers out there that are doing that for beginning car holders now a lot of
times you see nine twenty one months and every now and then you have a story of a
person that’s got a 24 month period but that’s typically those higher cards one
of my last clients we were able to secure him ten thousand dollars he had
he had only had an account with PayPal for maybe
several months I’ve been to this point however he was able to secure ten
thousand dollars just like that and you know as you guys would know what I would
recommend is making sure that if you have a credit profile established
already that you have all your accounts to be current current you also have a
low utilization so that you’re not sort of risking not being approved or not
being approved for as much as you possibly can get because this is a
phenomenal car lastly one of the things that I’ll say is maybe if you are in a
position where you couldn’t wait open the PayPal account up let it sit for a
month or two because a lot of institutions they won’t tell you this
but they require that you have at least 90 day relationship with them before
they’ll give you what they can see to be their premium members they all
wait to give you the max of what they can offer you if you found this video to
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so that you can stay up on the tips because we will do this you know quite
often as you guys know credit card issuers change their sort of special
rates all the time but I don’t want you guys to miss out on
that so please do that and my name is Melvin Johnson it’s been fine until we
meet again

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