The Art of Imperator: Rome | The Building of Rome – Ep.3

The Art of Imperator: Rome | The Building of Rome – Ep.3

In Imperator we tried to focus on the rise of the Roman Empire, rather than the Imperial era. So we wanted to emphasize the greatness and the rise of Rome rather than the decadence of the fall that came later. One thing though that I really like about the Roman era is that it’s got this grand style that they just perfected. So in Imperator: Rome you have the opportunity to play either a single player campaign or a multiplayer campaign. In the single player campaign, if you want to revise history as you see fit, this is the way to go. You also have the multiplayer campaign where you can hang with friends and engage in a game of cloak-and-dagger with them. So with every new Paradox game we make we obviously want to try to improve the visuals, and in Imperator we’re taking the text big leap. So the technology that we’ve developed for this game will be the foundation for the next generation of Paradox games. We always try to push everything better, especially in the art department. So the map now extends further into Sweden, covers all of Britain and extends all the way to India. As you zoom out, the game seamlessly transitions into a paper map, which immerses the player in the experience. One of the ways we’ve improved Imperator from previous titles is we obviously have higher fidelity of the map. One of the ways that is visible is that… before when you have islands, for instance, and they tend to have to be scaled up to make them visible. In Imperator the world has such a high fidelity, we don’t actually have to do that. The islands are actually the resolution that they are compared to the land provinces. Because we increased the fidelity, we also had to develop new tools to support this technology. So one thing we created is a map editor where you can, in real time, paint the terrain on the map and see how it blends together. When playing Imperator I want the player to feel like they are leading their country to greatness, so we try to emphasize that in the aesthetics of the game.

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  2. Nice

  3. 92 view!

  4. Please, please, please properly QA this. I'm a massive fan and regularly defend you guys whenever people complain about DLC or anything. But Megacorps and Man The Guns are just so buggy. Please Paradox, don't let us down! T.T

  5. M- m- m- map editor. If its avalible to modders, I'll love you paradox. 🙂

  6. I really hope there's a comprehensive and concise tutorial

  7. Zaebis'

  8. Cool, Rome can conquer China now. I wonder if we could somehow go to america too

  9. Lovely eyes. No homo.

  10. nice

  11. Sounds like Victoria 3 will be awesome!

  12. Я так понимаю, это ck3, только в одном вр. отрезке)

  13. I want an option to start at Rome's height of power.

  14. "Extends to all of Britain" Victoria 3 confirmed

  15. I really hope it will be a excellent game, and i know that paradox can do it (i think to eu4 that i love, i have many hours on this game)

  16. I sincerely hope the game will run well instead of grinding to a halt at higher speeds late game

  17. If I play as Rome and want to switch my government from a republic into an empire through a civil war will I be able to?

  18. That map editor gave me a boner.


  20. So do u become Byzantium or what?

  21. Can I play as a Greek nation in this game?

  22. I am soo hyped😍😍😍

  23. Will the map editor get a port to other games such as Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Universalis IV?

  24. Can I start with Rome before they conquered Veji? A starting date like 500-474 BC would be great.

  25. But still using the Clauswitz Engine? Or is there something new under the hood we aren't cued into yet?

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