The 5 Best Books On Property Investment (Ep68)

The 5 Best Books On Property Investment (Ep68)

Today I wanted to talk about the five best
books on property investment that you should read if you are an Australian and considering
investing in property. I am Ryan McClain from
where I teach people like your how to find and invest in positive cash flow property
and if you want more information and details, step-by-step guides on how to find positive
cash flow properties, then I put that all in my product membership site which is
So you can head over there and sign up if you are interested in knowing exactly how
to find positive cash flow properties. Today, I am talking about books and more specifically
the five books that I recommend for Australian property investors. Book #1, which I have talked about a myriad
of times on this podcast is Steve McKnight’s book 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years. This
is like my pinnacle of real estate investing books and one of the reasons I love this book
so much is that when I was 16 and when I was about to get on an airplane and go on a family
holiday, I picked up this book and made my dad buy it for me and it changed the way I
thought about property forever and it is probably the reason why this website and this video
exists today. 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years is great because it showed Steve and his business
partners venture on how they actually accomplish this fate and it also goes into details about
individual properties and it looks through the numbers and how he got the point where
it was positively cash flow and what his cash-on-cash return is. So it is a really great book because
it talks about the property market in Australia, talks about managing your finances. It looks
it had a __1:58____ cash flow properties and overall it is just a fantastic rate. Also
covers things like property wraps which is when you sell by own or finance, when you
already have a loan on the property and it goes into all these great details and I recommend
it as the #1 buy. So if you want to get access to that, you can purchase it through Fishpond
which is an Australia bookstore, got to That is an affiliate link. You will not pay
anymore, but it helps to support PositiveCashFlowAustralia. So thank you very much if you go through that
book. Book #2 is How to Create an Income for Life,
which is my Margaret Lomas. So Margaret has written many books. I think it is going on
10 or more now about investing in property in Australia and more specifically investing
in positive cash flow property. I remember reading one of her books. It was the Pocket
Guide to Positive Cash Flow Property and I was reading it as I was driving with my dad
from Sydney to Lifco when I was about 17 years old to go out and look at property out there.
So I have read many of her books and this one How to Create an Income for Life is my
favorite of hers and it is a great read to teach you not just about investing in positive
cash flow property, but more about how to think about investing in property so that
you can attain financial freedom in the link, it is Book #3, which is From 0 to Financial Freedom
which again is by Steve McKnight, but it is its most recent book. So obviously since 2001
when he first released 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years, the Australian market has changed
dramatically and the property market is not what it used to be and Steve’s strategy of
buying cheap properties that were positively __4:00____ 130 of them may know what for every
investor today. So Steve takes a fresh look at the property market and how he would go
about achieving financial freedom. Again, if he was to start investing in 2013 or 2014
or 2015. So From 0 Financial Freedom is a great read that you should get your hands
on as well. So just go to if you are interested in that one. Book #4 it is an oldy but it is a goody and
it is Seven Steps to Accelerated Wealth by John Fitzgerald. This was one of an early,
one the first property books I read after I read Steve McKnight’s book and it was given
to me by my pastor at that time. I went to him, he was a successful property investor
and I said I want to learn about property, I want to become a successful investor and
he lend me this book to read and it does not talk about positive cash flow property per
se but it talks about neutral cash flow property. It talks about building well through growing
the equity and growing the capital gains and even achieving financial freedom through the
growth in equity that you can attain. So I do suggest reading that book as well. Just
to Book #5 is Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing by
Robert Kiyosaki. This is not specifically a property investing book but it does talk
about property investing in general and it also goes into more detail about share tradings
and using options and stuff in shares as well. So to great overview that anyone who is interested
in learning more about investing. The reason I love this book is it leads on from Rich
Dad, Poor Dad and the Cash Flow Quadrant which are two books that I recommend as well. But
he talks about how he recommends people investing property because it is like a mini business
and it helps us to understand cash flow in, cash flow out, and helps us to learn and to
manage that and I think one of the best things that we can get as investors is experience
and Robert Kiyosaki just gives us a great overview of investing in general and investing
in property as well. It is a very easy read. He uses lot of stories and I got the audio
book and I went through it in like a day because it was just so good and that was the second
time that I have been through it as well. So, today you have the five best books on
property investment that I recommend. If you are an Australian property investor or if
you are wanting to get into the property market, again it is 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years
by Steve McKnight, How to Create an Income for Life by Margaret Lomas, From 0 to Financial
Freedom by Steve McKnight, Seven Steps to Accelerated Wealth by John Fitzgerald, and
Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing by Robert Kiyosaki. The #1 that I recommend is still 0 to 130
Properties and the link for that, if you are listening to the podcast and did not quite
catch it, is and that will redirect you to Fishpond. I buy all my books through because it is kind of like Amazon in Australia, not quite as good but
it has the biggest range and I will find that if I go to a book store. There are so many
of them that have closed down but they never have the book that I want. I always had to
order it in and I may just buy it online, it is cheaper anyway and so I always go through
Fishpond. So I hope that this has helped you look at
some books. If you want to look at our full list of 30 books, go to
and you can get a full list of 30 books that I recommend. So if you get through the five
and you want to keep going, then there is more for you over there. So until tomorrow,
stay positive. Here is a link to go to another video that
I recommend if you want to get educated and you want to invest in property right and it
is a video about assets and liabilities and redefining them and not just necessarily take
what the dictionary says or what our accountant says, but actually redefine assets and liabilities
so that they work for us and so that they help us to achieve financial freedom, which
is our goal anyway. So check out this, click the link and if you are listening or if you
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