The 4 Hour Apartment Makeover!

The 4 Hour Apartment Makeover!

(introductory music) Hey guys. So, I am here at nextub in this really gross apartment set. They’re tearing it down tonight, so I decided to set
myself the crazy challenge to see if I could redecorate it and make it actually look
like a nice apartment. I’ve never done anything
at quite this scale and I only have about
four hours to finish it. So, let’s see how it goes. (music interlude) So, the first thing we’re gonna do is just remove all the clutter. (funk music) So, I’ve got some friends here to help me and so now, it is time to paint. (funk music) We only had one can of paint. So, the walls are a little uneven, but they’re white, which
is better than that gross yellowy tan and the next
thing we’re gonna do is paint the windowsill and the fridge. So, I just went out and bought paint and we’re gonna do this
really pretty teal color, which already is gonna be so much better. So, let’s get to that. – (whispers) Beautiful. (funk music) I found a whole bunch of mason jars, so I decided to do this
really easy project where I got a rainbow of paint swatches from the hardware store. They’re completely free. I just cut the very top of it and then, you just stick it in a mason jar and kinda smush it in there a little and then put the top on and that’s it. You’ve got a very pretty rainbow of jars if you have too many jars and not enough things to put in them. Normally, with rust, you’d
have to do some sort of fancy thing or just
replace the whole thing, but this is painted on rust, so I can just paint it away. (funk music) So, that’s it, I think we’re done. That was almost exactly four hours from start to finish and it
look so much different now. I’m probably just like a hot, sweaty mess covered in paint, although
I did think I managed to keep it off of my
clothes for the most part. It’s not perfect. There are definitely some little gaps where you can still see the
old apartment seeping in. But, let me take you through and show you all of the stuff that I did manage to fix. (funk music) For this shelf, I kind of had to scavenge around all the junk that’s in this studio and just pull out everything I could find that wasn’t dirty or gross. I already told you guys about these paint swatch mason jars that I made. And then, down below, we just
have random kitchen equipment, all black and white because I thought all the colored stuff was kinda gross. So, for the furniture, I kind of stole some furniture from the lobby out in the YouTube space. Over on the other table,
I filled this cupcake tin that I found with these buttons that I had bought at
Michaels the other day, which is, I don’t know,
not really practical. You’re not gonna make
cupcakes out of buttons, but it looks really cute. We actually got rid of the sink and replaced it with a couch. So, it’s not really a kitchen any more. It’s more like a living room with a refrigerator, but
it looks a lot nicer. Obviously, one of the biggest changes we made was the color. I think this teal really brings
a lot of life into the room, especially after that
ugly yellow grossness that you can still kinda see
peeking out at the bottom, but we don’t have to look over there. So, I don’t know if
painting your refrigerator is actually like, a practical thing to do, but we did it so, if you
have an ugly refrigerator, maybe type into Google,
can I paint my refrigerator and who knows, maybe this’ll
work on your fridge too. So, the one thing I wish we could really have changed about this space is to put some huge piece
of artwork right here over these chairs on
this empty blank wall. You guys know how much I
hate an empty , blank wall. But, unfortunately, I
didn’t have any posters or paintings and if I printed
anything from the internet, there’s like copyright
and blah, blah, blah. So, we just had to leave
that blank for now. But, use your imagination. Over here, we just have this cart that used to have this really
ugly microwave on top of it. But, I just cleaned it
off and the cart itself is actually in really good shape. So, I just rolled it over
here next to the refrigerator, put these dish towels on the corners for a little bit of
texture and then I just decorated the top with some things I found on sale at Michaels yesterday
and some other stuff that I scoured from the depths of the junk that is in this studio and then, I don’t know what order I’ll
be posting these videos, but either you do recognize this birdhouse or you will recognize this birdhouse. So, stay tuned for that. So, thank you all so much for watching. I’m so glad this managed
to come together in the end so I could actually have
a video to show you guys. I was so stressed this morning that we wouldn’t have time to finish it and that everything would go wrong, but I think it came out alright. So, thank you so much to all of my friends who helped me paint because
if they didn’t help paint, this would not have gotten done. So, I’ll put links to all
their channels down below. You should definitely go check them out. If you’re new here of if you’ve
missed my last few videos, I’ll put my last two videos right here and right here. Make sure to subscribe and like if you liked the video and I will see you all next time. (funk music) So the thing is, I really like set design, but they’re gonna tear
it all down in an hour, but it was so fun to do
and there was no pressure ’cause I wasn’t gonna live here, but now it turned out good
and it’s gonna be gone. I don’t even know what to do.

99 thoughts on “The 4 Hour Apartment Makeover!

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