The 3-Step Real Estate Prospecting Process That Gets Results

The 3-Step Real Estate Prospecting Process That Gets Results

Do you find that you let the
day run you rather than YOU
running your day? Do you find that you’re not
focusing on prospecting
activities needed to build
a successful AND sustainable real estate
business? It’s time you apply
some structure to your day and implement effective
systems. Howdy, I’m Ryan Bokros, an
agent with JP & Associates
Realtors in Houston, Texas. I also own a coaching and
consulting company called
ASCKE Growth Consulting and founded Real Estate IPA
Coaching. Let’s take five
minutes to talk to you, about how to get started
building a prospecting
system. Building a prospecting system
and putting a process into
place is really vital because
it provides structure to your business so that you
can focus on the tasks that
provide you income producing
opportunities. So, what makes up the
foundation of a solid
prospecting system? Here
are some important components of
that system. Knowing that real estate is a
relationship business, the
first part of your system should
be face to face prospecting, or you could
say – how best to deepen
relationships that already
exist. That means calling and scheduling meetings
with the top people in your
database or sphere of
influence. Invest time on a consistent
basis and invite people to
coffees, lunches, happy
hours, whatever. Make sure that you’re taking
care of the top echelon of
your sphere. This is the
foundation to sustainable
success. Consider the long-term
effects of building a mobile
sales force of your closest
friends and family who are thinking about YOU when
they hear anything about
real estate. The second piece is tracking
these relationships and really
making sure you are staying
in touch. That means a component
of your prospecting system
is you have to have a CRM
or some sort of database management system in
place – don’t groan – yes, I
know, it’s the most
overused cliché teaching tip when it comes to prospecting,
right? But you KNOW that it
needs to be said. Ok, so when choosing a CRM
make sure that you have a
fairly robust platform that will
handle your business as it grows. Also, your
CRM should allow you to work
from a mobile device so you can
be anywhere in the field and work on it at anytime. The third piece to an effective
prospecting system is to step
outside of your top-level
sphere and build a cold prospecting system. Broaden
your reach a bit beyond those
who are in your current circle. So, look at the most successful
ways to reach people. Is it
Facebook or pay-per-click ads? Local community sponsorships
of little league teams? Building
relationships through, say,
charity work. The options really are limitless.
But, just remember, you must
be targeted in your approach.
Time and money are likely NOT limitless. For
any of us really. Randomly
throwing ads at the Internet
has never had high success
rates, but being really intentional
can net you some great
returns. A great cold prospecting idea
is getting personal in your
video marketing. You’re watching
a video right now! I love it when agents let their
personalities come out in
their videos vs. it being a
video specifically to a listing,
let’s say. Right? Think community
videos sharing a part of town
or a local hotspot you love or
one that you regularly visit. Once you’ve built the
foundation to a really good
prospecting system, think of
your business as if you’re
building and creating a franchise
and you’ll be sharing your
system with others that buy
into your franchise. Build a system and plan that
takes you from start to finish,
from the time you unlock the door to the time you close
the door at night. Here are the
9,627 steps that are going to
create your successful day. And once you
have that in place, you can take
pages out of that book and hand
them to somebody, anybody, you can delegate
those activities that can be
done by anybody, really. So lastly, constantly refine
your system. Always. Remember
this, four things, – Action
Analyze, Adjust, and then
Action. Take action inside of your
system, analyze how effective
and efficient it is, make any
necessary adjustments and then put those adjustments
into new action. This is part
of your process that will also remain constant and be
completely necessary to
your growth. As with anything you’ve done
and found success in, remember,
it’s good daily habits,
consistency and following a proven system
that will determine your
sustainability and your
long-term success.

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