The $2000 PS4 ULTIMATE Build

The $2000 PS4 ULTIMATE Build

– Hey guys, this is Austin! And welcome to the ultimate PS4 build-off. – Last time around, team
Ken defeated team Austin in the battle of the Nintendo Switches. This time around Austin,
we’re gonna to bring you a team mate who actually
might be able to help you out. Quinn, from Snazzy Labs. (clapping) – How is it going? – We got this, we got this. – Yeah, we do. – And Ken, we enlisted you
with a new team member. UrAverageConsumer, Jud. – Ken, my man. – Yeah, we’re gonna win this,
because he’s incompetent. (laughing) – So, we’re gonna be judged
on three different categories. First one is best creativity. After creativity, we’re gonna go ahead and have craftsmanship, and then the last judging
category is going to be least amount of money
spent just like last time, but instead of a $500
budget, we’re gonna go ahead and give you guys $1,000 this time around. (cheering)
So here you go, – Oh, look at that.
– Here is $1,000. (cheering) – Here we go.
– And here’s another, there’s. – Oh, that was– – Actually, that’s only $900. (everyone laughing) And then also, one other caveat
we’re gonna be playing with. So, we have two different envelopes. In 45 minutes, you’ll be instructed to open up these envelopes
for further instruction. – Definitely didn’t just open the envelope.
– For the first time ever. – First time.
– Definitely didn’t just open it.
– Did you take a peek? – Nope, nope, I– – Oh, that’s cheating!
– We didn’t, we didn’t. – Cheating off the jump.
– He’s cheating! Did you see that?
– We didn’t see, we didn’t see.
– All right, so you guys got 45 minutes, judging is gonna start at 2:30 on the dot. We got the cameras rolling. – All right, let’s–.
– Go ahead and take off, please. – [Jud] Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it up. – Suck it, nerds. – (laughs) Suck it nerds, we got this. – [Quinn] The two nerds. – All right, Ken. – Yeah.
– Ready? We got to talk this out.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, we gotta win. – We should one of two things. We should either build our PS4 in the same styling of the PS1, so say like we paint it gray and we do all this kind of stuff. Or alternatively, we actually
buy ourselves an original PS1. And like, maybe like build
a PS4 and below it, right? – I was thinking about putting
the PS4 in an aquarium. – [Jud] Interesting. – So we get a 55 gallon tank. We get a smaller tank,
we put it in the middle. We get like two betta fish,
you know, swimming by. Give them like some
Playstation character names. – [Jud] There you go. – [Ken] And get some
like LED lights in it. – I wonder, if we’re
getting a little creative, no one said that we have to cheat. So if Armando from Pixel Vault Games, he is a big friend of the channel, he’s helped us out many times, but if he were to say, give
us a friendly discount, that seems perfectly reasonable. – Of course.
– Let me shoot him a little text here. – Why have clout if you
can’t utilize it, am I right? (laughing) – There we go, there we go, all right. – [Josh] So team Austin’s
first stop is a Hobby Lobby, where they hope to find a
container to hide their PS4 in. But they aren’t having much luck. Maybe it’s time for a new idea? – We for sure can paint it. But then I don’t know, it’s easier to just throw the PlayStation 4 in some random box and just
pretend it’s not there. (alarm beeping)
Oh, it’s time. It’s time. – Pull out that envelope. Well, maybe this will be
a source of inspiration, we can change our entire plan. – Yeah, what if it’s like you have to paint it purple or something? – [Quinn] Oh, well I hope not, ’cause that’s a pretty bad
color for a PlayStation. – I didn’t lose the envelope, did I? – [Quinn] I should really hope not. – It’s time to open it up. – All right.
– Let’s kinda see what we got going on in here. – Oh man. (laughs) – Josh, please. – Oh no. – Oh, are you serious? – Oh, it’s a QR code? – It’s a QR code. – Oh no. – So let’s figure this out, let’s see what we’ve got going on over here. – Oh, is it a video? – Yeah, it’s a YouTube video. – He’s gonna make us watch a video? All right.
– Man, oh man. It is dark up in this studio, your boy looks like a silhouette. So to solve this issue, I’m
gonna go ahead and enlist both teams to get down
with the mystery item. So this time around, I
want to brighten up my day with a lighting fixture
of some sort; there we go. They could be–
(laughter drowns out speaker) Whatever you like, if you
include a lighting fixture of some sort on your final build, you’ll have the chance to get
$200 back on your final cost. In the scenario where both teams
include a lighting fixture, it’s gonna be up to the judges
to decide who did it best. And whoever did do it best, gets $200 back and the other team gets a measly $70. So the choice is yours, do you–
– So, we got this 200 bucks Ken. – An aquarium IS the lighting fixture. – No, we got this. – Oh man. (phone ringing) – [Josh on Phone] Boss man. – Josh, have I mentioned how much that you’re really my favorite person? – Maybe once or twice. – Okay, so, question
for ya, if a team were to have lost their secret envelope, would that be a problem
for the competition? Hypothetically speaking. – [Josh] Well, we do have a spare. So it would not be a problem, but you don’t have that spare apparently, because it’s in my possession. – You gotta gotta be kidding, right? Is that really what
you’re doing right now? Did you plan ahead because you knew I was gonna lose the envelope? – A good director has to be prepared, so you know, that’s why I got another one. – Are you telling me that I need to come back to the office right now? – [Josh] That does sound
like that is the case. I’m really sorry to break
that news, but yeah, if you want to find out what that is, you gotta come back and get that envelope. – The fact that Josh has the envelope is such a huge relief for me. I am so stressed right now, I’m so worried that I completely
botched the first hour, because we were all the
way over at Hobby Lobby. We have to go all the
way back to the office, then we get our actual challenge, and then we have to go back
out and find whatever it is. Like at this point, I think I may have just lost us the competition. – I would agree. (laughing) – [Josh] Team Ken has arrived at IKEA. Time to buy a portable cart
to carry their aquarium. – We got space for activities. – [Josh] After wasting
nearly half the day, team Austin has arrived back at the office to retrieve their envelope. – Suck less next time. (laughs) – [Josh] Was coming back to
the office even worth it? We’ll have to wait and see. Now checking back in on team Ken, they appear to have everything
they need from IKEA. All that’s left is checkout, but this is not your average cashier. – Awesome, hey, thank you
very much, have a good day. – Wait, before you leave, sign something. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – You got a phone? – You can sign my phone. – Oh wow.
(laughing) That’s a big deal man, you sure? – Yeah. – Look at this famous guy over here. – No, this guy too, come on. – Oh, he knows who we are, oh my God. – You’re a star man. – I mean, I understand you,
I was stunned. (laughs) – You’re a star; you’re Ken Bolido, leader of this team.
– I’m a star. Yeah, leader, I don’t know about star. We’ll work on that one. (laughing) – [Quinn] Howdy. – [Austin] Hey man, how’s it going? – [Armando] Hey, how’s it going– – Dude, so let me run an
idea by you, all right? So we’re trying to build a
PS4, PS1 like hybrid thing. Right, and so we’re going
to just paint the PS4 to be like the same gray
as the PlayStation 1. And we’ll just stack the
PS1 on top of the PS4. – You’re gonna paint it? – We’re gonna paint it. (laughs) – [Austin] That’s a lot of wind. – You want me to do it? I could paint it for you. – Well that’s not cheating, is it?
– ‘Cause you know, I do this stuff here, so. You can say you did it, I don’t care. (laughing) – How long would it take
to paint a PS4, ’cause– – Just bring it to me,
and then I’ll mask it, and then we’ll paint it up
in less than 20 minutes. – (laughs) Yes! – I’m a little nervous about
what the judges will think if they find out we haven’t
done it, but no, we can help. – It’s easy, it’s easy.
– We can help paint, right? – What we need to do is
just not tell the judges until they’re done judging. We can do whatever we want,
as soon as they’re done and they rendered their verdict, we can admit to the crime, it’s fine. – That’s the classic Austin Evans moral compass I know and love. (laughs) – I mean, if you go to trial for murder and they say you’re acquitted you go, “Excellent, thank you all,
Your Honor, I did it.” Can they really try you again? I don’t think so, I think that’s illegal. – Hmmm.
– [Austin] You know? – Also, side note, so I
see a wonderful CRT here. Would it be possible to,
say, borrow that for the day? – Sure. – I’m sorry, I mean rent it. We will of course pay you per the rules of the competition to
rent your wonderful CRT. – We have this one, and
then we have that Sony CRT. – Oh! Whoa. – [Armando] That’s a Sony Triniton also. – Dude! – [Armando] And look how
sharp this thing looks. – That thing looks incredible. Dude, we got this. – There you go.
– [Austin] There we go. There we go. [Josh] Meanwhile, team Ken has pulled the trigger on a used PS4. Now it’s off to Best Buy
to buy some speakers, a projector, and most
importantly, an LED strip. – Well, here’s furniture. – And TV stuff, so. – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. – Boom, there we go. (laughing) – There it is.
– There we go. Good eye, my man. (laughing) – I think it is this one,
right, the four foot? – That is four feet. – That’s not two in stock,
that’s one in stock. – Seriously. – [Josh] Meanwhile team Austin has made a quick detour to pick up a PS4. But for real, is anyone even here? – Hello? (surprised trilling)
– Hey man, – Hey, hello, you guys.
– Armando sent us. – Personally I like this one, ’cause this is the latest one
before they turned into slim. – Oh, so it’s still a
little bit quieter and– – This is the best of both worlds. (cheerful music) – The first money out of our hands today. I think it’s a very important purchase ’cause 240 bucks for a PS4,
I think is pretty solid. – Yeah, it’s a pretty good deal. – [Jud] Aw, look at this little guy. – Oh, here we go, so. – Boom, all right. – I think this is the one
we were looking at, the 29. My worry was width, but we might be okay. – Oh, width, like, the PS– The PlayStation’s gonna fit in here.
– Fit in here, yeah, yeah. – That’s gonna fit no problem.
– Okay, so that’s That was my only concern. – [Jud] Two 20 pound bags. – Oh, 10% off, – [Jud] I’ll take it. – It’s damaged goods. – We got any more damaged goods? (laughing) – Oh yeah, oh, that’s our Kratos. – This is our Kratos.
– That’s our little Kratos. – All right; oh yeah, this is Kratos. – That’s Kratos. – [Jud] Say no more. – Ken, I think you like it more than just for this video, man. – It’s my child, it’s my child. I haven’t taken care of
fish in like 10 years, and it’s been a while since I’ve had responsibility like that. I just have to feed it once
a day instead of three. – (laughs) There you go. – Shall we grab some B-roll of one of us painting, so you know, they. (laughs) – [Austin] They think that we did it? – See, we’re useful. I’m holding this paper. – We’re hard at work right now. – Just shield myself from the sun, I’ve never been outside this long. (laughing) It’s been like five minutes, help. – Muscle team right here. – We got this. – So we’re back with 30 minutes left. – Just 30 minutes. – I’m low key freaking out, we’ve got a piece from
IKEA, which I assume is going to take 30 minutes. So getting that done is
like the top priority. – [Ken] It’s crunch time. We gotta get things going,
we got an aquarium to fill. We gotta make sure our
fish is okay, that our PS4. – Cable management. – That it won’t get wet. – There’s a lot. – A lot of moving pieces. – [Josh] All right, it
looks like Armando’s paint job is complete, and
it ain’t looking too bad. Now before we take off from Pixel Vault, we need to figure how much
all of this is gonna cost. – Let’s just say, since we actually had to really, really do it super quick. – Yeah, of course, rush job. – So, let’s just say 25 bucks. – That seems generous. How about the rental fee for your CRT? – Rental fee? – 24 hour rental. – I’ve never done a rental, you know you can always
borrow the stuff so. – No, no, no, I need to
pay you, per the rules. – Oh, that’s right. – How much is it to
rent that for 24 hours? [Josh] Okay, okay, we get it, Armando’s got team
Austin with the hook up. Let’s check back in with team Ken. – Yeah, we need to get it all the way, as close to the bottom as possible, yeah. – Even Jon’s going
like, “What’s going on?” – Yeah! – All right, let’s keep moving. – All right, so we’re
on our way to Best Buy and we looked online and
found an Insignia brand Best Buy in-house brand LED strip. All right man, here we go. – [Austin] What’d he say? – He told me right, one isle, two isle, LED lights, is what he said. – [Austin] Cable pass through. No, that is not it.
– That is gonna not be it. – I think it is this one
right, the four foot? – That is four feet. – That’s not two in stock,
that’s one in stock. – Seriously. – I don’t get it; they said
that there are two online. I don’t know what we’re going to do, I literally don’t know
what we’re going to do. [Josh] Time’s a ticking but it looks like team Ken is making solid progress. And yes, that is Ken using
packaging stickers as tape. – Oh God. (laughing) – [Josh] Hey man, you
gotta do what you gotta do. – Oh man this is a. – All right it’s cool, it’s cool. – Yeah, all right. – Don’t fret, don’t fret; yeah. There we go, there we go.
– Oh shoot, there we go. – There we go, there we go,
there we go, there we go. – See, you gotta power these somehow. These are 80 bucks, that’s a $10 penalty if we don’t get it, right? – [Austin] Nah, it’s not worth the risk. I kinda feel like, let’s just do a Hue Go, and let’s just YOLO it. – This? – [Austin] I think so. – Over this strip? They’re the same price. And we just snip it. – [Austin] The strip, let’s go. – Okay, let’s do it. – Holy (beep), I
should’ve done this first. We should have waited on the water. (laughs) – All right little Kratos,
all right, let’s go, let’s go. – Kratos. – Swim, swim buddy, swim. – Defeat the Gods. – Swim, swim, little buddy. – Yeah! (clapping) – [Ken] He’s like, “Oh
my God, it’s a PS4.” – Yep, yep, that’s
exactly what he’s saying. (laughing) – All right, so we’re back to the office, it’s literally three minutes
until we’re ready to present, and our LED light strip
is not looking great. – Well Austin, you’re the
one who wanted to buy it. – (laughs) How dare you? – Just set this on top, right. – Oh my God. – There dude.
– This is the worst thing we’ve ever done. – I don’t know, man. – Oh wait. (laughing) That looks. It went in like this, you know? – Sure. (laughing)
Sure. – Austin, I don’t know what to do, okay? – We made a mistake.
– You’re tearing us apart. – We made a mistake. (sighs) – We didn’t think this through. But we’ve already spent $80 on this one little tiny strip. – No we didn’t, we found
this in the corner Austin. Here you want $80? – Let’s do it, let’s do it. – Have a hundred Austin, I don’t care! (echos) – [Ken] There’s definitely
a PS2 on top of the PS4. – [Jud] No, that’s a PS1. – [Ken] There’s a PS1
– Oh, no, no, no. That’s just–
– [Ken] There’s a PS1 on top of the PS4, so we have a PS5. (laughing) – So thank you all for joining
us, specifically losing team. Thank you very much for
gracing us with your presence. So when it came time to
really build the PS4, we realized that that
was actually not enough. ‘Cause who wants a PS4? – It’s old. – It’s old.
– It sucks. – 2013, are you kidding me? What we wanted to do here, is
we wanted to elevate the game. And of course, one of our
favorite videos to make is something that’s sort
of upcoming and future. So I present to you the PlayStation 5. (clattering) (everyone laughing) – One moment, please. – Please. – One moment, please. – Oh, there’s no resetting
that, that’s going in the video. (clattering) – May we present to you the PlayStation 5! Oh, come on. – I told you, I told you. – This is not even a competition. – Yeah, this my friends. – Oh, just wrap it up, Austin. – Oh, no, no, no, no,
we’re just getting started. So you might notice, of course,
we have our PlayStation 1. Four plus one, as we all
know, equals five, however. We wanna talk a little bit
– That’s exactly what I said. – Look at this disk loading tray here. – Yeah. – Yeah, you got one of those? – Oh, part two. – The most important– – It’s a CRT TV. – So the most important part– – You can see the– – It’s more than just a mere CRT TV, can’t you know anything from our amateurs? – Look, if that’s not a Trinitron, I’m gonna be very disappointed. – Look, this is–
– Where are you gonna put it? – It’s a Sony, maybe. – Just put it on the table,
just put it on the table. – Man, presentation skill’s
not on point, man, nah. – Thankfully presentation is
not one of the categories. – It should be. – It should; maybe for the next one. – It absolutely should be. – Definitely should. – If you’d like to, you know, take the controller, give it a play. – You can try Spiderman as it was meant to be.
– It’s so cinematic. – I’m not even gonna look, you just let me know what I gotta do. – Well you’re just doing great. – Yep, you’re actually doing pretty well without looking at the TV. – [Austin] You have to hold X. – Can you read that text; wait, what was– – It’s very sharp. – What’s it saying? – Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. – I can’t see, I don’t
know what’s going on. – [Josh] Okay, we’re all done
with the first presentation, let’s turn the lights low and see what Ken and Jud have prepared. (laughing) – Presenting the PS4 aquarium. We can’t leave PC to their
crazy RGB goodness, right? So, what better way to do
it than an RGB water case? – [Jud] So we’ve got a projector here. And not only that, we’ve got
some audio so that we can… (gentle music) – With a subwoofer. – Oh, high fidelity. – Are those actual fish
living in there still? – Yes.
– This is a fish. This is a betta fish. – [Austin] Have you guys bought fish? – His name is Kratos. – [Austin] Wait, you can’t
put a betta fish in that. – What happens if you just like, tip it a little bit?
– (gasps) Quinn. – You rats, you stole our light, dude. – Oh, they were gonna go to the store! (laughing)
– We went, no, no, no. – Let’s go, we said we got the last one. – You did get the last
one, we looked everywhere! – We were like, on the
app like, “Where is it?” – I have an important question. If you guys weren’t running
behind by an hour this morning, would you have gotten to the store first?
– Yes. – So you forgetting your
envelope this morning made you not get the light? – Listen, it’s not our fault. – Yeah, no. – This couldn’t have gone any better. – There was blaster fire recorded in– – Oh; oh, that sound. – That audio. – Oh man, it’s so full. – You hear that light saber? (light saber swishing) – [Jud] Austin I know you feel that, that’s a subwoofer down there buddy. – I will, yeah. – [Matt] That poor fish. – I mean, yeah, we don’t need
to do any more than that. We’ve got it, we’ve got it. – You know, I gotta throw out there, that sounds awesome and I
love me some Star Wars, but the high-pitched whine of a CRT is a very beautiful sound. – We thought carefully
about the judging panel and what would appeal to them. – You got any fish fans in here? – Yeah, anyone want some fish sticks? (laughing) – Did you just threaten to kill Ken’s child and feed it to us? (water bubbling) – All right, so we are all done with the presentations; on to the judging. We’re gonna start real
quick off with creativity. Jimmy, who do you think won that category? – This one’s actually tough, but I’m gonna give this one to Ken. (clapping)
Yeah, ’cause I like the fish. – Got it. – This is gonna be tough too. On the one hand we have putting a PlayStation in an aquarium. That’s it. And on the other hand
we have basic arithmatic with four plus one, so. – That’s important. – So you guys can see it’s so close. I can’t say that without a smile. (cheering) – Aw, you gotta be kidding. – I disagree, this was
a no-brainer, this was. – Thank you. – There we go.
– A man with sense. – Yeah, we had a. – You could’ve softened the blow a little. (laughing) – You guys get one point, whatever. We totally have craftsmanship
on this one, right? – Maybe, let’s go ahead and
see what Jimmy has to say. Do you think they won the craftsmanship? – Honestly, I do. Mainly because you perfectly matched the tone of the original PS1. So, I’m gonna give you guys that point. (clapping)
– Oh, okay. – Yeah, and I’m sorry, guys. – All right. – Yeah, that’s good. – All right Matt, it comes down to you for a tiebreaker again. – I am gonna dock Ken, and
their thing was floating away. You can only have half-full. – I mean it’s fair. – I do appreciate that you
actually crafted something. – (gasps) Yes! (high-fives) We in there! – [Jimmy] It’s all tied up. – Yes. – If you guys remember back at home, if you used a lighting
source of some sort, that was instantly $200 if you did it better than the other team; now
I don’t know about you guys, I didn’t see a light
source on team Austin. So in my opinion, I think
it’s gotta be team Ken. But let me know what you guys say. We’ve gotta do the voting. – I can’t think of any
way to give them credit for using a light, like.
(laughing) – You had a little light. – We concede.
– There’s a red LED on the TV. – We concede, we concede. Team Ken sabotaged us. – All right, well then, here we go fellas. $200 for team Ken, for your final total. – So, I will just let you guys
all in on a little spoiler. Our PS4 was actually
designed by a true craftsman. – Yeah? – No one in this room understands
what I’m talking about but you guys watching at home
know exactly what we did, so. – Was it Armando? Did he literally spray
paint it in his store? – It was Armando because I saw it on his Instagram while you guys were– – Hold up, hold up. – So there was a lot of information that came out after the judging. – Yes. – But even before then, we did have a unanimous shenanigans vote, so. – What? Whoa. – Yes, we are docking points for Austin, I believe, on that front. – That’s not part of the rules! – We called shenanigans.
– That’s shenanigans. – [Austin] Are you saying I
should have kept my mouth shut until after the video was over? – Yes.
– Yes. – That’s exactly what we’re saying. – Well, that’s unfortunate. – Well, that sounds good
enough to me to declare – Wait. – The true winners of this event. (clapping)
– Are you serious? – Here it is for Ken, once again. – I thought we had it,
I thought we had it! – [Ken] Got it, man. – Hey, we did it; I expected no less. – Yeah man, this is the dream
team right here, we did it. (gentle music)

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