The $15 Minimum Wage Is Turning Hard Workers Into Black Market Lawbreakers

The $15 Minimum Wage Is Turning Hard Workers Into Black Market Lawbreakers

If the car wash workers can organize, any
workers can organize. In 2015 demonstrators including union leaders
and elected officials blocked traffic and were arrested in front
of a small car wash in Brooklyn. It was an empowering moment. These workers were willing to stand out there
to fight for their rights and for basic human dignity. I mean that’s something that you take with
you for the rest of your life. And you have the ability to make change by
coming together and when you do that, sometimes you find that
you’ve got some friends on your side. In the past six years industries like car
washes that employ low skilled workers have been the target of lawsuits for alleged
underpayment of wages. And they both engage in rampant labor law
violations. An ambitious unionization drive. Let’s hear it then! And a successful campaign to raise the minimum
wage in New York to 15 dollars per hour. We’re gonna lead the way, the nation’s going
to watch us and we’re gonna raise up this state. But here’s what really happened. Instead of helping New York’s low wage workers the movement is destroying their jobs it’s pushed some car washes to replace their
employees with machines and others to close down. Increasingly, workers have no choice but to
ply their trade out of illegal vans parked on the street. Because the minimum wage has made it illegal
for anyone to hire them at the going rate. At the same time, businesses that have chosen
to automate are benefitting. Thank you so much for $15 dollars an hour,
the best thing that could happen to us. Because outlawing cheap labor makes it harder for new competitors to undercut
them on price and service. This is an in depth look at the real world
consequences when politicians interfere with a complex
industry that they don’t understand enabled by media coverage that rarely questions
their simplistic tale of exploited workers in need of protection. Protect against who? The car wash campaign serves as a model for
what might be possible. In 2012 a coalition of progressive groups
led by the national retail workers union launched an ambitious campaign to transform
New York City’s car wash industry. The genesis of the campaign came out of the
realization that you had an industry which was really just a breeding ground for
terrible conditions hottest days of the year and the coldest days
of the year these workers are outside, working 60-70 hours
a week and sometimes more and not even getting payed the minimum wage. I think workers felt that they didn’t have
many choices and they really had no one that they could
turn to. And we felt that we could have a real impact
on the industry. But the truth is that almost from day one nothing about the car wash campaign has gone
as planned. For starters, it turns out that most workers
don’t want thelp from organized labor. After 6 years organizers have unionized 11
businesses or about 4% of the city’s car washes. Two of them have since closed down and the
union withdrew at three more because of a lack of support from the workers. There are just 6 unionized shops remaining, or about 2% of the city’s registered car washes. Ervin Par is an immigrant from Guatemala who
works at Main Street Car Wash in Queens one of the city’s six remaining unionized
shops. Organizers have held two strikes at this location
in the past few years. And the New York Times has covered allegations
of worker mistreatment here. Now Main Street could become the fourth car
wash where the workers pressured the union to withdraw. Protect against who? At this particular time we represent the workers
there and we certainly hope that we’ll be able to
continue to do that. With the unionization drive floundering, the movement’s leaders shifted their focus
to getting the city and state to mandate change. The most significant government intervention
championed by the union was an increase in the minimum wage to $15
per hour. New York is the progressive capitol of the
nation. We fight for fairness, we fight for justice. This move is upending the industry, but not
in the way activists intended. We’ve heard over the years from employers
repeatedly that any time that we’ve made changes within
the industry that either they’d all automate or the industry
would suffer massive shutdowns. We haven’t seen that happen to date. In reality, that’s exactly what’s happening. The $15 dollar minimum wage is driving many
New York car washes to replace men with machines. Such as at this large operation in Queens
that installed a new arch for hosing down vehicles which will replace about 4 workers. Like many of the city’s car washes, this one
was designed at a time when manual labor cost less than installing and maintaining machinery. Labor was cheap, yeah, real cheap. Amir Malki is a second generation car wash
builder. When he started in the industry in the 1980s operators all over the city were actually
dismantling machinery because rag, hose and brush wielding men did
a better job for less. Today, it’s reversing. Labor’s expensive and we need the proper equipment
to clean so we don’t have to use extra men. It’s not just renovations, new fully automated car washes are opening
up such as this state of the art outfit near
JFK airport with electronic gates, a self serve vacuum
and a single manager on site making sure everything is running smoothly. Car wash owners are choosing to automate even
though it entails substantial risk. Take Best Auto Spa in Brooklyn, one of the
city’s premiere handwashes. Drawing clients who care deeply about the
appearance of their cars and are willing to pay more for the human
touch. The $15 minimum wage means that this business
model is simply no longer viable. So Best Auto Spa is transforming from the
equivalent of an artisanal bistro to becoming just another fast food joint. Two years ago the owner installed $2000 worth
of equipment which allowed him to lay off 8 workers. Now he’s facing another policy change that
would further increase his labor costs. Employers are currently allowed to attribute
a portion of the tips earned by their workers towards meeting the minimum wage requirement. New York State is seriously considering a
proposal to eliminate the so called tip credit. If that happens come January, The owner of Vegas Auto Spa says he’ll have
no choice but to give all these employees the pink slip
and go fully automated. Then you have MM Wonder Bar, Church Avenue, you have new fully automated places opening
up like City Car Wash express on Northern Boulevard
and Staten Island, I could go on. What is your take on these examples, that I think do actually show a major trend
towards automation. I get it if you go into a car wash and the
owner has said ‘I’ve automated because of what’s going on
here.’ that it makes you think that it’s like, you
know, part of a much broader story. I’m not saying it isn’t the case, I’m justsaying that it’s like that might not necessarily be the case. It’s true that not every car wash owner is
willing to take on the risk and expense of automation and there’s another option: exit the business and relinquish their land
for more profitable uses. Which has also been happening at many New
York car washes. Several car washes were closed after their
owners were sued for paying off the books and not complying with labor regulations. We will continue to keep an eye on these businesses to ensure that they don’t stray from the path
of righteous business practices. A lawsuit contributed to closing of this car
wash in Woodside Queens, to this one in Harlem and to this one in upper
Manhattan. At each of these locations, dozens of low
wage jobs disappeared. Are workers really better off when the car
wash that they worked for closes down? Yeah, I don’t agree with your assessment that these car washes are closing as a result
of wage and hour lawsuits. That might not necessarily be the case that may be how it’s being characterized to
you. Another unintended consequence is that for business owners who choose to
stick it out and automate the $15 minimum wage actually protects them
from competition by making it harder for new car washes to
open up. Solely from being a businessman the increase
in the minimum wage makes my business so much easier. The best thing that could happen to me and
I think to the industry. Jack Belinsky is the manager of a new car
wash in Queens. It opened last year at the site of yet another
labor heavy operation that closed following a wage and hour lawsuit. The new owner converted it to a fully automated
exterior-only car wash. Meaning customers are left to vacuum the interiors
of their own vehicles. Cause we used to do the same thing with 25
people, now I’m doing it with 2. By making cheap labor illegal, the $15 minimum wage made it possible for
Belinsky to downgrade his service. Before, if I go exterior then my competition
says ‘ah, he went exterior and I’m still full service,
I’ll take all his customers.’ That never gave me a chance to go exterior, right now everybody is forced to go exterior
because of this crazy law and the minimum wage $15 an hour. Now everybody, it evened out the field. The $15 minimum wage amounts to government
prohibition of low wage work. And yet just making something illegal, won’t stop able bodied men with few alternatives from meeting a market demand for their services. These workers have few options and little
power, they live in the shadows. The irony is that progressives have pushed
car wash workers further into the shadows. Since legitimate car washes can no longer
hire them workers are going to the streets where it’s all cash, no taxes, no unions,
no worker’s comp, no insurance and certainly no wage floors. Fausto, who asked to be identified by his
first name only, is an illegal car wash worker. He’s part of a three man operation washing
cars on the curb out of a van for about $15 a pop. He’s lived in the US for 19 years and still sends a portion of his earnings back to the Dominican Republic to help support his wife and children. How the hell can you, how can I compete? Because of these guys, their paying cash,
you understand? They’re not paying the proper taxes, FICA,
insurance, but I am. And now the established car washes, left with
no choice but to install expensive machines and plaster their walls with operating licenses are the ones clamoring for the government
to enforce the minimum wage. ‘We worry for the workers, look at the rules
that we make.’ But if those rules are not enforced, those
laws are toothless. They only destroy the good guy that tries
to follow all the rules and has to compete with the bad guy that breaks
all the rules. Some of these guys working out of these vans
don’t have other employment options are you sure that it would be in their best
interest to shut them down? Yeah I actually, I do and I’m going to be
very blunt about that. You can always make the argument that you
can allow some people to skirt the law some people to skirt regulations that are
meant to protect workers in an effort to give people work opportunities. That’s a devil’s bargain. Or maybe the real devil’s bargain is championing
a set of policies that sound good at a rally but that in the real world jeopardize the
livelihood of the working poor. Which brings us back to Vegas Auto Spa, the Brooklyn car wash that progressive activists
made an example of back in 2015. Shortly after the car wash unionized, the
owner started planning his exit strategy. Two years later he found a buyer who kept
it running for one more year. Today Vegas Auto Spa is shuttered and the ripple effects of the entire movement
have been to destabilize an industry. Pushing the men and women who worked in it
even deeper into the shadows.

100 thoughts on “The $15 Minimum Wage Is Turning Hard Workers Into Black Market Lawbreakers

  1. why are we raising minimum wage and not fixing the fed reserve?

  2. This video is VERY poorly researched and loaded with misinformation.
    Nations with no wage protections or unions/collective bargaining: North Korea, Guinea, Guyana, Somalia, Qatar, East Timor, Malaysia (very marginal), the UAE.
    Nations with no minimum wage but with strong trade unions: Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark.
    Australia pays a living minimum wage and citizens in that nation enjoy a far superior quality of life to that of the average American. Same with New Zealand.
    In fact, nearly every other developed nation, despite having a fraction of the US GDP, pays better wages and offers better access to basic care. This is also true of developing nations like Costa Rica. To put this to scale, California alone has a larger GDP than every European nation other than Germany.
    What's particularly grotesque about this propaganda piece by Reason is that it deliberately avoids talking about large employers like WalMart and chains like Denny's and IHOP that could easily afford to pay living wages the way co-ops like WinCo Foods does, or pay better the way Costco and In-n-Out burger do as well.
    What's even more galling is that in "right to work" states (see MLK's comments on that) tipped employees are a paid a fraction of the federal MW regardless of what they make in tips (think "seasonal" and how that radically impacts incomes).
    This propagandistic hit piece by Reason is very deliberately crafted to mislead and misdirect from the bigger picture.
    As for the car washers, the smart thing for them to do would be to pool their resources and open a car wash or chain of washes. Hand washes are still quite popular in many places, largely because had washing does far less damage to paint and does a better job overall.

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    The higher the minimum wage, the higher requirements employers will impose. Though raising the minimum wage is the moral thing to do, it should be at least based on the job skill and inflation rate, though nobody exactly knows what the minimum wage should be. If these politicians continue to demand higher minimum wage to $20 an hour tomorrow, it shouldn't be a surprise that large companies will install self-service touchscreens and other automations to reduce staff cost, just like what Japan and South Korea have been doing. For the small businesses, it's either they hire so few or just close.

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    Thank you very much for providing another great source for my article!

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  85. The 5 Biggest Myths Republicans Use to Avoid Raising the Minimum Wage | Opinions | NowThis

  86. The 5 Biggest Myths Republicans Use to Avoid Raising the Minimum Wage | Opinions | NowThis

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  94. In America, your almost making it sound that business CAN'T work without "cheap" labour… and your wondering why your economy is collapsing.  With most products made in China these days… and American businesses can't keep up unless they can pay their employees like the Chinese pay… really!  The answer is getting Americans to realize they NEED to pay more for the items and services or completely collapse when EVERYTHING is made out of country and most Americans are unemployed, without money to purchase products.  Sorry America… your just going to have to enslave part of your population or pay more.

  95. Nothing can stop competition, not even a minimum wage. Inflation will just occur

  96. Why do not say "The $15 Minimum Wage" is a socialist-marxist stuff and this makes those hard workers to be unemployed by substituting with machines or more qualified personal!

  97. I never wash my car. Waste of money.


  99. sorry to say, but $15 minimum wage will never work. When you raise the wage, then they cut your hours. simple as that.

  100. Morons don’t realize washing cars isn’t meant to be a career some things are just more valuable then others if you don’t like it find a better paying job don’t cry about it it’s like a guy working at a gas station mad he doesn’t drive a Lamborghini!!!

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