| Team Bridges | Oakville Real Estate

| Team Bridges | Oakville Real Estate

Hi Everyone, Ross Bridges, Team Bridges. Just wanted to give you a little market update to let you know what’s going on. We are having a little bit more healthy start to 2019 than we did to 2018. Consumer confidence is up. We are seeing a little more activity. We are expecting marginal increases in the market this year. Maybe 3, 4 possibly 5%. Expected more increase in the GTA, I would say Oakville and Burlington, higher increase. Mortgage rates, no anticipation of them going up until July. So right now, we want to get you started, get you preapproved and make sure we’ve got you ready for the spring market. Once all this snow stops. Thank you. Ross Bridges with Team Bridges. And we look forward to connecting.

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  1. Awesome Video. Keep The Content Coming. Liked Video 🙂

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