Taylor Won’t Give Up Her Tea Sources | Love & Listings

Taylor Won’t Give Up Her Tea Sources | Love & Listings

– TAYLOR: I’m so excited.
– I’m glad you’re here. You get to kind of see how
this whole thing is gonna go. – Yeah. This is
what I’m talking about. This is the [bleep] that
I’m trying to be on. – ANDREW: This is
just the beginning. We’re gonna–watch, it’s gonna
be–it’s gonna be incredible. – Yes, I’m excited for my
first day with my new mentor. And yes, I’m super excited
that it’s a celebrity client. And no, I had no
idea who he was. – So I have a celeb client
I want you to help me with. Jermaine Dupri. – ♪ – Who?
– Jermaine Dupri? He’s a music producer, okay?
He’s worked with everybody. I mean, Ludacris, Mariah Carey. Migos.
– Migos?! Oh, that’s lit!
Yes, oh my god! – ANDREW: He wants
a big-old compound. He wants to bring artists over. They can record. – TAYLOR: Hopefully
he likes this house. – ANDREW: Yeah.
So how have you been feeling after that whole debacle
at Paloma? – I know you know I
was mad as [bleep]. Like, I left.
Like, I was mad. Jacob and I got into it
because I’m trying to help him. I was trying to tell him that
what Tai is doing with him is exactly what he did with me. It’s like, for him to be
talking crazy to me, like, I’ve known him longer than Tai. So why the [bleep] do
you have Tai’s back? – ANDREW: After you left, he had a real, like, strong,
like, attitude about him. Like, we tried to ask
him, “Hey, what’s going on? Is there an issue?”
But he didn’t wanna talk. And he was very,
just, standoffish. You know, he might be going
through some other things that aren’t just
work related, right? – TAYLOR: But you don’t take
anger out on other people. Like, we all have [bleep]
going on personally, and you can’t use that as
a reason to be a [bleep]. So I wasn’t sure if
I should tell you… – What’s going on? – I feel badly that I even have
to bring this up to Andrew. But if people are
talking behind his back, then I have to tell him.
I’m a loyal-ass bitch, so I feel like it’s my job
to tell my mentor what’s going on around, the same way I would
want him to do for me. So someone told me that you and
Ajani were getting a little cozy at the end there,
a little touchy-feely, maybe even romantic.
– No. – You–you never sensed
while you guys were, like, drinking or whatever, like,
her getting a little too close? – No, absolutely not. – Ajani probably
made the advances. You know, she gets
drunk, she gets sloppy. And so I’m sure she was getting
a little too touchy-feely. – I don’t know what birdie
told you that, but, uh, you need to stop listening. If you were really cool, you
could tell me who was saying it and I could take it
to them personally. Who said it? I need to know who said it
so I can address them and let them know what
the [bleep] is going on. – I’m not gonna say
anything because honestly, that’s not how, I am. How am I supposed to get
the tea if I tell everybody where I got the tea from? So you’re not gonna
tell me who said it. – I’m not. – ANDREW: Taylor’s young. And I know that when you’re
young, gossip is fun. But I expect you
to have my back. I went to bat for you. Could you please
go to bat for me? I can’t believe that
this [bleep] is actually [bleep] happening, ’cause now I’m gonna go to
this meeting thinking about having to defend myself
because you decided that this was a good time
to bring this [bleep] up. For future reference, like,
let’s just not do these, you know, personal conversations when serious work
is about to happen. – Alright. But it was me looking out for
you, at the end of the day. Let’s make some money. Let’s make some money!

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  8. Taylor drew a blank when Jermaine Dupri was mentioned 🤣😭

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  14. I understand she was loyal but that was the incorrect and most unprofessional time to bring that up she should done that after taylor is a fucking bratt

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    Also Ashley: Took the anger she had towards her boss out on Ajani the other week along with talking down on her look/hair and her beginner’s status 😏

    #Girl bye and stop being hypocritical 🙄

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  17. I feel bad for Andrew about the rumor but at the same time you helped Taylor to get the job with your real estate agency. So, if he didn't want his personal life to be mixed with his professional life; he should've let Taylor go find her own job to avoid this foolishness. You reap what you sow bro!

  18. Dumb

  19. Why would he bring this dummy on board when you have seen her dirty bird brain in action. ! Didn't waste a mile to bait you with elementary false rumors. She has manipulated you with no
    Finesse treated you like a starving dog delivered by a dry bone not even a streak

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